Recommendations for maintaining healthy hair

- Normal type - these are mostly healthy hairs that barely split, easily combed, shimmer in the sun, which indicates proper care of them.

- Dry - hair with split ends, confused, making it difficult to comb, tear and break. As a rule, improper care is the cause of the deterioration of the hair structure.

- Fatty- have a characteristic shine, after a short period of time after the next shampooing look dirty and sloppy. Very often the reason is the consumption of large amounts of unhealthy food (fatty, sweet, fried).

- Mixed type - As a rule, these are long hairs that grow fat at the roots and split at the tips. The ends of such hair do not receive the necessary amount of lubricant in the form of sebum and become split and brittle.

Shampooing: Basic Rules

Washing should be as frequent as your hair needs. If you see that they have lost their freshness, you shouldn’t stand for a certain time. With daily use of various styling products, it is recommended that you wash your head every day, as in this condition they are more prone to breakage. It is recommended to wash hair with warm water, and the fatter they are, the cooler the water should be, but by no means cold. Do not allow residues of detergent on the hair.

Before washing you need to comb well, so the hair will be easier to comb after washing. It is not recommended to comb hair that is still wet, it is better to wait for at least partial drying, but if there is such a need, you should use a comb with plastic or wooden teeth. Moreover, short hair must be combed from the roots, and long - starting from the tips, gradually moving to the roots.

What shampoo to choose?

When buying shampoo, choose the one that suits your hair type, carefully read everything that is written on the label. Evidence that the shampoo suits you will be a healthy hair shine, easy combing, obedience, a feeling of lightness, cleanliness and freshness on the head. Along with the shampoo, you should also get a rinse, it will make hair softer, especially in conditions of washing with hard water.

Health follicle hair

Monitor the state of the body. Proper lifestyle, a balanced diet, taking vitamins will help preserve the beauty and health of your hair. Vitamins A in carrots, peppers, and pumpkin are the most beneficial vitamins found in fruits and vegetables; they protect against hair loss; nuts and cabbage are rich in B vitamins for growth and shine; vitamin C nourishes hair follicles. Unfortunately, all these products are seasonal, and the hair often begins to fade, becomes dry in the winter, when vitamins are difficult to obtain naturally. In this case, take special medications. Company Specialists have developed a vitamin and mineral complex. The structure includes 18 components that stimulate the growth of new hair and strengthen the roots of existing ones.

Control the number of hairs falling out. A daily loss of 50-100 is considered normal, if you lose more - a serious reason to think. The cause of intensive loss can be stresses, injuries or diseases of the body, medication, malnutrition, chemical damage, genetic predisposition.

Men more often than women are prone to baldness. This is due to the feature of the hair follicles, the excess content of the male hormone.

Get high-quality cosmetics for care. First of all, determine your hair type: normal, oily, dry, mixed (oily at the roots, dry at the ends). Their condition may change under the influence of factors - climate change, disease. Depending on the type, you should choose a suitable shampoo for washing.

  • Use shampoo and masks for normal hair several times a week or as needed.
  • Oily hair care requires daily washing with a special agent, once a week with shampoo for deep cleaning. Proper nutrition with the restriction of carbohydrate intake, oily, salty refers to the comprehensive care of oily hair.
  • To dry hair with split ends should be treated with particular care. The care products are moisturizing, non-silicone. Try to limit the effects of high temperatures when styling your hair, and if possible avoid dyeing and chemical perm.
  • When mixed type, wash your head every 2-3 days with shampoo for normal or mixed hair, apply balms and masks without silicone, avoiding application to the roots.

If you find it difficult to determine the type yourself, use the online diagnostics on the website

Ventilate your hair. Constant wearing of a wig or chignon, tight caps and hats pinch blood vessels, which leads to a decrease in the supply to the hair follicles. Another negative factor is obstructed ventilation under the headdress: the condition of the scalp deteriorates, strands become greasy.

Improving blood circulation will help combing hair with a quality brush or head massage. Get a comb: it is better from natural materials with not sharp bristles and teeth. Massage with a brush or fingertips from the hairline to the top of the head. At home, try to keep them loose.

Do your hair carefully. Try to limit the tension in the formation of braids and tails on long hair. Use metal studs and invisible beware carefully. Tightening and combing hairstyles impairs blood supply, leads to hair loss and early baldness.

How to prevent hair diseases

Hair diseases: dandruff, baldness, seborrhea, gray hair, cross-section - they all have consequences for the condition of the hairstyle. Seborrhea is a disease of the scalp, dandruff leads to inflammation and itching, the result is always the same - the hair follicles die and the strands fall out. The section is explained by the different structure of the hair at the root and closer to the tip. Such hair is often dry, thin, hard, easily confused, pulled out when combing, look careless.

Prevent hair disease and keep it easy: just follow some care tips.

1. Discard staining. After use of paint requires additional care. If your hair is lifeless and dull, then a new bright color will solve the problem only temporarily, but it will not eliminate the cause of the disease.

2. Limit the use of styling tools. In case of hair disease, the additional exposure to high temperatures during blow-drying or curling harms the roots and ends. Try to dry your head in a natural way, or use thermal protection when laying.

3. Make homemade masks. For dry dandruff, prepare a homemade mask of 2 raw egg yolks and juice of half a lemon. Apply for half an hour, then rinse without shampoo. Lemon juice copes with oily dandruff: squeeze a lemon, dissolve in water 1: 1 and rub into the scalp. After 20 minutes, wash your hair.

From the split ends will help dairy products. Apply yogurt or kefir along the length of the hair, soaking the ends, wrap the head with a film and warm with a towel. After an hour, rinse with shampoo and rinse with diluted lemon juice.

4. Regularly visit hair specialists. Every 1-2 months, trim the ends at the hairdresser, even if you grow the length. If it is not possible to cure the disease yourself, consult a trichologist.

5. Use professional hair care products. Alopecia stops the medical drug Minoxidil, which effectively fights hair loss. In the series fundsAleranapresented sprays with 2% and 5% content of this active ingredient. The tool helps to strengthen the roots, improves blood circulation of the scalp, which causes the growth of new strong hairs.

For the prevention of diseases in the series ALAERANA released shampoos, masks and rinses for all hair typeswhich provide care, nourish the scalp and maintain its acid-base balance, stimulate hair growth. The composition of the funds include natural ingredients and provitamins, which strengthen the hair from the inside and outside.

Expert opinion

“It affects the health of your hair, including how well you eat: do not forget to eat more fruits, we all lack alkaline foods. Drink more water (it is advisable to choose the one that is sold in glass bottles). Alcohol can be consumed, but only, of course, in moderation! And it is better to give preference to red dry wines, excluding sweet varieties.

By the way, lovers of foie gras should think about it, because the duck's liver is very toxic, it is “torn” to such size is clearly not your own. Therefore, do not abuse this dish and periodically arrange yourself a detox. "

Healthy hair. How to keep hair beautiful

It is believed that frequent hair cutting makes them healthier and also makes them grow faster. This is nothing more than a myth. Haircut only makes it shorter, without affecting future length. The potential length and thickness of the hair depends on the state of their roots, which is mostly laid genetically and does not depend on outside intervention. In addition, in fact, the hair can not be neither healthy nor sick, because they are generally non-living. Good looking hair is determined by healthy hair follicles under the surface of the skin. Therefore, it is the nutrition of the follicles that leads to an improvement in the appearance of the hair. So, if your hair ends are not damaged, then the only reason for hair cutting should be your desire to look different.

Rules for improving the appearance of hair

There are a few simple rules to follow in order not to damage the follicles and improve the appearance of the hair:

  • Take a multi-vitamin with minerals daily. Most of all, your hair needs zinc and biotin.
  • You should not comb your hair with a comb for too long or hard to avoid damaging the follicles. Brush your hair as much as you need to get your hair done. Hair brush with natural bristles can be combed longer.
  • Buy combs and hair brushes of good quality, without sharp plastic or metal teeth. Sharp teeth is one of the main reasons for the appearance of split hair.
  • Do not save on your health, buy products for good quality hair. The chemicals used in most cheap shampoos and conditioners, even those produced by very well-known companies, contain very caustic ingredients, such as, for example, ammonium sulfate, which excessively dry hair and scalp, damage follicles and make hair brittle.
  • Do not overly hair with hairpins, rubber bands, etc.

Using our hair care tips, you will stop worrying about the unsightly condition of your hair and hit everyone with your luxurious hair.

Split ends. Hair tips split

The structure of the weakened hair on the tips is different from the roots. The scaly layer at the base consists of 6-10 "bricks", and at the tip of them there are 2-3. From that hair and chipped.

What to do? To help the intersecting tips come up with special tools (conditioners and balsams). Enveloping the hair, they glue the "bricks", as if thickening scaly coating. Rinse hair with cool water only. Dry in the direction of growth.

Static hair electricity

In general, owners of dry and normal hair face static electric. Woolen hats are to blame, dry air in the rooms and constant temperature drops (from the cold - into the room, then outside again).

What to do? To remove static electricity, use air conditioners. Switch to combs from wood or antistatic plastic and brushes with natural hair.

Causes of dandruff

Scientists have shown that dandruff appears most often in early spring. Unlike seborrhea, the appearance of dandruff is not primarily due to skin problems, but to a lack of oxygen (woolen hats, dry air due to air conditioners, office work from morning till dark - where is the fresh air to come from?) hormonal disorders, stress, overwork, climate change, unbalanced diet (eating large amounts of carbohydrates, rough fats, hot spices) and other factors contribute to dandruff.

Recently, doctors and cosmetologists are inclined to believe that dandruff is caused by the microorganism Pityrosparum Ovale, which lives on the scalp. Its excess amount accelerates the process of skin renewal, that is, rejection of dead skin scales. The cells are peeled off before the completion of their natural life cycle. They do not have time to completely dehydrate and stick together, forming dandruff.

Protect hair from ultraviolet rays.

The sun has on hair adverse effect. Particularly affected dyed hair. Long-term exposure to sunlight dries them, making them more brittle and dull. Therefore, in order not to face such a problem, it is recommended to use special conditioners and wear a hat.

Buy suitable shampoo

Choose shampoo you need it for your hair type. In this case, the price of the funds does not matter at all. Not the fact that expensive shampoo will help solve the problem. After a large amount of research, scientists concluded that sometimes cheap shampoo gives the best result. The main thing is that the type is suitable for your hair.

Avoid hairstyles that damage hair

Different hairstyles in the form of braids and ponytails are a serious strain for hair. They damage not only the hair, but also the hair follicle. In addition, it is worth remembering that wet hair break much more than dry. Therefore, you should not do hair on wet hair. Experts recommend walking with pigtails for a maximum of 3 months.

Do not follow strict diets

With a sharp weight loss, the body loses important nutrients, such as:

The lack of these substances leads to the fact that the hair becomes brittle and noticeably thin. Therefore, you should not resort to rigid diets, as a result of which the weight quickly goes away.

Oil does not cure dandruff

Many believe that dandruff associated with dry skin, and begin to actively use various oils. This is a misconception. Dandruff is a disease that is accompanied by an inflammatory process. For treatment there are lots of special medical shampoos. After use, wash your hair thoroughly. Oil will not help get rid of dandruff, but only spoil the appearance of hair.

Use protein conditioners

After various styling, curls and coloring, the outer layer of the hair is destroyed. For this reason, split ends appear. To deal with this problem today is not difficult. There are enough special tools. Get rid of split ends will help conditioners with protein content, which can be used continuously.

Try to brush less

Hair loss is a normal process. In one day a person can lose 50 - 100 hairs.As a rule, those hairs that have stopped growing and are in a state of rest begin to fall out. With frequent brushing, more hair falls out. To reduce hair loss to a minimum, you should use a comb, at the ends of which there are balls. Also, do not comb wet hair.

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