3-step program Nioxin 6

Cosmetics for Nioxin hair is aimed at solving problems with their fragility and loss, on the rescue of density and length, as well as on general strengthening. The company offers consumers at once six different lines aimed at solving specific problems. With the proper selection of the system, the risk of not getting the expected effect is practically reduced to zero.

The Nioxin hair system does not focus on the cosmetic effect and the elimination of the symptoms of the problem, but on working with its original source - the reason why the hair began to fall out. The development of cosmetics formulas began after the founder of the company felt the full horror of hair loss after giving birth. Therefore, when creating cosmetics, the main task was treatment, and not a temporary solution to the problem.

You can buy cosmetics for Nioxin hair in a specialized online store. But before buying, you need to decide which system is right for you. Each of the six complexes includes three products - shampoo, conditioner and mask. You can buy them as a set, and separately. Of course, you can use the products one by one, as well as combining with other brands, but the best effect is observed precisely from complex application.

Three "steps" are designed taking into account the relationship of all substances included in their composition. The shampoo opens the hair scales, the balsam covers the cuticle, the mask fills their pores.

The selection of the “Nioxin” system is based on the speed of hair loss, the absence or presence of chemical exposure (curling or dyeing), the degree of hardness, as well as the reasons that forced you to give up the usual care and treatment. You can choose a complex on the recommendation of a cosmetologist or based on a general description of the system and indications for use.

Nioxin System 1 was created to care for fine natural hair that is not chemically affected. Their loss should be within the normal range (i.e., about 100 pieces per day). The main task of the complex is only to maintain a good hair condition, increase shine and refresh the scalp. If there are more serious problems, the complex is ineffective.

System 1 consists of three products: Nioxin Cleanser Shampoo, Nioxin Scalp Revitaliser Conditioner and Nioxin Scalp Treatment Nourishing Mask. The following patented technologies were used to create the complex:

  • BioAMP - regeneration of the scalp, strengthening the hair follicles, the fight against hair loss,
  • Activ-Renewal - cleansing and restoring the scalp, adding extra shine to hair,
  • Transactive Delivery System - protection against UV radiation and other harmful effects of the environment with the help of antioxidants, plant extracts and auxiliary components.

The composition includes amino acids cystine, peppermint oil, white tea extract, vitamins, herbal ingredients.

Nioxin System 2 is also designed for thin natural hair that has begun to thin noticeably. Its effect is much stronger than that of the first complex, since it is designed to fight increased precipitation. The components included in the composition, not only create a protective film on the surface of the epidermis, but also strengthen the follicles.

The composition of cleansing shampoo, conditioner and mask contains vitamins, amino acids, peppermint oil, plant extracts, antioxidants. The Activ-Renewal and BioAMP technologies in this toolkit are supplemented with the Scalp Access Delivery System, which guarantees protection against ultraviolet radiation (SPF 15) and contains cleansing components that remove excess sebum.

If your hair is colored or chemically curled, does not have a special thickness and density, but is not prone to strong loss, you will need a set of Nioxin System 3. It, like the previous ones, consists of three components - a shampoo, conditioner and an indelible mask , which include substances that fill the voids, smoothing scales, and maintain the water balance, disturbed by chemical exposure.

To create System 3, the technologies used were Transactive Delivery System and BioAMP, with which we are already familiar. They are complemented by Glyco-Shield - a kind of "shield" for hair. Due to the content of white tea, peppermint oil, moisturizing additives and conditioning components, the moisture balance is monitored, the scalp is refreshed and toned.

For chemically damaged and thin hair prone to severe hair loss, it is recommended to use Nioxin System 4. This kit works to compact the structure, nourish the follicles, and normalize the water balance. If you use the tools of System 4 in the complex, in a short time the curls become more resilient, strong and resilient.

The mask and conditioner increase blood circulation in the root zone, stimulating nutrition and rapid hair growth. Shampoo perfectly cleans, without washing out the dye pigments.

The complex of Nioxin System 5 products is intended for locks of medium hardness, exposed to chemical agents (dyeing and curling) and natural, but not prone to excessive precipitation. The objective of System 5 is to soften, moisturize, adjust the water balance, tone and refresh the scalp.

The action of Glyco-Shield and Transactive Delivery System in the tools from this set is supported by Smoothplex technology. Due to the content of lacquered walnut oil and amino acid silk, curls are protected from fragility and damage, their loss is reduced.

Nioxin System 6 is also used to care for locks of medium hardness, natural or chemically exposed, but prone to enhanced precipitation. Consequently, this complex has a more intense effect on the scalp and hair follicles. The set includes the same three products - shampoo, conditioner and mask, which were created using the Smoothplex, Scalp Access Delivery System and Glyco-Shield technologies.

Where to buy Nioxin in Moscow

Nioxin cosmetics are designed for professional care, so you can only buy them at specialized points of sale. You can order a set or individual products you like from the online professional cosmetics store MAROSHKA.

In the online catalog you will find a wide range of Nioxin hair care products. As well as a line of styling products Nioxin 3D Styling and Intensive Therapy intensive care series. You can buy cosmetics at an affordable price by ordering courier delivery in Moscow, the Moscow Region, St. Petersburg, as well as Russian Post to any region of the country.

The famous system for hair Nioxin 6

About the system against hair loss nioxin learned from the master in the salon.

There are 8 product lines for different types of hair. Each consists of:

I use nioxin 6 for a rigid dyed hair.

All products have a menthol flavor.

The shampoo is thick, well foams, washes hair well, you need to leave it on your hair for 1 minute.

Balsam is thick, not greasy, well distributed through the hair and scalp, leave for 2 minutes.

Indelible mousse to moisturize the scalp.

The composition of plant extracts and antioxidants.

Hair became less dirty, more split ends appeared.

Against hair loss, the effect of nioxin is small.

The volume of shampoo and balm 150 ml., 40 ml mousse.

The cost of 2000 rubles. in the online store link.

Operating principle

World experts in the field of cosmetology recognize the company "Nioxin" authority in the field of restoring and preventing hair loss. This is a consequence of the performance of the brand, constantly updating the product line. As a result, any woman who wants to spend hours on hair care or who does not have time for it has the opportunity to choose and order from the supplier of the brand.

Directions in which the cosmetics Nioxin for hair works:

The company's products are purchased to strengthen the hair and even as a therapeutic drug, preventing their loss. The unique effect of drugs is expressed in the restoration of the natural function of the skin and the strengthening of the hair, starting with the follicles. Grateful to the active substances contained in the composition of the tissue are restored, increasing the thickness and acquiring increased strength.

Depending on the chosen complex, it is possible to strengthen the already existing thin and brittle hair, and stop the loss of hair caused by genetic factors or other factors, and even cause its restoration. The effect of drugs "Nioxin" leads to activation of the follicles and restoration of bald spots on the head.

Product range Nioxin for hair

The Nioxin product line includes 6 basic hair care systems. They are offered both separately and in sets representing a separate complex. For treatment, a system selected individually is recommended, taking into account their type and thickness, the degree of complexity of the problem and its cause.

Deep recovery from fallout and breakage

Each standard system of the brand includes three products: 150 ml bottles with balsam and shampoo, as well as a 50 ml bottle with a hair mask. To improve the outcome of therapeutic effects should use all three tools. This is indicated not only by the company's specialists, but also by users of cosmetics, who leave their feedback online.

The process of hair restoration begins by applying Nioxin shampoo, which has a cleansing effect on the hair and skin and protects it from various external factors. However, the drug increases the visual volume of hair.

Apply as follows:

It is allowed to use the drug every day. And when choosing a particular system, it is worth purchasing a container containing not 150, but 300 or even a liter of shampoo, saving money.

The task of the Nioxin conditioner is to moisten the hair from the bottom to the ends. The drug is applied immediately after applying the shampoo from the same series, evenly spread on curls and wash off after 3 minutes. As well as shampoo, it is recommended to buy bottles of not 150, but 300 ml or liter, which is 1.5–2 times more profitable.

The effect of the mask is nourishing and moisturizing action. The drug is used once a week or every three hair washes. The application is carried out immediately after the treatment of the head with shampoo or conditioner (if used). The volume of release two - 50 and 100 ml.

Each system of the Nioxin series of fixed assets has its own tasks:

Special products: serum, hair growth enhancer, diaboost elixir, masks

An elixir, serum, mask and growth enhancer are provided as special preparations in the Nioxin series. In particular, the first product includes an increase in the thickness of the treated hair after the first application. It can be used with any of the other brand products and is offered for purchase in 100-ml vials.

Serum Nioxin is needed to reduce hair breakage, restore their structure and reduce the frequency of hair loss. Sold in containers of 45 ml. The task of the mask to restore - power hairstyles and increase its volume. And you can buy the product in bottles of 150 and 500 ml.

The purpose of the growth enhancer is the restoration of hair on those parts of the head where the number of tissues has decreased to a minimum. The drug is obliged by its action to a unique composition (proteins, vitamins, keratin and extract of ginkgo biloba), and is offered in containers of 30 and 100 ml.

Each standard and special means of the brand effectively copes with its tasks: shampoo cleans, conditioner moisturizes, nourish masks, nourish masks. And, if you use all means regularly, with their help even hopeless problems with damage and hair loss are solved.

Nioxin System 6 Hair Loss

The cost of Nioxin 6 is not very different from the cost of funds from other brands with a world-wide name, and the unique patented ingredient complexes that make up the products for many years in a row allow the company to maintain its leading position in the market of specialized cosmetics. Nioxin 6 System includes three specialized products - shampoo, conditioner and nourishing mask, which provide optimal care and nourishment to curls. Only 4 weeks of application of the complex from the brand Nioxin will provide your strands with beauty and health for a long time.

The first product from the Nioxin 6 kit is a cleansing shampoo that effectively removes various impurities from the curls and scalp. This cosmetic product is applied first in the three-step care system, therefore the action has the widest - it strengthens the structure of the hair shaft, smoothes the cuticle and creates the main protection that prevents mechanical damage.

The shampoo from the Nioxin System 6 kit contains panthenol, keratin, betaine and coenzyme A, making the locks strong and silky, providing them with hydration and care. This product is suitable for daily use.

The moisturizing conditioner included in the Neioxin System Kit 6 kit is a light, effective product that prevents hair from losing moisture and provides an optimal environment on the scalp. Being the second step of the hair care system, it provides strands with a more pronounced care - it actively restores the damaged structure and intensively moisturizes the hair shaft from the inside. The useful oils and special enzyme complexes that are part of the Nioxin 6 products significantly improve the condition of the locks - they make them light and docile, silky and shiny. Apply conditioner only need to be pre-washed with shampoo hair. After spreading the moisturizer over the entire length of the strands, wait 5 minutes, then rinse it off with warm water.

The third stage of intensive care from the Nioxin 6 System is a special indelible nourishing mask. Due to the content of antioxidants and plant extracts, this tool is ideal for completing a comprehensive care system. The mask from Nioxin renews and nourishes the scalp, stimulates blood circulation in it and provides the final degree of protection against chemical and thermal damage. The product does not need to be washed off in order not to lose the effect of it. The mask is quickly absorbed without weighing the curls and not giving them a greasy shine.

The price of Nioxin System 6 today is affordable for everyone, but nevertheless, in the production of cosmetics, Nioxin uses special proprietary complexes of components. It is they who give products the unique properties that for many years have kept the company at the peak of popularity.

The Nioxin System 6 Active-Renewal System complex, due to the content of peppermint and white tea extract, activates the accelerated cell regeneration of the scalp, renewing it and thus preventing hair loss.

The Transactive Delivery System from the Nioxin System Kit 6 contains vitamins, antioxidants, plant extracts and special cleansing trace elements that provide the strands with cleanliness and freshness.

BioAMP is the most active complex in Nioxin System 6. It is based on the property of the entire line - to reduce hair loss. Also, this complex restores the damaged structure of hair rods, strengthens and intensively nourishes them, eliminating strands from fragility and conditioning them.

Nioxin System 6 buy online profitable

Distributed in more than 40 countries of the world, cosmetics of this brand for many years holds the leading position in the market of medical cosmetics. Recently, it became possible to purchase it in Russia, and now in Moscow you can buy System 6 from Nioxin in almost every specialized beauty salon or store.However, not everywhere the price is kept at an acceptable level, which dramatically reduces the availability of products of this brand for the average buyer. Shops calculate the cost, given the many trade margins, because often the most favorable purchase can be made only by ordering goods on the Internet.

At the moment, Nioxin System 6 can be ordered on a variety of sites that are ready to offer you a full range of brand tools. Whatever the situation in the retail market, you can always find the necessary goods on the Internet. In our online store Nioxin System 6 you can buy at the best price. In addition, our site will provide you with the most complete information about all the funds included in the set, thus avoiding the possibility of unsuccessful purchase.

Delivery of the goods ordered by you directly to your home will save you a lot of time and effort, becoming a pleasant bonus to the simple purchase procedure. The opportunity to buy System 6 from Nioxin (delivery to the specified address will surprise you with promptness) in our online store will be a unique opportunity for a modern business person who highly values ​​his time and is used to using goods and services of the highest quality only.

Nioxin 6: consumer reviews

People who use cosmetics company Nioxin, note the amazing effect of its use. Opinion and impressions of customers about these cosmetic products, throughout their existence, remain the most admired. Indeed, the famous product quality Nioxin, incl. and Nioxin System 6, was confirmed by several independent studies and awarded two prestigious awards - the Beauty Industry Award and the International Beauty and Health Award Gracia.

If you are interested in the opportunity to purchase Nioxin System 6, reviews on various information resources will help you learn a lot of new and interesting things about the cosmetic preparation you are interested in. After all, the collection of information should precede every serious purchase - this simple procedure will save you from wasting money, time and effort.

The articles on our site, numerous reviews about System 6 from Nioxin and recommendations will help you to make the right choice when purchasing.

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