Effective Indola paint: 4 types of cosmetic

Product Weight: 60 ml

Guarantees steady color, natural bright shades, full painting of a gray hair.+ gloves as a gift!

Cream color hair Indola profession permanent caring color a variety of colors and full compliance with the color palette allows you to be 100% sure of the result of staining.
Concentrated micro pigments make it possible to get a bright, deep, steady color.
Thanks to the formula of Nutri-Care Complex, the hair structure is strengthened, as well as on the outside and on the inside of the hair.
Mixing colors occurs quickly, applying paint does not require labor.

New 2018 Pixel technology with double pigmentation

Photo Indola Ageless paint palette (specify the exact number in the basket in the comments box)

Ageless 6.30 Dark Blonde Golden Natural
Ageless 6.38+ Dark Blonde Golden Chocolate Intense
Ageless 7.03+ Medium Blonde Natural Golden
Ageless 7.20 Medium Blonde Natural Pearl
Ageless 7.38+ Medium Blonde Golden Chocolate Intense
Ageless 9.03+ Natural Blonde Golden Intense
Ageless 9.20 Natural Pearl Blonde

Indola Permanent Caring Color paint in action is shown in the photo below.

Micro oil-based micro-care products affect the external structure of each hair.

Serine, one of the components of keratin, and color molecules work in the inner structure of the hair.

Result: Up to 100% gray coverage, bright resistant shades and dazzling brilliance.

Choose the right concentration of developer cream. Indola profession cream developer:

Cream color hair Indola profession permanent caring color has more than 100 types of various shades. After coloring hair remains in excellent condition.

Instructions for use of cream-paint Indola profession permanent caring color:

Shades Extra-coverage gray (.00, .30, .40, .60, .80)

Mixed with 9% (30 Vol) Indola Developer Cream. The dye has a special formula for extra-coverage of gray hair.

Indole Paint Palette (Indola):

More colors from the Indola paint palette:

Shades of cream-colors Indola profession permanent caring color:

Cream Color Shade Numbering System Indola Profession consists of a combination of 2 or 3 numbers: the first is the hue saturation, the second is the primary tone, and the third is on the secondary tone. The number ’0 ′ indicates natural tone or lack of tone.

Indola profession permanent caring color colors available now:

0.11 ash
1.1 ash black
3.0 dark brown natural
3.7 dark brown purple
3.8 dark brown chocolate
4.0 medium brown natural
4.19 medium brown ash green
4.38 medium brown golden chocolate
4.55 medium brown intense mahogany
4.68 medium brown red chocolate
4.80 medium brown chocolate natural
4.89 medium brown chocolate green
5.0 light brown natural
5.00 light brown intense natural
5.56 light brown mahogany red
5.67 light brown red purple
6.0 dark brown natural
6.1 dark brown ash
6.34 dark brown golden copper
6.35 dark brown golden mahogany
6.48 dark blond copper chocolate
6.83 dark blond chocolate golden
6.84 dark blond chocolate copper
7.3 Medium Blonde Golden
7.32 medium light brown nacreous
7.35 Medium Blonde Golden Mahogany
7.40 medium light brown natural copper
7.76 medium blonde purple violet
7.82 medium light brown chocolate mother-of-pearl
7.83 medium light brown chocolate golden
8.3 light brown golden
8.32 light brown golden nacreous
8.34 light brown golden copper
8.43 light brown copper golden
8.77x light blonde purple extra
8.80 light brown natural chocolate
9.0 natural blonde
9.03 natural blond blond
9.3 blond golden
9.30 blond golden natural
9.83 blond chocolate golden
100 brightening cream clean
for tinting hair P.01 blond natural ash
for tinting hair P.11
1000.0 natural blond
1000.1 ashen blond
1000.22 blond golden natural
1000.32 blond golden natural

Coloring gray hair.

When dyeing hair with gray hair from 50 to 100%, it is recommended to mix the main dye with the directional .0, .03 flakes in a 1: 1 ratio. Cool shades mix with .0, warm ones with .03. All of the above shades can be mixed together.

Apply the mixture to dry, naturally contaminated hair. Only if the hair is very greasy and there are styling products on it, should the hair be washed without massaging the scalp and dry thoroughly before applying the paint.

Natural hair color:

Apply dye to the entire length of hair, retreating from the roots by 2-3 cm and leave for 10 minutes. Then apply the paint on the hair roots and leave for another 30 minutes. (Profession Naturals & Essential: 40 minutes). Total 40 minutes. (Profession Blondes: 50 minutes). Profession Contrast is not applied on the scalp. Dyeing time: 45 minutes.

Hair regrowth:

Apply dye only on regrown hair roots. Leave on for 20-25 minutes. Then distribute the paint over the entire length of the hair and leave for 5-10 minutes. Profession Blondes: 40 minutes only roots.

Flushing (gloves are recommended):

Add some warm water and emulsify the dye. Rinse hair thoroughly using shampoo Indola. Use air conditioning to maintain color Indola.

they can be added to the Profession to add color to the color and neutralize unwanted shades. Use rule 12. Analyze the depth of the selected color. For example, the selected shade is 5.3, 5 = depth .3 = golden 12-5 = 7, thus, you need to add 7 cm golden mix tone. Mix tone can be used in large quantities for more intense color. Depending on the desired result, when using more than 14 tubes of mix tones together with 1 tube (60ml) of the selected shade, add an equivalent amount of Cream Developer.

Using mix tones allows you to achieve different shades.

Color Booster: gives a brighter result, raising by 2 tones. Mix 1/2 tube of 100 tone mix and 1/2 tube of Profession, or 1/4100 mix tone and 1/2 tube of Profession.

Decrease of the intensity of the powder: 100 mix tone can be added to any shade of the Profession (follow rule 12) in order to reduce the intensity of the shade.

When brightening dark hair before coloring. If you want to brighten

level with a very dark base, mix in a ratio of 1: 1 100 mix tone with 6% and 9% developer cream, depending on the depth of the natural color.

Precautions when using cream-paint Indola profession permanent caring color:

For professional use only. Dyes for hair can cause allergic reactions. Read and follow the instructions. The product is not intended for use by persons under the age of 16. The presence of temporary henna tattoos may increase the risk of an allergic reaction. Do not dye your hair if your client:

a rash on the face, scalp is sensitive, irritated or damaged,

Has there ever been an allergic reaction after hair dyeing,

Allergic reaction to temporary henna tattoos was observed previously.

Avoid eye contact. If the product gets into your eyes, wash them immediately: Do not use for dyeing eyebrows or eyelashes. After dyeing, rinse hair thoroughly. Wear gloves when applying paint. Keep out of reach of children.

Sensitivity Test:

Perform a skin sensitivity test 48 hours before each staining, even if the client has previously used similar staining agents. Perform a sensitivity test on a 1 cm x 1 cm skin area on the inside of the elbow. Apply a small amount of cream paint with a thin layer on the inside of the elbow using a cotton swab and leave it on for 45 minutes without covering. Avoid contact with clothing. Gently close the tube or vial. Rinse thoroughly with warm water after 45 minutes. If any reaction occurs during the holding period or for the next 48 hours, wash immediately and do not use this product. This test is an important precaution. However, it must be borne in mind that even after the sensitivity test, the client may experience an allergic reaction when dyeing the hair. The lack of reaction to this test is not a guarantee that an allergic reaction will not occur as a result of subsequent staining. Please notify the client about the need to consult a doctor if there are doubts about a possible reaction to the dye.

If during the staining is observed:

irritation or burning: immediately flush the product from the hair and stop using the product, as this reaction may be a manifestation of allergy. Further, the hair should not be dyed before consulting a doctor.

rapid reddening of the skin, dizziness or weakness, lack of air and / or swelling of the eyes / face: wash your hair immediately and immediately seek medical attention.

If problems appear during the staining process or in the following days like skin irritation, redness, swelling of the eyes and face, you should immediately seek medical help and contact the manufacturer, customer or importer.

This product contains ingredients that can cause severe eye irritation and inflammation. If a lotion or dye mixture gets into your eyes, immediately rinse with plenty of warm water and seek medical attention.

If the product gets into the eyes on contact lenses, first of all, remove the lenses from the eyes, then immediately rinse the eyes with plenty of warm water and seek medical help.

Do not inhale or taste the product.

Do not use on hair dyed with henna or metal-containing dyes.

Remove all metallic objects from hair before dyeing. Do not use metal tools.

Store Balsam Oxidizer Indola away from sunlight and fire. Do not store ready mixes. Do not leave the mixture in closed vials (the bottle may explode).

One hundred colors of Indole hair color palette

Indola has more than one hundred colors in the hair color palette; such a number of shades will satisfy the most demanding taste.

This professional paint is often used by masters of both economy-class hair salons and elite beauty salons, and their reviews confirm the excellent quality of this product.

Hair dye firm Indola

The Indola brand is not very famous in Russia, although hairdressers and stylists around the world have long appreciated the products of this company.

The company Indola was founded in 1929 in the Netherlands, and since then has produced hundreds of different cosmetic lines for hair care.

Special attention is paid by the company's specialists to the problem of preserving the health and strength of the hair during dyeing.

Innovative approach and constant desire to develop have made the company one of the recognized leaders in the global beauty industry market.

In recent years, excellent quality products at low cost have attracted the attention of professionals in our country to the Indola brand.

The paint from the company Indola is designed for the gentle dyeing of hair of any type.

It includes the minimum amount of ammonia, and the nutritional complex of natural components “Nutri-Care” keeps the hair healthy, prevents breakage and section.

In addition, the paint does not dry the scalp and gently cares for your hair, making it durable and silky.

Concentrated micropigments penetrate the very depth of the hair and give it a bright and lasting color.

Dye Indola completely fills gray hair, and an extensive palette allows you to choose a shade that perfectly matches the natural color of your hair.

For self-dyeing, you need to mix the dye with the indole developer cream, focusing on the proportions indicated in the instructions.

The resulting mixture is applied to the hair, avoiding the root zone, and spread over the entire length. The dye should remain on the hair for 35-45 minutes.

Customer reviews are mostly positive, they note the ease of mixing and applying the paint, the exact color matching on the package and the absence of negative effects on the hair after using the product.

However, one should not forget that each organism is unique, and the hair may react to the dye in a completely different way than expected.

To avoid surprises, contact an experienced hairdresser who knows exactly how to achieve the desired shade and what approach your hair needs.

If you decide to paint yourself, do not forget about possible allergic reactions and be sure to perform a sensitivity test before staining.

Palette of hair colors Indola

The main lines of Indole coloring products are Profession Permanent Caring Color permanent cream paint and Indola Zero AMM Color non-ammonia paint.

The Profession Permanent Caring Color palette has more than a hundred shades, which are divided into 4 groups:

  1. "Naturals & Essentials" - natural shades, ideal for painting gray hair,
  2. "Fashion & Red" - rich red and red shades, for the most daring beauties,
  3. “Blonde Expert” - lightening and toning blonds, as close as possible to natural ones,
  4. "Contrast" - a bright palette, designed to highlight contrasting strands or create unusual images.

In addition, six so-called mixtons are included in the palette, which are mixed with basic dyes to enhance the brightness of the color, to correct the tone, and also to eliminate unwanted shades.

The names of all dyes include three digits, the first indicates the depth (how light or dark the color will turn out), the second and third, respectively, the primary and secondary tone (the immediate shade of the final color).

To decrypt the name, you can use the following table.

  • 1 - Black,
  • 3 - Dark Brown,
  • 4 - Medium Brown,
  • 5 - Light Brown,
  • 6 - Blonde,
  • 7 - Light Blonde,
  • 8 - Light Blonde
  • 9 - Very Light Blonde,
  • 10 - The Blightest Blonde.

  • 1 - Ash,
  • 2 - Pearl,
  • 3 - Golden,
  • 4 - Copper,
  • 5 - Mahogany,
  • 6 - Red,
  • 7 - Purple,
  • 8 - Chocolate,
  • 9 - Matt.

The names of the blond begin with the number 1000, and the names of contrasting shades with the letter C. The number 0 in the numbering means a natural shade.

For example, the name of the shade at number 6.83 stands for “light brown chocolate-golden”, and 6.04 - “light brown natural copper”.

Indola Zero AMM Color palette is designed for gentle coloring, it is recommended to use for young ladies with thin damaged hair.

These dyes do not contain ammonia, and natural oils are used to fix the color.

In the composition there are no aggressive substances, after dyeing you will get healthy strong hair and lasting rich color.

Reviews of recognized professionals will dispel any doubts about the high quality of the dyes of this line.

In the Zero AMM Color line, natural tones prevail, among which the lightest shade 9-3 is “very light blond golden”, and the darkest - 1-0 “natural black”.

Total palette has about 30 colors.

Home Painting Tips

If you plan to dye your hair with Indole products at home, carefully read the instructions for use, it describes in some detail the whole process.

In addition, there are some rules, the observance of which will help you to achieve the perfect result.

First, always use a developer designed specifically for the paint that you intend to use.

Never mix the dye with the developer of a different concentration than indicated in the instructions.

If the components are mixed incorrectly, the paint will not “take” the hair, or the color will be very different from the expected one.

When applying and washing off paint, wear protective gloves, this will prevent nails and skin from staining.

If you are afraid that the traces of paint will remain on the skin at the hairline, apply a thick layer of rich face cream to this area.

Thanks to this little trick, a protective film will appear on the skin, which will prevent the penetration of the coloring matter into the epidermis.

Keep the dye on the hair exactly the amount of time specified in the instructions.

After peredervav means, you risk damaging the scalp and hair follicles, and this can lead to intensive loss, fragility and section of the hair.

If you feel a burning or stinging after applying the dye, immediately wash off the composition, such signs may indicate that the dye is not suitable for your skin and may cause severe irritation or chemical burn.

Do not wash your hair for 2-3 days after staining. During this time, the hair scales will completely close, sealing the pigment inside, and the paint will not be washed off.

Do not wash dyed hair with hot water to avoid drying out.

Use hair care products for dyed hair, ideally the same manufacturer as hair dye.

Special cosmetics contain the nutrients needed for weak hair, and also prevent the pigments from washing out quickly, keeping the original color for a long time.

With the correct use of Indola hair dye, it is quite possible to achieve a beautiful shade and uniform coloring at home.

However, if you have even the slightest doubt or you are afraid of negative reviews on the Internet, do not hesitate to contact a professional hairdresser.

You should not risk the health of your hair, because to restore the hair after an unsuccessful experiment will be much harder and more expensive than using the services of a good salon.

Effective Indola paint: 4 types of cosmetic

The well-known cosmetic company Indola produces paint professional series. When using this tool, the girls make the color of female hair resistant, and the hair on the head - healthy and shining in appearance.

Indola paint - very high quality paint is provided to you

This paint has a wide color palette. When applying a similar product on the head of a woman, any shade is given to the hair style - a classic tone, a romantic overflow, etc.

This article details the main color palette for Indola hair dye.

Benefits of using Indola paint: Indola PCC and other options

Indola paint has these advantages:

  1. practically does not contain ammonia, which destroys the female hair. In the end, after painting the hair strands do not become dry and do not form split ends,
  2. consists of polymers that are deeply absorbed into the hair structure and strengthen it. As a result, women's hair becomes healthy, strong, shiny and supple,
  3. consists of concentrated pigments that penetrate into each hair. In the end, after painting, the girl’s hair has a rich, bright and persistent color that does not tarnish and is not washed out in the future,
  4. has a wide palette - has about 100 shades. After applying such a tool, women's hair has a natural, rich, creative and other tones.

All the shades obtained after painting the women's hair, which are depicted on the packaging of Indola paint, are as stated. In addition, the girls combine and mix such tools - as a result, the color palette of shades Indola becomes even wider.

Cream paint Indola Profession Special - high-quality lightening and painting of women's hair

When using such a line of soft products to lighten the female's hair, the girl gently lightens her hair - does not destroy the hair structure and does not hurt the scalp.

Under this series, manufacturers produce 2 types of paints: powder for lightening hairs and cream paint.

Blond Compact White Indola Rapid

Using this powder, a woman brightens up her hair up to 7 tones. Powder has a softening effect on the head skin and does not form dust on the female hairstyle.

The girls easily mix the powder with the developer and safely apply the resulting solution to the head.

This powder consists of an extract of wheat sprouts, which enriches the hair with the necessary ones - in particular, they protect the female hair of their negative effect of the colorful pigment.

This paint has a pleasant smell. As a result, painting a hair with such a tool is a pleasant and quick affair.

Indola Blonde Expert Bleach

After applying a similar coloring powder to the head, the girl brightens the female hair up to 8 tones.

When using this cosmetic product, women spend a unique hair dyeing: trace elements that penetrate the hair structure, make hair color lasting and do not harm head skin and hair.

Also, with the help of a similar powder, the girl provides proper care for her hair.

Indola Professional: shade 4.80, 3.60

After applying a similar cream-paint on the head, the new color of the hairstyle remains for a long time.

This cosmetic product has a wide color palette (more than 100 shades): it has deep black, soft wheat tones, bright blond, etc.

Using the cream mask, the girl feeds her hair and easily paints her hair at home.

Caring Color Indole Profession Permanent - color palette

This cream has a wide color palette. Cosmetic product has the following colors:

  • blond - natural, ashen, golden, etc.,
  • red: golden, red, chocolate-copper, etc.,
  • brown: copper, gold, etc.,
  • black: ashen, natural, etc. The numbering of tones has 2 or 3 numbers. 1 number indicates the future hue saturation, 2 and 3 indicate the primary and secondary tone.

The choice of shade for gray hair: instructions for adults

Indola has a series of colors with shades that girls use for extra coloring of gray hair. Such paints have the following numbers: 00, 30, 40, 60, 80.

Before applying on her hair girl mixes a colorful composition with a 9% - developer.

Indola shade resistant hair dye has a unique formula for giving graying hair a natural and lasting shade. As a result, the woman completely paints gray hairs.

When applying tinting paint, the girl should know such nuances:

  1. when using natural blonde (00), the girl retains a light color. If a woman wants to decorate her hair with a golden tint, then she mixes base paint with tonic number 0.3,
  2. after applying the dark natural blond (60) on the gray hair, the female hair becomes light brown, and after applying the light natural blond (80) - light brown,
  3. after applying natural dark brown hair (30), the girl becomes a brown-haired one,
  4. when applying an average brown natural tone (40), the women's head of hair will be slightly lighter in color than the classic brown.

If a girl gives her hair an additional color, then she uses a mix-tone emulsion. After applying such a tool on the head, the color of the female's hair becomes saturated, the extra shades disappear, and a color overflow is added to the basic tone.

Price of paint

The average price of Indola Profession inks is 150 rubles.

Powder for bleaching hair costs about 600 p.

As a result, the low cost of the cosmetic does not give negative results - the girl's hairstyle becomes brighter and shimmers with different colors.

Price and quality in one bottle

Terms of use

With the right paint on her head, the girl performs the following actions:

  • prevents the product from getting into the eyes,
  • wear protective gloves
  • does not paint the head skin with wounds, scratches or other damage,
  • 2 days before painting it performs a compatibility test with a similar agent. In a situation like this, a woman checks whether an allergy forms on his skin after it or not,
  • when dyeing hair, instructions for use of paint, which is on the package means.

Today, when using Indola paint at home, the girl dyes her hair-style in the desired color - and as a result she makes women's hair delicate, shiny and shimmering in the sun.

Dyeing process

During manufacture, specially developed technologies are used to make the dyeing process easy.

Cream paint is combined with the developer of the same brand, containing peroxide, the desired concentration (clarification will be discussed below). The mixture is applied to the hair. Neither moisten nor wash them before painting. Then the hair will not be damaged so much.

Wash only if they have residues for styling. They try not to flush the scalp, so as not to wash off the natural protective layer. Hair before painting should be dry.

Keep the paint on the hair at the right time (it is indicated in the instructions for use). This is usually 45 min. at room temperature and 20 min. using a hair dryer.

When dyeing in natural colors, the agent is first applied to the entire length of the hair, except for the roots (stepping back a couple of centimeters). In 10 minutes. paint the remainder and incubate for half an hour.

Paint Profession Blondes applied only to the hair, preventing contact with the skin.

Then add a small amount of water and, churning the paint, distribute it over the entire length of the hair (emulsify).

So that the hair does not lose color, become soft and not tangled, it is treated with conditioner, it is also possible from Indole.

Rinse your head with warm clean water.

Painting gray hair

Many women are concerned about the presence of gray hair. They are constantly changing the paint, trying to find a magic tool that allows you to look beautiful, young and well-groomed as long as possible. This will help them dye hair "Indola". The palette contains a large number of such tones. These are natural colors, copper and blond, that is, they turn into a blonde.

The palette contains tones that allow you to paint over gray hair completely. But you need to follow some recommendations.

If you have more than half the hair gray, mix the dye of the main tone with shades _.0 or _.03 in equal parts. In this case, cold tones are used with _.0, and warm ones are suitable _.03.

You can mix them all together.

Ammonia cream hair color Indola Permanent Caring Color

When choosing a cream paint Indola Permanent Caring Color you will provide yourself with a perfectly uniform, long lasting and lasting effect. The set of shades is so wide that it satisfies the wishes of every fashionista. The formula contains moisturizing and nourishing macronutrients, and not only gives the hair an updated color, but also restores health and gives them a silky, eye-catching, flawless surface.

The paint is suitable for all types of hair and women of any age. Its dyeing elements penetrate deep into the hair structure, painting it as fully as possible to its full length, even at the primary tone.

This professional cream paint allows you to achieve truly long-lasting results of color solutions, while having a positive effect on the appearance, structure and quality of hair.

Permanent cream-paint Indola Profession Blonde Expert Permanent Caring Color

Profession Blonde Expert is a new word in the world of professional coloring. Thanks to the addition of special components, it lightens hair up to 4 levels without any problems. Profession Blonde Expert will give your hair a soft and warm pastel color, and due to its low ammonia content it can boast a pleasant smell.

Profession Blonde Expert - unique professional paint-care for blond hair. For the already painted yellow tints, this cream paint is a real find, since, apart from painting, the shades of the Profession Blonde Expert were also designed to cover gray hair, to eliminate yellow and orange patches.

Ammonia-free cream hair dye Indola Indola Zero Amm Color

Paint Indola Zero Amm Color without ammonia, it will turn your hair into a fairy tale, as it guarantees full coloring of gray curls and lightening hair up to 4 levels. In addition, cream color will not cause painful and allergic manifestations, it is absolutely harmless in action, and is suitable even for owners of hypersensitive scalp, and for those who often need to dye their hair. It is also harmless for curls that have undergone chemical perm or highlighting.

The paint does not damage the structure of hair and skin, nourishing and supplying it with moisture.

Having picked up the necessary shade, you, without doubts, will be pleasantly surprised by the acquired results. Masterfully penetrating deep into the hair, the paint will fill it with healthy radiance and strength. Hair will become well-groomed and elegant, pleasant texture of silk and brilliant shine.

Depot Paint Indola Profession ITone

Depot Paint Indola Profession ITone - it is a protective and sparing professional product, which at all points is suitable for women who want to give their hair a new bright shade and make the image brighter, without radically changing it.

Soft, but reliably dyeing gray hair, despite the low level of ammonia, the paint is perfect for home treatments, and for professional dyeing in the salon.

Mode of application

  1. Before coloring, apply a protective cream (for example, IGORA Skin Protection Cream) throughout the extreme hairline to protect the scalp from dye and exposure to chemical elements.
  2. Prepare the paint: squeeze out the desired amount of cream paint from the tube into a non-metallic bowl, add the required amount of the developing substance (oxidant lotion) and mix with a brush until a uniform mass appears.
  3. Apply paint to the hair.
  4. First, apply the paint on the entire length and ends of the hair, leave for 10-15 minutes. Then apply the dye to the hair roots and wait another 30 minutes. Do not forget to evenly distribute the paint on the hair with a wide comb. Total retention time 45 min.
  5. Rinse thoroughly with water until it becomes transparent.


  • intolerance to the elements of the composition,
  • diseases of the immune system.

The given range is far from complete, but, you see, impressive. Every day the company improves the set of cosmetics and improves the quality of products, which has girls and fashionistas all over the world.

Hair Care and Treatment

The focus is on the “4 + 4” and “Indola Care” series of cosmetics. “4 + 4” is a rather universal series, including shampoo for all types of hair, oil, varnishes and mousses with various degrees of fixation. Also in the series includes a revitalizing serum and a mask, a protective spray used during thermal styling, hair gel. A series of inexpensive, but effective. It acts gently and carefully, takes care of the hair from the inside to the tips.

Indola Care cares for hair. The restoring formula of means gives the moistening effect, and also force and gloss. Also, the formula is aimed at the growth and volume of hair and relieves dandruff. Especially effective restorative mask and nourishing oil of this series.

Coloring and toning

Indola Profession Special - Cosmetics of this series includes a lightening oil, developers, as well as tinted mousses for colored hair. Of course, hair dye is included in this line. The paint palette Indole Profession Permanent Caring Color (PCC) has more than 100 different colors, and to give the hair additional shades, the company offers to try coloring mousse. Paint mousse easy to use. The palette has 11 unique tones. Dyed hair for a long time retain color from root to tip, and also look healthy and well-groomed.

Hair fixing

Indola Styling is a series of hair styling, which serves to create incredible and unique images. Includes tools such as varnish, mousses of all degrees of fixation, moisturizing spray, serum for straightening and smoothing hair, wax. All funds treat hair carefully.

Chemical Curling Tools

Indola Profession Designer - the main palette of the series, aimed at a soft alkaline perm of all types of hair. The products contain the Silk Wave complex, which provides as a result of curling elastic curls. The hairstyle is rather stable, and the presence of wheat extract in the composition of the products takes care of the health of each hair, both during and after the perm. The tool can be used even soon after hair coloring.

Indole hair care products designed to treat and eliminate hair problems include:

  • Shampoo on natural ingredients with the effect of keratin,
  • Balm, restoring mask, oil, serum, growth spray, as well as conditioners to strengthen and treat hair,
  • Complexes after staining contain shampoo and balm,
  • Mask, oil with color retention, as well as growth spray with regenerating properties complement the series,
  • Paint, the palette of which has all sorts of shades, not only adds a new color to hair, but also adds shine, promotes healing and helps to strengthen the hair. The color palette will not leave indifferent even the most demanding customer,
  • Fixers hairstyles - straightening serum, mousses, gels, varnishes, spray, wax, which not only work in the main direction, but also give the hairstyle ease, volume.

Indole Hair Color Palette

Indola paint color palette is able to satisfy the most demanding taste. The paint Indola contains in its collection as classic shades, there is also an extreme color palette, with the help of this paint specialists create unusual modulations of colored hair.

Hair with Indola Profession Special is not only easy to dye, but also to lighten. Care products for lightening very carefully change color to several tones. In this case, the scalp and the hair itself are not injured. The paint is presented in an unusual form of a brightening powder, as well as in a more familiar cream color.

Blonde Expert - cream-color series Indola Profession, the application of which is a pleasure. Using it, you can safely rely on the fact that the color of dyed hair will be stable, saturated and long. The paint palette offers more than 100 shades from deep black and rich red to natural wheat and juicy blond. Substances included in the composition, nourish the structure of colored hair to the tips.

If you decide to try powder, then Indola Rapid Blond Compact White can make your hair brighter by 7 tones, and the time of dyeing with it will be significantly reduced. When in contact with the developer, it mixes easily. Part of the wheat germ oil protects the hair from active coloring pigments. Powder paint smells good and does not contain ammonia. Suitable for long hair.

Indola Blonde Expert Bleach is also a powder paint, but acts as a brightener, bleaching hair even for 8 tones. Particles of powder penetrate into the hair structure, fixing the result, and wheat germ oil for colored hair provides the necessary care.

Indole hair cosmetics

Cosmetics are developed in series, so it is worth buying not only shampoo and balm (although the result will be noticeable from them), but also other products provided by the corporate catalog - this is a mask, hair growth oil, serum, a caring spray. Serum of various types of action cares for hair, restoring and strengthening them. The serum protects against external adverse effects of the environment, cares for the hair and impregnates them with useful compounds. Serum is used in the complex, including oil, shampoo, conditioner.

Spray gloss - innovation of the company. Promotes the acquisition of a healthy and well-groomed appearance of hair. After applying the spray, the hair becomes moisturized, silky and easy to comb. The company also released an elixir to seal the hair. On thin and damaged hair that is sensitive to external factors, it works like a doctor, filling the damage inside the hair and filling it with energy of growth. Elixir is used as a spray.

Also tonic helps to qualitatively affect the hair structure and improve their data. It has regenerating and restorative properties. By stimulating growth, tonic treats for hair loss.

Indole hair shampoo

Indole brand shampoos are directional products. Caring for the hair, experts have divided the active ingredients so that they work more efficiently. The line of shampoos is quite multifaceted. Indola experts have provided everything from strengthening and regenerating agents to universal shampoos for the body and head, medical formulations, and also for hair care on sunny days.

Indola Keratins straight hair shampoo straight is the first step in keratin straightening in Indola cosmetics. When using the shampoo, a coating is applied that allows you to straighten your hair to the very tips and make it smoother. Keratin, which is part of this contributes to this. To enhance the effect, the shampoo is recommended to use with conditioner or balm, and the mask, oil and serum of this series will fix straightening. With regular use, the hair will be smooth and well maintained for several days.

For colored hair, Indola offers Indola color shampoo, the composition of which is designed to keep your color bright and saturated from root to tip. The shampoo has a moisturizing effect, as well as strengthens and protects against burnout in the sun, and the paint does not wash off when it is used.

If your goal is long and healthy hair, then Indola Innova specialist hairgrowth, designed to enhance hair growth, is exactly what you need. The substances that make up the shampoo are aimed at improving the quality of hair, their recovery and acceleration of growth. Before use, read the instructions. Indola hydrate - shampoo, aimed at moisturizing the hair. Gently cleanses the scalp and hair, gives elasticity and heals them from the inside. A part of the milk shoots of bamboo and vitamin B, contribute to the regulation of water balance.

In a pair of shampoos go balms and conditioners, the feature of these funds is that after application, it is not necessary to wash off. They complement the quality of the shampoo, continuing its action. Air conditioners are provided both in the usual thickish version, and in the form of a two-phase composition, as well as air conditioning spray. The next step is applied serum, aimed at prolonging the effect of the result.

Indole Hair Mask

To achieve a great result, the hair must be nourished with nutrients and vitamins. For the final recovery from the roots to the tips, it is worth using a grooming mask after the serum.

A mask is a directional makeup. In a complex with shampoo, balsam, conditioner and serum, the mask is the fourth step on the way to a great result. Thicker in texture, restores and strengthens the hair from the inside, it fills them with the necessary substances for growth. The mask also serves to remove static from the ends of the hair, makes the hair more thick, strong, improves the quality of further styling.

Oil capsules are more needed for damaged hair. In oil-based vitamins and nutrients quickly penetrate into the structure, saturating them to the very tips, and after the first application, the result of hair growth is visible.

Features paint "Indole"

Hair stylists advise to buy hair dye from reputable manufacturers and produced by famous brands. Unfortunately, there is no completely harmless hair dye, but high-quality dyes contain the most gentle and caring means.

Professional paint Indola produces German company Schwarzkopf, specializing in the production of products for professional hairdressers, makeup artists. With its help, you can achieve the desired color shade. The paint has a creamy structure and includes all the main categories for high-quality service and treatment, which makes it possible to achieve excellent toning, design and in-depth coloring. Many Russian beauty salons use this high-quality products. The innovative formula contains natural extracts and extracts from plants, natural oils and concentrated trace elements that weaken the action of ammonia, mix well and allow you to achieve maximum brightness. Thanks to the professional composition, the paint fits well and is worn for a long time.

Shade numbering

It is very easy to get various color solutions with this product, since the Indole hair color palette contains more than 100 different colors that are quickly mixed and easy to apply.

Coloring cream is supplied separately (without developer), and therefore it must be purchased separately. In order to quickly find the necessary combination, use the numbers on the package - this is a special code that indicates the following:

  • The 1st digit in the code indicates the intensity of the color.
  • 2nd digit - the initial tone.
  • 3rd digit - secondary tone.
  • 0 - may indicate a perfect absence of color tone or a natural color parameter.

It is important for application to combine cream paints with the developer of the same brand and strictly adhere to the technological time.

Application of paint "Indola"

Coloring parts should be combined in a glass or plastic dish and applied to dried unwashed curls. Do not treat curls before staining, natural pollution can help to achieve minimal defects and a smooth shade.

If a stacking agent, a mask or bio-cream was applied before staining, it is necessary to wash the curls without using shampoo and dry well.

How to mix

Professional color palette of hair color “Indola” is divided into groups. Most of the colors are natural Naturals & Essentials colors, there are about 50 of them. Red-haired girls need to use the Fashion & Red red tones to get a bright saturated color. And Blonde Expert, developed specifically for blondes, will help you to achieve the most natural color and well-groomed hair.

Contrast is used to create non-standard Ombre hairstyles and other “non-format” shades.

For color correction and expressiveness, there is a special corrective tool Mikroton.

To prepare the mixture, it is necessary to mix the dye from the “Indola” hair dye palette and the developer, and to avoid failures, you should consult with a stylist who can accurately tell the concentration and volume taking into account individual characteristics. Considering the condition of the hair, the oxidizer can be 12%, 9%, 6% and 2%: the higher the oxidizer index, the deeper the penetration of pigments and the saturation of the hue.

Mixed dye must be applied to the entire length of the strands. It is necessary to retreat from the roots of about 2 cm. Hold on the hair for 10-15 minutes. and after this time, apply a tone on the roots. Hold for 30 minutes.

How to achieve naturalness

For natural and dark, 6% oxide (1: 1) is most often used. For this category of shades you need a little more time for manifestation and saturation, so you should leave it on the hair for at least 40 minutes.

For shades of blond "blond" 9% oxide (1: 1) - 50 minutes.

For contrast - 9% oxide (1: 1), exposure time is 40–45 minutes. This type of shades should be applied very carefully, without touching the skin.

This product has been tested by many hairdressers and has received many positive reviews. The indola hair dye palette, Naturals & Essentials, allows you to embody the most extraordinary fantasies and make a real miracle.

How to paint the roots

In order to get an extremely natural and attractive tone, you should: apply the solution on unpainted roots and leave for 25-30 minutes, and after that disperse it over the entire length and hold for 10-15 minutes.

For clarification in blonde, when dyeing the roots, apply a tone only on the regrown roots and leave to act for 40 minutes.

It is necessary to wash away the tone with warm water in a couple of receptions using shampoo, then use a balm, conditioner or a mask for durability of color.

How to choose the tone for gray-haired from the professional hair color palette "Indola"

In order to completely paint over gray hair, colors are suitable - 0, 30, 40, 60, 80. It is necessary to select from the “Indola” hair dye line, the “Extracoating gray hair” color palette, which is specially developed for this purpose and has an innovative formula for gray hair. hair. Shades are mixed with oxidizer (9%), and, in addition, all the colors of the palette can be mixed together. To achieve an extremely natural effect, it is recommended to mix the tone 00 c 03.

It is necessary to apply paint:

  • on dirty curls, spreading over the entire length, without touching the roots,
  • then hold for 10 minutes,
  • further distribute to the roots
  • the maximum time of coloring in natural colors is 45 minutes,
  • Blonde from Indola's high-class color palette for hair colors - 50 min.

  • To achieve a natural tone on the highlights of porous and susceptible hair, mix 2% oxide with tone 07 (brown shades).
  • Lightening by 1 step and color shading in color - 6% oxide.
  • To get the tone on a dark basis, apply prof. “Indola” hair dye from the Extra palette, tones 30, 40 with 9% or 12% oxidizers.
  • Contrast colors on a light basis - the 30th tone with a 9% oxidant.
  • The standard color of blond is the 30th, 40th tone with a 9% or 12% oxidizer. Attention! For this effect, combine in proportions of 1: 2.
  • All other tones are mixed in the ratio of 1 to 1.

Mixton is used in order to neutralize unnecessary colors and bring the color saturation. It is preferable that a specialist perform a similar operation in the salon.

The product is intended for high-class use and may cause allergies. When using it, you should be careful not to get into your eyes and rinse them well if this happens. It is imperative to protect your hands with gloves and keep away from children in the reach of the area.

It is strictly forbidden to apply the composition without performing a susceptibility test. It is carried out at a site of 1 × 1 cm, it is best for this to choose the inside of the elbow, where you need to put a little mixture and wait 30-40 minutes. After that, rinse thoroughly, and if within 48 hours. rash, irritability, redness and any other allergic reaction, it is necessary to consult a doctor. This applies to any “Indola” dye from “Schwarzkopf” and hair palettes of any shades.

Also, it is strictly impossible to apply the paint:

  • if there is a rash,
  • damaged skin,
  • if there was once a negative reaction to the dye products of other manufacturers,
  • if there was an unhealthy reaction to henna and temporary tattoos,
  • use the mixture around the eyes to dye eyelashes and eyebrow hairs, as this product contains components that can cause suppuration, and if it comes in, thoroughly wash the eye area and lenses with warm water. In case of severe burning, seek medical help.
  • the use of dye on hair, previously painted with henna or other dyes with metal-containing components,
  • use metal combs, mixing flasks and any other tools containing metal,
  • store in an open place for sunlight and fire, as well as without a lid,
  • taste and inhale.

Evaluation of specialists

Professional reviews and reviews of Indole paint for hair and a color palette demonstrate that modern dyes do not penetrate hair roots and do not violate the condition of the hair, however, with incorrect toning and non-compliance with the technology, serious problems may subsequently arise. And so you should contact the services of a specialist who will help you choose the right harmless hair dye “Indola” and a palette of bright colors, dark colors and bright pigments. Color is one of the most important areas of hairdressing, and therefore the opinion of experts on these issues is irreplaceable. At home, staining may not turn out as bright and brilliant as a certified beauty salon specialist does. The master will always help make the final decision and dye your hair in the right shade.

Root dyeing

Since the paint "Indola" is very resistant, you may not need to paint the base of the hair. It is enough to paint the roots. To do this, they put the prepared tool and incubated for 25 minutes. Emulsify on all hair. After ten minutes, wash off. Profession Blondes stand only on the roots. The rest of the paint is not applied.

Palettes of professional dyes for hair "Indola"

Tones are numbered two or three digits. The first of them indicates the saturation of the paint, the second indicates the primary color. The third speaks of a secondary tone. If the number in the number is "0", it means a natural color or its absence.

All these shades are divided into 3 categories:

  • Natural & Essentials (Natural & Basics).
  • Red & Fashion (Red & Fashion).
  • Contrast.

In addition to the basic tones, the Indola hair color palette has a mixtone. They are used to get an intense color or get rid of randomly appeared shades. To determine the right amount of a mixton, the rule of twelve is applied. From the number 12 subtract number shades, which is located to the point.

Do not be afraid to use too many mixton. It does not adversely affect the condition of the hair. When using more than a quarter of a tube of additional tone (60 ml) of the basic shade, add the same amount of developer.

Mikston 100 helps:

  • Get shade lighter.
  • Reduce the intensity used (read according to the rule of 12).
  • Improve the result when lightening very dark hair.

Precautionary measures

  • under 16 years old
  • in the presence of rash on the head,
  • if you used to be allergic to any paint,
  • henna tattoo (extra care).

Do not let the paint on mucous membranes.

Do not dye eyelashes and eyebrows.

2 days prior to staining to conduct the test. Apply paint below the elbow for 45 minutes. If the place is red, in any case, do not use this tool. But otherwise, there is no guarantee that there will be no allergies.

If there is a burning sensation, swelling of the eyes, weakness, shortness of breath, you need to stop the procedure.

Positive feedback

The vast majority of users like "Indola" - hair dye, a palette of which makes it possible to pick up almost any of the existing natural tones. Many people like that after the procedure, the hair looks natural.

This is especially popular with women who hide their gray hair. Without changing their natural hair color, they look younger.

Fans of extravagant tones and gradient coloring often look for the most original colors for themselves. This will help them professional hair dye "Indola". The palette contains the intense colors of the Contrast group.

Many users say that the tool does not wash off the hair at all. And the subsequent staining they spend because of the roots growing during this time.

Some girls do not have enough of those tones that offers hair dye "Indola" (the palette is very diverse, but still). Therefore, they experiment by mixing two or more shades and getting their own, individual.

Negative reviews

Not everyone likes the paint "Indola". But this concerns the very quality of the product and its effect on the scalp. Reviews of some users say that after applying the paint they feel a strong burning sensation, the skin starts to go numb, the hair falls out. But the curls are lightened and painted in the desired color very quickly, in just 5 minutes.

But these are isolated cases, most likely associated with individual intolerance to the components (allergy).

For some users, the tool paints only the roots.

Consumer reviews indicate that Indola is a hair dye (a palette of natural tones) that paints over gray hair well. Experts say that the process takes place better if they are painted in tone to tone.

If the procedure is carried out in the salon, two tones are applied or the roots and the rest of the hair are colored with different compositions.

They say that the paint is kept on the hair for 2-3 weeks, and then slightly washed off.

What color does “Indola” hair dye? The palette, reviews of some users talk about it, sometimes it doesn’t convey the color too accurately, and the hair eventually turns a tone darker. But these are isolated cases. And if the curls are painted exactly and their structure has not deteriorated, you can next pick up a more suitable shade.

just a magic paint

Good day to everyone who looked.

I want to leave this positive review on my new love, in the field of hair-dyes - Indola profession Permanent Caring Color /

Paint designed for professional use. But to paint your hair with this paint is not difficult.

  • • As part of the paint formula, the innovative Nutri-Care complex, which is designed to strengthen the hair structure.
  • • Professional composition with concentrated micropigments.
  • • Allows you to achieve bright, saturated and resistant shades.

Excellent mixing and easy application - these are the distinguishing features of this dye.

So I came across this paint quite unexpectedly. Tired of fighting with genetic gray hair, I went to the prof shop and asked for something for gray hair. I immediately slipped a catalog of flowers without question, but it’s simply unrealistic to choose. Such an extensive range of colors in this paint. More than 100 shades.

As a result, the choice fell on the number 9.32 (blond golden pearl).

hue in the catalog

To paint I was given here is such an oxidant 9%

In the box itself there were no gloves, no balms, only the tube with a paint volume of 60 ml.

Yes, and still standard, with at least a standard scheme, instructions for using this dye.

There is also some information on the box itself.

In general, general rules and precautions.

The paint is very thick and very easy to apply. My dyeing time was 40 minutes.

She first dyed her hair with paint from this manufacturer and was very pleased. My gray hair is painted, and I am very glad.

  • There is little ammonia in the paint (some resources indicate the absence of this component at all),
  • Color variety
  • 100% gray paint
  • price (200r with oxidizer)
  • saturated colors
  • hair after dyeing soft, shiny
  • there were no allergic reactions (well, it's someone how)

What about color?

That was my color at the time of dyeing

But what happened after using paint

after the first wash

The tint is the same. Sedin not stood out. I hope that the result will last a decent time.

I advise this paint to all girls, you will not regret

Features numbering shades of cream paint, which consists of a combination of 2 or 3 numbers

  • • The first is the saturation of the hue.
  • • The second is the primary tone.
  • • The third - on the secondary tone.
  • • The number ’0 ′ - indicates the natural tone or lack of tone.

Always mix the permanent dye Indola Profession Caring Color in proportion with the cream developer Indola (see "related products"). Select the desired concentration of the developer cream, see the mixing table.

I think I found my best hair dye))

Hello everyone) I have long been dying black, I tried almost all the colors from 50 to 400 rubles. But I haven't met such paint yet. I went to the store, and saw this paint. I really like to try something new. Bought. It costs us 180 rubles. Color 1-1. Just black. Came home, began to be painted. When mixing the paint was very surprised, it is so thick) I was even scared a little. My mother always paints me, and she really liked the paint so thick. Even when applied, she said that the paint is distributed very well, and her hair immediately began to turn black. Consumption is very economical. Therefore, I, on my long hair one package was enough for the entire length. Paint held for 40 minutes. I went to wash it off (to be honest, I thought I wouldn't wash it off, my hair was very solid). To my surprise, the paint was washed off very well, too, from the skin. When washing the hair was very shiny and silky. When the hair is dry, I noticed that they are very soft, smooth, shiny, and most importantly, I liked the color! I never had such a black one, color, well, oochen is saturated) Now I will see how long the paint will last on the hair. Recomend for everybody! Indola is just super!

For blondes. Paint the roots and the entire length (+ photos)

So, I am a blonde. Immediately I will ask you not to leave comments like "I would rather go to the master and so on."

Yes, I would love to go, just no time, the husband works almost every day, the child has no one to leave.

That's how the industry hair and a yellow shade appeared 1, 5 months from previous staining

I try to discolor the roots and take the illuminator a second time. , brightens well, does not pinch the skin (my head is very sensitive) When you mix the consistency such as blue clay. so my husband told me, "Why did you smear blue clay on the roots?" "blue clay" So I took about half an hour, This "clay" is washed off bad hair is very hard and dry, I washed my hair with shampoo and put on a mask. Then I dried my head and started to paint it with paint itself, I took 2 colors. Dilute this paint 1: 2, i.e. 1 tube of paint and 2 bottles of oxidant, 9%, 60 ml each. The seller found me such an oxidizer . Just when I came home, I saw that the paint company and the oxidizer are different, well, I think, okay, what to do now. I really liked the consistency and not thick and not liquid, it is good not to apply, it does not flow. good stains strands. But damn zhget, but it can only burn maybe I have not enough that the skin on my head is sensitive, so also I have already lightened the roots (poor skin)

With the paint, I took about 30-40 minutes and washed off, after washing my head with shampoo and balm.

Hair dried hair, many protruding hairs, dried hair, now I will intensively moisturize, And in the end what turned out the roots are lighter

I would not say that I was upset, but also not thrilled because I myself "nakosyachila" and in some places poorly painted over.

For the price of the illuminator + oxidizer, 2 paints +4 oxidizer went to 1211 rubles (not a little, I would say)

I wish everyone good luck, be beautiful and happy! Until!

Chic Hue indola 6.1 and 6.00. Mikstona 0.11 and 0.22 (Blue, purple) Many photos of hair! Before and after

Hello! Today I would like to introduce you to indola 6.1 (with an ashy undertone). After I brought out the blond, he began to enrage me terribly, and enter into depression. And this is not the first time. And then I wanted to return the dark hair, closer to the ash-blond, native color.

While searching, I moved a bunch of reviews, I decided to take Estelle, but there was no necessary color in the store. I had to take indole. The color in the palette seemed beautiful to me, and I decided to take it! My blond was still quite a baby, recently painted, but due to the fact that he terribly infuriated me, I tinted a little at the top with his tinged balm Tonic. Tonic was washed off very quickly, and the color turned into red. Well, I decided not to kill them altogether, I would paint them at 2%. Do not disappear at home as a whole big bottle. But the saleswoman advised to take 6%, so as not to go into a strong blackout, and to take the color better. All the same blond. So, here is my hair before painting with Tonic Balm

Blond Blond

Next, the color before painting, tinted with Tonic balm. Hue chocolate mixed 1/1 with balsam, and 1/4 part of shade 9.1 (ashy blond)

Toning with Tonic Balm Toning with Tonic Balm

Paint was prepared as follows:

2 Packaging indola shade 6.1 mixed with 6% oxide 1:2. Added mikston indola 0.11 (blue) for two packs 4 cmand mikston indola 0.22 (Violet) 4 cm. Later I found out that the rules of 10 are not used here, but the rule of 12. But the color came out right!


Drew the paint only on the upper part of the hair, brightened the bottom by 2%


Sorry for the photo, but without not getting my face, hands and everything around my face dirty, I can't do any painting

The dye on the hair was 40 minutes.

Bottom clarified this http://irecommend.ru/content/pudra-kapous-posle-smyvki-chernogo-tsveta-3-obestsvechivaniya-v-odin-den-istoriya-blonda-na

You can look at the paint Loreal for the ombre http://irecommend.ru/content/khorosho-beret-pochti-chernyi-kashtan-mnogo-fotok-do-i-posle-otlichnaya-rascheska-dlya-okras

Right after

Cold shade

The result - a beautiful shade, cold, light brown chestnut, I would even say. But! My joy did not last long, because every time the color brightened and red. But most likely, because the hair was bleached, and on top I blocked only once dark.

Washed off

Washed off

On this, after 2 weeks, my hands itched heavily on painting, and I decided to paint over an ombre. I went to the store, bought 2 packaging indola 6.1 and one pack indola 6.00. The last natural shade, and so, as zero is not one, but two, then the color is deeper and more saturated. Mixed all from 6% in proportion 1:2, added the Mikstonov already by the rules of 12. That is, three packs of paint, 4 cm indola 0.11 (blue) and 8 cm indola 0.22 (Violet). All on 45 min.

In spite of the deadly exit from black to blond, the hair was thick, though it was noticeably shortened, but 3 packs I barely had enough. The color really turned out to be deeper and more resistant.

6.1 + 6.00 and 0.11 and 0.22

Home lighting 6.1 + 6.00 and 0.11 and 0.22

After dyeing, the hair is smooth and bleached. Pleasant to the touch, do not pour.

Color a few weeks later

After a few weeks 6.1 + 6.00 and 0.11 and 0.22

After a few weeks 6.1 + 6.00 and 0.11 and 0.22

Home lighting without flash a few weeks after painting

Home lighting without flash 6.1 + 6.00 and 0.11 and 0.22

Flash home lighting a few weeks after painting

Home lighting with flash 6.1 + 6.00 and 0.11 and 0.22

In general, I recommend the paint, the colors are beautiful, if mixed with micones, then you can achieve some subtleties. Hair is smooth, even better than before painting. This is especially visible where the ombre hair.

All beautiful hair, and good experiments! This is my first review, for friends I Tikato me naturally on you)


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