What to do if hair quickly becomes greasy

Greasy hair - increased hair greasiness due to excessive activity of the scalp glands. Despite frequent shampooing, oily hair looks greasy, oily, untidy and even dirty, stick together in separate strands, do not keep styling. The problem of oily hair requires a professional approach to the solution with the involvement of a trichologist, an endocrinologist, a gastroenterologist. Comprehensive care for oily hair consists of the use of special shampoos and lotions, therapeutic measures (mesotherapy, darsonvalization, application of masks, serums, herbal teas, etc.).

Causes oily hair

The basis of increased oiliness of hair is excessive formation of sebum. Normally, the secret of the sebaceous glands forms on the scalp a thin hydrolipidic film that performs a protective function and protects the hair from drying out. Water-lipid film prevents skin from losing moisture, ultraviolet penetration and dirt particles, reproduction of harmful bacteria. The number and activity of the sebaceous glands are programmed genetically, so the only way out can be the correct selection of the line of products and careful daily care for oily hair. In addition, the condition of the hair is affected by alimentary, hormonal and other factors.

Usually, hair becomes oily during puberty, during adolescence. This is due to the fact that in the period of hormonal adjustment of the body, testosterone production increases and sensitivity of the sebaceous glands increases. These hormonal changes are associated with the appearance of such problems as oily skin, greasy hair, teenage acne. In addition, hair may become more fatty as a result of stress, pregnancy, menopause, etc.

Excessive active work of the sebaceous glands is stimulated by the use of spicy and pickled foods, carbonated drinks, fatty foods, fast food, alcohol, and also certain medications. Improved oily hair often contributes to improper care of the scalp (rubbing nourishing oils and applying greasy masks), wearing headgear made of synthetic materials. Dysfunction of the endocrine glands, gastrointestinal tract, nervous system is strongly reflected in the condition of the hair.

Another cause of oily hair is seborrheic dermatitis, in which there is not only an increase in sebum secretion, but also a change in its quality. This pathological condition is caused by yeast-like lipophilic fungi present on the skin and is accompanied by the presence of oily dandruff, severe itching, scratching of the scalp, and hair loss.

Characteristics of hair types

Normal hair has a healthy, attractive appearance, they are distinguished by glossy shine, elasticity, silky texture. Such hair is easy to style and long-lasting form of hair. All these qualities are preserved in the hair of a normal type for several days after washing.

Dry hair looks dull and lifeless. They are difficult to comb and fit after washing, but they are easily confused and split at the tips. After washing dry hair, there is usually a feeling of tightness of the scalp. However, dry hair does not get dirty for a long time and becomes greasy only at the end of the 7th day after washing.

Typical signs of oily hair are increased greasiness, oily greasy shine, unkempt appearance. Just a few hours after shampooing, such hair sticks together in separate strands, becomes naughty and does not keep styling. Oily hair quickly adsorbs dust particles on itself, absorbs smelling substances, so it looks polluted, they can emit an unpleasant smell. Often, oily hair is accompanied by other problems - dandruff, excessive hair loss. Heat, high humidity and other atmospheric phenomena increase the increased greasiness of the hair. In most cases, oily hair is combined with oily skin. In general, from an aesthetic point of view, oily hair is a very unpleasant sight. Mixed-type hair is usually long: it is not covered with grease over the entire length, which is why there are greasy roots and dry split ends.

Oily hair care features

Before you talk about how to care for oily hair, you need to figure out what this type of hair "does not like." Thus, with increased sebaceous excretions, it is not recommended to wash the hair with hot water, massage the head (hairy part), brush the hair frequently, blow-dry and use hot tongs, use gels and waxes for hair styling, weave tight braids, wearing metal hairpins, because These actions stimulate sebum formation. In addition, owners of greasy hair is better to abandon the long curls and complex styling in favor of a short hair.

Reducing the oiliness of the hair contributes to a change in diet, the rejection of bad habits, taking vitamin-mineral complexes and dietary supplements, the correct selection of hair care products. In all cases, treatment of oily hair should begin with a visit to the trichologist and computer diagnostics of the condition of the hair and scalp, spectral analysis of the hair for trace elements. If the reason for the increased oily hair lies in the improper functioning of the internal organs, the doctor may recommend consulting other specialists (endocrinologist, gastroenterologist, gynecologist and endocrinologist), conducting additional studies (biochemical analysis of blood, hormones, ultrasound of the abdominal cavity organs, etc.).

A trichologist will help you choose a therapeutic line for oily hair, which will allow you to regulate the work of the sebaceous glands and maintain a normal lipid balance of the scalp. To achieve the best effect in everyday care, it is recommended to use several products of the same series - for example, a mask, shampoo, lotion for oily hair. With regard to the permissible frequency of washing oily hair, there are different points of view. Some experts argue that frequent washing does not reduce, but only increases sebum secretion, others believe that you need to wash oily hair as they become dirty. In any case, it is better to wash oily hair in the morning, since at night the sebaceous glands work most intensively. Shampoo should be applied twice, rinsing the hair well with warm (but not hot) water. To dry hair prone to fat, better naturally without using a hair dryer.

Rinse the hair with herbal decoctions and infusions or rubbing them into the scalp will help slow the release of fat. Medicinal plants useful for oily scalp include coltsfoot, calamus, aloe, nettle, sage, oak bark, and horsetail. A popular folk remedy for oily hair is washing them with kefir, yogurt, and whey. If you have a problem with oily hair, you can add a few drops of essential oil of bergamot, rose, peppermint, citrus to shampoo or rinse water. Masks for the scalp of clay and colorless henna have a good adsorbing and seborrheating effect.

Professional hair care and treatment can be carried out in a beauty salon using medical cosmetics - ampoules, masks or a set of products. The optimal solution for oily hair will be a short or medium length haircut, styling with a diffuser using mousses, spray fixatives or a light perm that lifts the hair at the roots. Oily hair coloring is not prohibited. Treatments and hair restoration procedures performed by the trichologist may include ozone therapy, mesotherapy, plasma lifting of the scalp, cryotherapy, darsonvalization, scalp peeling, "laser shower", etc.

The problem of increased fat content of hair can be solved only with an integrated approach, including the elimination of endogenous causes and the restoration of proper functioning of the sebaceous glands, competent home care of the hair and professional treatment.

Why hair quickly get dirty

For a start, I want to destroy all the myths associated with the causes of this problem. Oily hair is a genetic problem.. The sebaceous glands, which are located all over the head, control sebum secretion.

The reason why hairs quickly become greasy is the excessive activity of these glands. But you need to understand that due to its work, secreted sebum creates a thin protective layer. He, in turn, helps retain moisture and prevents the scalp from drying out.

Often, interruptions in the work of the sebaceous glands occur in transitional age, that is, during puberty.

Very often, hair begins to quickly get dirty in transition age

Due to the fact that during this period there is an active production of testosterone, which affects the sebaceous glands.

Often the reason that the hair quickly becomes dirty, is the malfunction of the pancreas. And this can happen due to unhealthy diet, especially if you often eat fatty, fried, smoked and semi-finished products. Also here can be attributed, and alcohol consumption.

What to do if the hair is very dirty

Therefore, if the hair quickly becomes greasy, the help of specialists is needed. After all, the reasons can be varied, and only experienced doctors can understand them. A trichologist is a specialist who should be contacted first of all if your hair quickly becomes greasy and falls out. After the initial examination, a consultation of a gastroenterologist and the delivery of the necessary tests will be required. And only after all this can we talk about the method of treatment.

It is not necessary to delay the trip to the trichologist, because the fat shell on the curls, can cause the growth of bacteria and infections. In particular, dermatitis, eczema and even infectious diseases.

Mandatory consultation of the trichologist is needed to find out the cause of excessive oily hair

Hair care oily at the roots and dry at the ends

Independently at home to solve the problem of oily hair will not work. As we have said, it is worth contacting a specialist who, after a series of tests and diagnostics, will prescribe a special care complex.

But there are a number of general rules for the care of such hair:

  • refrain from heat treatment of curls, this is blow-drying, the use of irons and ploek,
  • avoid oily care products
  • even if the head quickly becomes dirty, do not wash your hair every day.
  • Experts believe optimal washing of the head every three to four days.

Oily hair owners should wash their hair no more than 3-4 times a week.

  • apply additional hair treatment products (balms, masks, sprays),
  • often use scallops and comb the hair.

Washing hair

Do not be superfluous to turn to folk remedies. For example, wash the hair with a decoction of chamomile, St. John's wort, mother and stepmother. If your head quickly becomes dirty, you can try a salt skin scrub. To do this, buy a large sea salt, and each time before washing the curls, a small amount of salt, rub the scalp. This procedure will help exfoliate the keratinized skin layer, thereby normalizing the secretion of fat.

Scrubbing of the scalp with coarse sea salt

Does the head quickly become dirty and the hairstyle loses its appearance? Do not worry, pick a hairstyle in which the hair will have volume. This solution will help to visually hide greasy hair.

Review your diet. For a while, restrict from eating fatty, fried and smoked food. Eat more vegetables, fruits, drink water.

Try not to wear hats, because they create the effect of "sauna", which, in turn, provokes a rise in temperature. And in consequence - the accelerated production of sebum.

Why hair is greasy in people with health problems

The problem is common in women and men, as the sebaceous glands work in an intensive way to prevent the tips from drying out and to keep moisture in them. It turns out a vicious circle, because it is dryness at the ends that provokes the enhanced work of the sebaceous glands.

Health problems causing excessive sebum secretion:

    Hormonal imbalance. May be observed in adolescents or in women before menstruation. For adolescents, a fat face and hair can be a real challenge, since along with a cosmetic defect, complexes arise. Women with endomeriosis and multifollicular ovaries also often have skin diseases. This is due to excessive production of male hormones. They provoke the growth of excessive facial hair and the release of large amounts of sebum.

Contraceptive use. Modern hormonal contraceptives are low-dose, and in most cases they are prescribed to women with problem skin. Often, girls suffering from acne and acne, problems with the epidermis disappear after the start of taking contraceptives. But in rare cases, hormones can provoke excessive greasiness of the hair.

Metabolic disease. This is usually a problem with the liver and digestive system. In dysbacteriosis, part of the nutrients from food is not absorbed in the intestine, which leads to drying of the curls. Because of this, the hair quickly grow fat. In people with diabetes, the hair often looks greasy and unkempt. Hair problems are also observed in people with thyroid ailments.

Seborrhea. In this disease, the skin often peels off, not only on the head, but also on the face. The sebaceous glands are trying to eliminate dryness. Accordingly, along with pieces of dandruff on your clothes you will find curls knocked into icicles.

  • Malnutrition. Oddly enough, but our skin and its condition depends on what we eat. Usually, problems with the skin of the face and head are observed in sweet teeth and lovers of spicy and salty foods. Do not abuse fatty foods. Because of this, the liver is impaired, which leads to skin ailments. With improper nutrition, the outflow of bile is disturbed, which also worsens the condition of the skin and hair.

  • Why hair becomes greasy with improper care

    Often untidy hair is not connected with illnesses of internal organs. Usually in a terrible state curls blame their hostess.

    Errors in hair care, provoking greasy roots:

      Frequent combing. With the endless combing of curls during the day, you stretch the sebum from the roots over the entire surface of the hair. In addition, a constant massage of the scalp provokes an enhanced work of the sebaceous glands. If your curls are tangled and stick together in icicles, comb them, starting from the middle. Just take a shred of hair in your hand and comb the tips. So you will not touch the scalp.

    Frequent staining and blow-drying. Using hot air during laying, you provoke evaporation of moisture. Accordingly, the body tries to compensate for the loss of water and produces a lot of fat.

    Stress and depression. With problems of a psychological nature, adrenaline is released into the bloodstream, which is the cause of the activation of the sebaceous glands.

    The use of balms and masks in large quantities. Often, when a balsam is used, women apply it not only on the tips, but also on the roots. This is not worth doing.Properly put a little care on the palm and rub between your fingers. After that, comb your hair with your fingers, starting from the middle. Do not touch the roots.

  • Applying close headgear. In winter, the problem of oily hair is exacerbated by the use of tight caps. Choose thin knitted hats that lightly encircle the head.

  • Features of oily hair treatment

    You can get rid of the problem by using medication or using traditional methods. If there are ailments of the internal organs, all cosmetics will be useless. Initially try to adjust your diet. Eliminate fatty foods and sweets. Increase the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.

    We define the problem

    The peculiarity of sebaceous locks is too active work of sebaceous glands located near the bulbs. The glands produce sebum - essential for healthy curls. The secretion of glands constantly cleanses the follicles from dirt, protects and nourishes the hair shaft.

    As a result of the work of sebaceous glands, the curl acquires brilliance and elasticity. But the pros are always cons. Often, the hair glands are too active, causing excess sebum to clog the bulbs and pores of the scalp. Unhappy curls do not receive oxygen, food, moisture and foul.

    It is noticed that dark-haired people are more prone to the appearance of fatness and greasiness. Straight type hair and thin better, faster absorb sebum, becoming oily. But curly and wavy curls resistant to fat.

    If the situation is not corrected, seborrhea develops, and abundant dandruff appears. Greasy strands become thinner, very itchy and fall out in large bunches. Trichologists call this pathology "Hyperseborrhea." In trichology, oily hair is divided into two types. How to determine the type of "diseased" hair:

    1. Greasy. The curl looks untidy, fat, shiny throughout the hair shaft.
    2. Combined. Fatness is observed at the roots, and the tips of the order are dry.

    To determine whether the locks are unhealthy, look at them. Hair prone to fast greasiness has the following characteristics:

    • After 3-4 hours after washing the scalp on the skin under the hair appears greasiness.
    • The hairs begin to stick together in separate untidy strands.
    • From the hair you feel an unpleasant odor caused by the accumulation of particles of dirt, dead cells, dust and grease.
    • Hairstyle unstable. Even after using resistant styling products, the hair does not hold its shape.
    • Dandruff is observed on the scalp and on the hair.
    • Curls become thinner and fall out.

    To return hair to a healthy look, you should consider the type of hair and choose the appropriate methods of care. Incorrectly chosen remedies lead to a worsening of the situation. To call out the outgoing locks to order, you need to find out the reason for the high activity of the glands.

    The culprits of hair greasiness

    Oily strands of hair usually become a transitional age in a teenager. Changes in the hormonal background, when the entire body is rebuilt, provoke an increase in testosterone levels. This hormone affects the work of glands, increasing their activity. Therefore, adolescents suffer from acne, oily hair, dandruff. Other factors affect the secretion glands.


    The condition of the hair depends on health. Curls immediately respond to problems with internal organs by changing the structure and appearance. Diseases of the internal organs - a common cause of increased greasiness.

    Endocrine dysfunctions. The endocrine system includes the thyroid, genital and pancreas, pituitary and adrenal glands. These organs play an important role in the vital functions of the body. They produce hormones that enter the blood and lymph.

    Hormones control the activity of cellular tissue, the growth and development of organs, the processes of human reproduction and its adaptation to changes in the external environment.

    If there is a disruption of the production of hormones, their destabilization and the failure of the natural balance, this leads to premature aging of the body, the development of diseases and the deterioration of the work of all organs. The condition of the hair is also disturbed, excessive sebum production occurs.

    Problems with the digestive tract. The health of the curls, their fat content affects the work of the digestive system. Rapid greasiness, hair loss and paroxysmal pain in the abdominal cavity are the symptoms of gastrointestinal ailments. The following problems cause greasiness of curls:

    • Dysbacteriosis. Violation of the normal microflora of the digestive tract. With the development of such a disease, healthy microbes die. The body has a protective barrier, toxins in large quantities enter the bloodstream and spread throughout the body. Getting to the hair follicles, toxins impair their work. The curls become thin, thin, quickly fall down and fall out.
    • Gallstone disease, pancreatitis. With the formation of bile duct stones, sand, inflammation of the pancreas, the body loses nutrients and vitamins. Due to lack of nutrition, the hair follicles stop working normally. The result is excessive sebum secretion and fast fat content of curls.
    • Irritable bowel syndrome. Vitamin deficiencies are also experienced by the body when there is a functional bowel disorder.
    • Liver disease. The liver organ is the main barrier in the path of toxins to the organs of the body. In case of problems with the liver, all internal tissues / organs are poisoned (poisoned) by decomposition products. The body directs all forces into the fight against intoxication, depriving the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the peripheral organs. Hair, not receiving important substances for health, becomes thinner and more quickly soaked with sebum.

    Nervous system disorders. Stress, chronic fatigue, outbreaks of aggressiveness, protracted depression affect the normal functioning of the sebaceous glands. Nervous disorders lead to the development of hyperactivity of the glands and excessive secretion - the result is rapid pollution and greasiness.

    Skin diseases. One of the reasons provoking a change in the composition and increase the level of sebum production is the appearance of seborrheic dermatitis. A disease affecting the skin of the head leads to the formation of scales. Dense crusts clog the hair follicles.

    Clogged follicles deprive hair rods of oxygen and moisture. Curls faster dirty. Seborrhea is accompanied by abundant dandruff, itching and hair loss. Violation of sebum provokes skin problems - there are acne, rashes on the face.

    With increased greasiness, pay attention to the accompanying symptoms - this will help to more accurately determine the cause of the problem:

    Causes of oily hair after washing

    Oily hair is a common cosmetic lack of appearance. It is the result of a disruption of the sebaceous glands located on the scalp. But in this case, the increased fat content of the hair most often begins to disturb not immediately after washing, but after several hours or days.

    "Wrong" shampoo

    If the hair fat content appears immediately after the completion of the hygienic procedure, the most likely cause is the use of a shampoo with excess silicone and film-forming substances for this type of skin and hair. It is these components of detergent cosmetics that sometimes give the hair a greasy shine and cause an unpleasant feeling of their fat content.

    But the manufacturer can not predict what will be the result of their use in a particular case. The organism of each person is individual. Therefore, for the same cosmetic, different people have different reactions. The question is solved by replacing the shampoo with another.

    The reason may not be only in silicone. The composition of the drug may be, on the contrary, is so "poor" that it is unable to dissolve the fat qualitatively and wash off the dirt. But in this case, the issue is solved in the same way: the replacement of shampoo.

    To eliminate errors in the choice of a cosmetic product, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist-trichologist. The specialist will determine the type of scalp and hair, make a list of the most useful in this case, shampoos and other makeup cosmetics.

    Health status

    If the consultation of a dermatologist is not received and the replacement of the shampoo did not bring the expected result, the cause of oily hair after washing should be sought in a state of health and lifestyle. Most likely the reasonscausing hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands of the scalp:

    • inherited from ancestors skin type and the function of its components,
    • endocrine system diseases
    • violations of the digestive tract,
    • low immune status.

    To clarify the functional causes of oily hair after washing, you need to go through a series of diagnostic studies.


    Hair, based on their characteristics and appearance, can be divided into three categories:

    1. Normal Such hair looks pretty cool and attractive. They are characterized by natural radiance, silky texture, softness and elasticity. This type does not require special and complex care, because normal hair is very easy to any style, for a long time keep the shape of hair and slowly pollute,
    2. Dry This type of hair usually requires the most intensive care. Dry curls have a thin and porous texture, split, break and fall out, are difficult to comb and stack, and are also subject to static stress. As a rule, dry hair retains its clean appearance for a long time, and may become contaminated a week after washing,
    3. Fatty. Are the most untidy kind. The skin is characterized by increased production of fat, why the hair quickly becomes oily, as well as accompanied by other unpleasant symptoms. Oily scalp is often accompanied by oily glitter greasiness at the roots of hair, sloppy appearance, intense loss, absorption of surrounding smells and dust, rapid contamination, as well as some diseases that may be caused by this symptom.

    There are also hair of mixed type, which have greasy roots and dry curls at the ends. They are adversely affected by any weather influences. So, if the head gets under the influence of sunlight or moist air, there will be a great greasiness of the scalp, and dry air and wind cause static stress.

    Hair of this type is most difficult to bring in the proper appearance, because oily scalp can be caused by diseases of the body.


    Oily scalp with oily hair is accompanied by the active spread of harmful microorganisms, therefore it can lead to a number of negative consequences:

    • itch
    • acne on the face, head and body
    • peeling,
    • malfunction of the ZHTK,
    • allergic reactions
    • skin diseases (dandruff, lichen, seborrheic dermatitis, etc.).

    To avoid these ailments, it is important to find out the cause of the symptom and get rid of oily hair.

    The reasons that affect the rapid contamination of hair can be the following factors:

    Incorrect work of the sebaceous glands of the scalp.

    First of all, it is these glands that regulate sebum production. When hair is of a normal healthy type, the secret of the sebaceous glands creates a protective sheath on the skin, which allows to restrict the curls from excessive dryness, dirt and dust, as well as to keep moisture in the skin. So, on the scalp does not spread harmful microorganisms, and the hairstyle has a neat appearance.

    If the sebaceous glands of a person are prone to disturbances, their activity increases, and the hair very quickly becomes greasy. The functioning of the sebaceous glands depends on the genetic predisposition, as well as on other dysfunctions in the body,

    Hormonal adjustment

    The most common are oily hair in adolescents, in older men, women prone to menopause, pregnant and lactating mothers, as well as those who are regularly exposed to stress, mental disorders and overexertion.

    This variation in categories is due to the fact that excessive secretion of fat occurs due to hormonal disorders. During the period of its restructuring, the body begins to produce various hormones to which human sebaceous glands are sensitive. Along with greasy hair, skin inflammations on the face and body as well as oily skin of the face can begin at such a time. In these cases, getting rid of fatty roots will allow the establishment of hormones.

    Unbalanced nutrition

    The daily ration directly affects the sebaceous glands. If it contains a large amount of fatty, fried, sweet, salty, pickled and spicy foods, then the skin of the face, body and head begins to actively excrete fat, trying to get rid of excess fat inside the body and from toxins.

    Along with the incorrect formulation of the diet, the use of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products can cause oily hair roots in men and women,

    Improper care

    Hair of any type needs external care. While choosing care, you should pay attention to the features of a particular type of curls.

    Many owners of greasy hair are trying to dry them as much as possible using special products and household products for this purpose. This is the most common and dangerous mistake when caring for greasy scalp.

    During aggressive procedures aimed at overdrying the scalp, the body begins to feel an imbalance and release even more sebum. So, it turns out a vicious circle, the result of which always remains a dirty untidy hairstyle.

    Care for this type of hair should be a complex, paying attention to the internal health of the body, and as an external concern should choose neutral means. This allows you to remove the greasy hair,

    Severe temperature drops

    As noted in the previous paragraph, oily hair can not be subjected to overheating. Therefore, heating devices for styling, such as curling iron, hair dryer, rectifier and diffuser, can aggravate the situation. The same goes for hypothermia. It is important to protect hair from adverse weather conditions, but choosing warm hats, it is necessary to avoid synthetics in the composition of the material,

    Skin diseases

    Very often, oily hair is accompanied by seborrheic dermatitis. This is a disease caused by the spread of harmful bacteria on the skin of the face, body and head. Dermatitis causes such unpleasant symptoms as excessive secretion of sebum, irritation, redness, itching, acne and peeling of the skin,

    Seborrhea can be caused by a number of other ailments: mental disorders (anxiety, panic, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, psychosis, etc.), a sharp rearrangement of the hormonal background, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, epilepsy or encephalitis.

    Thus, the identification of the factor that influenced the increased fat content of the hair is a key step in the treatment. Taking effective measures to eliminate the problem will remove the oily shine of the hair.

    How to deal with oily hair

    Before you begin to treat oily scalp, you should familiarize yourself with the possible causes and find out what exactly could affect the functioning of the sebaceous glands. If you cannot identify the cause yourself, you can consult a specialist. A dermatologist deals with such issues.

    You can also try to use a set of measures aimed at the treatment of the scalp.It may include diet, proper care, vitamin intake, beauty treatments and hair treatment at home.

    Care Rules

    In order to prevent the appearance of increased sebum secretion by the scalp, the following measures should be followed:

    1. Do not wash your hair often. As noted earlier, the cause of the violation of the sebaceous glands may be overdrying of the skin. Despite the fact that dirty hair looks pretty untidy, you should try not to wash your hair every day, and limit to 3 treatments a week. If the hair is greasy after washing every day, and this measure does not give results, then you should look for another cause of the problem.
    2. It is true to choose care products. Choosing an external care, it is important to abandon shampoos designed specifically for oily hair. This is due to the fact that it is these tools that dry out the roots greatly, causing active sebaceous glands to work. It is better to stay on a neutral shampoo, whose task will be only cleansing. Balm-conditioner or mask will help to make hair soft and obedient. Silicone in the composition of the cosmetic for the care of oily hair is also not welcome,
    3. Use heaters less often. Hair dryers, straighteners, curling irons and diffusers can also dry out hair. If the use of a device is extremely necessary, then it is important to apply a thermal protective agent before installation,
    4. Do not touch the hair. Excessive touch to the scalp and curls accelerate their pollution, and also cause the spread of skin germs from the hair throughout the body,
    5. True to comb your hair. When the hairbrush passes through the hair, the sebum from the roots spreads along the entire length, and the curls become dirty more quickly. When the problem of oily scalp should be combed hair, affecting only the ends.
    6. Varnishes, mousses, other styling products, use only in extreme cases.

    When developing a daily diet, you should limit yourself to the consumption of food prepared by roasting in vegetable oil. It is preferable to cook in a saucepan or a slow cooker, stewing and baking.

    You should also avoid products such as sweet carbonated water with dyes, fast food, chips, crackers, spicy, alcoholic beverages and tobacco products.

    You can balance your diet by consuming a sufficient amount of protein and carbohydrates, while fats should be the smallest part of the diet. Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, greens, nuts, boiled or baked meat without sauces and additives, salads, cereals.

    Normalize the production of sebum will water consumption in large quantities. Water moisturizes the skin of the face, head and body, causing the body begins to release less fat.

    Vitamins A, B2, B6, and D can be used as nutritional supplements. But first, it is advisable to consult a doctor. So, the problem of fat head can get better.

    Mask of rye bread

    Depending on the length of the hair, take ½ or a loaf of black bread. The crusts are cut, the pulp is poured with boiling water (250 g) and remains for an hour to swell. In the resulting gruel add 1-2 teaspoons of lemon juice. The mixture is applied to dirty hair, wrapped with a towel and left for half an hour. Hair is thoroughly rinsed from bread crumbs, washed with shampoo and rinsed with water with the addition of apple cider vinegar, or lemon juice. 1-2 tablespoons per 1 liter of water.

    The mask perfectly removes dandruff, normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands, enhances the thickness and shine of the hair.

    Clay hair mask

    This homemade composition allows you to gently cleanse the oily scalp from dirt, as well as positively affect the work of the sebaceous glands.

    From the green or blue clay and mineral water is bred gruel, similar in consistency to liquid sour cream. The mixture is applied to the scalp, rubbed into the roots, spread through the hair. Strands cover with plastic wrap, wrapped on top of a towel. After 30-40 minutes the mask is thoroughly washed off.

    • green or pink clay - 3 tbsp.,
    • water or decoction of herbs - 3 tbsp.,
    • apple vinegar - ½ tbsp.

    Kefir mask

    For the mask need skim kefir, the more sour the drink, the better. Kefir is heated to + 37- + 40 ° С. A warm mass is applied to the hair roots, well massaged the scalp, wrap curls with a towel and leave for 1-1.5 hours. After that, they are washed with shampoo and rinsed with the addition of 1-2 tbsp. liter of apple cider vinegar per liter of water.

    Kiwi for hair

    The simplest mask for oily hair, which will dry the oily roots, and saturate the hair follicles with vitamin C. Kiwi contains a large amount of it. For the mask, an unripe sufficiently hard fruit is required. Grate it or grind it in a blender. Gruel is applied to the hair, leave for 1 hour. Wrap your head with a towel. Then it is washed off with shampoo.

    Rules for the preparation and application of masks.

    Masks at home is very easy to prepare and apply. Simple rules will help to avoid mistakes:

    • only fresh products are suitable for making masks,
    • ready-made masks for use immediately, they are not subject to storage,
    • after applying the mask, the hair wraps to create a greenhouse effect and enhance the intensity of the composition,
    • hair should not be washed with too hot or cold water. The optimal water temperature for washing is + 37- + 40 ° С.
    • Masks and rinsing use no more than 2 times a week.


    As a conditioner, which will add shine to hair, fill it with strength and necessary microelements, can be: decoction of nettle, oak bark, green tea, mint, lemon juice or apple cider vinegar.

    • Nettle and oak bark. 2 tbsp dry raw materials, pour a liter of boiling water and simmer for half an hour. Broth is filtered, cooled, used for rinsing.
    • Tea and mint. Green tea and mint are brewed as well, but not boiled. To prepare a rinse solution based on vinegar or lemon juice, 1-2 tablespoons of the product is mixed with a liter of water.

    Important: rinse need not rinse. They are used on clean hair to complete the procedure.

    Purchased funds

    The best remedy for oily hair is dry shampoo. It is a spray for spraying containing sorbent. This substance absorbs fat, and allows you to bring dirty hair in a neat look for 5-10 minutes. Also, instead of dry shampoo, you can use flour or starch, if the hair quickly becomes greasy.

    Cosmetic treatment

    To get rid of oily scalp, you can attend the course of one of the special procedures. These include:

    • ozone therapy
    • mesotherapy,
    • plasma therapy
    • cryotherapy.

    These procedures are performed by injecting special formulations under the skin that positively affect the functioning of the sebaceous glands. The course of such events can be from 5 to 12 visits to the cosmetologist.

    Thus, you can permanently get rid of oily hair and its consequences by eliminating the cause of their appearance or taking advantage of a whole range of treatment measures.


    The skin is an organ that protects the human body. He is the first to respond to emotional state, poor-quality food, diseases of internal organs. In this way, skin can be called a kind of health marker.

    If the work of the sebaceous glands is far from the norm, the reason may be a reaction to prolonged stress or depression. The process of sebum production is also adversely affected by obesity, often resulting from endocrine disorders and a sedentary lifestyle.

    Treatment of greasy hair after washing with drugs

    Normalization of the function of the sebaceous glands is possible with the use of cosmetics, containing:

    • ketoconazole (with hormonal disorders),
    • zinc perition,
    • anti-allergic (antihistamine) substances,
    • substances that increase immunity.

    The pharmacy network offers a wide range of medicated shampoos containing ketoconazole and zinc perition. Among them, "Sebazol", which is often recommended by dermatologists at the initial stage of development of oily seborrhea. This shampoo has anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory action, soothes the scalp and softens it. The result of the correct application of this remedy is the normalization of the function of the sebaceous glands.

    "Sebasol", as well as other medical shampoos, need to be applied twice:

    • wash their skin and hair for the first time,
    • leave for a second time for 5 minutes and rinse with warm water.

    Have a similar effect:

    Shampoos with Zinc Perition:

    • "Zinovit",
    • Friderm Zinc,
    • "Zinc + Birch tar",
    • "Node DS + Anti-relapse",
    • Perithion Zinc.

    Proper washing of greasy hair

    Traditional medicine recommends washing oily hair with an egg. In a mixture with it, you can use rye flour, which will give the effect of a light peeling of the scalp. The mixture is applied to the hair roots and massage the skin for 1-2 minutes. After that, the head is thoroughly washed with warm water.

    Masks after shampooing

    If the hair is oily immediately after washing, after completing the hygienic procedure, the egg of the egg is applied to the skin, carefully rubbed it, evenly distributing it over the surface of the head.

    Leave on 10-15 minutes and wash off with warm water. Dried yolk is difficult to remove from the skin, so you can help yourself with a scrub of 1 tsp of baking soda. It normalizes the acid-base balance of the skin and cleanse it from dead skin cells.

    Honey Mask

    Honey perfectly nourishes and cleanses the scalp. Its constituent components have a healing effect, heals and moisturizes the hair. If there is no allergy to honey, the masks from this product will help to maintain the scalp in good condition and will have a regulating effect on the functioning of the sebaceous glands.

    After which the mask is left on 15-20 minutes. To enhance the healing effect the head is warmed in any convenient way: with a towel or scarf. But pre-cover hair with plastic, cling film or rubber cap.

    For oily hair after washing, rinsing is useful on the basis of decoctions of medicinal herbs. Well helps dissolve fat citric acid. You can use both freshly squeezed lemon juice and acid crystals dissolved in water. It should be remembered that the result of treatments for hair and scalp will be stable only if regular therapeutic measures are taken.

    Menu for beautiful hair

    Treatment of the sebaceous glands begins with consultation of the trichologist. It is needed for people whose scalp not only quickly grows fat, but also becomes covered with a crust from dead epidermis. Symptoms point to seborrheic dermatitis. Only specialized cosmetics and preparations can remove dandruff and restore normal functioning of the sebaceous glands. Traditional methods will not save from the fungal infection, but only exacerbate the problem.

    To the doctor should consult and in the absence of dandruff. The trichologist or dermatologist must send the patient to a blood test to check the level of hormones. In women, hair quickly becomes dirty due to an excess of testosterone and progesterone. The concentration of hormones increases due to malfunction of the ovaries, as well as during pregnancy. Of course, future mothers will just have to wait and carefully select cosmetics for their hair. But girls with hormonal disorders can offer drugs that normalize testosterone levels and reduce the amount of sebum produced.

    If the reproductive organs and the thyroid gland are in perfect order, you should reconsider the diet. The function of the sebaceous glands is impaired with problems with the digestive tract. But the health of the intestines and stomach directly depends on the products that people consume.

    With an excess of sebum, it is recommended to avoid heavy and fatty foods:

    • rich meat and mushroom soups,
    • sausage sandwiches,
    • fried potatoes
    • semi-finished products
    • fast food.

    The condition of the hair will improve if the person refuses sweets and instant coffee. Exclude from the menu white bread, alcohol and hot spices. Stop eating lunch in a fast food cafe and begin to more often prepare their own diet meals.

    Normalize the work of the digestive organs and sebaceous glands help:

    • peanuts and almonds,
    • citruses, especially oranges,
    • dairy products,
    • oatmeal and bran,
    • corn and wheat grits,
    • raisins and dried pumpkin seeds,
    • beans, peas, lentils and beans,
    • boiled eggs and steamed omelets
    • fresh carrot juice.

    Vegetable salads and stews are useful in excess sebum. Broccoli, cucumbers, tomatoes and greens contain fiber, which cleanses the intestines, speeds up metabolism and improves the condition of the upper layers of the epidermis.

    Proper nutrition is advised to supplement the vitamin complexes, which contain silicon, iron, retinol, B12 and tocopherol. If hair grows fat faster, iron and pantothenic acid will help. The elements are rich in cauliflower, beef liver, beets, fresh pomegranate juice and broccoli.

    The metabolism and function of the sebaceous glands is improved thanks to pure non-carbonated water. The liquid prevents the blockage of hair follicles, activates metabolism and moisturizes the skin from the inside. To keep the curls clean and bulky for up to 2-3 days, you need to drink 2 liters of water daily.

    Bad habits

    Hair that grows fat after 10–12 hours can not be blow-dried or laid with irons. Do not recommend frequent use curling. The scalp dries out because of the hot air, and the sebaceous glands begin to work more actively to moisten it, because their main task is to nourish and restore the upper layers of the epidermis.

    Do not abuse the shampoo. Of course, girls want their hair to always look fresh and well groomed. But you have to suffer. Between the cleansing procedures are recommended to take two or three days breaks. And in order to keep the hair longer and more voluminous and beautiful, you need to touch them with your hands as little as possible.

    It is useful to comb curls several times a day. Use better plastic scallops, which are regularly washed under a tap with antibacterial soap. Due to the comb, the sebum produced by the glands is distributed along the entire length, and not accumulated at the roots.

    Owners of problematic hair are advised to avoid synthetic caps and reject tight tufts that impair circulation. When laying do not abuse gels, waxes and foams. And it is better to abandon such funds for 1-2 months. The locking compositions clog the pores, so the work of the sebaceous glands is deteriorating. If the hairstyle does not hold the shape without a foam or wax, then during washing it is necessary to rub natural scrubs into the scalp. They clean the pores and neutralize the negative impact of styling products.

    With an excess of sebum it is recommended to wear short hair or hairstyles of medium length. Buy shampoos that do not contain proteins, lipid complexes and silicone. Additives only make the curls heavier and reduce the volume. Hairdressers advise transparent cosmetics. Excess fat that accumulates on the roots can be cleaned with dry shampoos.

    Do not give up balms and masks, but they should be light and nutritious. But with natural oils you need to be careful. Apply repairing agents only to the tips if they are dry and brittle. But the roots are not smeared with oils in order not to clog the pores, or the compositions are thoroughly washed out with shampoos with SLS.

    Hot shower lovers are advised to monitor the temperature while washing their heads. Water should be barely warm, otherwise sebum production will increase. For a while it is worth refusing baths and saunas. High temperatures and hot steam adversely affect the condition of the hair and upper layers of the epidermis.

    How to get rid of greasy hair with medication

    Trichologists often prescribe medications to fix the problem. Now the pharmacy has a lot of tools for the treatment of fatty roots.

    Preparations for the treatment of oily hair:

      Skin-Cap or Friederm zinc. These hair care products contain zinc-pyriton. This substance gently cleanses the hair and has an antibacterial effect. It is recommended for use with seborrheic dermatitis.

    Sulsena. This is a series of selenium sulfide-based substances. You can not get viscous paste of black color with an unpleasant smell. Now on sale there is a shampoo that smells good and is easily washed off with curls.

  • Friderm Tar. Tools based on birch tar in Russia have been used to treat problems with hair and skin. Tar removes desquamation and has a slight antiseptic effect.

  • Using shampoos to fight oily hair

    Often used to heal hair shampoos. Their composition contains essential oils, decoctions of herbs and special chemicals to get rid of the problem.

    Shampoos for oily hair treatment:

      Burdock. Considered the most popular. It gently cleanses the curls and does not overdry the scalp. Due to this, the production of sebum is inhibited, and the curls stay clean longer. Effective with seborrhea.

    Nettle nouvelle. As part of the tool - lysine and cysteine. These substances inhibit sebum production. Nettle soothes irritated skin and curls do not dry out.

    Green mama. Inexpensive shampoo with mint, give your hair a fresh and pleasant aroma. The modern formula without lauryl sodium sulfate perfectly cleanses the skin without drying it.

    Wella regulate. This product contains mineral clay, which has a beneficial effect on the skin. The substance is not addictive, so it can be used for frequent washing.

  • Loreal Pure Resource. The product contains vitamin E, which improves the elasticity of the hair and prevents the evaporation of moisture. The shampoo contains antioxidants that normalize sebum secretion and prevent the negative effects of hard tap water.

  • All these shampoos are ineffective with improper care. If the trichologist diagnosed seborrheic dermatitis, then these funds will be useless. It makes sense to buy shampoos and masks based on birch tar, selenium sulfide or zinc.

    How to deal with oily hair by folk methods

    Despite the low cost and greater effectiveness of pharmacies to eliminate oily hair, many prefer traditional medicine. After all, almost all the hostesses are on hand to prepare the healing composition.

    Masks and tinctures for oily hair:

      Mustard powder. To prepare the mask, 30 g of dry powder is poured 200 ml of very hot water. It is necessary to mix everything so that there are no lumps. After that, the slush is diluted with water to a volume of 1 l. This composition is washed curls. After using mustard, wash the strands with cool water. It is necessary to apply means 2 times a week after each washing of the head.

    Aloe Tincture. The tincture can be rubbed into the skin immediately before washing the strands or added to masks and shampoos. To prepare the tincture, 6 leaves of aloe peeled and crushed. Pour a mass of 100 g of alcohol or vodka. Leave for a week to insist. After that, the mixture is filtered and used to treat greasy hair.

    Camphor oil and yolk. This remedy is very effective. Use it instead of shampoo for hair. In a bowl, mix egg yolk with 12 drops of camphor oil and 20 g of warm water. The mask is applied to the curls and rubbed into the scalp. Wash off after 5 minutes. The tool perfectly cleans the roots, so no need to use shampoo.

    Cognac and yolk. In a container with a brush, beat the yolk with 20 g of brandy and 30 g of boiled water. Mass applied to dry hair roots and wait 15 minutes. Rinse with shampoo.

  • Potatoes and kefir. Root vegetables are peeled and rubbed on a grater. The slurry is transferred to gauze and squeezed. This juice is mixed with 150 ml of kefir and kept on the curls for 40 minutes. After that, rinse with cool water.

  • The use of herbs from oily hair

    From time immemorial, our ancestors used medicinal herbs to treat all diseases. Hair problems are no exception.

    Herbal Recipes for Oily Hair:

      Chamomile and sage. Mix dry raw materials in equal quantities. Pour 20 g of grass with a glass of boiling water. Wrap the container in a towel and leave for 20 minutes. Rub the composition into the scalp before each washing procedure.

    Pyzhma ordinary. For the treatment using fresh leaves and stems. They must be cut into small pieces and pour a liter of boiling water. After complete cooling, the broth is filtered and used every other day to wash curls. Soap is not necessary to apply. The period of use is 1 month.

    Nettle. To prepare the broth, pour 20 g of dry grass with a glass of boiling water and leave for 1 hour. Then drain the liquid into a separate container. 30 g of blue clay pour the resulting broth and apply to the roots. You need to keep 30 minutes. Rinse with cold water.

    Sagebrush. Prepare a decoction, pour 20 g of grass with 200 ml of boiling water. The resulting broth pour 100 g of black bread, take the pulp. Spread the soaked bread in the mush and apply its roots. Leave for half an hour and carefully rinse the hair.

    Oak bark. This is an effective and time-tested tool. To prepare the substance 20 g of bark, pour 400 ml of water and boil for 15 minutes. Strain the liquid and wash it with hair every 3 days. You will see the effect after 2 weeks of application.

  • Rowan berries. This is an effective means of quick action. 50 g of the fruits of mountain ash without branches pour 400 ml of boiling water and boil for 10 minutes. After that, the liquid is left to cool for 30 minutes. This broth rinse curls every other day.

  • Oily hair care rules

    If it is wrong to take care of your hair, then even with proper treatment, the problem will return in time. Stick to a greasy head care advice and you can keep it clean longer.

    Recommendations for the care of oily scalp:

      Do not use very hot water to wash your hair. It enhances the work of the sebaceous glands, and by the evening your curls will look untidy.

    Before shampooing, rub aloe juice or herbal tea into the scalp a few minutes before the procedure. Use shampoo for your hair type. They often include a decoction of oak bark, aloe juice and other medicinal herbs.

    Do not use hot air to dry curls. Set the hair dryer on a cold mode and try to use it less often. As rarely as possible, place the curls with an iron and a curling iron; they dry out the ends of the hair strongly.

    Apply masks and balms for oily hair. Apply means for eliminating split ends only on the ends. The composition of these masks contains oils that salt the roots.

    Change your diet. Replace fatty foods and fast food with raw vegetables and fruits. Enter more fresh salads into the menu. Do not use mayonnaise for refueling.

  • Pick the right hairstyle. Long hair and a tight tail exacerbate the situation. Therefore, choose a lush hairstyle so that the hairs between each other less in contact.

  • How to get rid of oily hair - see the video:

    Causes oily hair

    Adolescence is the most common cause of hair getting greasy. At the same time, many girls may note that not only their hair becomes greasy, but also their skin, as well as acne and dandruff. For adolescents, this problem is temporary and most often disappears immediately after the girl or boy leaves the adolescent age.

    But sometimes even an adult notices that the hair becomes too fat very quickly. This is due to the fact that the body is hormonal failure. It can be triggered by various factors, starting with pregnancy and ending with stress and unhealthy diet.

    Among other things, skin diseases can be the cause of too fast hair contamination. Also because of them dandruff may appear, and the hair will become not only greasy, but also thin. This will be especially noticeable at the roots.

    Let's try to consider other reasons why hair gets greasy too quickly:

    • Your food is directly reflected in the hair. For example, if your diet contains a large amount of fatty or spicy foods, then this will not be the least merit of greasy hair.
    • The less water you drink, the more fat the scalp secretes to prevent the roots from drying out. Try to drink as much fluid as possible.
    • Improper care and selection of hygiene products also has a strong effect on oily hair.
    • If you often dry your hair with a hair dryer, try to make sure that the stream of hot air does not get on the scalp, as the hair can become oily much faster and even start to fall out.
    • If you are faced with the problem of oily hair, then it is quite possible to get rid of it at home. To learn how to do this, we suggest you read the following section.

    What to do if hair is greasy

    If your hair looks greasy after washing, it may mean that you picked up the wrong shampoo. First of all, you need to get the right care products for your hair type. It is best to ask the pharmacy shampoo for greasy and brittle hair.

    In the event that you have too much time and you are a supporter of traditional medicine, then you will surely like homemade masks that will help to cure greasy hair at home. We offer you several recipes for effective masks for oily hair.

    Salt scrub

    Everything is simple: coarse salt should be rubbed into the roots in circular motions for 3 minutes before each washing of the head. You can also use sea salt for this, but just keep in mind that if there are any wounds / scratches on the scalp, then it is better to refuse salt scrub - unpleasant sensations in the form of a burning sensation are provided.

    Pasta sulsena

    Released Sulsen paste in a pharmacy without a prescription and is an excellent tool for the normalization of the sebaceous glands on the scalp. Apply the paste of Sulsen on the hair roots after shampooing and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Then you need to gently massage the scalp and wash off the paste with ordinary warm water.

    The effect of the use of this tool will be noticeable after several applications, experts recommend making 2 masks with Sulsen paste per week, and the total number of procedures should not exceed 10. If necessary, after 6 months you can repeat the procedures with Sulsen paste.

    To eliminate the greasy hair you will need to follow the rules of caring for them, apply home remedies and adjust your own lifestyle. If during 3 months of regularly performed procedures no positive changes occur, then you should seek qualified assistance. In any case, the problem under consideration can and should be solved.

    Kefir is one of the most common products for making hair poppy. It will help make your hair less greasy by controlling the amount of fat secreted by the skin. And it's very easy to use. You can put it on the hair and hair roots, gently rubbing into the skin, and then wash your hair in the usual way. You can also mix it with essential oils or mustard, in order to enhance the speed of hair growth.

    Using kefir at least twice a week before washing your hair, you will see that the hair has ceased to be so oily and brittle.

    Mustard is a natural irritant to the scalp that stimulates hair growth. In addition, mustard is able to dry the skin, which helps to significantly reduce the amount of emitted fat. However, if you overdo it with this ingredient, then there is an opportunity to earn dandruff.

    And to use mustard as a mask for hair at home can be such a simple way:

    • Add two large spoons of mustard to a glass of hot water.
    • Let the mixture infuse a little, after which this water will need to be poured into a liter pot.
    • Add more hot water by filling the pan to the top.
    • Rinse the hair with the mixture, thoroughly massaging the scalp, then wash the hair in the usual way.
    • When applying mustard to make hair less greasy, do not forget that it is not recommended to dry them with a hairdryer after washing.

    Take 145 grams of black bread and send it to the blender, bringing to a mushy state. After that, dilute the crushed bread with hot otmashi dabs and leave to infuse in heat. When it is cool, filter it through a sieve and rub it into the scalp. Leave the mask on the hair for at least forty minutes, then wash your hair without using shampoo.

    Such a mask of black bread will help not only make your hair less greasy, but also increase their volume.

    To make a mask on the basis of aloe juice, you need to pick a few fresh leaves from the plant, put them in a jar and cover with alcohol or vodka in the amount of one hundred grams. The remedy should be infused for at least seven days somewhere in the pantry, after which it must be rubbed into the hair roots for five minutes. Rinse after half an hour with warm water without using shampoo.

    Essential oils

    Essential oils are also able to help in the fight against oily hair, if properly applied. You should also know that not all oils act on hair in a similar way. In order to make the hair less greasy, you need to give preference to the essential oils from:

    • sage,
    • Ylang Ylang,
    • mint,
    • burdock
    • calendula
    • orange,
    • lemon,
    • chamomile
    • lavender
    • eucalyptus and others.

    Essential oils can be added in a small amount to your daily shampoo, and you can also use them as a separate hair mask. Just remember: essential oils are rather poorly washed out.

    Honey and lemon

    Fragrant and useful mask against oily hair with honey and lemon will help you to forget about your problem, if not forever, then for a very long time. You can cook it this way:

    • Mix lemon juice and honey in a 1: 1 ratio.
    • Add as much aloe juice.
    • Peel a few cloves of garlic and chop them with the garlic press.
    • Mix all the ingredients together and apply the mixture to slightly damp hair.
    • Rinse the mask should be half an hour after application. If you are afraid of the unpleasant smell of garlic, you can rinse your hair with water with the addition of garlic and mint essential oil.

    Plain homemade potatoes are another incredibly useful ingredient that will help make hair less greasy and brittle. Based on it, you can make an excellent hair mask. To do this, just grate two medium potatoes on a fine grater (if the hair is long, then it is better to increase the number of potatoes), then squeeze the juice from the resulting gruel with gauze and add it to the kefir glass. After mixing both ingredients, apply the mixture on your head in gentle movements, carefully working through the root area.

    With the help of the above recipes you can once and for all forget about the fatness and brittleness of hair. Just do not forget to make sure that you are not allergic to one or another component that is part of the mask.

    Rules for the selection of cosmetics for the care of oily hair

    There are several simple rules for choosing cosmetics for hair differing in high fat content:

    • If you prefer store and pharmacy tools, you should choose cosmetics marked "for oily hair."
    • For prevention purposes, it is recommended to use tar shampoo at intervals of one to two courses per year. It will protect against the appearance of dandruff and other skin diseases.
    • Of all cosmetic procedures, oily hair accepts only rinsing. And the best care products are herbal decoctions. What herbs to choose for oily hair? Yes, almost everything - nettle, burdock root, chamomile, and not only.
    • Traditional medicine advises the use of mustard and honey, protein and dairy products in masks for oily hair type. But especially valuable are kefir and yogurt.
    • Rinsing with lemon juice or diluted wine vinegar gives hair, dull and quickly becoming oily, a mirror-like shine.
    • For oily hair do not recommend the use of conditioners, masks and creams for hair. If you use any of the above tools, it is only for the tips of the hair.

    The use of shampoos and masks against oily hair at home

    So, what kind of remedies are used to reduce the release of fat? If you decide to go to the trichologist, the doctor will prescribe you remedies that can be found in the pharmacy. This shampoo, balm - rinse, mask, and in special cases drugs inside.

    Using special masks is an effective way to get rid of fat

    What to do if the hair becomes greasy the next day after washing, and going to the doctor seems to you to be something scary? You can try to independently deal with this problem. Get detergents from the ruler for fat curls. Do a rinse based on plants. Here are some recipes:

    1. 1 tbsp of chopped oak bark + 100 ml of vodka, this tincture daily treat the skin,
    2. 100 g of rhizomes of ordinary lapuha + 100 ml of burdock oil, rubbed gruel into roots before washing,
    3. 100 g of rye bread + water, let it brew and wash the hair after shampoo,
    4. 1 tbsp. l parsley, nettle, celery + 100 ml of vodka, this infusion smears the roots and the whole head of hair. To improve the result is left overnight, and after washing the head in the usual way.

    All these tools are able to influence and regulate the sebaceous glands. Of course, it is impossible to call them universal, because everyone has different organisms. Consequently, the reasons why the hair became greasy also differ.

    The cause of hair oily hair is different

    In every pharmacy you can find whole lines for the care of fat curls. Of course, if you have not figured out the cause of this problem, the funds will help only for a while. Therefore, you should not be negligent about the state of their hair.

    By nature, we have a certain type of hair: greasy, dry, normal and combined. But, as soon as some kind of malfunction occurs in the body, our glands begin to work not habitually actively. Using the above tools, you can make your life easier.

    Rescue masks and rinses

    If you are still far from washing your hair, but your hair looks scruffy and dirty, it will save your homemade dry shampoo. You will need potato and corn starch, a wide brush for applying paint and natural cocoa powder. Blondes are advised to take a little brown supplement, but brunettes, on the contrary, should not be stingy so that the curls are not covered with artificial gray hair.

    Dry powders are mixed in a plate or bowl and applied with a brush to the roots. Leave on for 30–40 minutes so that the composition absorbs the excess fat. The remains are combed out with a comb. After this shampoo will add volume and healthy shine.

    The function of the sebaceous glands is restored using clay masks. There are several options for therapeutic agents:

    1. A bag of red powder combined with 30 g of dry mustard. Add a thin stream of hot water to make a creamy paste. Rub fingers into the roots before water procedures. Roll up for 15 minutes with a plastic bag and a woolen shawl. With a slight burning sensation, it is necessary to suffer, and with a strong burn, immediately wash off the composition with warm water.
    2. Two sachets of blue clay diluted 2–3 tbsp. l apple cider vinegar. The essence and the table option will not work, it is too aggressive. Pour some water into the mass to make it watery. The procedure lasts half an hour. The remains of clay washed with a mild shampoo. And the hair after the mask is rinsed with water, to which a glass of apple cider vinegar is added.
    3. Dilute white clay with mineral water to a creamy thickness, just take a drink without gas. Leave on the roots under a plastic cap and handkerchief for 30 minutes. The tips, if they are dry, lubricate with coconut or olive oil. Although suitable and burdock.
    4. If the scalp is delicate and sensitive, blue clay is not mixed with apple cider vinegar, but with kefir. Sour milk supplement moisturizes and nourishes the roots.

    Normalize the sebaceous glands helps chicken yolk. Whip the workpiece with a whisk and pour into a magnificent mass of 2–3 tbsp. l lemon juice. Better fresh, in the store version, a lot of preservatives, which will worsen the condition of the hair. Egg means hold 30-40 minutes. And in order to avoid unpleasant smell, it is worth washing the curls with herbal broth with mint or eucalyptus.

    Owners of fine hair are recommended to alternate clay masks with nutritious oils. Use olive, almond or coconut. Mix in equal proportions with grapefruit or orange juice, always fresh. Oils moisturize the scalp, so the sebaceous glands begin to produce less fat. And juices enrich the upper layers of the epidermis with vitamins that restore and strengthen hair follicles.

    In the skin during washing is recommended to rub the paste from sea salt, and brunettes are advised to pay attention to the coffee grounds. House scrubs restore blood circulation in the deep layers of the epidermis and prevent clogged pores. Only hard particles can injure the roots, so the movements should be slow and neat.

    The remains of scrubs and medical masks washed out with herbal decoction. With increased secretion of the sebaceous glands save:

    • bark and rowan berries,
    • sage,
    • chamomile inflorescences,
    • nettle,
    • plantain leaves,
    • Oak bark,
    • peppermint,
    • Hypericum

    Natural raw materials brewed with boiling water and insist on vodka. Alcoholic lotions of healing herbs can be diluted with water, added to masks or rubbed into the scalp.

    The sebaceous glands do not normalize in 1–2 weeks. It will take several months for the condition of the scalp and hair to improve. The main thing is to regularly use folk remedies, select gentle shampoos and forget about the existence of curling, hair dryer and ironing. And also to adhere to the correct diet and drink plenty of water.

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