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An article on the topic: "a palette of hair dye shades" estel professional "(" estel professional ")" from professionals.

For many years, the company Yunikosmetik has been successfully developing, producing cosmetics for hair named Estel. It is intended for professionals and ordinary users. In order to avoid difficulties in the choice, professional cosmetics are produced for stylists, and St-Petersburg hair dye is sold to lovers. The Estelle palette includes a variety of colors and shades.

The variety of the brand "Professional"

Paint "Estelle Professional" includes 4 unique series, each of which has its own palette and a clear direction. Because of this, the digital coding pertaining to various series is intended to define various colors.

Coloring BLOND. Estelle / Estel Professional

Paint "Estel Deluxe"

The most popular development is "Deluxe". Her palette includes 140 tones. Most of them are basic, which are designed to dye hair and hide gray hair. Ten shades are considered proof, that is, they help to better color the hair. Using this tool improves the intensity of the paint, and a bad result can be corrected.

Ten Estelle colors are used for bleaching curls. They help to change the color to 4 tones. With the help of five tones you can create highlighting. To do this, you do not need to lighten the strands in advance, the dyes begin to act quickly, and after half an hour a golden tint appears.

Special series Estel De Luxe. Exclusive coloring and clarification of hair. Estelle De Luxe

There are types of hair dyes Extra Red, consisting of 6 red tones. They are very similar to the standard red, and therefore they are bright and saturated. As a result, every fashionista will be able to get the desired shade, for example, purple, copper.

Cosmetics "Deluxe" allows you to update the image at will, as the dyes can be mixed to obtain the desired result. As a result, you can create a unique shade. The tool consists of ammonia, but its negative properties are reduced due to the presence of vitamin substances. Cosmetics also contain nourishing and moisturizing ingredients. Manufacturers of "Deluxe" released a rich color palette. When comparing shades with color, you can find out in advance what update will be using dye. The manufacturer guarantees that if you follow the rules for applying the cosmetic when painting, the result will be the same as in the illustration.

ESTEL DE LUXE Coloring Instructions

Professional paint "Estelle" is used to obtain a stable shade. Also with her running toning. Estel Essex palette includes 114 tones. The main shades are 86. The color saturation is quite wide: fashionistas have the opportunity to get tones from rich black to blonde with a pearl look. The composition of the lightening paints Estel Essex includes 10 tones, through which you can upgrade your hair to 4 shades.

Professional paint "Estelle" allows you to update the exterior. The concentration of Estel Essex depends on the result, and therefore it can be in the range of 3-12%. If you want more brighten the strands, then you should choose a higher rate of oxidizer. The procedure should not last more than 50 minutes.


Estel Essex palette is not used for toning. It includes 10 tones of red, so the strands can be painted in bright and unusual colors. Resistance is created on the basis of a special technological development: the formula is developed using special Red5 molecules.They are small and therefore improve staining due to deep penetration.

Professional paint "Estelle" includes siloxanes, due to which a silky gloss is given to Lokan. The procedure with Estel Essex lasts for 40 minutes. The dye should be mixed with Estel Essex oxidizer. To make the color glamorous, you must use another series of the brand - Estel Essex Fashion. It includes 4 tones. After half an hour, you can get a color like purple, single, lilac. This palette should not be mixed.

Cosmetic mixed with oxidant (3%). Lumen cosmetics are used to highlight hair, and it does not require discoloration. The composition includes shades in the amount of 4 pieces. After half an hour you can get copper, red, purple hair. Since the oxidizer affects the resistance, the master can conduct experiments to find the desired shade.

Part 14. ESTEL ESSEX Palette

"Estelle sence de lux" is a professional hair dye. In its structure there is no aggressive ammonia. Means is intended for accurate coloring and procedure of toning. The palette includes 68 colors. Its purpose is to update curls in natural shades. During the procedure, its pigmentation does not change at all. This applies to those cases where the painting does not change color completely, but only updates. The result is an excellent adjustment of the drawbacks of past staining.

Dyes of this type are on the strands for about 3 months. Along with the coloring, the structure is normalized. This process is performed due to chemical composition. Cosmetics consists of panthenol, keratin complex and natural substances (avocado oil and olive).

Extra Red, which includes 4 shades, is designed to create a copper, red and purple color. Color has become resistant thanks to the Red5 molecule.

How to navigate the color map of Estel De Luxe and Sense De Luxe? The basic basic palette of shades.

This cosmetics is used to transform gray hair. The Professional palette consists of 50 shades, with the help of which gray hair is perfectly hidden. Hair gets uniform color and natural shine. This dye differs from others in the simplicity of composition creation. It is easy to apply on strands. Because of these properties, the dye is used for amateur purposes. The presence of keratins and nutrients has a beneficial effect on the hair structure.

Estel Silver De Luxe palette. Why do not paint over gray? Paint for dyeing gray hair Estelle

Anti-Yellow effect cream-paint

This product is used in toning strands, which are in the process of painting steel yellowish hue. Curls can be after bleaching and blonding.

A variety of colors will create the desired image. Looks great tone ash blonde. In addition to neutralization, pearlescent and gentle care is created using cream paint. The natural elasticity of the curls is restored due to keratins. Due to the presence of bioactive substances, nutrition and moisturizing properties are provided. With the help of avocado oil, the strands are completely restored.

How should i use paint? Perform the procedure after blonding. It all depends on the result, and cosmetics are applied to the roots or along the entire length of the strands. Hair should undergo bleaching, discoloration or blonding. To prepare the composition will need to mix the cream-paint, oxidant (3%) and activator (1.5%) in the ratio of 1: 1: 2. Because of its excellent consistency, applying it is very simple.

Gloves must be worn during the procedure. Use the tool should be with dry curls. Work is done neatly, but quickly. Cosmetics should be on the curls for 15 minutes. If the strands are thin, then the time can be reduced to 5 minutes. Then the composition is washed off, and a balm is applied to the hair to normalize the structure.

Features paint Estel Anti-Yellow Effect to neutralize the yellowness of hair. Remove yellow color

After the procedure, the hair needs proper care. To do this, use the following tips.

  • It is not necessary to lighten the hair more than 3 tones.
  • It is undesirable to do immediately dyeing with a perm. It should wait about 2 weeks.
  • It is necessary to apply special cosmetics for the updated curls.
  • It is necessary to exclude use of the hair dryer, nippers.
  • In staining it is desirable to use a balsam conditioner. Additionally, you need to use a cream.
  • To facilitate styling it is worth combing in the evenings.
  • Since wetted hair is brittle, you need to use a comb.

Only with the right care with cosmetics can you update the color of the curls and keep it for a long time.

ESSEX cream-paint from Estel guarantees stable coloring without harm to the hair. There are 77 basic tones in the main palette of this line: from ash blonde to classic black.

The formula of paints was developed on the basis of a unique complex VIVANT System, which includes caring substances, vitamins, keratin, beeswax and plant extracts. All components have a beneficial effect on the strands during dyeing. The colors of the main ESSEX palette are creamy, easily applied to hair and do not flow.

Provide 100% gray paint. In order to achieve the best result of dyeing, it is recommended to use paints together with ESSEX oxygenating agents (3%, 6%, 9%) in a 1: 1 ratio and with ESSEX activator (1.5%) in a 1: 2 ratio.

Hairdressers often choose Estelle paint. And this is not surprising, because the Estel plant operates according to international standards and produces quality products. In 2017, the company traditionally became the general beauty partner of the Fashion New Year Awards in Moscow.
Experts are happy, because the Estel hair color palette allows you to create unexpected and original images.

Estel Hair Dye Colors

Wanting to change something in herself once again, the girl usually goes to a hairdressing salon or a supermarket to “get lost” for an hour at the shelves with hair dye. Some manufacturers sell a cheap product, others promise a super effect, but the price bites.

For those who are in search, we offer an overview of estel paint. It is popular for its good quality at an average price.

Paint estel color palette. Estel paint: professional color palette

If a woman decides to change her appearance, she begins with a change of hairstyle. That hair makes girls original and unique. Someone prefers dark colors, someone likes blonde more, but in most cases women are repelled by what is now in trend. A cool this year are cool shades of hair dye. The palette of tones is represented by different firms that are engaged in the production of professional paints - Estel, L'real Preference.

Color palettes

Each series has its own focus. Some are painted in natural tones, others - in a dynamic and extravagant.

If you choose the original shade correctly, the result will be as close as possible to the curl in the palette.

  • What effect does tint hair balm provide? Read the article and find out all the details now.
  • Learn the technique of bronding - a modern procedure that does not harm the hair, here. Today, this technology is an excellent way to brush up on style.

The palette of colors Estel De Luxe

Paint "Estel Deluxe Professional", a palette of which has 135 colors from light blond to classic black, designed for lasting hair coloring and toning. After the procedure, the curls become soft and lively.

Palette Features

The palette consists of traditional light, chestnut, dark, extravagant copper and bright red shades, there are colors with ashy tints.

In order to get the effect of a persistent tint to tone, one tone is darker or lighter, you need to properly prepare the coloring mixture:

  • Combine the dye with oxygenating agent (oxidizing agent) 3% -6%.
  • Apply the mixture to unwashed strands: first thing on the roots, and then - along the entire length.
  • To sustain 35 minutes.

For re-staining:

  • Work out the growing roots with a dye mixture and leave for half an hour.
  • Then slightly moisten the curls with water and distribute the mixture throughout their length.
  • Hold another 5 to 10 minutes.

If you plan to lighten up by 2-3 tones:

  • Combine paint with oxigent 6% -9%.
  • Back off from the roots of 2 cm and spread the mixture over the entire length.
  • Apply the composition to the remaining 2 cm at the root.
  • Wait 35 minutes.

There is a palette in Estelle Deluxe and for gray hair. She is good because she paints over gray hair. If the "silver" has covered your head for half or more, the hairdressers advise you to use additional series numbers: 7/00 and 8/00. They need to be mixed with a 9% oxidizer in a 1: 1 ratio.

Who is suitable?

“Estelle Deluxe” does not only paint over gray hair effectively, it will also interest those who decided to change their hair color to dark, or, conversely, lighten them. The variety of a palette opens wide horizons for a choice of "own" tone.
Due to the moderately thick consistency of the composition is convenient to apply. It does not spread, penetrates deeply and evenly colors hair shafts.

Estelle Deluxe is designed for professional painting. In the package you can find only a dye with a volume of 60 ml, and the oxidizer or activator (oxidizer of small action) to him will have to be bought separately.
The dye is mixed with De Luxe oxygenants 3%, 6%, 9% in a 1: 1 ratio and with De Luxe activator 1.5% in a 1: 2 ratio.

Features of the composition

To protect the curls and enhance the brightness of the color in the composition of the dye includes:

  • Chitosan
    promotes moisture retention in the strands.
  • Chestnut extract
    stimulates growth and prevents dandruff.
  • Vitamin complex
    aligns the structure, makes the strands soft and shiny.

The palette of colors Estel De Luxe Silver

Professional paint "Estelle Silver" is designed for deep shading of gray hair and color fastnessIts palette consists of 50 shades.

The benefits of staining at home

Not everyone is accustomed to salon hair care. Many women still practice home coloring. Hide gray hair or change the main color to one or two tones, in fact, you can at home. If you want to radically change the image, then it is better to trust a professional.

There are few advantages to home dyeing, but for some they may be significant:

  • Saving money.
  • Change the image at any convenient time.

Disadvantages of hair coloring at home can be considered:

  • The difficulty of choosing a suitable shade from a large variety.
  • Errors in the staining process, leading to unpredictable results.
  • Color correction no earlier than 2 weeks.
  • Marco process.

To achieve the effect not worse than the salon one, you must clearly follow the simple rules:

  • Be sure to read the instructions and strictly adhere to it. It may seem to someone that the information in them is identical, and the numerous experience of home coloring guarantees an excellent result. But the details of the procedure may be different if only because modern technology reduces the time of staining.
  • It is advisable to wash your hair with shampoo no later than 24 hours before dyeing and no sooner than 48 hours after. Although adhering to this rule is incredibly difficult, it allows you to keep the color longer.
  • Use the conditioner immediately after the procedure. It helps to “seal” the pigment of the new color and prevents its fading.
  • The composition is first applied to the roots, and then distributed throughout their length.
  • Do not leave the paint on the head longer than indicated in the instructions.
  • Never mix different colors.

Ease of use

Before painting, be sure to do an allergy test. To do this, apply a little dye to the elbow for 45 minutes and rinse. If within two days the allergic reaction does not appear, you can paint.

For persistent hair coloring up to 15 cm in length, one tube of paint is enough - 60 g.

We proceed to the procedure:

  • Mix 1 part of cream paint and 1 part of oxygenant in non-metallic dishes.
  • With the help of two perpendicular partings, we divide the hair into four equal parts.
  • Twist each part into a bundle and fasten with a barrette.
  • Apply moisturizer to areas of the body along the growth of the strands.
  • Wear gloves.
  • First, the mixture is applied to the roots, then distributed to all the hair. By this principle we work all four parts.
  • Next you need to twist them in a bun and wrap your head with a towel.
  • Leave the paint for 35 minutes, then carefully wash the strands and apply balsam.

To get the expected result, especially if you choose colors from the Estelle color palette for gray hair or blond hair, you need to take into account interesting facts:

  • Light curls are very porous, so they absorb and retain any pigment, and the color is the same as on the packaging,
  • Dark ones have a dense structure, so the end result will be more saturated and deep.

Summing up, we can say that Estel colors are for professional use and for home use. The choice of where to carry out the procedure is yours.

If you have time and desire to save money, dye your hair at home. If you want something unusual or do not want to get dirty - contact a specialist.

Products brand "Estel":

  • Provides high color fastness
  • Completely paint over gray hair,
  • Easy to apply
  • Economical to use,
  • Belong to the average price segment.

The main disadvantage is that the oxidant must be properly selected and purchased separately.

Video: Estelle hair dye (production and coloring)

In the first video you will learn in more detail about the company itself, its production, learn how to mix dyes correctly, and even visually see the result of dyeing in non-standard colors.

Who are cool shades?

Before you decide on a cardinal transformation, it is worth finding out, and whether you go cool colors. The palette of shades "Estelle", presented in cosmetic stores, is wide enough so that every woman of fashion can choose for herself the option that suits her best.

Cold shades are those that are devoid of shine, they are more matte, strict, muted. An excellent example of such a palette is a cold blond, which helps to avoid yellowing.

Cold tones “Loreal” are ideal for girls with pale skin. An excellent supplement for girls with blue or gray eyes is a cold blond. If you want to buy high-quality paint, so that it does not have a negative impact on the hair structure, give preference to professional products. A wide palette of cool colors is presented in the L'oreal Preference collection.

Paint, like any other cosmetics, should be bought in specialized stores. There you can see how the paint looks on the hair. The most popular are such shades:

Chill in ginger

Red color is chosen by bright, extraordinary personalities. Redhead itself is a warm color, but firms such as Estel offer fashionistas to try the cool hues of this defiant color.

Rarely who does not fit this sunny color. Red curls will help to make the appearance more expressive, to emphasize the remarkable features of the girl's face, to revive the complexion, to give a blush.

Cool brown

Brown is suitable for almost everyone, but it is rather difficult to achieve a cold effect in this palette. It looks very beautiful ash-brown, which emphasizes the excellent taste of girls.To get it, hairdressers mix in equal proportions of brown or chestnut and ash colors. Only professional tools are used, for example, L'oreal Preference or Estel.

Brown and brown muted colors should be used only for girls who have beautiful, healthy and well-groomed hair, because this shade has the properties to emphasize the shortcomings of the hair.

Cool blonde

Cold shades of light brown from the company "Estelle" - ideal for any girl. Color is universal. The palette of light brown colors is quite wide. It focuses on such popular manufacturers of paints as "L'Oreal", "Estel", "Londa" and others.

Ash Brown is one of the most fashionable today. Sometimes it is confused with a hint of platinum blond. Such tones attract with their singularity, they look very vividly in combination with darker tones on the roots.

Cool blond

The cold blond enjoys no less popularity than the blond. The palette of light tones contains enough cold, because it is a demanded tone, which helps avoid yellow blondes on the hair. The color of the cold blond is represented in the Estelle and L'oreal Preference collections. Particularly interesting blond looks on the hair of girls with blue eyes.

Estelle hair dye is a high-class Russian-made product. The first paints of this brand, and these are only 15 colors, appeared in stores 15 years ago. Since then, Estel products remain the unchanged leader in Russia itself, as well as in the CIS countries.

What is good paint "Estel"?

The dyes of this company have a lot of advantages:

  • Reasonable price + high quality - in no way inferior to expensive imported counterparts,
  • Pleasant and gentle smell
  • Useful for hair composition. They contain a whole range of nutritional components, guarana extract, ylang-ylang oil, green tea extract and keratins. Each of them has a restorative effect and strengthens the hair structure,
  • Not flowing and easy to apply. A shimmering pigment that facilitates the task of applying the composition entered the ink mixture,
  • The richest palette of colors for red, blonde, brunettes and brown-haired women allows you to choose almost any shade. You can also mix multiple tones at once.
  • Perfectly paints over gray hair.

The palette of colors "Estel"

The colors of Estelle are divided into two subspecies - for professional and amateur use. Let's get to know each other!

Professional paints

The “Estel De Luxe” palette includes 134 various shades. These are not only ordinary paints, but also a series for clarification and color highlighting, as well as proofreaders and red tones.

Estel De Luxe dyes contain vitamins and nutritional ingredients that strengthen weakened hair. The dye is easy to lay down, moderately consumed, provides strands with a deep intense color, as well as gloss and elasticity. Does not contain ammonia, and therefore allows to achieve a natural shade.

"Estel Sence De Luxe"

This non-ammonia paint will not harm the hair, but will give a lasting color.

"Estel De Luxe Silver"

This Estel line was developed specifically for graying hair. The soft, gentle dye keeps on the hair long enough, and also makes the strands strong and iridescent.

"Estel Anti Yellow Effect"

This is a tint balm, which is necessary for the correction of an ugly subtone on a bleached hair. It paints and strengthens.

Professional paint, developed with the current technology, provides a rich and bright color. Contains many different oils and beneficial ingredients that nourish the strands. It has a creamy texture - suitable for both salon (full coloring, intensive toning, highlighting), and for home use. Completely paints over gray hair, but does not harm the hair structure.

"Estel Haute Couture"

The first and only professional creamy tool, which is based on the cationic complex without ammonia. This dye is unique - it does not harm colored hair at all. Another distinction of the “Haute Couture” is the huge color palette.

Non-professional paints

You can buy Estel amateur product at any cosmetics store. His palette consists of almost 200 shades.

It has 20 tones, does not contain ammonia, so it is practically harmless. Thanks to olive oil and avocado extract, it acts gently and gently. Provides uniform coloring.

"Estel Love Intense"

One of the most effective coloring tools without ammonia. Particles of paint penetrate the structure of the hair and saturate it with a color that is radiant, deep, and persistent. Includes 27 tones.

"Estel Love Nuance"

Contains 17 colors. Washed off the hair after the sixth - eighth wash, because it is suitable for those who are afraid of experiments. With it, you can safely try a new tone!

The following video provides a review of Estel Celebrity hair dye:

"Estel Only Color"

Includes 32 shades. Created specifically for graying hair. Included with this paint is a special complex - bio-balance with keratins, gloss-active with UV filters, gel with cocoa butter, as well as provitamin B5. In addition to coloring the strands, you will get care - the paint strengthens the strands, heals the cut ends, eliminates brittleness, repairs damaged areas, protects from the sun's rays and gives hair elasticity. The paint also has a color reflex system, which fixes the shade and keeps the result for a long time period.

"Estel Only Color Naturals"

The palette of this line has 20 colors. Included is a balm with useful cocoa butter. He makes the hair soft, shiny, supple. The paint does not contain ammonia, but retains its color for a long time.

"Estel Solo Color"

Consists of 25 shades. Contains tea tree extract and peach oil, thanks to which the strands receive vitality.

This tint balsam, which includes 18 different tones, will not provide a lasting effect. It will wash off from the head about 8 times. But there is no harm to the strands, because there is not a drop of ammonia and peroxide in the tint balm.

"Estel Solo Contrast"

The tinting and brightening paint consists of six colors. The color is intense and long lasting.

It is a resistant oxidative gel-paint. As many as 25 tones with balm "ESTEL VITAL", which fixes the color, and vitamins PP, C and B5.

How to use Estel paint?

If you decide to try Estel hair-dye on yourself, listen to these tips:

  • The composition should be applied to unwashed strands,
  • When coloring on tone is lighter or tone in tone paint smears at first roots, and then and all length. Oxygen - 3 or 6%,
  • Hold time - 35 minutes,
  • When the secondary painting mixture smear the roots and leave for 30 minutes. Then the remaining agent is distributed along the length and wait another 10 minutes,
  • When brightening by 2-3 tones, move away from the root zone approximately 2 cm and brush the entire length with paint. After that, the composition is applied to the roots. Time - 35 minutes. Oxygen - 6 or 9%,
  • For strong staining (tone on tone or darker) cream paint is mixed with activator (1: 2). Hold time - 15-20 minutes
  • The mixture should be used immediately after mixing,
  • Remember, the greater the percentage of oxygen, the stronger the strands brighten.

Attention! Before using the paint, conduct an allergy test on the inside of the wrist. The whole dyeing procedure should be carried out with gloves. If the paint gets into your eyes, immediately rinse them with water (plenty).

Periodically, all women begin to experiment with hair color and different shades. All paints specialists are divided into two main categories - cold and warm. The palette of cold colors of hair colors does not contain shine, it is characterized by ash tint.


How to choose the right paint

It is a mistake to assume that cold tones can only be present in blond color. In fact, they are widely used in all other colors. The most important thing is to distribute the paint correctly and evenly over the entire length of the hair, then the color will turn out exactly as you want. It will be deep, successfully setting off the skin and eyes. The best result after dyeing can be obtained only if this is done by a professional.

Cold shades very well emphasize the beauty of the natural color of hair, lightening or darkening it into several tones.

Pearl modulations are found even in ginger color and it looks very interesting. Specialists often by mixing several colors get the desired shade of cold. To do this, take the blond and dark color. Of course, only hairdressers can experiment like this. In some cases, the color still does not give the shade that is needed; you can correct it with a silver or ashy tonic.

Cosmetic concern L'Oreal became the first company in which a revolutionary palette of cold colors was created. Before the advent of such a palette, even high-quality staining in ashen and silver colors could lose the result in just a couple of weeks: warm tones still gradually appeared. But with the new product from L'Oreal such a problem simply ceased to exist.

The Preference Series gives a guaranteed result of getting a cool color thanks to its innovative formula, which contains 3 basic pigments completely neutralizing warm shades. After dyeing with the chosen color from the Preference palette, the hair acquires an intense, deep, clean, cool shade of blond, which will not fade with time. Mother of pearl in such a palette completely neutralizes the yellow pigment, the iris gives brightness, and the silver pigment fixes the result. It is these three components that make it possible in the end to get the perfect cold tone.

Palette L'oreal Preference consists of 11 shades, where you can find the deep colors of the light brown, red, chestnut, luxurious range of blond. One more indisputable advantage of the tool is the complete painting of gray hair.

Experts recommend girls with light brown hair to pay attention to the shades of cold-blond palette Preference. Even natural brunettes can afford to emphasize the beauty of the curls with such paint. Hair only slightly change its tone, the color will be smooth and attractive.

Ultra bright blond L'Oreal best suited for blonde with fair skin. The paint will lighten the hair to the maximum, with it you can not worry about the appearance of unpleasant yellowness. The whole secret lies in the fact that the shade of blond has a delicate pink subtone, visually it is imperceptible, but it is he who emphasizes the freshness and natural beauty. Cold shade of light brown Preference will only emphasize the natural color of the curls. Few people even guess that the hair is colored, the tool allows you to get the most natural effect and healthy shine of the strands.

Black and silver preference shades allow you to fill the curls with internal radiance. They are completely absent red pigment, the color is not washed out, does not tarnish and does not change its shade with time. A pearly, silver loreal silver play will make black, dark blond and brown hair shiny and well-groomed.

Experts recommend a careful attitude to the cold-ash color from L'Oreal. After coloring hair can become covered with artificial gray hair. In some cases, it is precisely this shade that can advantageously emphasize the natural tone.

Cold shades Estelle

Do not worry about yellowing or other unpleasant manifestations after staining - Estelle's palette completely excludes this.

Frosty tones presented in the Estelle palette deserve special attention from the girls.For light brown hair color, muted tones fit just perfectly, the silver pigment will make the hair literally shine with inner health and color. Estelle's palette suggests diluting a light brown tone with an ashy or pearlescent shade, both versions look good on dark or light curls.

The palette of the blond is very diverse in the company of Estel. You can pick up ashy tone or stay on a purple-brown hue. Each paint attracts attention, and if it is used correctly, the result will surely please. Light curls will be favorably underlined, while no yellowness will appear even after a long time.

Experts have also identified Estelle's paint for the fact that its cold tones help to create a silver, mother-of-pearl shade not only on light strands, but also on dark ones. If you choose the right paint and trust the master, then the dark cold shade will like its restraint and muffling.

It should be noted that such tones are at the peak of popularity recently, so with professional paints Estelle you can feel like a real star.

After dyeing, the hair is pleasantly surprised by its softness and silkiness. And all because there are caring components in the product that nourish and protect the hair structure from negative effects.

Estelle's professional palette, which represents cold tones, is constantly expanding and this provides women with an excellent field for successful and bold experiments.

Garnier in cold tones

High-quality cosmetics Garnier, as well as Estelle and L'Oreal, present a cool palette of shades that is popular with women. Specialists and women themselves note that after using such a tool, the hair becomes soft, alive, and docile.

In the cold palette Garnier presented blond, beige, blond, ashy tones. After staining, an unpleasant yellow tint does not appear, the result remains for a long time, the color is not washed out.

Garnier provides women with an excellent opportunity to choose the most appropriate tone, according to its color type . Get the desired result with this paint can be at home, but it is best to contact a specialist.

Garnier offers products with and without ammonia. If you just need to give your hair the desired shade, it is best to use a non-ammonia agent. Aggressive component is better to use when necessary, to drastically change the color of hair or paint over gray hair.

The cold tones of the Garnier palette do an excellent job with the problem of gray hair: the coloring pigment will completely eliminate gray hair. Light tones can not paint over, but simply change the appearance, gray hair due to the coloring matter will begin to overflow with a silvery ash or pearl tint.

Dye Garnier in cold colors for dark hair completely eliminates the red pigment, after dyeing, the color is as close to natural as possible, its depth and uniformity are surprising. Hair will sparkle with pearl or silver tints and even after a long time they will not see an unpleasant reddish tint.

Experts identified a number of colors in the cold tones of Garnier, which girls like most. Blondes choose cream pearl or ultrablond. A good option would also be a northern blond and pearl blond. A luxurious blonde can be accentuated with the color of hazelnut, frosty chocolate or night sapphire. Of course, the blue-black color from Garnier remains among the favorites, he completely dyes his hair, making them look like a raven's wing.

Luxurious matte, maximum natural cold shades allow you to successfully emphasize the natural beauty of the curls, eye and skin color. Properly chosen means will force the girl to take a different look at herself, change her appearance.

Brand Assortment

For the convenience of consumers, Estelle's palette of hair colors is divided according to the tasks she performs:

  • paint for the painting of gray hair is best suited in the Alpha Homm foam format (natural shades, creating a glare effect when painted),
  • Deluxe main palette is a double action composition. In addition to coloring, he cares for his hair, giving it an extraordinary softness,
  • Sense deluxe is semi-permanent dye to lighten hair or bleach. Her palette consists of shades of blond, light brown and light chestnut tones,
  • Estel Prima Prism Blond is a haute couture product that gives the hair a unique, elegant, rich color. In addition to the coloring composition, there is a special anti-yellow remedy that allows you to get a fashionable shade without yellowness,
  • Estel Prima is a hair dye that acts in just 10 minutes. The color palette consists of 9 popular shades, including the beloved tone of 7 7,
  • the color composition of Estel Prim Prism is optimal for toning, just 10 minutes is enough for the reaction of toning composition,
  • Deluxe pastel colors curls in soft, pastel shades in accordance with the latest fashion trends (peach, turquoise, delicate pink tones),
  • Princess Essex Lumiya - a unique dye that can give the strands more fashionable, bright colors without prior clarification,
  • Deluxe Silver estel has a unique palette of hair colors, consisting of 50 beautiful shades that easily solve the problem of gray strands. In addition, the dye on a ammonia-free basis, has a pleasant light aroma,
  • deluxe white blonde brightens hair to the desired tone, does not require bleaching of hair,
  • haute couture white flush, colors the hair in bright, rich colors from yellow to violet-red,
  • deluxe extra red - thanks to innovative technologies, the dye penetrates the hair cuticle, making the paint very resistant and fixing the effect of dyeing,
  • Princesses Exss Correction - ammonia-free color corrector for medium tones of hair.

In addition to coloring compositions for hair, the brand Elsev offers its customers an emulsion for washing color off paint, dye for eyelashes and eyebrows onli Lux, as well as numerous care products for colored curls that allow you to maintain a good effect of dyeing as long as possible.

Learn more about Estel hair colorings on the official website of the brand, and also look at the photo illustrations of the results of dyeing both at home and in beauty salons to see the result you get from Estel’s dyeing.

The huge variety of colors and dye compositions differing in the principle of their operation makes Estel paint a unique product among competitors. Depending on the age, as well as the cause of hair coloring, absolutely any girl and woman will be able to choose for themselves the optimal tone and type of coloring composition.

Important features

Estelle Professional is an excellent choice for those who seek high quality at an affordable price.

In total, the choice of fashionistas offered more than 350 shades that can satisfy the most demanding tastes and requirements.

Estel products are renowned for their numerous advantages due to the following factors:

  • the manufacturing company owns its own research and production base,
  • the choice of the main raw material and additional components is done very carefully and responsibly,
  • the full production cycle is carried out in the Russian territory, in connection with which the company does not spend additional money on customs clearance of the goods and ensures the affordable cost of its products.

The standard kit includes a base, bags of oxidant, a caring balm, and plastic gloves.

Price, depending on the series, can be from 65 to 400 rubles.

The main advantages and disadvantages

Among the main advantages should be noted:

  • The palette is represented by an incredibly wide and diverse range,
  • simplicity and convenience of application,
  • staining stability
  • high quality and safety of components
  • reasonable price.

Virtually no flaws, except that not all series paint gray hair perfectly and retain saturation for a long time.

Color palette with photo

For a successful choice, first of all, you need to familiarize yourself with the Estelle palette (see photo below), their main advantages and advantages.

Today, the company produces the following series:

  • De Luxe,
  • Essex
  • Sence De Luxe,
  • De Luxe Silver,
  • Anti-Yellow Effect.

Let us examine in detail with each of them. So let's go in order.

Estel De Luxe

The series is the most popular and multicolored. In total, her palette has 140 different tones. Of them:

  • 109 basicable to simultaneously cope with two important tasks - to paint curls in perfect colors and successfully mask the signs of gray hair,
  • 10 highly effective proofreadersdesigned to increase the intensity of color of the curls or, conversely, to neutralize the unsuccessfully selected shade,
  • 10 clarifiersbelonging to the High Blond line and capable of making hair four shades lighter,
  • 5 tones from the High Flash lineintended for bright and expressive highlighting - their advantage is that they do not require prior use of clarifiers,
  • 6 saturated red tones from the Extra Red line, thanks to which expressive girls have the opportunity to give their curls a unique copper or red-violet color.

By mixing paints with each other, you can get the most amazing shades. This series provides fashionistas with virtually unlimited possibilities for searching and creating a win-win image. The photo shows Estelle's main palette by numbers with the name of the color:

A huge sympathy among the leading stylists acquired a palette of colors Essex, here is a photo on the hair:

The Essex line is renowned for its highest durability and has a rich color spectrum of 114 tones, including the following lines:

  • 86 shades of the baseline - from delicate pearl to radical black,
  • S-OS - ten brightening shades that make the natural color lighter by 4 tones,
  • 10 rich red tones, giving brightness, brilliance and silkiness,
  • Essex Fashion line, consisting of four luxurious glamor tones - pink, lilac, lilac and violet,
  • Lumen - a line of paints for intensive color highlighting, which do not require pre-bleaching of strands.

Estelle - a palette of colors

The deluxe line has a special purpose - hair is thin and weak. Problems with hairstyle are not uncommon, all possible methods of its strengthening are relevant. Chromoenergetic complex in the composition of the cream-paint protects hairs from the harmful effects of chemicals in the dye.

In addition, chestnut extract, vitamins and trace elements, chitosan have a therapeutic effect. Estelle Deluxe cares about the structure and viability of each hair.
box type = "info" Important to know! For the first time using Estelle's paint - a color palette, you need to make a test sample for acceptance of her skin. Apply a drop of the mixture to the most sensitive area of ​​skin, on the inside of the elbow, wait 40 minutes and rinse with warm water. In the next two days, irritation may or may not appear at this place, which is rare, but sometimes. / Box
Creamy paint soft action, Estelle paints in almost any color, its rich palette. For convenience, the proposed digital tone gradation, which is not difficult to choose the desired result. The first digit indicates the level or saturation of the tone, the second - the color itself, and the third - the hue.

These are only the main shades of hair color, which can be obtained using the dye Estel de Luxe

A total of 109 tones suggested Estelle Enhanced - the color palette has 140 shadesIn addition, it is possible to adjust the color, saturation, nuances by means of mixtones.

Sence De Luxe

Provides the most careful coloring of the curls, as in the composition of the product is completely absent ammonia.

There are only two lines:

  • basicconsisting of 64 shades as close as possible to natural,
  • Extra Red lineproviding curls with a rich and expressive red tint.

Not very high durability is characteristic of this series of paints - saturated color can last no longer than three months. However, they have their undeniable advantages due to the unique composition with panthenol, keratin complex, olive extract, avocado oil and other components of natural origin.

Hair color palette Estelle

The palette of colors and shades of professional paint Estelle is multifaceted and wide.
The perfect correct tone will find any fashionista who wants to change. Blondes will appreciate the huge palette of light shades, such as pearl, golden, wheat.

Deep intense tones are waiting for lovers of the fiery shade of hair. Do not disappoint the palette of hair colors Estelle and brunettes. They are waiting for a huge number of burning dark colors. Professional paint Estelle will help to achieve any transformation. Make a brunette blonde if the hostess wants hair. The color will be bright and alive without blue or yellow. After dyeing the hair will become smoother, docile and silky.

A variety of colors Estelle presented on a special palette. Artificial dyed strands visually demonstrate the result. Thus, it is not difficult to choose the desired shade and not be mistaken with the color. You can visually see how the shade will look on both light and black hair. Samples are presented on the palette ranging from very light shades to dark ones.

In prestigious salons of the master I use only special professional paints, as they allow the master to fulfill all the wishes of the most demanding client. Professional hair dye products in the salons allow you to experiment with the colors.

The visitor of the salon will be satisfied not only with the received shade, but also with the condition of their hair. Natural minerals and vitamins provide comprehensive care for weak, dull hair, heal from the inside and give a luxurious glow.

Estelle professional paints are divided into three main series:

    Estel De Luxe. A varied color palette provides a large selection of brunettes, blondes and brown-haired women. This tool is often used in prestigious salons, as it fits perfectly on the hair and is quite economical to use.

Paint cares about the client's hair, makes them strong and pleasant to the touch. After visiting the salon hair looks healthy and shiny. Elements of natural origin have a beneficial effect on weakened roots and tips of the hair. Excellent value for money makes this paint a sales leader in the Russian market.

Estel Sence De Luxe. This is a non-ammonia series of paints. Despite this, the tool is resistant and dyes the hair in a deep rich color. The tool is absolutely safe to use. Therefore, it is used even during pregnancy. Additionally, the series includes shampoo and balm to achieve the best result. After the procedure, the hair radiates radiance and strength.

Estel essex. The most stable of the above series. Its palette includes bright extravagant shades. To create an unusual mood, you can find blue, yellow or green colors. Therefore, this series is very fond of the wizard to create extravagant unusual images.

The paint contains keratin, which is very popular at the present time for the treatment of hair. It affects the hair from the inside.Makes it more resilient, tight and durable. Hair radiates shine and becomes more voluminous. Guarana seeds, which are also part of the paint, nourish the hair and provide them with additional protection and care.

It does not provide so many shades, but with its help you can achieve a beautiful color without leaving the house. In the world wide web there are many photos of Estelle's hair color palette.

Among non-professional paints there are non-amic series. Estelle Celebrity, Estelle Love Intence and Estelle Only Color Naturals. These tools are the safest and softest. They give the hair a beautiful shade, and thanks to the natural ingredients, they care for the hair, making it unusually docile and shiny.

Another option for a weak change in hair color - tint balm Estelle Solo Ton. It provides unstable staining, washed off for 4-6 times. Suitable for changing colors in several semitones. Absolutely safe for hair, has a beneficial effect on their condition.

Suitable for the most daring experiments Estelle Love Nuance. Paint offers bright juicy colors. It is washed off for 6-8 times. With its help, you can fantasize, drastically change your image, without fear of an unsuccessful result.

Estelle Color and Estelle Only Color series of paints aimed at maintaining healthy hair. Thanks to the natural components, they nourish the hair, protect it from the dangerous effects of the external environment, including from dangerous UV rays and provide additional care.

Estelle Solo Contast and Estelle Solo Color - are represented by a large number of colors and shades. Perfectly lay down, give the hair an interesting deep color. Lightweight and easy to use. Caring for the roots and tips of the hair, making the hair shiny and adding extra volume.

Estelle - all ages are submissive

Most women with age face the problem of gray hair. Estelle produces a special professional paint. Using a professional product, it is possible to permanently get rid of the problem of gray hair.

Means provides 100% painting of a gray hair. Hair gets a natural deep shade. Using paint for beauty salons can achieve the perfect result. Hair gain life, become obedient and silky. They glow with beauty, and it is synonymous with healthy hair.

The process of painting gray hair is quite complicated. The reaction usually occurs with a pigment in the hair and a color change occurs. Silvery hair does not have pigment, which is why you need to select a special professional tool for dyeing.

Curls with age become more rigid and porous, so it is difficult to achieve long-term high-quality paint gray.

To achieve the ideal result, it is better to dye your hair in a color that is not very different from natural. With this choice, you can be sure that the color will fit and will look harmonious.

It is better to entrust the work to a master who knows his business, therefore he will paint and properly paint with a professional tool. Using professional paint you need to remember about the technique of application, then the magnificent hair color will be provided.

Professional paint Estelle has long been a leader in the Russian market of painted products. It is easy to use and fits well, affordable. For dyeing a small amount is necessary.

Among the many different shades, any, the pickiest client, will find the desired color. A large number of advantages complements the competitive price. All this makes the brand Estelle so popular with thousands of Russian buyers.

Estelle Essex - palette:

1/0 Estelle Essex Black Classic
1/11 Estelle Essex Blue-black
3/0 Estelle Essex Dark Brown

4/0 Estelle Essex Brown
4/5 Estelle Essex Cherry
4/6 Estelle Essex Eggplant
4/7 Estelle Essex Mocha
4/65 Estelle Essex Dark purple-red
4/71 Estelle Essex Brown Ash Brown

5/0 Estelle Essex Light Brown
5/3 Estelle Essex Light Brown Golden
5/4 Estelle Essex Chestnut
5/5 Estelle Essex Rubin
5/56 Estelle Essex Mahogany
5/6 Estelle Essex Beaujolais
5/7 Estelle Essex Chocolate
5/71 Estelle Essex Light Brown Ash Brown
5/75 Estelle Essex Dark Rosewood
5/76 Estelle Essex Light brown brown-violet
5/77 Estelle Essex Light Brown Brown Intense

6/0 Estelle Essex Dark Blonde
6/3 Estelle Essex Light Brown Golden
6/4 Estelle Essex Light Brown Copper
6/43 Estelle Essex Dark Blonde Copper-Gold
6/5 Estelle Essex Dark Blonde Red
6/54 Estelle Essex Dark Blonde Red Copper
6/6 Estelle Essex Dark Blonde Purple
6/65 Estelle Essex Dark Blonde Violet Red
6/71 Estelle Essex Light Brown Ash Brown
6/74 Estelle Essex Light Brown Brown Copper
6/75 Estelle Essex Rosewood
6/76 Estelle Essex Dark Brown Brown-Violet
6/77 Estelle Essex Dark Brown Intense Brown

7/0 Estelle Essex Medium Blonde
7/1 Estelle Essex Light Ash Brown
7/3 Estelle Essex Medium Blonde Golden
7/34 Estelle Essex Medium Blonde Golden
7/4 Estelle Essex Medium Blonde Copper
7/5 Estelle Essex Medium Blonde Red
7/54 Estelle Essex Medium Blonde Red Copper
7/7 Estelle Essex Medium Blonde Brown
7/71 Estelle Essex Light Brown Ash Brown
7/75 Estelle Essex Light Rosewood
7/76 Estelle Essex Medium Blonde Brown-Violet
7/77 Estelle Essex Medium Blonde Brown Intense

8/0 Estelle Essex Dark Blonde
8/1 Estelle Essex Ash Light Brown
8/3 Estelle Essex Light Blonde Golden
8/34 Estelle Essex Light Brown Golden Copper
8/37 Estelle Essex Light Brown Golden Brown
8/4 Estelle Essex Light Brown Copper
8/45 Estelle Essex Light Brown Copper Red
8/5 Estelle Essex Light Blonde Red
8/66 Estelle Essex Light Blonde Purple Intense
8/75 Estelle Essex Light Brown, brown-red
8/74 Estelle Essex Light Brown Brown Copper
8/76 Estelle Essex Light Brown Brown-Violet

9/0 Estelle Essex Blonde
9/1 Estelle Essex Ash Blonde
9/13 Estelle Essex Blonde Ashen Golden
9/16 Estelle Essex Blonde Ashen Violet
9/18 Estelle Essex Blonde Ashen Pearl
9/3 Estelle Essex Blond Golden
9/34 Estelle Essex Blonde Golden Copper
9/44 Estelle Essex Copper Blonde Intense
9/65 Estelle Essex Blond Pink
9/7 Estelle Essex Blonde Beige
9/73 Estelle Essex Beige blond golden
9/74 Estelle Essex Blonde Brown Copper
9/75 Estelle Essex Blonde brown-red
9/76 Estelle Essex Blond brown-purple

10/0 Estelle Essex Light Blonde
10/1 with Estelle Essex light ash blond
10/7 Estelle Essex Light blond brown
10/13 Estelle Essex Light blonde ashen golden
10/16 Estelle Essex Light blonde ashen violet
10/34 Estelle Essex Light blond golden copper
10/65 Estelle Essex Light blond pink
10/66 Estelle Essex Light Blonde Purple
10/73 Estelle Essex Light blond beige
10/74 Estelle Essex Light blonde brown-copper
10/76 Estelle Essex Light blond brown-violet
10/8 Estelle Essex Light blond pearl

This Estel EsseX palette contains only basic shades. In addition to them, in this line of colors there are also special red (Extra Red), special brightening (S-OS), creative colors (Fashion), shades for highlighting (Lumen) and correctors (Correct).

De Luxe Silver

The series, consisting of 50 brilliant shades, is famous for its ability to paint gray hair perfectly.

It provides not only great color, but also gentle care, because it contains keratin complex and a significant amount of nourishing and moisturizing ingredients. An important advantage of paints from this series is the absolute ease of preparing the coloring composition and the convenience of its application to the strands.

Anti Yellow Effect

A unique product of its kind is cream paint. Anti Yellow Effectdesigned specifically to neutralize the unsightly yellow shade that the hair could acquire during the dyeing process.

This is a win-win choice for those who wish to add precious pearl or ashy shades to curls. The optimal composition, combining keratins and bioactive components, ensures effective restoration of the natural structure of the hair.

Nadezhda, 55 years old, Lipetsk

The appearance of the first gray hair grieved me. For five years I tried many colors, but none of them guaranteed the desired result. Everything changed when I learned about De Lux Silver from Estel’s domestic company. At first she didn’t even believe that she was capable of something serious at such an affordable price, but decided to try it.

I was pleased with the result - the hair acquired a uniform, pleasant shade of a golden blond without the slightest hint of gray hair. Yes, and use the paint - a pleasure! All components easily mix up among themselves and have no irritating smell. So, I recommend!

Alina, 20 years old, Kiev

Katerina, 32 years old, St. Petersburg

Irina, 40 years old, Kharkov

Irina, 23, Moscow

Already two years my favorites are the domestic series, created by the brand Estel. The first thing that attracted me was the Estelle Professional palette, which made it possible to choose any desired color. This is very important to me, because I like to experiment with my image often.

The second thing that deserves attention is a balanced composition, enriched with nutritional components and vitamins, so that the hair does not suffer at all during the dyeing process. Very good paint, which is, incidentally, an order of magnitude lower than many Western counterparts.

The Estel brand assortment has many series of colors, with the help of which every woman can make her hair amazingly beautiful and well-groomed. Choose your shade - from natural and tender to bold and expressive - and always be great!

Estelle Essex Palette

Estelle Essex's line draws with a bright, rich result. Due to the content of vegetable oils, during the dyeing procedure, nourishment and softening of the hair occurs.

Graying is done carefully and efficiently. Ladies with gray hair only need to monitor the growth of hair, painting the growing roots in time.
box type = ”success” Interesting fact! Estelle's peculiarity of the dye is that it loosely covers the surface of the hairs, while preserving the natural color. / Box
A wide selection of colors suitable for the most capricious women. Tempted by the modern variety of dyes, they are looking for unusual tones, rich, eye-catching.

Estel Essex can transform gray hair into an attractive natural shade.

The Estelle Essex palette is irreplaceable here, because, by changing the proportions of the dye and oxygene, experienced barbers find ways not only for radical dyeing, but also for resistant toning. For home use, a small amount of stabilized oxygen concentration of 3, 6 or 9% is convenient.

Estelle Sens Deluxe Palette

Sense Deluxe line is absolutely safe for female hairEven tired, weakened - ammonia-free composition guarantees the brightness of the color with a soft effect. Tinting colors Sens Deluxe sparingly, but effectively, shades seductive, enticing.

The main palette contains 56 tones and 4 reddish hues of Extra Red, so every whim is fulfilled. The result is the brilliance and shine of the updated curls, due to the nutrients in the dye composition. In addition to the habitual and obligatory for Estel keratin complex, Sens Deluxe contains avocado oil, olive extract, panthenol to give pomp.

Estelle Deluxe Silver for gray hair palette

Since there is a problem of gray hair, there is also its solution - painting with high-quality resistant dyes of the Estelle Deluxe Silver line. Soft Deluxe Silver guarantees beautiful, well-groomed hair at any age - gray hair is not a hindrance here.

The color holds on for a long time. additional staining is necessary as the roots grow, and the nutrients contained in the dye help tired hair look young and beautiful.

Estelle Celebrity Palette

Celebrity palette of 20 tones, guarantees lasting rich color and shading of gray hair. Celebrity is distinguished by a special brilliance of smooth, radiant curls, which is ensured by the absence of ammonia, ethanolamine, as well as by the gentle, enveloping action of miraculous avocado oil and olive extract. Fix the effect of Celebrity balm with a fruit complex.

Estelle Rrincess Essex Palette

A new collection with an iconic designation for princesses gives the hair an amazing, rich color.worthy of true princesses. The palette is presented in tones of gentle, pastel, charming depth of color scheme.

The usual pale tone of blondes clearly loses in comparison with the 10 intense, iridescent shades of Essex Princess. Along with the usual components for Estelle (extract from the seeds of resistant guarana creepers, keratin complex), the elasticity-giving beeswax is present in the new line.

Estelle Princesses' palette, as usual, is offered in small tubes of 60 g each, convenient for use, plus Princess Essex stabilizing emulsion. Masters of hairdressing salons for gentle pastel toning select an activator of 1.5% concentration and combine it with paint in a ratio of 1 to 2.

Estelle Sos Brightening Palette Series

When it comes to blondes, there should be a lot of options. Estelle's special clarification gives an effect of 4 tones and 10 shades, the nuances of color appear immediately. During dyeing, the hair is strengthened by the nutritional complex - green tea extracts, guarana seeds, beeswax additives.

To achieve the deepest color possible, the dye should be kept for 50 minutes. The SOS index in the title is an indicator of the availability of effective nutrients and vitamins.

Estelle Love palette

The palette of love among Estelle paints is 30 sensual shades, steady, juicy or barely intended. Saturation of hair with oils (among others - ylang-ylang), vitamins, minerals in the process of coloring returns the natural beauty and softness of the curls.

Dye molecules penetrate inside the hair fiber, staying there for a long time. After the procedure, once gray strands can not be distinguished from the rest. Elastic, silky curls will not leave indifferent one man, and women will not be able to take your eyes off the charming tone.

The names of the tones speak for themselves:

  1. Love spell - 5/6,
  2. Cognac, French tune - 6/43,
  3. Burgundy, Cupid Arrows - 6/56,
  4. Flame, Hot Kiss - 7/54,
  5. Red Copper, Passionate Tango - 8/54.

How can you resist such colors, such names, such an unexpected Estelle!

Subtleties care colored hair

Women are unusual to be content with natural hair color, they want more. Unfortunately, sometimes the hair is no longer manageable, each individual hair becomes thinner and weaker.

There may be hair problems such as:

To care for the created beauty should be competently, sparing means. Professional series Estelle for the care of problem hair developed by the best domestic masters. Shampoos, balms, conditioners, masks gently care for the hair, protect it, vitaminize, saturate, restore natural strength and beauty.

Estelle Curex Shampoo is intended for dyed hair. Keeping the color for a long time, the shampoo supports the streaky, tinted hair thanks to the keratin complex and chitosan, synthesized from chitinous shells of red-legged crab, gives strength and durability.This shampoo can wash your hair as often as you like.
box type = "shadow" Pay attention! Color Care gel shampoo should not be used often, as it is saturated with vitamins and beneficial substances. Silicone, wheat grain proteins, keratin impart considerable strength to it. / Box
After drying the hair, it is good to laminate them with Estelle balm, which gives softness and suppleness to elastic strands. Balm shows color, gives it depth, shine, silkiness. Balms need to pick up on the tone of color. Protected and moisturized, the curls will shine, complementing the smile of a happy lady.

Corrector - mikston Estel

There is a separate group of products that enhance the saturation, the brightness of the color or, on the contrary, remove the undesirable coloristic nuances that have appeared as a result of applying the coloring mixture to the existing tone. These are proofreaders, or mixstones.

Estelle proposes a series of mixtones, accompanying each with detailed instructions and a table of possible manifestations of the primary color. To correctly use the corrector and achieve the goal, you need to carefully study the instructions or have a hairdresser’s practice.

Of course, it would be right to turn to professionals. However, Estelle masters have developed a clear scheme for adding a mixton, which allows you to adjust the color at home. By the way Estelle's correctors can be used as an independent dye on a clarified base.

Effects of hair coloring using correctors.

Real masters of hairdressing salons are able to calculate the proportions of the coloring mixture in such a way that the acquired color of the curls perfectly suits the skin tone, the color of the client's eyes. In many respects it depends on the selected oxidizing agent and the ratio with the coloring matter, you can create a variety of colors, shades.

In the line of tinting means there are special safe means:

  1. Colorless ammonia-free cream, which is used for hair bleached or melirovannyh to give pastel intermediate shades,
  2. Pastel toning activator to darken the shade by half a tone
  3. Essex Lumen Cream for simultaneous bleaching and highlighting of strands.

How to tint hair with shampoo

Hair coloring is a radical and slightly tough effect for gentle, weakened curls. Sometimes dyes cause brittleness, lethargy, section of the tips, that is, the hair gets sick. You can avoid overburdening with aggressive chemicals and get the desired color not with colorants, but with shading shampoos.

Estelle ottenochny shampoo not just means for washing of the head. No matter how good the multi-colored washing liquids are, they do not add a new color, shade, or coloristic nuance to the hairstyle. Toning shampoos, being absolutely soft, safe for the most fragile hair, dye them, albeit briefly.

However, experts have noticed that regular shampooing with such a tool accumulates color, shade persists for a long time. Estelle Tint Shampoo - an independent direction in the family of cosmetics.

Tint shampoos give hair extra pomp and elasticity.

During washing, the scalp is thoroughly and carefully cleaned of particles of dirt, dust, while simultaneously taking on the desired color and vitality. The palette of colors and shades of Estelle is wide enough to satisfy women's whims, even gray hairs are amenable.

The secret to the beauty and softness of shampoos in the absence of ammonia and some other, too active, components. The action of the means is that each hairs are enveloped by the thinnest film, without penetrating into the structure. The film is not washed off with the usual washing of the head and five, and six times, while maintaining shade.

Frequent use of shading means Estelle does not spoil the hair, but preserves and deepens the color, moreover, you can change the shade at will or whim.If we consider that the cost of the whole range of Estelle shampoos is very democratic, their attractiveness increases.
box type = "warning" Be careful! You should not wash your hair with a tinted shampoo immediately after the procedure of perm or brightening the hair in the salon - imposing a shade can be uneven. / Box

Eyebrow Tint Estelle Enigma Palette

Creating a conceived image, it is not enough just to give the hairstyle the desired color, you need to take care of harmony. It is important that the eyebrows are not lost in the face, but also not attracted increased attention. Eyebrow paint Estelle Enigma allows you to maintain the correct proportion, harmony of color.

The Enigma palette of 9 shades is quite sufficient for the realization of any desires. It would be correct to tint eyebrows and cilia in a specialized salon, especially since Estelle produces exactly professional tools.

The brow color consistency.

However, since all the components are easily mixed, plastic, safe to use, and offered a set for home use, elegantly designed, neatly packaged in a small casket containing all the necessary materials and tools.

In addition to the mandatory instructions, the kit includes:

  • Dye in a soft tube,
  • Bottle nose bottle with emulsion for development,
  • Deep bowl and a pestle for mixing ingredients
  • Curved shoulder blade for applying the mixture
  • Protective leaves for a century.

Painted Enigma eyebrows do not fade after removing makeup, while remaining fresh and attractive. The process of staining is not complicated, and you can correct the contour with a regular eyebrow pencil; applying a special wax will make it velvety.


Estelle's effective, soft, pleasant dye for hair is deservedly popular among women of all ages. It is doubly pleasant to use high-quality goods of domestic producers!

Be careful! There are three NOT available when using Estelle's wonderful paint:

  1. Estelle cream hair color can not be applied for tinting eyebrows and eyelashes.
  2. In no case can not use the paint, if on the scalp, on the face near the hair there damage or irritatione.
  3. Excess ink mixtureRemaining after the procedure cannot be used the next time, it must be discarded.

Look at the Estelle collection of shades - the color palette of this dye will satisfy the taste of any woman:

Watch the video guide on the professional use of Estel de Luxe hair dye:

All the best to you and good luck in the selection of shades for hair coloring!


Estelle has already been using hair dye for the first time, I like it. I am a natural blonde, but in recent years I am turning into a light brown-haired woman. Last time I bought No. 6/43, French melody. I liked the result, such a deep cognac color! Keeps on for a long time, I still use the balm to add shine.
Very good paint, and even more pleasant, that it is ours, domestic, quite affordable and easy to use. The first time I went to the salon, it's a little expensive, but I saw the color, I felt the effect of the dye. Now I buy the third package for the house and I advise my friends.

I work as a master-hairdresser in the Paradise salon, in Petersburg. Estel is familiar with paints firsthand, we use them quite often. High-quality, professional dyes, work with them easily, mix well, pleasant, not flowing consistency, the result is always wonderful.
Most of all like the palette Extra Red. The color is uniform, juicy, bright, noticeable. Well paints over gray hair, especially if you take a 6% oxidizer. Clients are very satisfied, we, masters, too.

Estelle paint is not the best. Especially I bought the most advertised bag - Estelle Rincess Essex, but either I didn't pick up the color for myself, or the paint itself was to blame, but somehow it turned out unevenly all over my head.I have a dark color, I wanted to lighten up on 1 - 2 tones, I bought 6-7, dark blond, but now neither blonde nor brunette. Stuck in the middle. True, after this dye there are no problems with the hair - soft, without dandruff, even combed well. But you have to repaint to make a beautiful even tone.
The seller offered a tinted shampoo for the sample, they say, as an experiment and to align the color. It turned out, even not bad.

I was very pleased with the eyebrow paint from our company Estel. It is called so beautiful - Enigma, and packed nicely, in a beautiful small box. Everything is envisaged in the set, even a bowl in which to separate everything and a special spatula so that the paint on the eyebrows should be neatly applied!
The paint itself is soft, everything is easily mixed, not spread, so that it was possible to draw any shape. After washing, the skin is not dry, but the brows are like silk ribbons.

She painted her gray hair with Estelle Deluxe Silver. I wear the color of “noble gray hair”, but not quite white, rather silver, to hide gray locks. Silver Deluxe has come at an opportune time, the last time I had no luck with dyes - the skin on my head became dry and even dandruff appeared. After two tests with Estelle, everything is fine, her hair is docile, rather soft, silky. Gray hair is not visible.
Next time I will try a different color, also in a light scale, but darker if gray hair doesn’t manifest itself here, I will gladly recommend to my friends.

Hello to all readers. Can someone suggest that you can use Estelle de Luxe for a powerful saturation of hair tones other than mousse (Estel Deluxe)? Maybe someone has experience - share, please.

In my opinion this is the most powerful paint in their line of professional. But you can try another paint from gray De Luxe Silver

What palette to buy to open a barber shop

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Even experts will tell you that such a product from the company Estelle appeared quite recently on the Russian market. Despite this, the paints occupy quite favorable and leading positions, and are not going to give in to their place to others. The main advantage is that they are used by masters in beauty salons and girls who are used to dye their hair at home.

Experts while working on the creation of tools understood this, so they decided to make a certain division. Now there are two series of paints - ESTEL PROFESSIONAL, which is used in salons and ESTEL ST-PETERSBURG, which can be used without problems at home. Naturally, these funds will have differences, so it is necessary to consider them and understand for whom any paint will be considered the best. And given that Estelle hair dye, the palette of which has a considerable number of colors, is advantageous in price, this information is useful for almost every girl who uses such a tool.

Get to know the professional series.

That it is used in salons, when you sign up for another visit to the hairdresser. If you need Estelle hair dye, a palette of colors, photos, shades - all this can be seen on the official website of the company. If you wish, you can view the available colors in the palette that your master has. Remember that he will be able to offer you just professional tools.

So let's take a look at what Estelle offers to professionals.

De luxe. This is a series in which there are almost 140 different shades. Believe me, one of them will suit you completely. The main difference of this tool is that it contains vitamins and nutrients that help not only to grow hair, but also to give it softness, silkiness and shine. Due to the fact that there are special elements in the paint, it will be very easy to lie on the hair, which means that it is more than economical.If you want to provide yourself care in the salon, that hair color Estelle, whose palette is in the network, would be the best option for this.

Estelle Sence De Luxe. This is a separate species, which is known as ammonia-free paint. But note, excluding harm to the hair when using such a tool, you can get quite bright and saturated shade, which will not wash off after two or three times cleansing the hair.

De Luxe Silver. This series is more than popular. The main purpose of these drugs - painting gray hair. The bottom line is that the paint is very effective and will gently affect the curls. Despite this, the applied pigment will be on the hair long enough. Many women who use these funds say that their hair after dyeing has become much stronger, healthier, and began to shine. However, no damage was observed. Notice, Estelle (hair dye), the palette of which the official website provides to all your users, will show that the means for gray hair is available only in light or dark brown shades. Saturated red options there you will not find.

Unusual remedy for Estelle

These many immediately include Estelle Anti Yellow Effect. In fact, this tool is not a full-fledged paint, but a tint balm. But it helps to minimize the appearance of the yellow color after when you spent the clarification. Firstly, such a component will help to lighten your hair even more, to remove a warm shade. Secondly, it will make them quite strong and shiny.

Estelle Essex. This series is chosen for itself by those girls who love bright, saturated and not quite ordinary colors. You can get persistent staining and not worry about the fact that the saturated color quickly wash off. As well as in other means from Estelle, in it there will be rather large number of useful substances and oils. During dyeing, it is possible not only to drastically change your appearance, but also to arrange a real rest for your hair and feed it with oils.

But not professional or is it paint?

Estel - hair dye, which will help even at home to get a very beautiful and rich color, without worrying about the fact that such a task will be difficult to cope. If we consider non-professional means, the company is ready to offer approximately 190 different shades. Notice that in the specialized shop they are in full composition. In addition, it is possible to choose almost any option that is needed, you can mix a variety of colors. If we talk about non-professional means, we can distinguish 5 main groups that have some differences between themselves. Just considering them, you can understand which option you need to pay maximum attention. Remember that not only Estelle (professional hair dye), the palette that is on the official website, will be able to give an excellent effect. Nonprofessional means in this company are not worse.

Celebrity. In this series are now 20 shades. The main difference between the means that they do not contain ammonia, and the paint is harmless to your curls. Supplement is avocado oil and olive extract, which provide softness and protection to hair during dyeing. The advantage is that it is one of the few products that allows you to dye your hair evenly enough.

Love Intense. This option is suitable for those girls and women who love to stand out from the crowd and give preference to brighter and more unusual shades. Now this series has 27 colors. There is no ammonia in them, but this will not affect the deterioration of the staining quality. Even a bright color will stick to your hair long enough. In this area, there are quieter neutral shades, which you can also choose for yourself.

Estelle Love Nuance. This option is ideal for experimenters.The fact is that this series has 18 variants of various shades. But the tool will be completely washed off from your curls after you wash your hair about 7 times. Girls choose this option for themselves, who want to make the image more vivid and interesting, but they know that in a couple of months they will want something new. The products in this series will be ideal if you are just in search of your ideal color. So you can safely experiment without harming your hair and get the desired effect.

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We should also highlight the series Only Color. Now it comes in 32 shades. The difference of this color will be that she will be able to gently care for her hair. As part of there are tools to help create protection against ultraviolet hair, vitamin B 5, as well as a special complex bio-asset. In addition to staining, you can get excellent care for your curls, minimize the manifestation of split ends. Do not worry about the fact that you are a long time in the sun. Saturated and bright colors will not fade, but provide you with a protective effect and beautiful hair.

Only Color Naturals. From the very name it becomes clear that these components will include natural ingredients. Despite the fact that this is not Estel's professional hair dye, but a home care product, there are 20 shades in the line. Additionally, in each paint package you can find a special balm that contains cocoa butter. Many girls know that just this element will make the hair soft, soft, shiny and alive. Note that the paint is ammonia free. It will not dry and burn hair, but the color on the curls will fix for a long time.

Solo Color. This option is often chosen rather bright and extraordinary women. In the general palette there are 25 shades, and the means differ in their composition. They have a peach extract and tea tree oil, which nourishes the hair and gives them the necessary strength. The colors are saturated, hold on the hair for a long time. Because of this, there is no need to use paint often enough. Unfortunately, this is what girls think when choosing bright colors. Stick to the standard coloring schedule, because you can minimize the damage to your hair and the color will be good.

Well, to complete our review will be a series Solo Ton. There are 18 shades, and in fact it is not so much paint as tint balsam. Firmness does not work here, the paint will wash off after 8-9 hair cleansing. However, in this tool there is neither ammonia nor potent substances that could harm the hair.

Considering the entire palette of colors, you will find the best option for yourself. Remember that hair dyes (a professional palette, which has a photo both of your hairdresser and in the network) are not a limitation. You can always choose the means for home care and dye your hair with less cost.

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