Proper beard trim is the key to success

More than once it has been said that a beard is one of the most stylish jewelry of a man. With the right choice of her form and organic combination of hair and figure, a beard can drastically change the image of a man.

An experiment is widely known that it was carried out on a homeless elderly man: it was worth making a fashionable haircut and trimming a bulky, messy beard, as from a neglected beggar he outwardly turned into a modern solid man. The result of the experiment proves once again that the right shape and good haircut of the beard and mustache will play you well.

However, in order to understand all the variety of curly hairstyles of lush facial hair, you need to at least roughly imagine what is meant by each of the names and know what is right for you.

Beard face shape

The shape of the face - the main measure of the density, breadth, volume and topiary of your beard. There are several main types of faces, each of which has its own characteristics: square, in the shape of a triangle, tilted down into a regular triangle, oval, rectangular and round. To determine the type of person, you only need to carefully examine yourself in the mirror, possibly combing your hair back or putting a tight hat on your head so that the strands that fall on your forehead or cheekbones do not distort the proportions.

The square face is distinguished by a sharply outlined heavy chin. The lower and upper parts are in the same proportion. This type is characterized by wide, pronounced cheekbones. Men who have such a face shape will like a beard, which makes the clear contours of the chin and cheekbones softer.

Face down triangle is characterized by a poorly pronounced chin. This type makes men younger. The only task that a beard should cope with is to increase its age for the host and harmonize the proportions of the face due to thick, bulky vegetation visually weighting the zygomatic part.

The oval face is characterized by elongation and balance of both parts of the face. Men who have this type should take care to visually make their face wider. Many options for a beard do a fine job with this. The main thing is that the beard does not "flow" along the chin with a sharp "tip."

The choice of beard in the shape of the face

The rectangular face is distinguished by elongation and clear contours. Men with this form of beard are needed to smooth out sharp contours, visual expansion of the zygomatic part. A beard with rounded, smooth shapes will do.

A round face is characterized by soft contours and equal proportions of the upper and lower parts. Such a person needs a visual narrowing and harmonization of proportions. For this, beards with sharp geometric shapes — square, trapezoidal, rectangular — are preferred.

Tools and materials

The process of choosing and creating a certain form of beard is not easy, as it may seem, and rather scrupulous. Therefore, if you have never taken scissors and a shaving machine in your hands beforehand, it is better to contact a specialist. However, if you do not want to spend your time and money on salons, you can try to cope with this task yourself.

The comb is necessary so that during the haircut the hairs do not curl, tangle or get out. A beard clipper is a device that is larger than a trimmer. It will be needed for a thick and bushy beard to quickly give it shape.

Russian beard

Russian beard - a haircut, widely known to us from photographs and paintings of the last century. It is also called classical or natural, as it is characterized by visual "intactness". This haircut is distinguished by its careful neglect, no matter how ridiculous it may sound.

Such a beard is usually quite thick and lush, so it should be chosen by men of medium or tall and of normal build, otherwise it will spoil the impression of the whole appearance, distorting the proportions. To grow a Russian beard is quite simple and no special manipulations with its shape are required. Vegetation should cover the cheekbones, the area above the upper lip and, accordingly, the chin itself.

Haircut Russian beard

Balbo Haircut Type

Fashionable beard haircuts sometimes differ in the history of their occurrence. Thus, for example, the Balbo haircut widely known all over the world (and especially in Hollywood) originated in the province of Italy in the last century during the mass development of fascist ideology. It received its name from the name of the person who created it.

We select the shape of the beard correctly

There is no form of a beard that will suit everyone. Her choice is an individual process. Moreover, having chosen the right shape, you will not only emphasize your style, but also correct any possible flaws: scars, scars, etc. This rule works and vice versa: an irregular beard will distort your whole appearance. Thus, beard trimming is quite a responsible matter and requires imagination and creativity.

Before cutting, you need to determine the type and color of hair. After all, if you are the owner of very thick and dark hair on your face, it does not look aesthetically pleasing, the vegetation on your cheeks in this case should be removed completely so that the contrast between the shade of the beard and the complexion is not too obvious. If you are the owner of a red or light beard, you can not worry: the pomp in your case is a definite plus.

Also, be sure to consider your height. Low men should choose small beards. Men of medium height are lucky: any form will suit you. But if nature has rewarded you with tall stature, pay attention to the thick beard: visually it will increase the face and moreover, balance the proportions of the body.

The shape of the beard under the type of person

  • round: a beard that looks like a trapeze and connects whiskey or rocker goat beard is ideal.

  • rectangular: choosing a horseshoe beard can visually lengthen the face.
  • oval: congratulations, you are lucky, because you can choose absolutely any form of beard, without restrictions.

  • triangular: choose a long or classic beard - it will help balance the proportions of the face.

  • square: grow a small beard all over your face - it will help smooth out angular facial features.

Preparing for a haircut

You can only cut a clean beard, so you should wash it well with shampoo. After that, be sure to dry the beard and comb. This will make the haircut easy, because the comb you can straighten hair and get rid of tangles. Comb properly: comb the hair through the hair from the root to the ends, in the direction of growth. Start from one side of the face: from ear to chin, then repeat the same from the second.

Before starting a haircut, prepare all the items you need. Choose a larger mirror. If possible, take a triple or polygonal mirror. Thus, it will be easy for you to see those areas of the face that are not visible in a regular mirror. Also prepare a trimmer or scissors, comb, towel and other accessories that may be needed in the process itself. Highlight a special place to cut.

Do not forget: hair when cutting will fly apart in different directions, which will cause inconvenience. It is possible to lay out pre-oilcloth or paper, so as not to bother cleaning after the procedure. If you perform the procedure in front of a portable mirror, simply leave the house. And then cut hair can fly anywhere.

Scissor cut

Use only a sharp and clean tool to trim a beard. It is best to use special scissors for beard trimming. This is a great tool for haircuts, it is only important to learn how to handle it properly.

  1. Inspect the scissors: they should not be rusty or damaged. Do not use ordinary kitchen scissors. First, it is unsafe, and secondly, inconvenient.
  2. With the help of a comb you follow the length of the hair. Remember how hairdressers cut their hair: collect all your hair in a strand and cut off the extra tips.
  3. Collect all vegetation with a hairbrush and leave the length you want to cut. Do not rush to cut the entire length at once, because it is much better to make several passes than to cut off the excess.
  4. Walk symmetrically on both sides of the face. Periodically comb the beard during the procedure to check whether everything is smooth.
  5. Similarly, cut the chin and mustache. Focus on the lip line.
  6. Trim the edges. Gently remove hair from neck. To do this, it is best to use an electric razor or a conventional razor and foam. This is a fairly simple and familiar way.

Beard trimming options

Today, there are many types of beards, so you can choose the shape for every taste:

  • Full beard (classic, Russian) - the most popular among men, because it emphasizes masculinity. The length of such a beard can be adjusted according to your desire, you can trim it or, on the contrary, grow it even more.
  • Anchor - a beard in the form of an anchor, cut short, lengthening on the chin, thus forming a sharp end. It is combined with a strip of hair under the lower lip.
  • Balbo - broad, incomplete beard, which covers the chin and part of the cheekbones, with a pronounced beginning under the lower lip. The image is usually supplemented with a mustache of average thickness.
  • Hollywood beard - was very popular with men in the thirties, got its name from the fact that the heroes of many Hollywood films were just such a beard.
  • Goatee - implies a minimum of hair on the face, while covered only the chin.
  • The curtain is “fallen” sideburns that descend on the lower part of the face on either side of the chin that is shaved.
  • Garibaldi is a wide, full beard in a complex with a thick mustache, with a rounded base.
  • Goatee - has a round shape, a beard covers the entire chin.
  • Imperial beard - connects with a mustache and covers the cheekbones, combed up, but not twisted. Round chin and cheek shave.
  • Wide tanks have the form of wide sideburns, growing from the temple to a point just below the level of the corners of the mouth. To the bottom a bit expanded.

Of course, if you doubt your abilities to trim a beard, go to the hairdresser. But if you try to make a haircut yourself, using our advice, sure, you will succeed. A little practice and you will be an expert on beard trimming!

New life of beard goatee

From the 16th century, a goatee beard came to us and has become today one of the most popular men's jewelry. The goatee is an aristocratic, elegant beard that gives a man refinement and confidence in his charm.

Types of beard haircuts and their names

Types of beard haircuts

  1. Russian beard or full. The bristles cover the neck, chin, cheeks and upper lip.
  2. Anchor The name speaks for itself: a small beard in the form of an anchor + a thin mustache, separated by a strip in the middle.
  3. Balbo. In contrast to the anchor, the strip along the edge of the mandible is wider.
  4. Brett or Hollywood beard. The main feature and difference - the beard covers the chin and lower jaw, but does not connect with sideburns.
  5. Goatee. Its more popular name, but less euphonious, is the goat beard. It is a vegetation around the mouth with a long tuft of hair on the chin.
  6. Chinstrap (Chinstrap) is literally a chin strap. A thin rim of hair that bolsters a face from one temple to another.
  7. Burnsides (Burnsides) - only thick sideburns with a clean-shaven chin.
  8. Captain Jack, or Van Dyck. Its first name was in honor of Jack "Sparrow". The third is in honor of the artist Anthony Van Dyke. Its other names are French beard or “Chekhov”.

Trendy beard haircuts: Top 10

We dealt with the main types of beard. Now let's consider what options will be particularly relevant.

    Victorian style. In 1854-56, during the Crimean War, there was a shortage of soap in the British army, as a result of which the soldiers simply could not shave. And after the end of the war, the warriors who returned with powerful facial hair became the personification of masculinity and honor.

Biker and his beard

Chinstrap - beard shingles face

That's all in conclusion I suggest to look at some more inspiring examples. By the way, did you notice that not every beard will fit this or that haircut? So it is about fashionable men's haircuts will be discussed in the next article. In order not to miss, I suggest to subscribe to blog news (on the “About the blog / about the author” page).

John Hamm and his beard mask

Here it is - a fashionable image of a modern man

Hipster haircut and beard

Tattoos and beard

Very interesting hairstyle with a beam on the milestone and beard

Medium length beard and haircut

Back hair and beard

With long hair in a bun

Smart Business

With wavy hair

Long haircut and beard

David Beckham and his hipster beard

I hate to shave! Therefore, I tried different versions of beards and unshavens. For me, it is ideal - not to do anything when it begins to interfere, shave, and again wait a month)

In general, the full beard looks cool, and Brett, as for me, is the most ... man's beard, or something (he introduced a woman with a goatee at once :)).

When I wrote the article, a lady with a beard, whose voice conquered the whole of Europe, also climbed into her head))) However, she most likely has Brett))

I really like the beard. It is very fashionable and stylish now. And as for me it is very sexy. But there is one But! A beard is not for everyone, I’ll even rarely tell anyone. Many men look just awful with a beard. Oh yeah, and I also want to say that a beard, like the hair of the head, and maybe even more require care. Therefore, some men better to just shave)))

I love men with a three-day stubble brunetov, handsome, nothing more to do. Always dreamed of having such a man (photo under point 3)

Anastasia Sharapova, dreams tend to come true)) It will be necessary)

Aleksandra, you are absolutely right. If the hair of the head is regularly washed and cut once a month, then with a beard all the more serious. Adjust the beard will have at least once every three to four days.

I always wanted a stylish beard for myself, but not for all it grows as it should be 🙂 And, unfortunately, it doesn’t go for everyone, like long hair.

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Handsome men have nothing to talk about. I especially liked the goatee beard, which completes the top 10 most popular beards. Not even the beard itself was liked, but its name!

The beard is always decorated with a man. Gave a solid, manly look. I mean those men who anxiously watch and care for their beard. My husband also wore a beard for a long time, but when he realized that he was losing hair on his head, he urgently broke up with her. At first, it was not customary to see him without a beard, but his time takes and the accustomed look was forgotten.

How many do not talk about the possibility of growing a beard-wife categorically meets with hostility. A Scandinavian or Victorian beard would suit me, but I think it will not be possible to try.

I generally like a goatee. It looks both stylish and rebellious at the same time.The only thing is that it does not fit every type of person. But, if I were a man, I would definitely wear a goatee))

Yes, now more and more bearded. Fashion trend, however.

Now the girl wants to tell me to get a beard. Well I do not know. I'm used to my face always smooth and pleasant. Sometimes I can wear a three-day stubble. Therefore, it will be hard for me to adapt to something new. Conservative I) Maybe I'll try an anchor for myself, but I'll think about it ...

Men, wear beards. She is still growing and prickly, then normal. My wife is now just thrilled by her)

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He used to wear a mustache in his youth, he got married, his wife made him shave, well, she doesn’t like her facial hair, I don’t say anything about a beard!

Valery, well what can you do. The desire of the spouse is more important than fashion trends))

How to find out if a beard is coming or not

Murat, as an option, you can use Photoshop. Another option is to grow and see the result.

Murat, yes not for that)) Drop in for a visit))

Great site. Loved it. I learned a lot of things and learned for myself.
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Vadim, thanks for your feedback! Come to us again 😉

I do not understand .. how can I complain and cry that they say to my girlfriend / wife does not like / does not allow me to wear a beard ... it’s already disgusting to read. Are you a man or a rag?

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Girls who do not like a beard, do not understand anything in male beauty .. A beard is normal and natural. This is the same as I say, dear, I don’t like your luxurious head of hair, come on, I like it so much. How many girls will go for it? Obzovut fool and psycho, and if they go then with bitterness and tears in his eyes ... The boss at work does not like facial hair, have to shave every day, the girl does not like, prickly, go, force my face in front of the mirror, but what to get used to ... And such percentages of the 90th of the globe .. This is a massive change in the consciousness and nature of a man .. I associate it with a good such exemplary, obedient slave .. a slave to the system, women, whatever, you do not expect a dirty trick and danger from him. For me, so beards do not like only silly girls, nor which is not meaningful, or with a modified psychology .. they cannot properly and properly evaluate a normal, strong man ... And a good, wise woman, you should not embarrass you with a beard, but only please) .. In general, girls, be smarter, men - do not disgrace yourself ..

With the hair still does not compare, because they have a man. There are hardly many women who will advise her man to take a bald head. The desire of the girl to shave off the stubble is most often due to the fact that she is very prickly. And on a gentle female face, irritation from contact with a thorny bristle can even appear (I don’t think up, I know from personal experience :-)) I think it’s not as serious as you describe it. However, thank you very much for expressing your opinion.

I compared it with the hair on my head, because the hair decorates a woman and makes her attractive, like a beard a man, a beardless man like a bald woman, disgrace himself and become like a woman, and a bald man is normal, acceptable and not scary ... you need to let your hair grow further and the beard will be softer, and not equine shave-shave (why not the other way around?) .. and the one who shaves just because his girlfriend doesn’t like it, she will sulk and not give a kiss or something Vasche, sucker and henpecked, finally yayuschy to manipulate, instead of doing so, as it is convenient and pleasant to it) unless you respect these girls?)

Lezgin, I still remain with my opinion, because it is useless to argue. In my opinion, all the above-mentioned curses can not be attributed to a man just because he does not want to wear a beard, just as her presence does not give noble moral qualities. I think that you need to look at more global actions, and not the presence of facial hair.

a man without a beard and a belly, like a barge without a load!

Forms of beards with a mustache in men

Today, a beard for men is a significant plus in creating its image, external image and the advantage of its external attractiveness. Many men do not have enough patience to grow a long and thick beard, and for those who have achieved this, it is difficult to choose the right kind of beard. To choose the best option, it is enough to view the most popular types of beards and photos of men for visual assessment.

In the complex beard and mustache can be several forms and options:

  1. Arab beard - such a beard accepts all types of mustache, and the length of the beard of Muslim men must be such as to fit in the hand. A beard can be arbitrary in appearance and style, so an Arabian beard can be square, round, triangular.
  2. Woodcutter style - in this case, the beard should be large and voluminous, but always well-groomed. Ryan Gosling and Hugh Jackman became prominent representatives of this style.
  3. Russian beard - a similar beard with the woodcutter's style, but in this case it should be a short beard with a mustache, covering the chin, the area around the mouth and neck to the very Adam's apple.
  4. Anchor style - a special style of beard with small tendrils, which are directly divided in the center by a thinly shaved stripe.
  5. Brett - a small beard with a mustache from Hollywood, whose area covers the lower jaw and chin. Separately assumed whiskers.
  6. Box - the triangular shape of the face accepts just such a beard with a shovel, the style of which begins from the 60s. A beard can be compared with a duck tail (ducktail), but only the length of hairs can be absolutely any.
  7. Sail - In such a beard, sideburns should grow together with the mustache line, forming an interesting composition. But the chin area is shaved smoothly.
  8. Garibaldi - this type of beard was named after the politician and general of Italy D. Garibaldi. The broad form of the beard grows together with the tanks, while the beard and mustache must be thick and up to 20 cm long. Different types of mustache are combined with such an Italian beard, but more often it is a handlebar mustache.
  9. Irish beard - begins with a mustache in the style of fu manchu, which with its length go down the cheeks, fringing the upper lip and hanging down.
  10. Italian Balbo beard - not a full wide beard with a mustache, which should cover only part of the cheekbones, is also assumed clearance under the lower lip. The author of the beard was the Italian politician and the military Italo Balbo.
  11. French beard. Another beard is called a French fork - it is a full beard with a mustache, coming from whiskers and covering the cheeks.
  12. Verdi Beard - has a rounded shape and partially shaved cheeks with a lush mustache.
  13. Round beard. This is a simplified version of a classic beard with a rounded shape on the chin.
  14. Square beard. To get this style of beard, grow a tank and a beard, and then give the hair a square shape.

Many types of beards can make almost all men at home. But there are quite specific versions of beards and types of mustache, which will not be properly cut for everyone. Therefore, you can hold the first haircut in the cabin, and then maintain and care for the beard, while maintaining the result.

All kinds of beard without a mustache

Without a mustache, numerous forms and types of beards are no less in demand, as there are men who do not wear any vegetation above their upper lips. Modern names of beards without a mustache are as follows:

  1. Chinstrap (Chinstrap beard) or shkiperskaya beard - like a belt along the line of the chin, namely a thin strip of vegetation, moving along the line of the cheeks and chin.
  2. Island - a beard in the style of minimalism, in which a small circle of hairs is located only under the lower lip in the center.
  3. Screen or Chin Curtain - Vegetation originates from the temples, continues to the chin, covering it entirely.
  4. Goatee - no mustache, cheeks smooth shaved, and the beard is left only in the lower lip and chin, repeating the width of the mouth of a man.
  5. Goatee or goatee - a beard that looks like a goatee beard, but with a round shape covering the entire chin area. This beard is often combined with long and thick sideburns.

Without a mustache, a beard is distinguished by rationality, a special style, and men choose this type of beard for valid criteria and reasons. Most often we are talking about a different shade of mustache and beard hair, as well as the chaotic and erratic growth of the mustache. In any case, to abandon the luxurious beard because of problems with the mustache is impractical.

Fashion trends beard haircuts

Fashion trends in recent years dictate to the men dense facial hair in the form of tanks, mustaches and beards. But the most current and at the peak of popularity are the following beard haircuts:

  1. Scandinavian viking beard - A long and thick beard, tanks and mustaches that can be braided into braids and other hairstyles.
  2. Beard lincoln - This beard is truly popular among high-ranking officials and politicians, it does not accept mustaches, but it is with tanks.
  3. Wolverine Beard - wide and thick tanks and clear lines of the beard, which is usually attached to a triangular shape.
  4. Gray beard - The last peak of Hollywood fashion, a bright representative of which is the most beautiful male actor George Clooney.
  5. Mexican beard - vegetation in the area of ​​the mustache and beard should be uniform, starting with a mustache. A beard around the frame of a man’s mouth, closing it completely.

Also this year’s fashion favors such types of beard as goatee, Suvorov’s beard, screen, Garibaldi’s bristles and goat’s beard. Lovers of extravagance and shocking can resort to the beards of famous characters of films, for example, the beard of Jack Sparrow or Tony Stark, the style of the Vikings and other colorful characters.

How to choose a suitable beard and mustache shape?

In order to choose the best beard option, a man should pay special attention to his face shape, features of appearance and hair type. The shape of the beard and mustache should be determined by the shape of the face, namely:

  • for oval faces fit all kinds of beards,
  • for diamond shape - beard with dense vegetation, for example, Wolverine, folding screen,
  • for elongated face - any types of beard of medium length with tanks and horseshoe beard trimming,
  • for round shape - to lengthen the face, you can wear a goatee or goatee, as well as massive stubble from one temple to another,
  • for square face - ideal for skipper and Hollywood beard,
  • for a triangular face - Lincoln or Balbo beard can increase chin area.

Clothing and beard shape

A man needs to choose the types of beards and mustache not only by the type and shape of his face, but also starting from secondary criteria. Namely:

  • style and rhythm of life
  • external data
  • professional features
  • style and image of clothes,
  • hair length, structure and color,
  • availability of free time for hair care.

For sports enthusiasts, Canadian-shaped beards and a small bristle are perfect. Classics in clothes today are often combined with sports shoes and a beard of medium length and thickness. The casual style also accepts those types of beards that young men most often wear today, for example, goatee, goatee or Balbo beard. Fashionable style of grunge in clothes blends perfectly with dense vegetation and colorful long beards.

Light or dark, long or short, thick or minimal, in any kind of beard will transform the face of a man. The correct choice of the form and type of beard will allow not only to give the appearance of solidity, age and experience, but also to correct any shortcomings and features of the male face and the overall image. In any barbershop specialist will advise on the choice of beard, and how to cut it.

Short stubble

Enough not to shave for two or three days. If you want a light unshaven to become your corporate style, buy a trimmer and constantly trim the length of new hairs. Only then will the bristles look neat. And another tip: completely remove the hair that grows below Adam's apple to look stylish.

Types of haircuts

A huge selection of different styles makes it possible to choose a mustache to almost any type of person. Sometimes, especially bold owners of facial hair are not limited to “classic” mustache haircuts, but give vent to imagination.

The most favorable material for imagination and the manifestation of their individuality is a full beard. When growing it, it is necessary not to correct the shape until it grows. After 2-3 weeks, you will have enough material to create a fashionable haircut.
It is after the growth of facial hair that you can completely determine which areas on your face grow over faster and thicker.

The main types of haircuts:

Suvorovskaya - when whiskers connect to the mustache directly below the cheekbones,

Balbo - worn with or without a mustache, resembles the shape of an inverted "T",

Anchor - extended version of Balbo,

Skipper - The main difference is the absence of whiskers and vegetation on the cheeks. It happens in a short and long version

Goat - an unusually popular youth version. Vegetation is present only under the lower lip in the form of a narrow strip,

Duck tail - very similar to the full "Russian", but it has a more pointed end and shorter vegetation on the cheeks,

Hollywood - mustache and vegetation along the edge of the lower jaw, the main feature,

Canadian, or round - the vegetation under the lips connects to the mustache with a thin line,

"Van Dyke" - assumes long whiskers with raised tips and a wide strip under the lips,

French fork - Vegetation on the cheeks and mustache, the tip is bifurcated.

In addition to the described basic curly haircuts, there are many designer hairstyles for facial hair.

How to choose a fashionable haircut for facial hair

First of all, when choosing a haircut on the face, you need to focus on the type of face. Properly selected form will be able to highlight the strengths and hide flaws.

• A long or classic beard is perfect for a triangular face, it will help balance the narrow bottom,
• Chubby men are perfect in the form of a trapezoid, when choosing a mustache, it is better to stop at a mustache with lowered edges,
• The sideburns can make a perfect triangular face,
• A square face will be decorated with short full facial hair,
• The oval shape of the face allows the owners not to dwell on any one form, but to experiment, because you have all the data for this to bring your word into the men's fashion.

As we see, the selection of the style and shape of the whiskers requires, besides the desire, also some knowledge. If the haircut is carried out at home, it will not be superfluous to enlist the advice of relatives and friends to determine the most successful form. If you decide to contact a specialist, then an experienced master will always be able to choose the most optimal option, taking into account your peculiarities.

Red beard - a stylish gift of nature

Why do men grow red beard? Genetic causes of red bristle growth. How to get rid of redheads? How to paint the stubble? How to care for vegetation after painting? Stars with a red beard.

Fashion trend for men - beard Anchor

One of the most fashionable men's styles - beard Anchor.Stylists believe that beards help in creating an image of a confident man. Invented in ancient times, this style and today looks stylish and modern.

Beard is a great way to express your individuality and emphasize masculinity. A properly selected bristle haircut guarantees you increased attention to the weaker sex, no matter where you appear!

How to choose a suitable form?

Unfortunately, there is no beard haircut that will suit every man - an individual approach is needed. Correctly decorated beard will decorate your image, hide imperfections (full cheeks, scars, scars). Therefore, choosing a haircut, pay attention to the following factors:

  • Hair type and color - thick dark facial hair should not be too voluminous. Otherwise, it will be too sharp contrast with the skin. But a red or light beard will benefit from additional pomp.
  • Male growth - not all consider this item, but in vain. Guys below average height look ridiculous with an overly long beard. Tall men should pay attention to haircuts, providing for a lush and long beard.
  • Face shape - One of the most important criteria when choosing a haircut. Triangular faces require a beard that can balance proportions - a classic long beard will be an excellent choice. Chubby bearded men can bring the shape of the face closer to the ideal one with the help of a beard in the form of a trapezoid connecting the right and left temples. The horseshoe beard or ordinary cans can extend rectangular features. For owners of oval faces there are no restrictions, because this form is considered ideal. As for the square type of face, a small stubble on all faces will smooth out the sharp features.

Variety of beard haircuts

There are many styles of beard, so even for the most captious man there are a couple of variations to his liking.

  • Classic (Russian, full) - the vegetation is preserved almost intact. Suitable for men with naturally thick, thick hair. A big plus model - the ability to change it, adjusting for any type of person.
  • Canadian - fits all men, except chubby (the latest haircut will only give extra volume). Canadian involves merging the mustache and lower part of the beard with a narrow strip of hair on both sides of the mouth.
  • Hollywood beard - Vegetation around the lips and along the edge of the lower jaw. The rest of the hair is completely shaved. The haircut got its name due to its popularity among movie stars (Hugh Jackman, Robert Downey Jr., George Clkni).
  • Balbo - A mix of several models, reminiscent of an inverted "T". Suppose option with a mustache, and without. Haircut is ideal for the correction of square and round face types.
  • Anchor - a cone-shaped beard with a clear contour and a small length of hair. Its original name is due to the similarity with the ship's anchor. Such a model requires strict symmetry and cutting the cone clearly at the level of the chin. Anchor visually pulls the face, so it suits a guy with a round or square face.

A successful beard cut can not only highlight attractive features, but also make a man stand out from the crowd and demonstrate his taste and originality to others.

Medium bristles

A few more days, and on your face will appear bristles of an average length of 3-5 mm. It is very important that she does not look as if you are gone for a week of hard drinking. Remember that cheeks (if there also appear hair) should always be clean shaven at least partially. Otherwise, sexuality turns into carelessness.

Bristle 6-7 mm long. This is not just unshaven, and almost a full beard. Therefore, to care for her is much more difficult than the previous ones. The trimmer comes to the rescue again: every few days trim the stubble, and everything will be fine. Also completely remove the hair that grows above the lower third of the face and that climb on the quadrush.

The perfect beard in the classic sense. To grow such a beard, you need a lot of time and patience. It is better to go on vacation altogether so as not to frighten your friends or colleagues with your strange appearance (especially if you have always been clean shaved).

When the hair grows to the desired length (after 4-5 weeks), it's time to give the beard a regular and beautiful shape. It is best to turn to a professional and sign up for a good barbershop. The master will take into account all your wishes - and the perfect beard is ready!

Hollywood beard

This beard is well advertised by Hollywood stars. The beard covers the lower jaw and chin and necessarily connects with the mustache.

Perhaps one of the most attractive for women of the beard. Of course, if you want to be like a Hollywood star, you need to carefully monitor the beard and go to the hairdresser in time.

Napoleon III

Beard, with which you just will not go unnoticed. We owe this wonderful combination of mustache and beard to the Emperor of France, Charles Louis Napoleon Bonaparte: it was he who introduced the fashion to such original vegetation.

The beard style is named after the 17th century Flemish portrait painter Anthony van Dyke. This is a simple combination of a pointed beard and thin mustache.

The lines of the beard and mustache should be clear, even and neat. It is not easy to follow the vegetation in the style of Van Dyke, but it's worth it.

Sea anchor

The beard runs along the chin line and connects to a small strip under the lower lip. Cheeks and temples should be carefully shaved.

A very unusual kind of beard was named in honor of the Italian military and political leader of the last century, Italo Balbo.

This is a wide beard with “fragments” neatly shaved from two sides and with a base under the lower lip. In addition, you need to leave a neat mustache.

Robert Downey - Jr.


Having decided to grow a beard, you need to find a specialist who will maintain it in the proper form. Beard trimming in the salon is carried out by specially trained professionals who will make the lines neat and well-groomed. By the way, the master beard trimmer is called a barber or a barbershop employee. This is a special male institution of the type of a hairdresser, where it is possible to cut any beard. You can put in order the vegetation on the face and on its own, if you have the necessary skills and abilities.

In any case, the first step is to decide on the shape of the beard, which depends on the type of your face.

Choose exactly your style

In general, individuals are divided according to four types:

The first type is characterized by a wide jaw line and cheekbones. For him, the average length of hair on his face. Vegetation should cover the entire face to smooth out the contours.

The second type is rather angular and assumes a thick beard with rounded edges. Thus, the length of the face is visually reduced.

The third type has round cheeks and an inconspicuous chin. In this case, it is better to wear triangular vegetation, which will make the face longer.

The latter type is universal. Its owners can use any form of vegetation on their chin.

Talk about hairstyles

Haircuts for beard and mustache create a huge variety of hairstyles. It can be classic forms, as well as very bizarre and original, which will distinguish you from the crowd. In order to get the desired result, you can show the master a photo or video with the desired hairstyle. It should be noted that the curly beard creates a clear and smooth lines hairstyle, so it is better to entrust it to the hands of the master.

Before modeling facial hair, consider the following points:

  1. owners of dark hair should give up the voluminous forms,
  2. wide vegetation suitable for fair-haired and red men,
  3. pale complexion eliminates thick and long beard.


This type suggests a short haircut with lengthening on the chin. Under the lower lip is a strip of hair. Similar beard haircuts often include a pencil mustache.

Balbo beard haircuts are characterized by vegetation in the lower jaw. This is accompanied by a mustache, which are separated by a shaved stripe. Type resembles the previous except for the sharp end.

Classic beard, but with a chip: its lower part resembles a French fork with two teeth. Hence the name.

Duck tail

Another kind of classic beard. As you may have guessed, it got its name due to the fact that the lower part looks like a duck's tail. In general, today it is a very, very popular type of beard.

Round beard

A simplified version of the classic beard with a neat round shape. The main advantage is that such a beard does not require complex care: the hair remains round for a rather long time and remains neat.


A small beard, starting under the lower lip and occupying the entire width of the chin. Looks demonic, especially in combination with shaved sideburns.

Hollywood beard

This beard is well advertised by Hollywood stars. The beard covers the lower jaw and chin and necessarily connects with the mustache.

Perhaps one of the most attractive for women of the beard. Of course, if you want to be like a Hollywood star, you need to carefully monitor the beard and go to the hairdresser in time.

Napoleon III

Beard, with which you just will not go unnoticed. We owe this wonderful combination of mustache and beard to the Emperor of France, Charles Louis Napoleon Bonaparte: it was he who introduced the fashion to such original vegetation.

The beard style is named after the 17th century Flemish portrait painter Anthony van Dyke. This is a simple combination of a pointed beard and thin mustache.

The lines of the beard and mustache should be clear, even and neat. It is not easy to follow the vegetation in the style of Van Dyke, but it's worth it.

Sea anchor

The beard runs along the chin line and connects to a small strip under the lower lip. Cheeks and temples should be carefully shaved.

A very unusual kind of beard was named in honor of the Italian military and political leader of the last century, Italo Balbo.

This is a wide beard with “fragments” neatly shaved from two sides and with a base under the lower lip. In addition, you need to leave a neat mustache.

Robert Downey - Jr.

Wide tanks

A style for those who like long and thick sideburns. The chin is always clean, but what to do with the mustache (to shave or not to shave?) - decide for yourself.

It is important that the lower edge of the sideburns clearly coincides with the lower line of the chin.

Accrete wide tanks

A neater and modest version of the previous style. Sideburns are not so thick and end around the middle of the chin. To maintain the desired shape of the sideburns, use a trimmer. The chin, in turn, must be perfectly shaved.

A cool and truly stylish look for a man who likes to attract attention. Verdi is a round beard with partially shaved cheeks and a bushy mustache.

Whiskers go beyond the corners of the mouth no more than 1.5 centimeters, and the length of the beard does not exceed 10 centimeters (measured from the lower lip). Remember: a mustache must be perfect! Well maintained and laid.

The style got its name in honor of Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi, the great Italian composer.

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Wide and thick beard, which is combined with a neat mustache. The case when the beard can be a little tattered and careless. Grow a beard up to 10-15 centimeters, and then slightly round its base.

Old dutchman

Big and lush beard in the style of old school. The style is characterized by the absence of a mustache and a shaved area under the lower lip, and the base of the beard is square.

Eric Bandholz

Thick and long beard, thick and long mustache - this is the style of Bandholz. All you need is just not to shave. Not very, very, very long time to shave. And only sometimes a little trimmed beard and mustache, so that they were cute and tidy.

The style is named after Eric Bandholz, who one day quit his job because the management forbade him to grow a long beard. Today, Eric is the owner of the world-famous men's cosmetics company Beardbrand.


She is known as “Van Dyke” and is very recognizable. Specificity consists in long whiskers, the tips of which are twisted up. From the chin is a strip of hair that comes to the middle of the lower lip.


Only chin area is covered with vegetation. At the same time on the face remains a minimum of hair.

The chin remains completely clean. Before it, vegetation is directed from both sides along the lower face area.

It is considered the easiest option, because it does not require special care. It is only necessary to use a trimmer for cutting. A small layer of vegetation in the form of short hairs will give a well-groomed look.

Do not forget that the presence of facial hair requires constant care. Much better if you never need a haircut for a neglected beard. After all, masculinity and beauty comes only with a well-groomed and neat beard.

Look after your beard and mustache.

It is also worth noting that facial hair makes any person older. Sometimes this is appropriate, but there are times when this effect will not benefit.

Watch the video: The Beard Barber Guide (December 2019).