Hair Dye Revlon Professional Revlonissimo High Coverage 60 ml

Modern girls with the procedure of hair coloring was lucky much more than the older generation. The choice of hair dyes for just a few decades was almost none Women used henna or basma and could not find the individual and desired color. Now shop windows are full of all sorts of dyes. You can create any shade, to realize the most exclusive dream. But, unfortunately, without harm to the hair it is impossible to do. But there is a gentle and soft hair dye “Revlon”. The palette is diverse, each will choose something for themselves.

Professional look

Experienced masters in beauty salons have long been closely acquainted with the Revlon company. It produces great hair dye products. Sparing, without ammonia, permanent, professional paints give hair shine and rich color for many years.

The palette of professional hair dye "Revlon" is simply amazing. At this point, the experts did their best. Even the most capricious client will find what she wants.

Revlon Professional Relvonissimo NMT has a sparing alkaline composition. It is intended for permanent staining in an oxidative manner. The consistency of the gel, which is very convenient for application. But the main plus is that the tool does not cause an allergic reaction. Indeed, many people with sensitive skin can not change their hair color due to itching and flaking after applying the composition. Collagens of polymeric and marine origin protect the hair from damage, drying, tangling. After you leave the salon, you can forget about gray hair for a few weeks. Paint copes with this problem.

It is sold only in the shops of professional comets. The scavenger is not included. It is a pleasure to apply the composition to the hair. It is better to do this with a special brush.

Gray hair is not a problem

"Revlon professional" - hair dye, which solved the problem of gray hair. The dye Revlonissimo High Coverege effectively copes with gray hair, completely painting it. As part of an innovative formula that slows down the aging of hair. Mature women love this series. No advance procedures are required. The barber mixes all the necessary components and applies to the hair. They penetrate the hair structure and linger there. With this tool you can feel twenty years younger. Luxurious deep color, elastic and smooth curls, this is what this professional hair dye “Revlon” will give. The palette of colors will appreciate the variety.

There is something for creative girls. Revlonissimo Cromatics is a dye that provides intense dyeing of individual strands in rich colors without prior clarification. The technology based on liquid crystals allows the pigment to reach the hair structure extremely quickly.

Blonde's dream

It is very hard for “light heads” to choose a hair dye. Some remedies poorly lighten the roots, and the ends become white. Yellowness, fragility, lack of strength and shine - all these are the consequences of clarification!

But there is a solution - Revlonissimo Super Blondes - this is Revlon professional hair dye. The palette of ordinary light-colored paints attracts with a variety, but having tried Super Blondes once, you will remain its fan for many years.

Reviews of blondes with experience say that they have not yet felt a better result than from this dye. Hair stops to break, get a healthy and well-groomed appearance. The color is uniform, monophonic, brightens more than six tones. Many women noted in their reviews that the ratio of quality and price just surprised. Paint "Revlon", in their opinion, is equivalent to premium class cosmetics! The blondes are especially delighted, because the hair after dyeing is filled with force, the effect of "washcloths" is absent.

Color games

Hair dye Revlon is sold in many countries of the world. The palette has thirty-four colors. Blondes and brunettes have plenty to choose from. For business women and romantic natures, natural tones are created: medium gold-brown, champagne blond, medium ash-brown.

And if you want to radically change the image, you can turn to the blue-black, strawberry blond, chestnut-colored mahogany. These are rich shades that will lift your spirits and help you change the image.

Blondes are also provided with a chic assortment: ultra-bright, sunny, blond, ashen, natural, golden. Play with color, change and enjoy a great result! This will help you in this palette of hair dyes "Revlon Color."

Power and strength

Designed paint the best minds of the company. She gives her hair not just a luxurious color, but also a comprehensive care. After its application, the curls are filled with strength, gain a healthy and well-groomed appearance, become elastic and smooth. Vitamin B5, which is part, slows down the aging process of hair, rejuvenates them. Hair is moistened, protected from fragility and external influences.

Present in the composition of horse chestnut extract, seaweed, jojoba. These components give locks strength and brilliance. The complex of vitamins A, B, E moisturizes and restores damaged tips, the section is terminated.

Soft silk

Worldwide known hair dye "Revlon". The palette is diverse, it delights even masters with great experience. If you can not decide on the color, go to a beauty salon. The specialist will select the best shade option for you and perform the procedure according to all the rules. After all, when dyeing hair should strictly follow the attached instructions. This is primarily your safety.

Paint "Revlon" does not cause allergic reactions and itching. Therefore, people with sensitive skin can safely use this product. Judging by the reviews of women who use this tool, the hair becomes healthy and the stated rich color.

The paint is developed at the nano-molecular level, it is a new technology in this industry. It works in two directions at once - color and strength! Even having dyed your hair at home, you feel as if you have just crossed the threshold of an expensive salon! Give your strands bliss and well-groomed appearance!

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