Hair shielding: description of the procedure, photo before and after

You envy supermodels with luxurious, perfectly smooth curls? Do you think their perfect hair condition is a generous gift from Mother Nature? Not at all. Rather, it is the merit of stylists, in whose arsenal there is such a magical tool as shielding hair. By the way, you also have the opportunity to feel like a model and feel the benefits of this procedure even without the help of stylists.

What is hair shielding

Hair shielding is the treatment of hair with special compositions, due to which the strands are covered with a protective film that makes them denser, more voluminous, adds shine and silkiness. This procedure is very similar to lamination of hair, but unlike the latter, shielding provides not only the external effect, but also nourishes the hair from the inside. Professionals advise to combine both procedures to achieve the best result and a more lasting effect.

For hair shielding special tools are used, which include:

  • amino acids - give the curls elasticity and shine,
  • ceramides - help the components of the composition to penetrate deep into the hair,
  • natural plant ingredients - saturate the curls with vitamins and minerals,
  • soy protein - restores damaged hair structure.

All of these substances that make up the means of shielding, acting on the hair outside and inside, make the curls thick, voluminous, shiny and silky. Just like the models from the cover of glossy magazines. Some shielding products also have a coloring effect, so that you can simultaneously get the perfect condition of the hair and a uniform, rich shade.

Hair shielding: how to do

It is no secret that salon procedures are a rather expensive allowance. And since the effect of hair shielding is short-lived, it is doubly offensive to give a considerable amount for not lasting a month. But there is a solution!

Hair shielding can be performed not only in salons, but also at home, if you purchase a special kit for this procedure. The screening kit usually includes a balm / conditioner, a fixing mask and a screening agent directly (oil, spray, etc.). One set is enough for several screening procedures. The most popular brands are Paul Mitchell and Estel. Of course, you can try to use less well-known, but cheaper means. However, the effect of their use may be disappointing.

Stages of screening:

  • My head shampoo.
  • Apply a balm, withstand a couple of minutes and wash off.
  • Slightly dry the hair in a natural way and apply a means of shielding, carefully and evenly distributing the entire length of the hair. Roots are not recommended to be processed to avoid excessive oily hair.
  • After 15-20 minutes (in accordance with the instructions on the package), rinse off the product, dry the hair with a hair dryer and apply a fixing mask.
  • We maintain the allotted time and wash everything thoroughly. Dry hair with a hair dryer and, if necessary, stretch the iron.

Hair shielding: what's the catch?

Despite all the obvious advantages of shielding hair, this procedure has a significant drawback - the result is very short-lived. The effect after shielding evaporates in 2-4 weeks, after which the procedure must be repeated again. Therefore, it is much more profitable to purchase a means of shielding and self-transform into a fashion model. Although the first time it is better to do it in the salon after all, you can see what means the master uses, and at the same time master all the nuances of this procedure.

The second disadvantage of shielding is a possible increase in hair oily content. Some girls noticed that after this procedure, their hair began to grow fat and dirty more quickly. Such a result may be associated with improper application of a shielding agent (oil got to the roots) or the abnormal work of the sebaceous glands of the scalp. Therefore, this procedure is not recommended for girls with high fat hair.

In general, screening is a wonderful procedure that allows you to make your hair shiny and silky in just a few minutes. So stop doubting! It's time to replenish the slender ranks of fashion models with chic curls.

More about hair shielding procedure

Shielding is a special technique that helps the curls return their shine, smoothness and elasticity. Due to the special composition that is applied to the hair, each hair is covered with a thin film, it makes the curls more dense, and also makes it possible to retain moisture in each hair and improve the structure of the curls.

The film is incredibly thin, it is simply impossible to see it on the hairstyle, but the effect of this procedure is immediately noticeable. Many ladies want to learn not only what hair shielding is, but also how long the effect is after applying the composition. There are no exact dates here, everything will depend on how often the girl washes her hair. The coating itself has high strength, with proper care, it will stay on the hairs from two to five weeks. Also it is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of the hair, for example, the type of hair and their structure.

Even if the curls are badly damaged, shielding makes it possible to fill small cracks and cavities that have formed on the surface of each hair. This allows you to align the structure, and in addition to provide additional internal nutrition.

The surface remains protected by a thin shiny film that does not have color. Thanks to this coating, the hairstyle looks smoother and well-groomed, the hair acquires a natural shine, and the color becomes more saturated and bright.

How to prepare

On the Internet you can find many reviews about what this “hair shielding” is, in most cases, the opinions about this technique are quite positive. But there are also reviews that speak negatively about the procedure. Here the problem may lie in the individual characteristics of the hair, incorrectly applied composition, as well as in insufficient preparation of the hair. Immediately it should be said that the composition should be of high quality, if you save on the means, then the result will be short-lived.

Many masters say that cheap cosmetic compositions can not give the effect that give professional tools. In the end, the lady will just waste her time and money. It is also worth remembering that preparation can be very costly, since it will have to additionally buy special funds.

So, first of all get the set itself, if the girl decides to do the procedure yourself. After that, it is important to find shampoo and balm from the same series as the purchased composition. And in order not to waste time searching for individual products, it is best to buy a complete set already, which will include shampoo and balm.

It is also important to use a moisturizing mask, as it will be the final stage in the restoration of hair. In addition to this, the girl should take a large towel and a hairdryer.

Rules of the procedure

We have already talked a little about what this hair shielding is, we can look at the reviews and photos before and after to see the result. Now it is worth more to analyze the process of using such a composition at home.

Stages of hair shielding:

  1. First you need to wash your hair, because the tool can be applied exclusively on clean hair. Any shampoo is used, but if there is such an opportunity, then it is better to take shampoo from the purchased set. Also, any other cleanser that will help you quickly and deeply clean the curls of dirt and sebum.
  2. After that, you can apply a balm, wash it off, and apply a nourishing mask with a moisturizing effect on your hair. This stage is very important, it is strictly forbidden to skip it, otherwise the effect of the procedure will not be noticeable. It is worth mentioning that before using the mask, you need to dry the hair a little, and distribute the composition itself with a comb so that all the hairs are covered with a mask. At this stage, the curls are only blotted with a towel so that water does not drip from them, this will allow the mask to be absorbed better.
  3. Now you can apply to the curls a tool that creates a "mirror screen" on the hair. It is also distributed over the surface of the hair with a comb. It is very important to cover all curls with this composition, otherwise the result will not look attractive. The package will indicate the exposure time, wait a certain amount of time, and then wash off everything with water. Rinse curls must be very carefully. You should not increase the time of exposure of substances to curls, as this will not give the best effect.
  4. Strands are dried with a hairdryer, you must put the device at maximum speed and temperature. After drying, you can cover the surface of the hair with a special fixative, it must be present in the set. It is applied first on all strands separately, and then on the roots and tips. To make the process easier, you should use a comb for this.
  5. The fixer will only act if it is subjected to heat. In the salons do it with different devices, at home you can use a regular hair dryer. Here it is worth considering that the regime should be weak, so that hot air gets on each strand. If you dry the fixative correctly, the result will be very noticeable almost immediately. This process ends. You can re-brush the curls, and look at the finished result. For ladies who do not know what it is hair shielding, photos with the results are provided.

Several important nuances:

We have already figured out that this procedure can be easily done at home, it is enough to purchase a special set for screening. For more detailed reviews about what this hair shielding is, check with hairdressers and stylists in a good salon. There are several nuances that should be considered when applying the kit at home:

  1. When a balm is applied to the hair, it will be dried a little. Make it easier with a towel, as this procedure cannot be carried out on wet curls. It is enough to slightly wipe the head with a towel so that no water drips from the tips of the hair. You should not use a hair dryer in this situation, as the device may dry out your hair, which will spoil the result after applying the product. Rub the hair is not worth much, because it can fluff the structure of each hair. Movement should be smooth and careful.
  2. A special tool may have a transparent structure, or a certain color. In the second case, the curls in the process will be additionally painted. Such a substance can also stain the skin, for this reason a fat cream is applied to the forehead and temples line, this will help protect the skin. This procedure is done immediately after application to the length of the balsam. Only after that you can process the hair.
  3. Before you apply the substances from the kit to the curls, you must carefully read the instructions that come with the kit. Each composition is aged on its head for a certain time, and there is no general instruction for their use.
  4. If the girl decides to apply a high-quality professional set, then the substances should not affect the hairstyle too long. It is important to strictly observe the time interval, or the hair will be spoiled. When time runs out, the substance is washed off the hair with a balm. You can find a lot of feedback on how the procedure is performed, and what it is hair shielding with Estelle. If you can, you should use this particular brand, as it relates to the budget, but professional and high-quality line of funds.


Regardless of whether the procedure is performed at home or in the cabin, it has the basic principles and procedures that are carried out during the screening.

  1. Before starting, wash your hair with a special cleansing shampoo that removes excess fat from the scalp and moisturizes it.
  2. Clean hair should be a little dry with a towel. After that, a special screening agent is applied on them. It should be applied with a special brush from the roots to the tips.
  3. Each individual tool has its own instructions, according to which it is necessary to sustain it for a certain time.
  4. After the required time has elapsed, rinse thoroughly with water.
  5. Washed hair should be dried with a hair dryer and apply a strengthening agent on them, spreading it evenly over the entire length.

If the procedure is carried out in a beauty salon, then the stage of drying will be slightly different. The master barber will advise you to dry your hair under special drying, since during the shielding it is recommended to evenly distribute the warm air. With the help of a hair dryer this is difficult to achieve.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of shielding are:

  1. effect on hair at the cellular level, which favorably affects their health,
  2. natural composition of funds
  3. hair becomes smooth, less confused and easier to comb,
  4. with each subsequent procedure, the effect lasts longer
  5. using shielding, you can change the color using special dyes,
  6. hair becomes softer, their fragility and dryness is healed.

Before you decide for yourself whether to use the tools for shining, you should also familiarize yourself with its shortcomings, including:

  • professional screening has a high price
  • the composition of cheaper means include various chemical elements, silicones, flavors,
  • the period of effect is about a month, depending on the quality of the product used.

Studying the pros and cons should also pay attention to contraindications to the use of this cosmetic procedure. Keep from holding it better for girls who have:

  1. by nature, long and thick hair, the effect will be subtle,
  2. increased fat content
  3. wounds and injuries, diseases of the scalp,
  4. allergic to any of the components of the composition of the product,
  5. tendency to baldness.

The total price depends on many factors: on the venue (salon or at home), the manufacturer and brand of the medicinal product, on the qualification of the master hairdresser, on the length and density. On average, it varies from 1,000 to 3,000 rubles.

How to make shining at home

Screening is a simple and accessible procedure; it does not require additional skills or knowledge. It can be held at home. For this
will need:

  • a set of special tools (air conditioning, oil for shielding and fixing),
  • warm water
  • some dry towels,
  • hair dryer and comb.

Two weeks before the procedure, you need to prepare your hair: get rid of dry ends, to restore their structure as much as possible using homemade masks and oils.

Before shielding, you need to carefully study the instructions to the tool, paying attention to the order of application of all the oils, the time they are held on the hair. After that, you can proceed directly to the procedure, which is no different from the general technology. Apply shining oil to washed and towel-dried hair. After some time, they are re-washed and the effect is fixed with a special oil. The procedure is recommended to be carried out several times a month.

Overview of Home Screening Tools

Choosing a tool for shayng, you need to pay attention to its price and composition. The modern cosmetology industry offers a wide range of products, among which the most popular are:

  1. Kemon. Very popular with many hairdressers. The kit includes several products: a smoothing cream, a neutralizer, a cream-conditioner based on oils for fixing and a regenerating vitamin complex Keratin Plus. Price ranges from 3 000 rubles.
  2. Q3 Therapy Estel. In the product line there are separate products for fair-haired and dark-haired girls, which differ slightly in composition. The set includes two oils, cleansing shampoo, fixing conditioner. Price - from 2000 rubles.
  3. Paul Mitchel. Manufacturers of this series of products produce two main lines: for colorless shielding and color. The main difference is that the color kit contains a dye shielding oil. Price sets - from 2500 rubles.

You can buy screening kits in specialized stores or on the official websites of manufacturers of products.

Differences from lamination

As a result of both procedures, a dense protective film is formed around the hair, which gives it elasticity and shine. But lamination implies an effect only on the external surface, without affecting its internal structure. Escaping acts at the cellular level, penetrates deep into each hair, nourishes it from the inside. Therefore, it is recognized not just a cosmetic, but a medical procedure.

Care after the procedure

The duration of the effect of shielding is from 1 to 2 weeks. With each subsequent procedure, the period of this time increases, its healing effect is cumulative.

To make your hair longer have advertising gloss and thickness, you need to follow some care tips:

  • pick up shampoo without alkali and silicates,
  • after washing the head use vitamin balm,
  • limit the use of hair dryers, irons and ploek. If such a need arises, then you need to use thermal protection.

Following these tips helps fix the resulting effect for more than 2 weeks.

Should I do hair shielding?

Escaping is a procedure that allows you to restore damaged parts of the strands in a few minutes and return the lost beauty and health to your hair. Unlike other cosmetic procedures, screening has a healing effect. The active ingredients of drugs penetrate into the hair, restoring damage. At the same time the protective top layer of hair is not broken.

The result is noticeable after the first procedure. Shielding provides instant recovery and protection of curls from the negative effects of various external factors.

Before deciding in favor of this procedure, you should learn about the shortcomings that are peculiar to it. First, after shielding, the hair becomes heavy due to the formation of a screen film. Secondly, such a procedure provides only a short-term effect. Third, when using high-quality drugs, screening will be expensive.

It is also worth considering that this procedure has some contraindications. It should not be done with alopecia, with individual intolerance to the components, as well as with wounds and other injuries on the scalp.

How is hair shielding done?

This procedure is performed both in beauty salons and independently at home. In the salon, a hairdresser first selects a suitable set of hair restoration products. Such funds should:

  • provide moisture
  • align the cuticle
  • saturate hair with healthy ingredients
  • regenerate the broken structure,
  • wrap each hair with a screen film to protect against the negative effects of external factors,
  • add shine to the strands.

After the complex of drugs is selected, the master proceeds to the procedure itself. It consists of several stages:

  • The hair is washed with a special shampoo, which allows the active ingredients of screening products to be better absorbed.
  • The first preparation is applied on the strands (it can be colorless or color the hair).
  • Wait until the components act.
  • Apply the following composition (it can be an oil composition or a special balm).
  • After the time specified in the instruction, it is washed off and the curls are dried.
  • Finally, a third agent is applied, which adds shine and prevents tangling of the strands.

Different manufacturers include different shielding products in such kits.

How to make hair shielding at home?

How to do hair shielding yourself? The procedure is practically no different from the salon. To get the best result, when applying drugs, use a comb. With the help of a comb it will be possible to evenly distribute the composition along the whole length of the strands.

Soak each tool on the hair as much as indicated in the instructions. If the composition is overexposed, it will not improve the result. To wash your hair before the procedure, use a specialized shampoo that deeply cleans.

If you use a color shielding kit, pre-lubricate the skin along the hairline with a greasy cream. Use protective gloves. Otherwise, the color pigment will be difficult to wash off.

For home shielding, use ready-made kits. If you try to replace drugs with cheap analogues or prepare your own composition, the result can be unpredictable. Buy ready-made sets of well-known manufacturers whose products have already managed to establish themselves in this market segment.

In such ready-made kits there is an instruction. Examine her. By following each step indicated in the instructions, you are guaranteed to get a good result.

Hair shielding - how much is enough?

The answer to the question of how much hair shielding keeps depends on the set of drugs used, the characteristics of the hair structure, the frequency of washing the head. On average, the effect lasts for 2 weeks. Estel's preparations provide a lasting effect for up to 3 weeks. After applying the PM kit, the effect lasts up to 1.5 months.

Girls who chose color shielding as a gentle dyeing method are wondering: after such a procedure, how does shielding hair last and how much does the effect last and how quickly does the color wash out? The endurance of the result after color shielding is the same as after transparent. Due to the gentle effect of the coloring composition, it will not be possible to provide a lasting color for a long time. But due to the formation of a screen film, the color is preserved for several weeks.

Such drugs peculiar cumulative effect. And this applies not only to the durability of the result, but also to the improvement of the condition and appearance of the hair.

How often can hair shielding be done?

It is impossible to determine unequivocally how often hair shielding is done in the salon or how often to repeat this procedure at home. The frequency depends on the initial state of the hair. If they are too weak, after the first procedure it can be repeated after 1 week. The minimum course consists of 5 procedures with the same breaks of 1-2 weeks.

If, after this, it seems to you that the condition of the hair is still far from ideal, continue to do the screening with the same frequency. The maximum course includes 10 procedures. After that, you need to take a break. Repeated course spend only six months or more.

Why do we need beauty salons?

All year round, women's hair is adversely affected by the external environment. We use a hair dryer, curling iron and hair curlers, we bathe under the scorching sun and in salty water. It is worth remembering more endless staining, highlighting and coloring. In short, every woman would like to find a universal remedy to combat all problems. For help, we often go to the experts. In particular, we consult with hairdressers and stylists. Why don't we try to deal with problems on our own? It’s just that it’s difficult to achieve an excellent result with your own efforts, and the masters should be responsible for the work and work their money. In addition, we come to the salon for service, good attitude and courteousness. In this atmosphere, each new service will be interesting.

So, hair shielding is a complicated procedure. It should be noted right away that it is not quite reasonable to do it in the cabin just for prevention, since it is expensive for the money. But if you - the unfortunate owner of thin, dry or split ends, then this tool will help you. In fact, hair shielding is the application of a special composition of vitamins, amino acids and soy protein. The tool lays down like a film, but thin and inconspicuous.

It seems that the procedure is almost identical to lamination or keratin straightening. What is the difference between hair shielding? This question and analyze further.

Characteristic differences

Yes, all the above procedures are aimed at the treatment and restoration of hair, but the main difference is the way to influence hair. For example, lamination nourishes the bulb from the outside, but shielding the hair is replenishing it from the inside. Often, craftsmen in salons recommend doing both procedures together - this is a double effect: the preservation of natural moisture and filling scales.

After the procedure, you get healthy shiny hair that gains volume. Even if by nature there was no particularly lush head of hair, a special composition at shielding gives at least 15% of the volume. In addition, the hair becomes docile and smooth, which is important for hairstyles and hair styling. After shielding, you can stack them without any care products. Enough hair dryer and comb. After the procedure, the hair is resistant to external influences. So, you are not afraid of frost and blizzards, sun and temperature drops.

Should I do?

Let's see what is the price of this procedure. Shielding Q3 Therapy hair for short hair will cost about 1500-2500 rubles. By modern standards, it is quite cheap, but I also do not want to give that kind of money for a passing effect. That is why masters lure us with beautiful promises of silky, docile and vitamin-rich hair. It turns out that screening has a cumulative effect, that is, a one-time action is not enough. The more often the procedure is done, the longer the protective film on the hair will hold. An important aspect is the preservation of the coloring pigment. In other words, if you do Q3 Therapy Estel hair shielding immediately after dyeing, then with the care, fix the resulting color, as if soldered. Escaping gives the same notorious glassy shine, which entice the stars of advertising and movies.

Screening types

When you visit a beauty salon, then the choice of procedures can be confused. The same situation with screening. What do you want to do? Normal or color? What's the difference? In principle, the differences are logical. With normal shielding, the film on the hair is transparent and therefore does not change the hair color. Its main function is to give strength, shine and health to the hair. Color shielding means careful painting with a special gentle paint. It does not contain ammonia, hydrogen peroxide and other aggressive compounds. The composition of this paint includes vitamins, lipids and organic natural compounds based on fats. In addition, there are ceramides and amino acids. This composition allows the components to penetrate the inside of the hair, to eliminate brittleness and crackle.

Is there a catch?

Of course, any procedure causes some suspicion, and the client wants to know whether the risk is great and what the consequences may be. There are two main drawbacks - it is fragility and high cost. The first is determined by the condition of the hair. If they are damaged, experience constant exposure to the environment, you dry them with a hair dryer and paint regularly, then the protective film will be absorbed much faster.

Of course, the composition for the salon Estel Q3 hair shielding will be expensive.
Maybe there is a more economical way out? Yes! After all, you can visit the salon, say, once a month, and update the screening at home!

Themselves with a mustache!

In the salon, the procedure takes about two hours. Is it easy to replicate technology at home? We will try to consider the process in more detail. Means for shielding hair at home can be supervised in specialized stores. They are not as cheap as we would like, but under certain conditions you can save. Most often the girls like the Estel hair shielding kit. In it you will find a special shampoo and balm, a mask and a special composition for the procedure, as well as a fixative, gloves and instructions. It is not recommended to chase after profit and prefer unknown producers, because not only the condition of the hair, but also your health is at stake. If you choose Estel products, the set price will be 1300 rubles or even more. Yes, it is not cheap, but the game is worth the candle. True, subject to certain conditions. When is home hair shielding done? The price of the set will be lower than the cost of the procedure in the salon if you have very thick, long or unruly hair.

According to tried

It turns out that it is beneficial for owners of large shovels to do screening at home. The price of a set for them will seem trivial, since the procedure in the salon will cost from 5,000 rubles and more. Mostly shielding is chosen by the ladies who have previously done the lamination - they eventually become too lazy to spend a couple of hours a week at the new stage of the procedure.

Women note that the whipped ends almost immediately disappear, the hair becomes thicker and more voluminous, and a pleasant shine appears. Escaping is a way to care for hair in the conditions of life against the background of constant air pollution. Girls admire when they make the procedure before an important event, for example, before the wedding. In addition, curls easier fit, which allows you to create a virtuoso hairstyle. There are no “cocks” on the head, and the need to use studs and invisible bees almost completely disappears.

Who can not?

Naturally, there are contraindications to the procedure. These include, in particular, alopecia, that is, pathological hair loss. After all, shielding makes hair heavy, which means that people with this problem cannot do it. The risk group also includes women with very long and thick hair, since for them the effect will be minimal.

For people with oily type of scalp is not recommended to do shielding hair "Estelle". The price of the set simply does not justify itself, since the curls will become dirty more quickly, and therefore, you can spend a lot of money on shampoo. Do not experiment with people with problems of the scalp, open wounds or injuries. In addition, there is a risk of individual intolerance to the individual components of the composition.

If there are any contraindications, it is better not to carry out the procedure. After shielding, hair can become very electrified. To minimize this effect, it is recommended to use a balsam conditioner.

Some girls complain that their hair quickly became dirty after Estel hair shielding was done. The price paid for the procedure will be justified in the event that you really have problems, since the effect on the healthy hair is almost not noticeable. The result does not last long, so it is better to do immediately a course of ten to fifteen procedures.Repeat this spa marathon can only be six months later, but this is not necessary to do. Hair after the course requires special care, if, of course, you do not want it to immediately return to its former state.

Wash your head with a special shampoo without alkali. Use a balm, and it is best to choose it in a special store along with a professional. Screening gradually becomes less noticeable, so from time to time you can update it at home. But remember: if you prefer a certain brand, which produces the necessary means for the procedure, it will be reasonable to remain faithful to it in the future.

Benefits of the procedure

If a girl is looking for reviews with a photo of what it is “hair shielding”, then she should read a certain list of positive qualities of this method of restoring the beauty of curls:

  • after applying the composition, the structure of the hairs becomes more dense and healthy. This creates the effect of elasticity and mirror shine, the curls themselves have elasticity and high strength,
  • the hair gets not only beauty and strength, but also additional volume,
  • This procedure is carried out in order to protect the hair from exposure to high temperatures, dry air and cold,
  • shielding is very useful, as it helps to saturate every hair with moisture and useful elements, sealing of split ends also occurs,
  • the composition of this tool has a lot of useful components of natural origin,
  • even natural curls that have not been painted, the film on the surface gives a beautiful and rich tone,
  • when the product is used on an already painted head of hair, the shade of the paint becomes deeper and more vivid.

It is worth noting that the screening has other positive qualities, for example, technology, is very simple to perform, so it can be held at home without certain knowledge. The composition is retained on the surface of each hair from two weeks to one and a half months, depending on the care of the hair. But this tool also has a cumulative effect, for this reason, with each new application of the composition, the film will remain on the head of hair for a longer time.

Disadvantages of hair shielding

Although this method of hair restoration has a lot of certain advantages, it also has some drawbacks. For example, many ladies are looking for an answer to the question of what is “hair shielding”, and what is the price of this procedure. In fact, it is the price that is the main disadvantage, since it can vary from five hundred rubles to three thousand.

Far not all ladies can afford such a price for care, especially considering that the effect can last only a couple of weeks. Also it is necessary to take into account that it will be necessary to update the useful layer on the surface of the hairs at least once a month and a half, therefore it is better to buy a home set.

But even at home, the procedure will cost from a thousand and a half, since one set will have just such a price.

In addition, it is important to note that although this care option helps to make the curls more shiny, even and smooth, the film on the surface additionally weights the hair and also adds density to the hair. For this reason, the curls may become too stiff. Another disadvantage is that the procedure will have to be repeated constantly, as the film will gradually be leached from the surface of the hair.

Are there any contraindications?

Almost any cosmetic procedure can have its own list of certain contraindications. Escaping also has a number of its prohibitions, for example, a girl should refuse to use the composition, with the problem of severe hair loss. The bulbs must be strong to withstand the weight of curls covered with a special compound. If, however, to restore, then the loss will only increase. Also, such a procedure will have to be abandoned by girls with long and thick curls.

It is better not to spend money on the procedure if the scalp secretes an excess amount of sebum. It is dangerous to do the lamination in the case when the lady has skin diseases, as the composition can cause an unexpected skin reaction. It is strictly forbidden to apply the composition when there are open wounds or injuries on the scalp.

Hair Screening Reviews

Victoria, 31 years old

In my opinion, this procedure is just a salvation. Hair for a couple of hours can lead to a perfectly groomed mind at home, which, as for me, the most important thing. You can do without visiting hairdressing and home to achieve a salon effect on the type of lamination and keratinization, and it will come out not so expensive!

The first time I was screened in the cabin. I paid about 2.5 thousand, but the cosmetics there was expensive, and the hairdresser was a professional. We lingered for a long time, just an hour and a half passed, and I liked the procedure - there was no discomfort, my scalp didn’t burn, burned, I didn’t have any hair loss afterwards, and even the smell of the products was barely noticeable, disappeared from the hair for a couple of hours. Hair after shielding was simply gorgeous - as if it had become twice as thick, so heavy, elastic, shone simply unimaginable, and combing was easier than light, plus even after the wind the hairstyle held hair to a hair. The hair was not tangled and no tangles appeared. Alas, the happiness did not last long, after 2 months the effect went into decline. The master advised to take Estelle funds for the home version of the procedure, so as not to spend so much money again. It was twice cheaper, but I did not like anything. Everything in the set smelled very strong and caustic, despite the fact that I did everything according to the instructions, the effect did not meet expectations. Yes, the hair glistened, but I never achieved such silky smoothness, plus after a couple of weeks even this effect disappeared. There is only one conclusion - it is better not to spare money and to do screening in the cabin, than to let money down the drain, trying to save money.

It has long dreamed of making hair shielding. Of course, worried about the result, since the service is not cheap. My husband helped me to make my dream come true - he presented a certificate for receiving this service. Not at all sorry. Hair seemed to be "alive." Appeared additional volume and mirror shine. My effect lasted for about 2 months. I advise everyone!

Margarita, 35 years old

Hair shielding is just a miracle you could think of. Thanks to this procedure, the hair returns shine, smoothness and elasticity. The effect is noticeable after the first session, and lasts for a long time, up to five weeks. It has a huge number of advantages, because after applying the hair is dense and healthy, an incredible volume appears, the split ends of the hairs disappear, and in my case the colored hair has become more saturated than they were before this beautiful procedure. The most important thing is that the procedure is quite affordable for everyone, and if you wish, you can buy a home set and make it yourself, or even make additional income out of it, the main thing is to buy quality material that will last a long time on your hair. Just do not forget that there are contraindications, such as refusal of the procedure, if the bulbs are weakened, those who have long and thick hair. This article allows us to find out about the stages of the process, what we need to know when conducting on our own and to know if we are doing this procedure correctly in the salon. For example, you need to remember that the procedure is performed only on clean hair, you need a mask to moisturize the hair, a special tool for the mirror effect, drying with a hair dryer and applying a special fixer that is in the set, it will work only if it is heated, if you use a hair dryer , then the regime must be weak to get on every hair. All hair shielding is finished.

Did shielding hair once. Honestly, I was surprised and did not expect such an excellent result. I thought that the hair would not be different from a simple shampooing with a good shampoo. I will do the procedure again soon, I want to further improve my hair.

I have already done screening several times, this should be done once a month, because longer it does not hold! But the effect surpassed all my expectations, my hair really looked healthy, stopped tangling, the tips also did not stick in different directions! In general, a cool thing, it is a pity that you need to do often!

Evgenia, 34 years old

The procedure for shielding hair is a godsend for a modern girl nowadays. I am glad that in addition to various coloring techniques, such hair care procedures also appear. I, as the owner of slightly curly hair, was forced to use a flat iron every day to straighten them, which naturally led to a deterioration of the hair. And plus with high humidity on the street, hair turned into fluff. Having done the shielding, I forget about straightening for a long time and don’t pay attention to the rain at all, my hair is always smooth, even and shiny. The only negative is a bit high price, always doing in the cabin with quality tools. But the effect is worth it.

Advantages and disadvantages of hair shielding: effective, but not for long.

Screeninghair is a therapeutic care that provides a fairly deep penetration of the ingredients of the internal structure of the hair. After the procedure, a protective screen is formed on the surface of the hair - hence the name of this hairdresser's service.

Hair shielding, as well as lamination, can be transparent and colored, that is, in the second case it is necessary to additionally dye the hair in the desired shade. There is also an opinion among hairdressers that in order to achieve maximum treatment results, it is optimal to combine hair shielding with lamination - this gives hair double protection. The need for such a complex of services, however, is determined individually in the discussion with the master.

Advantages of hair shielding

In the process of shielding hair, they are covered with a protective film, which additionally provides a cosmetic effect - the hair becomes glossy, the hairstyle after shielding takes on a healthy shine and well-groomed appearance. It is important that this procedure provides nourishment to the hair, not to mention moisturizing and protecting against harmful environmental factors. Hair screening shows a cumulative effect: the more procedures you have done - the more pronounced and lasting the effect will be. It is also important that this procedure does not take much time - it can be performed, say, during the lunch break.

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Hair shielding: to whom benefit, and to whom harm

Hair shielding will help first of all for those

  • Damaged (split, thin, dry and brittle) hair: in this case, shielding the hair acts as a medical procedure.
  • Hair subject to frequent exposure to hair dryers, forceps and irons.
  • Hair affected by dyeing procedures, or straightening a perm.
  • Dim, faded, lifeless hair.

From time to time it is worthwhile to carry out shielding even on healthy hair - as protection against aggressive effects from the environment (ultraviolet radiation, temperature changes, dry air, frosts of wind, sea water, etc.

Unfortunately, this procedure is not universal and imperfect: hair shielding is not suitable for hair loss or baldness, especially since hair after such treatment becomes heavy. For the same reason, it is not very good to reflect on long, thick and thick hair, although it is not worth getting upset about this: the effect of shielding on healthy hair will be almost imperceptible. Since after the procedure, the hair is significantly moisturized, it is not necessary to carry out screening if you have oily hair or oily scalp.

Of course, this procedure is strictly contraindicated in case of dermatological and trichological diseases, injuries and scalp injuries, as well as allergies to the components that make up hair shielding preparations.

Hair shielding products

In the formulas of cosmetics for hair shielding, manufacturers introduce various amino acids (or whole soy protein), vegetable oils (for example, argan) containing omega-6 acids, as well as various natural substances. The effect of hair shielding drugs appears approximately along the same lines as during lamination: after the cuticle treatment, a protective film of oils is formed, which evens and protects the hair structure. The cuticle becomes smoother, so the more damaged the hair, the more noticeable the effect of the treatment. Among other things, the hair is moistened, replenish receive nutrients that go inside and "sealed" there, restoring their structure.

The most popular masters of such drugs for shielding hair, as "color shielding" production Paul Mitchell (USA). Somewhat cheaper will cost products and Clear shine (USA), however the most economical option is the series Q3 Blond and Q3 Therapy from Estel Professional (RF). Although if you take into account the fact that the cheaper the product is, the less its effect is on the hair, then choosing a cheap drug will hardly save you. However, some of the series for hair shielding can be tried at home by yourself.

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Hair shielding procedure

The process takes place in several stages and can vary, as each manufacturer uses its own technology and gives its own protocol for the procedure. Proper hair care after shielding is very important. Follow the two key rules so that shielding lasts on hair as long as possible. First, you should use only shampoos without alkali. And secondly, after washing the head, so that the hair is not electrified, it is necessary to use a balm conditioner suitable for your hair type.

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The differences of shielding from lamination

  • Screening improves not only the appearance, but also the quality of the hair. The procedure has a pronounced healing effect.
  • Lamination involves applying to the hair of one substance, while the shielding is performed in three stages.

Advantages and disadvantages of hair shielding procedure

The salon procedure so popular with beauties has a number of indisputable advantages:

  1. the protective film protects the hair from the harmful effects of UV radiation, strong wind and sea water,
  2. hair becomes healthy, noticeably thicker, intense luster appears,
  3. shielding helps solve the problem of cross-section and brittle hair,
  4. protective film facilitates styling, prevents tangling and minimizes fluffiness,
  5. The preparations for screening include natural oils and plant extracts,
  6. color shielding allows you to get a new bright shade without harm to the hair.

The effect of professionally executed salon screening is certainly amazing, but it is worth noting some limitations popular procedure:

  1. the effect is short-lived: as a rule, to maintain the result, it is worth resorting to the wizard’s services once in 1-1.5 months,
  2. In the compositions of some products for shielding silicones are present,
  3. The procedure is not suitable for oily hair and has a number of contraindications.

Should I pamper hair shielding: indications and contraindications

The shielding helps to restore weak and damaged hair, and is also an excellent protection against the scorching sun during the summer holidays. Salon procedure will be extremely useful if your hair:

  1. lack of volume
  2. dry, dehydrated and dull,
  3. damaged by thermal layers, perm and aggressive colors,
  4. capricious and disobedient, difficult to style and confused,
  5. badly tolerate exposure to the southern sun and salt water.

It is important to remember that hair shielding, like any other salon procedure, also has a number of contraindications:

  • intensive hair loss - a special compound fills the voids of the hair shaft, and as a result, makes it heavier, providing an additional load on weakened bulbs,
  • damage to the skin of the scalp - during the procedure, an infection can enter through open wounds,
  • allergic rashes, seborrheic dermatitis and other skin lesions - Exposure to shielding may aggravate the situation.
  • owners of greasy hair It is not recommended to resort to the screening procedure, as it may cause increased sebum secretion,
  • individual intolerance to the components of the composition.

Salon hair shielding stages

Know-how in the market of hairdressing services has already earned the love and respect of fashionistas. Despite this, not every salon today can boast of a corresponding item in the price list. If you are lucky enough to find a screening master, get ready to leave not only a tidy sum in the salon, but also a couple of hours of personal time.

Hair shielding in the salon is performed in three stages. To begin with, a special conditioner is applied to the hair, which gently removes impurities and remnants of styling products, and also prepares the curls to apply active substances.

Further, the weakened hair is nourished with life-giving oil based on herbal ingredients. The composition of the product includes special waxes and vegetable oils, which penetrate into the deeper layers of the hair, fill the damage, deeply nourish and restore the structure, thicken the hair shaft.

At the final stage, a fixative composition is applied to the hair, which prevents leaching of nutrients and prolongs the “shelf life” of the procedure. The fixative provides a pearl luster and shine curls, and also facilitates daily styling.

The three-step procedure can be of two types:

  • color shielding,
  • colorless shielding.

As the name suggests, the first option is preferable for women who want to not only improve the quality of hair, but also to refresh the image with a new shade. The procedure "2 in 1" allows you to paint without pain for the hair, strengthen and seal curls. Preparations for color shielding do not contain ammonia, formaldehyde or other aggressive substances.

The classic colorless shielding is suitable for natural unpainted hair prone to dryness and brittleness.

Hair shielding at home

If you like to experience beauty at home, try the screening procedure yourself. Today in the profile industry market there is a large selection of professional products for home use, and you can always choose a product according to your budget that suits your hair type.

What is important to remember when self-shielding hair

  • Carefully examine the composition of the product, avoid products containing silicones or aggressive chemicals. High-quality professional cosmetics for shielding should contain amino acids, vegetable oils and ceramides.
  • Do not neglect precautions during the procedure.
  • Accurately follow the instructions for use of products and observe the specified time of exposure of products to hair.

The screening has a number of contraindications, so before the procedure you should consult with the trichologist.

How is the hair shielding procedure done at home?

  1. Wash and towel dry hair thoroughly.
  2. Apply to the curls along the entire length of a special conditioner or mask, depending on what the manufacturer offers. Soak the product on the hair for a specified period of time on the package, then rinse with running water.
  3. Apply life-giving oil to the hair over the entire length and spread using a wooden comb with frequent teeth. If you decide to do color shielding, be sure to use protective gloves, as the pigment can stain the skin. After a specified time, rinse off with running water and blow dry your hair.
  4. The final touch - fixer, which is applied to dry hair. For maximum effect, you can “iron” the curls with an iron.

Strengthen hair from inside and outside

The screening procedure revives the hair, gives it a healthy and well-groomed appearance. But do not forget that the cosmetic transformation of the hair - this is only the tip of the iceberg. True hair health comes from the inside. If your body is depleted and suffers from a lack of vitamins, even the most fashionable procedures will not save your locks from brittleness and loss. For the density and health of hair, it is necessary to supply the body with all the necessary vitamins and trace elements.

The vitamin-mineral complex ALERANA ® is an additional source of essential amino acids, macro-and micronutrients and vitamins that are necessary for the growth of healthy and strong hair, as well as for improving the condition of the scalp.