Keratin hair straightening: in the salon and at home

Means for keratin straightening are increasingly found on store shelves. Each of the funds has a special composition and action. How to choose the best tool is worth finding out.

To do this, we picked up the most popular tools that are used for keratin hair straightening. Each of the presented products requires special care after use. This is necessary to extend the effect. It is very important to select products according to the type of hair and carefully study the further use of products for daily hair care.

General description of keratin hair straightening

Keratin hair straightening is a relatively new type of procedure, most often carried out in specialized salons. The main goal of this method is to straighten and restore the health of a deformed hair, because human hair regularly suffers from various external factors, such as the scorching sun, cold wind or water containing chlorine and salts of heavy metals.

Keratin hair straightening combats the effects of negative environmental influences. Often this method is called "Brazilian", because it is the Brazilian women who have luxurious thick and straight curls. From Brazil came to us this method of restoring the density of the hair structure.

This method provides intensive treatment of curls. Human hair is almost entirely made up of keratin. However, over time, the curls are increasingly suffering from its lack. Penetrating into the hair structure, keratin enriches it, protects against ultraviolet radiation, as well as cigarette smoke, street dust. Empty hair cells are filled with this substance. Thus, keratin prolongs the life of a long hair.

Before you start the procedure itself straightening, you must choose which one keratin to use. Cosmetic corporations are constantly working to improve their formulas, because in the market you can find a huge amount of keratin for hair. One of the largest brands producing hair keratinizing lines is CocoChoco.

The products of this company differ in quality, which guarantees a long effect of straightening (up to five months). The advantage of this cosmetics is the absence of harmful chemicals. This company is only a few years on the market, but managed to establish itself as a responsible manufacturer. Because keratin from KokoChoko is used in Europe, Asia and America.

Keratin from BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT is very popular. Its feature is the ability to completely remove static electricity from the hair, as well as give them a dazzling shine. This tool does not contain any chemicals, as well as convenient to use. The entire application procedure takes about one and a half hours. Effect lasts up to 12 weeks. During this period, the client can swim in the pool, sunbathe, curl and pull their hair.

It is important to remember that after keratin hair straightening, in no case should you use shampoos that contain sulfates, otherwise the effect of the procedure will disappear instantly. The leader in the production of all-natural shampoos and other cosmetics is the Russian company Mulsan Cosmetic. All products manufactured by it are enriched with vitamin complexes and contain vegetable oils and extracts that have a beneficial effect on the condition of the hair and scalp. In the composition of cosmetics from Mulsan Cosmetic you will not find such ingredients as parabens, silicones, sulfates and other components that will harm the keratin straightening. Among other things, all products underwent mandatory certification and received official documents confirming its high quality and absolute safety. We recommend to visit the site, where you can choose natural and safe cosmetics that suit you.

Ollin (Ollin)

The complex of means for keratin hair straightening, which can be done at home.

A distinctive feature is the ease of use of each product. No need to visit the salon for the procedure. The products are great for those who have thin and dry hair, as well as weakened by frequent staining.

There are 4 products in the kit that perform different functions.:

  • shampoo - prepares the hair for the procedure, makes it more pliable,
  • Ollina Repairing Serum - nourishes each hair with keratin, smoothes hair, makes them more dense,
  • balm - used as protection, and makes extra care for hair,
  • absolute shine serum makes hair shiny and smooth.

The obvious advantages include:

  • always well-groomed hair without daily styling,
  • products are suitable for different types of hair,
  • components protect against the negative influence of the external environment,
  • The effect lasts a long time.

But, the tool has its advantages and disadvantages.

Of disadvantages: there is a risk of allergies, difficult further care to maintain the effect, difficulty in use (the product has an unpleasant smell and can cause irritation when it comes into contact with the skin). Country of origin: Russia.

We offer to watch a video about the tool for keratin straightening Ollin:

Inoar (Inoar)

Keratin straightening products combine with a deep cleansing shampoo that uses a special composition, a hair straightening preparation and a mask.

It should be noted that the main component in all means is keratin.

Additionally, cocoa extract, white clay, wheat germ oil are used.

Of the shortcomings of Inoar: a large number of contraindications noted in the instructions, the content in the tool formaldehyde, which can cause an allergic reaction. Of the drawbacks, it is also worth noting not too positive feedback from buyers. Manufacturer: Brazil.

We offer to watch a video about the tool for keratin recovery Inoar:


The complex for keratin straightening, which consists of 4 products, which is ideal for dry and weak hair, especially after dyeing.

Indola (Indola) set includes:

  • cleansing shampoo
  • air conditioner with keratin
  • mask for intensive care,
  • keratin straightening oil.

Using the tools in the complex, performing step by step, you can come to the perfect look of hair, without visiting the salon.

Advantages of funds can be considered: affordability, effectiveness of funds both individually and as a whole, quick effect.

Country of manufacture: Germany.

We offer to watch a video about the means for Indole's keratin straightening:

Grammy or Grammy (Greymy)

Means for keratin straightening from the Swiss manufacturer. The product line includes:

  • cleansing shampoo containing keratin
  • essential oils and natural ingredients
  • hair cream
  • air conditioning,
  • mask with keratin for shine and smoothing hair,
  • nourishing argan oil.

A feature of the funds is the content in the composition of the funds - nanokeratin. A substance that can even better work on hair, filling and nourishing all voids.

The main advantage of the tool is - hair restoration by 99%, even with severe injuries, as well as the ability to use the funds for those who have an allergic reaction to formaldehyde.

Of the significant disadvantages can only be said about the long-term effect of the tool, because it contains a large number of natural ingredients.

We offer you to watch a video about the Grammy Keratin Straightener:

Where can I buy kits?

Average cost of funds:

  • Allllin. The cost of shampoo - about 800 rubles, cream for straightening - 750 rubles, a mask - about 1 thousand. rubles.
  • Inoar. A set of products for 100ml. Each will cost 1500 rubles.
  • Indole. Purifying shampoo - 250 rubles, a mask of 300 rubles, oil for hair about 400 rubles.
  • Gramy. If you buy money in the complex, their cost will be in the range of 9-10 thousand rubles. This means a volume of 500 ml.

What tools can I use at home?

All of the presented means can be used at home. But it is worth saying that the product lines from Ollin and Indola do not require the use of additional funds.

Gramey's keratin straightening complex requires the use of special forceps, so that the tool was properly attached to the hair.

Funds from Inoar can also be applied at home, but salon masters are advised to contact professionals because of the toxicity of substances and possible irritation of the skin during self-application.

Indications and contraindications

Of the presented means only 2 have contraindications that should be considered before the procedure.

  1. Inoar line of products. From contraindications can be identified: diseases of the scalp, pregnancy and lactation, cancer, allergic reactions and hypersensitivity.
  2. Ollin's product line also has contraindications.: diseases and injuries of the scalp, pregnancy, hair loss, allergies, bronchial asthma, cancer.

Pros keratin hair straightening

Masters who work with keratin, argue that with this tool it is possible to restore more than 95% of the hair mass. The duration of the result varies from the state in which the hair was before the start of the procedure. At best, they will be perfectly smooth for more than two and a half months.

The procedure has several advantages:

    The composition of the mixture for straightening has a minimum amount of aldehydes (substances that are used for organic compounds with groups of keratins). Therefore, the negative influence of chemicals on the structure of the hair is completely excluded.

The procedure gently pulls the hair, giving it an incredible shine.

After keratin, your hair will not weigh down.

Hair will not stick together and look untidy or dirty.

  • You can curl your hair for a while. The effect of keratin treatment will be restored after washing and drying hair.

  • Another significant advantage of this popular procedure is the admissibility of combining it with hair dyeing. However, it is worth being careful: after straightening, the color of the curls can change exactly the tone. Therefore, before painting, consider this factor. If you want to return the original hair color, you should contact the hairdresser not earlier than two weeks after the previous coloring.

    Keratin hair straightening works with absolutely any type of hair. It can be carried out even after a failed perm by chemical means. Even the most naughty curl straightened under the influence of useful keratin!

    After the procedure, the curls become soft and silky, and the process of combing is easy and pleasant. Hair styling takes much less time, and there is no need to use special styling products at all.

    But it is worth remembering that this effect can be achieved only if the materials for the procedure were of high quality and reliable. Do not trust your beauty to untested salons and low-quality products, even if you are captivated by the low price of the procedure.

    Cons keratin hair straightening

    Despite all its undeniable advantages, keratin straightening procedure has a number of disadvantages. For proper procedure, you need to heat the iron to a very high temperature (more than 200 degrees Celsius). During the heating of the hair, a chemical reaction is formed, as a result of which keratin begins to curl. Staying on the top layer of hair, it forms a protective coating. This layer provides all of the above effects from the procedure.

    The downside is that while you are pulling the hair with an iron or curling a curling you will breathe harmful vapors. Formaldehyde substances are part of many styling styling. However, it is realistic to find a quality product, which will include only natural ingredients.

    Straightening is a definite stress for the “live” part of our hair, for the roots and the bulbs. After the procedure, the curls become heavier, because keratin sticks to the sheath of the hair. The situation may worsen the length of the hair. The longer the hair, the higher the risk that the hair will begin to fall.

    Women who have had experience with the procedure, note that after keratin straightening, the hair quickly loses volume. This is true, but with each shampooing the volume will return. It is also worth considering that washing your hair after the first application of keratin is allowed only after three days.

    Another disadvantage is the rapid contamination of the hair. This can be explained by the fact that after the loss of volume they are closer to each other and to the surface of the head. Sebum is constantly produced by our glands and is easily distributed throughout the mass of hair. But to wash your hair often after keratinizing is not recommended, because the substance is washed out over time from the structure of the hair.

    Peculiarities of keratin hair straightening procedure

    The procedure for straightening hair with keratin is quite expensive, because many women prefer to carry it on their own. Which method of keratinization of hair to choose, it is up to you. However, it should be emphasized: even the most proven folk methods of hair restoration (henna, gelatin, yolk) cannot be compared in efficiency with salon procedures.

    The best keratin hair straightening at home

    Of course, to achieve the professional effect of straightening hair at home will not work. But a certain rejuvenation and restoration of homemade recipes can provide.

    Cosmetics for hair restoration keratin at home is different from professional. The method of application is also different. One set of cosmetics will cost on average as much as the whole procedure in the salon. However, it is enough for 8-10 times of use.

    To carry out a useful procedure at home, you need to prepare: cosmetics for restoration, a spray bottle, a round comb, shampoo for daily cleansing, an iron for straightening hair, a hairdryer.

    Keratin hair restoration procedure requires a certain preparation, we act according to the following scheme:

      Wash hair, dry hair dryer, carefully comb.

    On the shoulders we cover the film (you can use the usual food), which will save the skin from pollution. Wear gloves.

    Hair collected at the top with a hairpin or gum. This will help gently pull out strands of hair for application.

    In a spray pour a means with keratin. Do not pour all the contents out of the package, because the tool can not be stored for a long time in an open container.

    Carefully remove one strand from the hair bundle and treat it with a spray bottle. You can pre-divide all hair into four equal sections for ease of application.

    After applying the strand immediately combed. In case of contact with the epidermis of the head, we try to remove it as far as possible.

    After the hair on the entire circumference of the head has been processed, we gather it together and wait 15 minutes for the agent to penetrate into the structure.

  • After 15 minutes, dry the hair with a hair dryer at low temperature conditions, periodically combing.

  • The final step will be a flat ironing, preferably with a ceramic coating, you can also apply a special serum with keratins.

    How to make keratin hair straightening in the salon

    Salon straightening has several advantages compared to home. At the preparation stage, the master professionally assesses the condition of the hair, and also decides what kind of remedy from a huge variety suits you The whole procedure is divided into three stages: cleansing, care, straightening.

    As a rule, the master in the cabin acts in this order:

      At the beginning of the procedure, the hair is thoroughly washed with a special shampoo. So they are cleaned of dust, styling products, grease. Hair becomes more susceptible to keratin.

    After cleaning, a mixture of protein and keratin is applied to the hair. It is applied to all the curls, gently retreating from the roots of the hair. With this mixture, you must sit for about half an hour.

  • After cleaning and care, the hair is dried with a hair dryer at an average temperature, divided into separate strands and straightened with the help of a hot iron (230 degrees).

  • After such treatment with keratin you will become the owner of healthy and strong hair, and caring for them will become easier and more pleasant.

    Keratin hair straightening

    After you have completed keratin straightening, you must follow the rules for hair care. For the first few days, follow these instructions:

      Do not collect hair in a bun or a pigtail with hairpins, elastics, and hairpins.

    Do not wash your hair.

  • Do not use styling products.

  • In addition, you can not paint the curls about two to three weeks. Try to pre-highlight or paint in order not to disturb the effect of keratin. It is also important to remember that keratin can persist in hair from two to six months. The period of action depends not only on the obedience of your hair, but also on the care of them.

    For hair that has extra keratin in its structure, sulfate-free care products are needed. Usually in the salons provide such cosmetics for one or two weeks. But it is necessary to nourish hair every day. It is recommended to purchase keratin shampoo, as well as a rinse and a mask for comprehensive care.

    If you start washing your hair with sulphate shampoo, the effect of the procedure will disappear very quickly. Salts from conventional means simply wash keratin from the hair.

    Lightening and highlighting the hair is allowed, but only two weeks after keratin recovery. Try not to buy paint, which is part of ammonia.

    How do keratin hair straightening - see the video:

    Stages of keratin hair straightening

    Keratin hair straightening is done more often by girls with curly, unruly and porous hair, but even those who by nature have even hair can also do this procedure, because keratin primarily restores hair, makes it more elastic and shiny, straightening is as an addition.

    If you have decided to do keratin hair straightening, be sure to go to a good salon, to an experienced, skilled craftsman, who use high-quality raw materials. At least the first few times to explore the essence of the procedure, and then you can try to do at home, but I still do not recommend.

    The whole procedure depends entirely on the master and the quality of keratin!

    Stage 1. The master based on the type of hair and of course on their condition selects the appropriate composition. It is very important to do everything in the correct dosage and then this procedure will have a healing regenerating effect on the hair (at home it is quite difficult to do). You must use the tools in strict accordance with the instructions. It is precisely the strict implementation of the instructions will allow keratin to penetrate deep into the hair structure and have the proper effect.

    Stage 2. The master combs his hair and prepares it for thorough cleansing, using a special deep cleansing shampoo. Shampoo deeply cleanses hair from various impurities (styling products, silicones, sebum, dust and other impurities), then they will be well filled with keratin.

    Stage 3. Then the hair is slightly dried with a hair dryer and keratin is applied. It is important to carefully distribute the product over the entire length, since hair smoothing depends on it in all areas. Be sure to see that the mixture does not touch the hair roots. After some time, the hair is dried with a hairdryer until it is completely dry.

    Stage 4. Then the hair is divided into zones and small strands are taken and carefully straightened with an iron (for different keratin the temperature can be different from 180-200 to 230 degrees), this is necessary in order to seal the keratin in the inside of the hair. After the procedure, all the hair scales are completely closed and tight to each other, as a result, the hair looks elastic, docile, shiny and well-groomed.

    The smell during the procedure is tolerable, but here the eyes start to get a little watery, I recommend as soon as you feel a slight burning sensation in the eyes, just close them.

    If everything is done correctly, the result will not keep you waiting: your hair will be soft, you can even say “live”, smooth, elastic, shiny, weighted. Keratin hair straightening has cumulative effect.

    How to care for hair after keratin straightening

    The effect of the procedure is preserved from 3 to 6 months and therefore it is very important to properly care for your hair after keratin straightening, so that the result will delight you as long as possible.

    Some compounds allow you to wash your hair immediately after the procedure, and some recommend to refrain from washing your hair for three days and not stab their hairpins, rubber bands so that there are no wrists.

    Choose a gentle, sulfate-free care!

    Some manufacturers will definitely recommend a special keratin shampoo and conditioner that will provide a prolonged effect of keratin straightening.

    Shampoo. Shampoo must be chosen without sulfate, so the effect of the procedure will last much longer.

    Air conditioning and mask. Despite the fact that the hair looks, you can even say perfect, care for them is needed as always. That is, after each wash we apply an air conditioner or a mask, preferably more natural formulations.

    Indelible funds. Oils, fluids, crystals also need hair for extra care and appearance shine.

    Pros and cons of keratin hair straightening

    1. Immediate effect, that is, perfectly smooth hair you get immediately after the procedure and the effect lasts for three to six months (with proper care).
    2. The hair is perfectly straight, soft, elastic and incredibly shiny ... and so for several months. And besides, during rain or wet weather, hair still looks perfect.
    3. Hair is easy to comb and does not electrify, for owners of unruly hair is just a godsend.
    4. Keratin straightening has a cumulative effect, with each procedure, the result will last longer.
    5. Keratin straightening can be done both on dyed hair and on unstained. You can dye your hair immediately before the procedure, or 1-2 weeks after.
    6. After keratin straightening, you can safely style and even curl your hair, they are easy to style. Drying and styling hair takes much less time.

    There are also disadvantages to this procedure:

    1. The downside is that volume is removedBecause porous hair looks voluminous, and after the procedure the hair looks smooth and docile, but many note that after shampooing several times the volume returns a little.
    2. Keratin straightening is not suitable for girls with very thin hair, because after the procedure they will look even thinner.
    3. Many girls note that after the procedure, the hair needs to be washed more frequently than before keratin straightening.
    4. During the procedure, when keratin is soldered with the help of an ironing device, the composition of keratin can slightly cut the eyes and the smell is not pleasant.
    5. Some manufacturers in the compositions for straightening use formaldehyde, which is considered a carcinogen and can be dangerous, its share should not exceed 0.2%. Therefore, very carefully choose the brand of keratin. Formaldehyde is used in cheaper products, mainly produced in Brazil. Formaldehyde is a chemical substance that, after prolonged exposure to the hair, can adversely affect their condition and the general condition of the body.

    Keratin straightening fits:

    • if the hair is split and not only at the tips, but also along the length of the hair, they look dull, lifeless and brittle,
    • if you are the owner of curly or curly hair, and want to have perfectly straight,
    • if the hair is pushed and "sharply" react to wet weather,
    • if you are tortured every day to style your hair with a hairdryer and ironing.

    Contraindications to the procedure:

    • pregnancy and breastfeeding,
    • damage to the scalp (sores) or too sensitive scalp,
    • scalp diseases
    • hair loss (any types of alopecia).

    Types of keratin for hair

    • Cadiveu Professional
    • Keratin Research (USA)
    • Global Keratin Hair (USA)
    • Keratin Complex Therapy (USA)
    • Brazilian Blowout (US)
    • Brazilian Keratine Treatment
    • Cadiveu Brasil Cacau (Brazil)
    • Cocochoco (Israel)
    • Natura keratin
    • Nanokeratin

    Pledge of high quality keratin hair straightening: you need to find a qualified, experienced master who works with high-quality keratin, a proven brand and will not regret the composition, but will inflict a sufficient amount. Professional iron, which seals keratin, rather than stroking the hair, and all keratin will wash off after several washes of the hair and of course special care after the procedure.

    What is keratin straightening

    This is a procedure. not only straightens strands, but also restores damaged hair structure. Keratin reduces the effects of the negative influence of external factors on curls. They become elastic, more dense and obedient.

    How long does keratin hair straighten? It all depends on how the procedure was performed - from 2 to 5 months. This is one of the most effective ways to restore hair.

    The mechanism of action of keratin on the hair

    Human hair is almost entirely made up of keratin..

    But due to adverse environmental factors, this substance becomes smaller.

    Therefore, the curls lose their shine and healthy appearance.

    During application, small particles of keratin, penetrating into the hair, restore the structure, filling the damaged areas of the hair.

    This contributes to the rapid recovery, thereby curls acquire shine, silkiness, strength. Such a deep recovery allows you to create a keratin layer that does not collapse under the influence of various factors. Then this layer is washed off, so the procedure can be done again.

    Instructions for the keratin recovery

    It is better to entrust this service to qualified craftsmen using quality tools. How is keratin hair straightening done?

      1. The head is washed with deep cleansing shampoo.
      2. The specialist selects the keratin mass, which is suitable for your type of hair. It is evenly applied to the strands with a brush.

    1. After applying the mass, the strands are dried with a hairdryer.
    2. Hair is divided into several parts by volume. Each straighten with ironing.

    Keratin mass creates a shell that protects against exposure to high temperatures, so they can be straightened with an iron.

    Carrying out the procedure at home

    Such a recovery can be done independently, but it is worth performing the procedure in the salon to see how the master conducts it.

    To conduct such a wellness procedure does not require training courses and certificates, but to get the desired result is to consult with a specialist.

    But is keratinization performed on its own so effective?

    1. The main difference is the composition of keratin mixtures. for the procedure. Professional tools have a stronger composition, which contributes to the recovery and straightening strands. And self-made mixtures can restore their structure, only slightly straightening them.
    2. The effect of the salon procedure is more durable. - about 5 months. And home straightening should be repeated after 2 months.
    3. If you want to buy a professional keratin mix, then its cost will be approximately the same as going to a professional. However, the funds will be enough to conduct a large number of procedures.

    You can find masks recipes using gelatin, but remember that they do not give such an effect as mixtures containing keratin. They have a similar effect, but professional tools allow you to deeply restore the structure of the hair.

    Popular treatments

    Below will be considered known means for keratin hair straightening.

      Cocochoco - one of the most famous brands.

    The products of this company are of high quality, and the effect of keratinization lasts up to 5 months. A distinctive feature of the composition is the absence of harmful chemical components. Cadiveu Professional - under this brand which produce a professional set for the described service - Brasil Cacau.

    As the manufacturer assures, this line is suitable for any type of hair. After carrying out the service using this tool, you can do the styling the next day after keratinization. Bonus for dyed hair - the color will be more resistant. HONMATOKYO - This is a company located in Brazil, has Japanese roots. Manufacturers work with a wide range of hair, so they have a large selection of lines for different types of curls.

    A distinctive feature of this product is that they do not contain formaldehyde. Inoar - this brand has been producing keratin restoration line for quite a long time.

    They produce products for both professionals and for home use. Salerm Cocmetics - This is a mixed hair straightening, because it contains a chemical component, and keratin components.

    If you want to eliminate the influence of chemical components, choose only the keratin line. Brazilian Blowout - a feature of this brand is that it removes static electricity from the hair and gives it shine.

    Also, the composition does not include aggressive chemical components.

    Which keratin is best for straightening hair? Do not forget that the funds may affect your curls in different ways. Therefore, pay attention to the composition: it should not contain a large percentage of formaldehyde. Then this procedure will only benefit.

    The benefits of keratin straightening

    This deep recovery procedure is popular due to a number of advantages:

    • the creation of a protective film that does not collapse under the influence of various factors
    • the hairstyle takes on not only a well-groomed look, but also a healthy shine and neckiness,
    • styling will take less time
    • deep moisturizing and saturation of hair with nutrients occurs,
    • strands become straight without ironing,
    • natural composition of funds
    • absence of aggressive chemical constituents
    • the problem of split ends is solved
    • long-lasting effect of keratin recovery.

    Disadvantages of keratin recovery

    Despite these advantages, this service also has disadvantages:

    • washing of the head for 3 days after the service is not allowed,
    • hair can not be subjected to mechanical stress for 3-4 days after keratinization,
    • Because of the creation of the keratin sheath, the lock becomes heavier, which can lead to hair loss,
    • hairstyle becomes less voluminous
    • during the procedure, the client may experience discomfort,
    • if the room is not ventilated during keratinization, then formaldehyde poisoning is possible,
    • procedure keratin straightening time-consuming and financial.

    Consequences of straightening

    Is keratin hair straightening harmful? it depends on the quality of the keratin mixtureselected for the service. Basically, after this procedure, the feedback is positive. Curls become more obedient, it becomes easier to make styling. They have a healthy gloss and silkiness.

    In this video, one of the reviews on keratin recovery, made four months after the procedure at home:

    However, some have noted that the effect of straightening is less on heavy strands. Hairstyle is not so voluminous.

    Therefore, if you want to make keratin hair straightening for the sake of straightening, then this is not advisable. All the same The main goal of this procedure is to restore the hair structure..

    Subtleties of care after the procedure

    From compliance with the listed nuances depends how long will the effect be from this service. So how to care for hair after keratin straightening?

    1. For 3 days, refuse to wash your hair, hair and styling.
    2. Use only keratin-free, sulfate-free shampoo.
    3. Thoroughly dry the curls after washing.
    4. For many, an important question: is it possible to dye hair after keratin straightening? To do the staining is allowed 2-3 weeks after keratin treatment.

    Hair care after keratin straightening is not so difficult, but following all these recommendations is important so that your curls stay healthy and beautiful as long as possible.

    The effect of such a recovery on all is individual: it all depends not only on the condition of the strands, but also on how well the procedure was carried out and the quality of the means used.

    What is better - lamination or keratin hair straightening?

    Lamination is more aimed at creating a visual effect, so if the aesthetic component is more important to you, then this service will suit you.

    Straightening is more aimed at improving the hair structure, so the composition for this procedure stronger than lamination. And the effect of keratinization is more resistant. Keratin treatment is a great opportunity to restore hair and give it a well-groomed look.

    Opinion of the doctor-trichologist on lamination and keratin straightening, as well as an exotic procedure - pyrophoresis in this video:

    Product Description

    The secret of Inoar cosmetics is the high content in the composition of a special substance - keratin, which occupies more than 90% of the hair structure. Keratin is a kind of building material for hair.

    Frequent changes of images, styling, different types of curls, coloring and even daily cleansing procedures harm the hair, thinning and drying them. The loss of keratin makes them brittle, dry and lifeless. Keratin for hair Inoar effectively affects the structure. It fills the damaged areas and restores the lock.

    Inoar (keratin) produces the Brazilian brand of cosmetics for the care of the scalp and hair with more than twenty years of experience. The company is one of the most effective and harmless compounds that are used in the process of keratin straightening. Brand products are created on the basis of research and development by professional cosmetologists in accordance with European standards. Inoar products are used in most countries of the world.

    Characteristics of products

    The company represents a line of professional tools and products for home use. This is keratin Inoar moroccan. It is a universal remedy for soft and thin hair.

    Keratin Inoar G Hair - highly effective composition for straightening hard damaged curls.

    What is the procedure keratin hair straightening

    The process of keratising strands is inherently very similar to perm. Under the influence of certain cosmetics, the hair structure softens and partially collapses, after which a new shape is given to the curls.

    In the case of chemical perm, this is achieved by winding the strands on the curlers, and during keratinization, this is achieved by heat treatment with a hot hairdressing iron.

    As for the safety of both methods, in contrast to the perm that causes irreparable damage to the hair structure, the keratin straightening method is one of the restoring procedures, since keratin penetrating deep into the cuticle restores the damaged hair structure, improving it.

    This is not surprising - because our hair is almost entirely composed of keratin, and under the influence of harmful environmental factors, there is a gradual loss of this vital protein, leading to a loss of their appearance.

    In the process of keratin straightening strands is their saturation with protein. By filling in the voids formed, keratin restores the damaged hair structure, helping to close the scales of the damaged cuticle.

    Curls, get rid of the porous structure, cease to electrify and push. To prevent keratin leaching, the strands are heat treated, sealing it securely in the hair shaft tissues.

    • The client's hair is first thoroughly washed using a special shampoo, making the curls particularly susceptible to the effects of the main components of the rectifying compound. The hair is rid of dirt, dust, sebum and styling residues.
    • Clean hair dry hair dryer.
    • Armed with a special brush, the specialist applies a keratin composition to the strands, selected according to the type of hair. The application is carried out on the entire length of the hair (the master at the same time slightly recedes from the roots).
    • Wrapping the head with plastic wrap, create a greenhouse effect and maintain a half-hour pause. As a result of the manipulations, keratin manages to fill all the voids in the damaged structure of the hair and glue the ajar scales.
    • After removing the film, the master starts combing and drying the hair with a hair dryer and a special brush.
    • The dried strands are alternately treated with a hot iron warmed to 230 degrees. Heat treatment strands bake keratin, keeping it inside each hair.

    In the video salon procedure keratin

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    Reviews of Oriflame lip balm in this article.

    At home

    The technique of self-deposition of keratin also has a number of differences:

    • After washing the hair using a special keratin containing shampoo, they are dried and combed well.
    • Shoulders covered with cling film, hands protected with plastic gloves.
    • To facilitate the process of extracting the strands before applying the keratin composition, the whole mass of hair is grasped with a rubber band at the crown. You can also use a stud or a special clip.
    • Having measured a certain amount of keratin (from 50 to 100 ml - depending on the length of the curls), pour it into the atomizer.
    • Carefully separating the strands from the total beam, they are treated with a composition from a spray bottle. The preliminary division of the strands into four sections will greatly simplify this process.
    • The keratin treated strand is immediately combed. The product on the scalp should be immediately removed with a cotton pad.
    • After processing the entire mass of hair, give keratin to penetrate into the structure of damaged strands, making a fifteen-minute pause.
    • After that, they start drying their hair with a round brush and a hair dryer, working in a low-temperature mode, not forgetting to periodically comb individual strands.
    • Each dried curl is treated with a hot iron (it is best to use the device with ceramic plates).
    • The final stage of this process is the application to the hair of a small amount of special keratin-containing serum.

    Video about keratin hair straightening at home

    Considering the laboriousness and complexity of the procedure, before performing it, you should read the manufacturer’s instructions attached to each set of cosmetics very carefully and act strictly following the instructions contained therein.

    In the absence of special experience in conducting home cosmetology procedures, a girl who decides to go in for keratising her own curls will most likely have to use the help of a close friend or someone from family members. In any case, you need to adjust yourself to the fact that it will take several hours to get around with hair
    Read about the sulphate-free shampoo composition.

    Pros and cons of the procedure

    Any cosmetology procedure should be considered comprehensively: taking into account both positive and negative sides. Let's try to understand how safe the procedure of keratin hair straightening is and what results and consequences should be expected after its implementation.

    Dignity and effect

    The procedure of keratin straightening has a lot of advantages, it:

    • Significantly facilitates the process of combing any hair, even wet. Thanks to keratisation, the morning combing process of strands tangled during the night ceases to be long and painful: the curls begin to comb instantly.
    • Can be performed on hair of any type.
    • It will help to add volume to thin strands.
    • Designed to achieve long-term effect: curls will remain smooth and well-groomed for five months.
    • It gives locks extraordinary smoothness and glossy shine, which are the main signs of well-groomed hair.
    • It helps the hairstyle to maintain accuracy both on rainy and windy days: keratinized strands will not become disheveled even from a very strong wind and will not be sodden in the rain.
    • Protects hair from the effects of aggressive environmental factors: dust, exhaust gases, ultraviolet radiation.
    • It prevents the strands from being electrified: they cease to push down and become magnetized to the comb.
    • It will help correct the result of a failed perm: two weeks later, badly curled hair can be straightened.
    • Allows you to make corrections regularly and without problems. Repeated procedures are much faster and much cheaper.
    • Does not damage the hair structure due to the short duration of the heat treatment of the strands with a hot iron.
    • It is carried out with the help of preparations containing a whole range of natural components: keratin and extracts of medicinal plants, enhancing its effect. Diligent manufacturers produce drugs with a hypoallergenic composition that does not cause side effects. That is why you should not save by purchasing cheap means of dubious brands.
    • It has a pronounced therapeutic effect due to the complex of vitamins and nutrients that make up the liquid keratin.

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    Disadvantages and possible consequences

    No cosmetic procedure is complete without a list of shortcomings. Keratin straightening is no exception to this rule.
    What are the disadvantages for girls who decide to go through the procedure of keratin hair straightening?

    • Cleaners, fixated on the purity of their strands, will be upset upon learning that they will not be able to wash their hair for three days after the procedure.
    • Just straightened hair should be protected from rain jets: leaving the salon in rainy weather, you must use an umbrella. The impact of sea water and wet snow is just as detrimental to the strands that have just been treated, therefore, during the aforementioned timeframe, it will be necessary to abandon visiting places with high air humidity: a pool, a sauna or a bath.
    • The chemical composition of means for straightening curls can include substances that can cause a strong allergic reaction of the body.
    • For seventy-two hours after a straightening session, it is impossible to expose the hair to even the slightest mechanical impact associated with braiding the braids, gathering them in the tail, roller or bundle. For the same reason, you should not use ribbons, hairpins and rubber bands. The only hairstyle option at this moment is loose strands, which can only be laid behind the ears.
    • The procedure can cause severe tearing caused by exposure to formaldehyde vapors released during the heat treatment of the strands.
    • Performing the procedure in a room that is not equipped with a hood or does not have good ventilation can cause serious formaldehyde poisoning that can trigger the development of cancer.
    • Keratin hair straightening causes the inevitable breaking off of the tips, requiring their regular cutting.
    • Keratinated strands of the fat type can create a feeling of untidy, greasy hair.
    • In some cases (as a rule, this applies to thin and loose strands), the procedure can lead to a significant decrease in hair volume.
    • On a thick head of hair consisting of thick hair, the achieved result will not last too long.
    • The process of straightening curls is a time-consuming procedure. Owners of long (to the waist) hair will have to spend at least five hours in the salon.
    • The keratin-treated head of hair will have to be washed more often, as thickened hairs that fit tightly together will more intensively absorb the secret of the sebaceous glands.

    One of the most significant drawbacks of hair keratinization is the high cost of the procedure, due to the high cost of cosmetics used.


    Hair that has gone through a keratin straightening procedure requires special care:

    • The first shampooing is possible only three days after the performed session.
    • Keratinated strands can be washed only with a specialized non-sulfate shampoo. When using conventional products for washing the hair, the salts that are in their composition will facilitate the rapid washing out of keratin from the reconstituted strands and the effect achieved will quickly disappear.
    • During the first month after the procedure, you can not dye your hair and expose it to hot irons or curling irons.
    • When dyeing hair is allowed to use paint, which does not include ammonia.
    • To maintain the achieved effect, cosmetologists advise to sleep on a pillow with a pillowcase sewn of satin or silk.
    • Weekly it is necessary to carry out nutritious masks.
    • It is undesirable to do hairstyles that require the use of hairpins, ribbons and rubber bands.

    Prices for the procedure for keratin hair straightening in beauty salons in Moscow may differ dramatically.
    The price range is within the range of 18,000 to 48,000 rubles. It largely depends on the class of the salon and the professional level of the stylists working in it.

    Home keratisation procedure strands produced using special tools that differ from professional.
    Cost of One such cosmetic kit is sometimes equal to the cost of one session performed in the cabin environment, but the contents of the bottles and bottles included in it will be enough for about ten sessions of home keratization.
    However, price diversity is also observed here.
    Per set Cosmetics for home keratin strands have to pay from 3500 to 19000 rubles.
    At the same time you should not give preference to the cheapest kits: it can be unsafe for health. Before you make a choice in favor of a particular set, you need to collect information on the reputation of the manufacturer, as well as inquire about consumer feedback posted on the relevant Internet resources.

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    A couple of years ago I had the imprudence to do a perm from a novice hairdresser. The result was depressing: with a shock of small curls, I became like a poodle. On the advice of a friend, I immediately turned to a very good hair salon, but it turned out that straightened strands can be straightened only two weeks after the curling. Barely waiting for the appointed day, I came to an experienced stylist and four hours later I became the owner of a whole cascade of silky and soft strands. Such hair can be seen on the pages of glossy magazines. I could not even dream of anything more: keratin straightening just saved my curls and made me attractive again.

    Nature rewarded me with disobedient curly curls, which not every brush can cope with. Over the years, every morning I tried to comb my thick curls almost every hour. When I learned about the existence of hairdressing utensils, I acquired such a device for myself, and to the torture of combing added straightening manipulations to strands. Tired of daily fussing with hair, I decided to use the help of professional craftsmen. The resulting effect is tantamount to a miracle. My curls were transformed, becoming obedient and very smooth.

    The decision to make keratinizing strands, as it turned out, was my greatest mistake. Soon after visiting the hairdresser, I noticed that my hair began to fall out very actively. The master explained to me that the reason for this was the weakened bulbs of my hair, which could not bear the weight of the weighted strands. For the past twelve weeks I have been walking with straightened and glossy, but such rare strands. I want to warn the girls with thin, sparse and weak hair: the procedure for keratin straightening strands is not your option.

    The question of whether to expose unruly hair to the procedure of keratin straightening worries many girls who are tired of the daily struggle for the beauty of their own hairstyle. Proponents of this procedure give him only a positive response.

    Given the duration of the effect achieved and the cumulative effect of the keratin composition (thanks to which the intervals between sessions become longer with each new performance), we can safely recommend this procedure as a panacea for problems with hair styling, and as a rehabilitation therapy for the treatment of damaged curls.

    Operating principle

    The main component of this service is keratin, which is the basis of natural curl. However, under the influence of the environment, the effects of various harmful factors, this substance is destroyed, washed away, the structure of the hairs become thinner, lose their luster, elasticity.

    The essence of this service is that strands for straightening treated with a solution of keratin, it fills the damaged areas, further, under the influence of high temperatures, it turns into microfilm, envelops the hair itself.

    As a result, strands become smooth, shiny, protected from external influences of environmental factors.

    Inoar products produced for about 20 years and occupies a leading position among the brands that produce keratinizing drugs. The line Keratin straightening Inoar refers to professional cosmetics. Fits all hair types.

    For soft strands presented keratin Inoar Moroccan, for hard Inoar G Hair. The Inoar Moroccan Kit contains a deep cleansing shampoo with a special composition, the Inoar G Hair complex includes a deep cleansing shampoo, a straightening preparation, and a mask.

    Attention! The compositions of these products contain formaldehyde in a safe amount for the human body.

    The main component is keratin, additionally organic cocoa extract, jojoba oil, white clay, wheat germ proteins, panthenol. Silicone is absent in these preparations.

    The advantages of keratin leveling Inoar include:

    • flexible pricing policy,
    • security,
    • availability,
    • long term of the drug (up to 6 months),
    • wide range of products
    • quality, thanks to the combination of a large experience and a highly qualified team.

    Cost in the cabin and at home use

    The cost of services in the cabin will vary considerably. This is influenced by such factors as the level of professionalism of a specialist, the cost of electricity, the profit of the salon. In the cabin, the price will vary depending on the length, density of the hair, the selected brand composition.

    For example, keratin straightening bangs with Inoar will cost about 600–700 rubles, with an average hair length up to the shoulder blades, the cost will be about 6 thousand rubles. At home, the price will be based on the volume of the drug used, the length of the hair.

    For example, a set for straightening with a volume of 100 ml will cost about 1,500 rubles. This amount is enough for curls of medium length.


    Keratin straightening Inoar due to the presence in the composition of a harmful substance called formaldehyde (aldehyde) prohibited to use in the following cases:

    • hair loss,
    • diseases of the scalp, damage to the skin,
    • pregnancy,
    • lactation,
    • precancerous condition, cancer,
    • skin sensitivity, allergic manifestations,
    • bronchial asthma.

    It is not recommended to use this service with thin, depleted strands. The reason for this is the fact that during the operation the curls become saturated with the preparation, they become heavier, which threatens them with further loss. Also, with this procedure, the curls lose volume, and with thin hair it will affect the appearance of the girl.

    Stages of the procedure

    This procedure is also called the Brazilian. The whole process takes about 3 hours..

    Inoar products are suitable for both home use and professional services. When using at home it is important to follow the instructions for use.

    The procedure requires the following tools:

    • deep cleaning shampoo,
    • straightening compound
    • paint brush,
    • iron,
    • hair dryer
    • hairbrush.

    Important! It is necessary to hold the event in a well-ventilated room, since the preparation contains formaldehyde, which, when evaporated, can affect the eyesight, the central nervous system, can cause headaches, tearing.

    Phased Algorithm

    1. The first step is to wash your hair with a shampoo for deep cleansing of hair flakes. Some experts recommend repeating it 2-3 times.
    2. Further, the curls are blotted with a towel, dried by 90%, combed with a comb with rare teeth, proceed to the application of the composition.
    3. Apply the composition on the strands need, departing 1 cm from the roots. Processing is similar to the staining process. Starting with the lower strands, each strand is abundantly greased.
    4. It is necessary to withstand the drug on the hair for about 20 minutes, covering them with a film or cap.
    5. The next step is to blow dry your hair. Only after that you can begin the alignment by means of ironing starting from the lower strands at a temperature of 230 degrees. Each strand must be straightened 5-7 times.
    6. The final step is washing the head, applying a moisturizing mask to the curls, final drying with a hairdryer.

    Duration of action

    Alignment with keratin composition Inoar lasts from 2 months to six months. This range is explained by the thickness, length of hair, because on long strands the composition is washed off faster.

    With proper care, using sulfate-free shampoos and keratin masks, the effect will last much longer.

    Hair care after the procedure

    Unlike other operations when straightening curls with Inoar, you can wash your hair 40 minutes after surgeryand not 3 days later.

    It is not recommended to use hairpins, use swimming pools, saunas without hats. This is due to the fact that humid, hot air destroys the keratin film.

    Before going to sea, experts do not advise to perform the service.

    For proper care you need use a special sulfate-free shampoo or shampoo without sodium chloride. It is also recommended from time to time to apply a special mask containing keratin.

    Details on how to care for hair after straightening, you can find on our website.

    Useful videos

    Keratin hair straightening.

    Instructions for keratin hair straightening.

    Inoar (Inoar) keratin: description and benefits

    Inoar Professional, established in Brazil in the 1980s, is one of the most well-known manufacturers of quality hair straighteners in the world.

    To choose the most suitable solution for yourself, you should familiarize yourself with each of the products in detail.

    MOROCCAN HAIR KERATIN from Inoar Professional - This is a magnificent keratin complex, designed specifically for thin and wavy curls. Professional kit consists of a shampoo for deep cleansing of hair, keratin composition, and moisturizing mask.

    The composition of these products contains nourishing argan oil and white clay. Means are presented in volumes of 100, 250 and 1000 ml. Depending on this, the cost of sets ranges from 1,800 to 13,000 rubles.

    Especially for curly strands with increased rigidity created reliable keratin complex G-HAIR KERATINbased on two valuable oils - shea and argan. The set contains shampoo, straightening keratin lotion and mask for deep moisturizing hair. The price of the kit is directly related to its volume.

    • 100 ml is offered at a cost of 2000-2500,
    • 250 ml - 5000,
    • 1000 ml - 14000-14500 rubles.

    In order to neutralize formaldehyde vapors when using the above mentioned products it is necessary to apply special tool PROGRESS SOLUTION. The cost of 5 ml is 75 rubles, and 250 ml - 2500-2700.

    Keratin set ARGAN OIL KERATIN it is intended for effective smoothing of the wavy locks having thin structure. It includes a cleansing shampoo, a keratin composition and a moisturizing mask based on argan oil. The cost of the kit varies from 2500 to 14300 rubles, depending on its volume.

    What is required?

    In order to perform hair straightening using high quality products from Inoar, You must prepare the following products and tools:

    • professional keratin complex - deep cleansing shampoo, straightening composition and moisturizing mask,
    • comfortable brush with natural bristles for applying and even distribution of the product,
    • iron,
    • hair dryer
    • Comfortable comb - preferably, comb with long and rare teeth.

    Since the complex contains formaldehyde, it is necessary to carry out the procedure in a room with high-quality ventilation. Also, in order to neutralize the harmful vapors of formaldehyde, be sure to use the PROGRESS SOLUTION tool from Inoar - this will prevent tearing, headaches and eye problems.

    On average, the procedure for keratin straightening curls can take three hours.

    Process steps

    Curl straightening procedure using Inoar products consists of several stages that must be performed in a strict sequence:

    1. Hair should be thoroughly washed with shampoo for deep cleansing, which will reliably eliminate the remnants of sebum, natural pollution, as well as styling products.
    2. With a soft, thick towel you should blot the hair thoroughly so that it is dried out by about 90%. The hair dryer in this case should not be used, it is important that the curls dry out naturally.
    3. Apply a straightening compound on the strands is necessary, departing not less than 1 centimeter from the roots. Begin the process with the strands at the bottom, carefully processing each of them.
    4. On the head you need to wear plastic wrap, go to the shower cap and withstand the keratin remedy for twenty minutes.
    5. Then dry the hair with a hairdryer.
    6. After that, strands must be straightened with an iron, heated to a temperature of 230 degrees.
    7. At the end of the procedure, wash your hair, moisten it with a special mask included in the kit, and then dry it with a hairdryer.

    Moroccan line

    Moroccan is the first product of the brand. Its advantages:

    • low formaldehyde content in the composition (less than 0.1%),
    • silicone free formula
    • does not cause discomfort in the work, as it does not have a sharp unpleasant smell,
    • the effect of the application lasts up to six months,
    • high quality at an affordable price,
    • nutritional properties.

    G Hair Products

    The G Hair line is one of the most intense keratin straighteners. Its characteristics:

    • effect of the procedure lasting up to a year
    • safe formaldehyde content in the composition (up to 0.2%),
    • intense moisturizing effect
    • quality result
    • the absence of silicones in the composition,
    • democratic price.

    The complexes are based on complementary work of three types of products: working composition, cleansing shampoo and mask. Thanks to this, it is possible to improve the hair, improve its structure and fill the cells with nutrients.

    Composition properties

    The use of high-quality materials and state-of-the-art production technologies allows the manufacturer to guarantee high quality, efficiency and safety of Inoar products (keratin). The composition includes the following components:

    • formaldehyde (safe for hair and human body),
    • keratin (the main "building" substance),
    • organic plant extracts,
    • natural organic oils.

    Thanks to carefully selected components, the right combination and clear proportions of the components, Inoar not only improves the appearance of the curls, but also has a beneficial effect on the hair structure, filling the damaged areas, deeply saturating the cells and healing the hair from the inside.

    Benefits of Inoar Cosmetics

    Among products used for straightening, Inoar (keratin) is one of the most effective and safe brands in use. Cosmetics has the following advantages:

    • a combination of many years of experience in the field of hair care and a professional approach to production (qualified specialists work in the field of chemistry, biology and cosmetology),
    • safety (contains natural components that are harmless to the hair and the human body),
    • accessibility (the ability to use brand products at home as an alternative to the salon procedures keratin straightening),
    • flexible pricing policy (the cost of production corresponds to the effectiveness of cosmetics).

    The stunning result of straightening and healthy well-groomed hair is guaranteed by the use of Inoar (keratin) products. Consumer reviews and research data from independent cosmetology laboratories confirm the advantages of the brand’s products over its competitors.

    Application features

    Cosmetics Inoar is suitable for professional straightening procedures, which are carried out by a qualified master in a specialized salon, as well as for independent use.

    If cosmetics are used at home, it is necessary to pay special attention to the study of instructions and recommendations for use.You can also familiarize yourself with step-by-step video tutorials that are posted on the manufacturer’s official website.

    There are no harmful substances in the composition of the products, and the concentration of formaldehyde meets the safety standards for the human body, so the brand's cosmetics can be applied after different permings and dyeing.

    There is no need to use other expensive procedures and products after applying Inoar (keratin) cosmetics. Consumer reviews indicate that the condition of the hair improves as much as possible, they have a healthy, well-groomed, attractive appearance.

    Advantages of straightening procedures with Inoar cosmetics

    The indisputable achievement of the company's technologists is a range of products intended for keratin straightening of curls, which is popular with professional hairdressers in more than 30 countries around the world.

    This procedure allows not only to smooth out unruly curls, but also to improve and improve the hair structure, providing deep nourishment, hydration and regeneration at the cellular level.

    Thanks to a wide range of products, it is possible to choose a suitable tool for the individual characteristics of the hair coat. For thick and tough hair, keratin Inoar G Hair is most often used. Reviews of owners of this type of hair say about the effectiveness of the use of cosmetics and the absence of a sticky weighting effect. The Moroccan line is a success for women with soft and thin hair that lack volume.

    The procedure gives a fairly long-lasting effect (up to six months). With the right selection of tools and caring procedures, the hair will remain strong, elastic and healthy for a long time.

    Consumer opinion

    Girls who have experienced the effect of Inoar products (keratin) claim that very long curly hair after the procedure becomes straightforward and docile. Infinite alignments ironing take a lot of time and do not give a lasting effect. Keratin straightening helps to forget about these problems for a long time and provides perfectly even hair that does not stick together and does not hang by tow. They are lively, shiny and healthy.

    According to consumers, long-term use of the full range of cosmetics of this cosmetics gives dizzying results - thin, lifeless hair becomes stronger and thicker, the hair becomes volume and healthy shine.

    Many girls note that the use of other formulations and caring agents for keratin straightening does not have such an effect as Inoar cosmetics. Among the advantages of the series is the absence of a sharp and unpleasant smell and stickiness on the hair after the procedure. Also, consumer reviews indicate that the duration of the effect of the use of this cosmetics is much higher, and the result is of higher quality.

    Watch the video: HOW TO: Brazilian Blowout Keratin Treatment At Home! Step by Step, Tips (December 2019).