Means for oily hair ESTEL PROFESSIONAL

Every fifth inhabitant of the planet faces the problem of greasy hair. Rapid contamination, lipid imbalance leads to deterioration of the strands. Purification is a basic procedure that allows you to improve the appearance, affect the intracellular processes. Estelle Shampoo for oily hair (Otium Butterfly Air) refers to professional hair care products that are prone to fat.

How shampoo works

In the laboratory of cosmetic brand Estel have developed a unique formula for the normalization of the state of curls with enhanced secretion of sebaceous secretions. Balanced composition contributes to a mild cleansing, lipid level control. The absence of aggressive components does not irritate the scalp, thereby stabilizing the work of the glands. The peculiarity of the professional tool is the normalization of the follicle state.

Shampoo components penetrate deep into the hair follicles - strengthen, nourish, saturate with useful elements, restore hydrobalance. As a result of soft cleansing, the stem structure is preserved, the strands are protected from UV exposure, mechanical damage.

Complex Butterfly gives curls volume and lightness. The formula contains condensing substances, therefore the effect of electrification is excluded. The shampoo is versatile, suitable for both fine hair and curly hair. Its main task is to give a luxurious look, strengthen the stem structure, restore a healthy shine. Through regular use, it is possible to reduce the frequency of cleansing procedures. Curls become strong elastic, easy to comb, keep the shape.

Note, Estel professional products feature - an integrated approach to the care of strands.

The use of shampoo will reduce the synthesis of sebaceous secretions, restore the pH of the scalp. Effectively removes sebum, dead skin cells, and residues of styling agents. Strands are washed to squeak. The well-groomed look of lush shiny curls persists for several days.

The composition of the shampoo includes:

  • coconut oil cleaner
  • rapeseed oil emulsifier,
  • sodium salt,
  • coconut fatty acids,
  • water-enriched cellulose molecules,
  • panthenol (provitamin B5),
  • lemon extract.

Professional tool contains a high number of active elements. The formula allows you to remove the remnants of styling products, greasy secret, without damaging the delicate skin and hair cuticle.

Indications for use

Shampoo should be used for such problems with hair:

  • increased hair greasiness
  • dull, brittle strands,
  • lack of volume.

Shampoo should be used if the hair is constantly exposed to negative aggressive effects of the environment, as well as with regular use of varnishes, foams, mousses.

You can buy Otium Butterfly Air shampoo (250 ml) for 395 rubles. The bottle is equipped with a convenient dispenser that allows you to save money. For thick long hair, 5 ml per application is enough.


Contraindications for the use of professional tools:

  • dry strands
  • dandruff,
  • irritated scalp.

Cosmetic product solves only the problems of oily hair type. The presence of preservatives and parabens in rare cases can lead to the development of an allergic reaction.

Instructions for use

Rules for use of shampoo Otium Butterfly Air:

  1. Use exclusively for oily hair.
  2. Strands thoroughly wet with warm water - too hot / cold causes an active synthesis of sebum.
  3. Measure out a small amount of shampoo (up to 5 ml), lather well in the palms.
  4. Spread evenly at the roots and on the main part of the hair, massage for 3-5 minutes. The product is not applied to dry, damaged tips!
  5. Rinse with running water, repeat the procedure if necessary.
  6. Soak a towel on the main part and tips, distribute the balm of the same series.
  7. Use up to 2–4 times a week.

Attention! It is recommended to use for washing regardless of the season. In the summer, the active components protect the curls from exposure to ultraviolet radiation; in the winter, they prevent electrification of the strands.

Result of application

Thanks to a mild cleansing, Estel shampoo eliminates excessive fat, provides volume and shine. Visibly reduces the production of sebum, restores the structure of curls. The use of a cosmetic product helps to preserve moisture, prevents the separation of the keratin coating.

Effect after shampooing:

  • normalization of the sebaceous glands,
  • deep cleansing of the scalp, hair trunks,
  • moisturizing to the tips
  • protection against aggressive environmental factors,
  • volume,
  • ease of combing,
  • healthy shine

Impeccable cleansing curls, restoring the pH of the scalp helps the hair to maintain a well-groomed appearance for a long time. Mirror gloss over the entire length and resuscitation of the porous cuticle will be appreciated by the owners of long hair. As a result, the curls become perfectly clean, due to the mild dissolution of sebum. Moisturizing to the tips prevents tangling and fragility. Elastic barrels are protected from damage during combing, use of hair dryer, irons.

Advantages and disadvantages

As with any tool, Estel shampoo has its positive and negative sides.


  • Restore the pH of the scalp.
  • Mild cleansing to the tips.
  • Regulation of sebum production.
  • Elimination of the static effect.
  • Economical consumption.
  • Foams well.
  • As a result, the curls are healthy and shiny.


  • With prolonged use, the effect of addiction may occur.
  • Shampoo is not universal, designed exclusively for oily hair.
  • Does not solve the problem of loss, dandruff, dryness.
  • Parabens and preservatives sometimes cause allergic reactions.

Estel shampoo for oily hair provides optimal care, gives splendor, restores shine. After the first application, the volume appears, the curls shine, easy to lay. An excellent tool for regular cleansing and healing hair with increased synthesis of sebaceous secretions. As a result, the flawless look of curls pleases with strength and silkiness.

Useful videos

How to pick up shampoo.

How to get rid of oily hair.


Keratin hair mask ESTEL KERATIN - home care prolongs the keratinization effect of hair, achieved during the ESTEL THERMOKERATIN procedure. How to use: Apply the mask to clean, damp hair, massaging evenly over the entire length. Leave on 5-10.

Complete solution

In the Este Otium series, in addition to dandruff shampoo, there is also Estel Otium Unique toning spray with natural ingredients. To achieve the maximum effect, experts recommend using both tools in a complex. Their action is aimed at complex cleansing of the scalp from the products of the activity of the sebaceous glands, elimination of excessive flaking and itching, as well as strengthening the hair follicles, due to which the hair falls out much less.

The principle of operation of this complex for hair consists of two main stages. First, the shampoo scrub removes dandruff and prevents its further appearance, and thanks to a two-phase spray, the hair looks shiny and healthy, and the hairstyle is neat.

The main active ingredients in the property of both shampoos are the same:

  • Allantoin It has bactericidal, peeling, antioxidant and conditioning properties. Effectively soothes irritated scalp, takes part in cell regeneration.
  • Zinc possesses bactericidal and fungicidal (antifungal) effects. It is widely used in dandruff remedies.
  • Piroctone olamine - active, practically non-toxic component of dandruff. It has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal and bactericidal action. Included in many shampoos, sprays and conditioners for dandruff.

Additionally, the composition contains common standard cleansing and emollients. The full list can be seen in the photo below:

Estel Professional Beauty Hair Lab 61 Sebo Therapy Shampoo

Estel Otium Unique Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Mode of application

Instructions for use are also no different. Each tool is recommended to use until the complete disappearance of dandruff. For best results, dandruff tonic from Estel Otium Unique can be used additionally.

The first visible results from the use of Estel shampoos will be noticeable after 2 weeks. If this does not happen, you should change the shampoo and consult a doctor. Also, the immediate cessation of the use of shampoo require cases of manifestation of an allergic reaction to the components of this tool.

Among the contraindications emit already noted allergic reaction, the presence of bronchial asthma and age under 18 years.

A brighter result can be seen if you combine hair care with the help of Estel salon products with proper nutrition and general body strengthening from the inside. Thanks to this you will forget what itchy, flaky and oily shine hair. Dormant hair follicles will move into a phase of active growth, the structure of the hair will be strengthened, they will become healthy and shiny.

About the manufacturer

Estel Professional is a brand of the Russian company Unicosmetics, which began its existence in the 2000th year. Since then, it has become known throughout the world, especially in the CIS and Baltic countries.

Among the products from the Estel brand, you can find products not only for dandruff, but also intended for oily, curly, long, damaged, unruly and other hair types in the form of shampoos, balms, masks, foams, mousses, sprays and other products. Thanks to this variety of products, almost every buyer will be able to choose a product to suit the individual needs of his body.

Estel Otium Unique Shampoo is supplied in 250 ml plastic bottles. The average price ranges from $ 3.5 to $ 5.5, which is actually cheaper than similar professional cosmetics from many other well-known brands. For example, Dixidox de Luxe dandruff shampoo (DSD de Luxe) costs about $ 30 for about the same amount.

Estel Beauty Hair Lab 61 Sebo Therapy Shampoo is also sold in the same volume (250 ml), but its price is 20-30 percent higher. Also on sale to find it more difficult. Given the almost identical composition, it makes no sense to give him an advantage over Estel Otium Unique.

After analyzing reviews about the means of dandruff from Estel, in particular this shampoo, on the most popular sites, the following conclusions are suggested - despite the fact that this product is professional, the effect still depends on the characteristics of each particular case.

Therefore, if it is important first of all to get rid of dandruff, and not general hair improvement, or you are not ready to buy cosmetics of the average price category and expect a guaranteed effect, it is still better to give preference to pharmacy shampoos for dandruff.

But if there is an opportunity, then of course it is worth trying the shampoo and other means of the Otium Unique series, since Estel Professional is a well-known company that has gained a good reputation in the cosmetic market among professionals and ordinary consumers due to its quality products. In addition, the vast majority of reviews of people who treated dandruff with this shampoo are positive, and this is not so often among the products in this category.

What are the benefits of shampoo from oily hair?

These tools deeply clean the hair, nourish the scalp and strengthen the hair, but most importantly - remove sebum. This is what most shampoos against greasy hair are aimed at. Nevertheless, you shouldn't wash your hair too often, because then the skin dries, and the sebaceous glands secrete even more secretion.

One of the most effective and popular shampoos is Estel.

Estel Product Description

The feedback is mostly positive, but there are also complaints - someone does not fit because it does not add volume, for someone it dries the hair and scalp too much, some people didn’t like the composition. We now also will sort it.

  1. Water.
  2. SLS (sulfate). SLS fights mud - effectively but aggressively, therefore its presence in second place is undesirable. In addition to dryness, does not bring harm.
  3. DLS (also sulfate) is the safest base, however, like the following components.
  4. Panthenol envelops the hair with a protective film, protecting them from exposure to ultraviolet radiation, and not making it heavier.
  5. Cocamidopropyl betaine - does not allow hair to electrify.

Generally the composition is safe, but there are no healthy supplements such as vitamins, collagen, which is not very good.

Definitely advise those who struggle with oily scalp. + photo

This is my first professional shampoo!
Until recently, the problem of oily scalp was not so acute for me, I washed my head in the evening and calmly walked with a clean head all day, every day I repeated this procedure and it suited me completely. But recently I began to notice that already in the morning my hair, washed from the evening, does not look fresh! To say that I was in shock is to say nothing. The problem was solved this way: I began to wash my hair every morning, but soon the winter and this system does not suit me very much! I began to try shampoos for oily scalp (I didn’t buy them before, I was afraid to dry up the length of hair), including this one.
This is a new series. Estel Otiumshampoo called Butterfly (butterfly) - I was very interested

The shampoo is very interesting and comfortable. packaging, I did not meet the packaging material in a single shampoo (probably, the manufacturer also tears up money for it). Packaging is not slippery, it has a convenient spout, which allows you to save shampoo!

Shampoo crazy it smells good, the smell of some perfumed.
Transparent shampoo (not in the composition of dyes) - I really love transparent shampoos!

Effect on hair:
- shampoo perfectly washes hair
- hair does not dry,
- fat content is normal (my evening and the whole day is all right - as before),
- hair does not confuse, soap, even without balsam - everything was OK,
- hair does not push, well fit
- I can’t say anything about volume - I have volume with any shampoo.

But there is a shampoo and flaw (probably this deficiency in all professional shampoos) is not an ideal composition: SLS and other chemicals take second place. Useful for the hair a little, found only panthenol and then in the middle of the composition!

Shampoo recommend 100%. Asterisk lowered due to the composition!

Dr. Estel products:

- Balm for dry hair,
- Balsam with UV,
- Serum for hair,
- Moisturizing mask,
- Hack vials.

Watch the video: Curly to Straight Hair KERATIN Tutorial A Smooth Fine Natural Hair No More Damage - My Hair (December 2019).