What is better microblading or powdery eyebrows: leave the choice to the master?

It was good for girls when they didn’t have to suffer from a choice: there was one eyebrow tattooing technique, one pigment color, one master for the whole city. You also have to decide what to do - microblading or powder coating. If someone could help in this difficult task, spread out all the shelves, explain, tell!

What it is

Definitely understand what is better - microblading or powdery eyebrows - you can only if you go through both procedures and compare personal feelings. Each in their own way perceives different techniques of permanent makeup. But you can make your choice based on the experience of other people who were pursuing the same goals as you.

Powder eyebrows are a shadow technique of a classic (hardware) tattoo. The pigment is not applied uniformly, but dotted, so the effect of sprayed decorative cosmetics is created. It seems that you used a soft pencil or shadows. On closer examination, individual points are visible on the skin, but from a distance it looks like a light feathering.

Advantages of powdery permanent:

  1. It lasts longer - from 3 to 5 years. Microblading will delight you only 1-2 years.
  2. Suitable for both daytime and evening image - eyebrows do not have to tint.
  3. Damage to a smaller area of ​​the skin. Powder tattooing is done dot, microblading - strokes.
  4. Lower cost compared to manual equipment. Powder coating costs 6-8 thousand rubles, and manual tattooing - from 8 to 15 thousand.
  5. It creates an imitation of professional makeup. Do not have to draw symmetrical eyebrows every morning.

  1. Not everyone is imitating eyebrow shadows. If you make a wrong choice, you have to endure it for several years.
  2. The procedure is more painful than microblading, since a needle can puncture the same place dozens of times, as it moves quickly.
  3. The needle, piercing the skin with a high frequency, heats the surrounding tissue. Hair bulbs can break down, then their eyebrows will fall out and will slowly grow back.
Microblading is manual permanent makeup. During the procedure, micronises are made that mimic the natural growth of hair. The difference in the results of the two techniques can be seen in the photos of girls who have already chosen the appropriate method for themselves.

Advantages of manual tattoo:

  1. Less pain and blood during the procedure, as cuts are made to a shallower depth. The skin heals a little faster.
  2. It turns out the natural look of the eyebrows. It seems that they are thick and neat by nature, not made up with anything.
  3. The rapid fading of the pigment compared to a powdery tattoo is a plus for someone, since it is possible to change the image more often.

The disadvantage of the method is that initially it was used only by Asian women, since it originated in ancient China. The skin of eastern girls is more elastic, it is easily pigmented, it has a different shade. Applying microblading in Europe, cosmetologists often face incidents. The skin after the procedure is tightened, the strokes become uneven. If the master makes an incision too deep, a scar is formed.

Few beauticians have mastered this technique. It requires the firmness of the hand and at least the rudiments of artistic taste. The difference between the two types of tattoo is that with microblading the master only outlines the basic shape of the eyebrows, and the strokes themselves are applied without a preliminary sketch by the blade itself.

What dictates the choice of the method of tattoo?

The choice of technology is dictated by:

  • skin properties of the client: dry and oily,
  • customer’s wishes regarding the result (duration, amount of stored pigment),
  • so that the girl is ready to go for the sake of beauty (the ability to suffer a little pain and then carefully care for the healing wounds),
  • the color and quality of your own brows,
  • medical nuances.

And powdery tattooing, and microblading (eyebrow embroidery) has its advantages and disadvantages. Both methods are relatively new to Europe and successfully used by experienced craftsmen. Among the clients there are both satisfied and dissatisfied with the procedure.

Most likely, the discontent is connected not with the technology of eyebrow modification, but with the wrong choice of equipment or insufficient experience of the master.

Powder eyebrows

Powder eyebrows are called the traditional method in which it is used shadow tattoo technique. During the application of strokes apply a special tool with a dye pigment, working on electricity.

The dye is distributed through the hairs in such a way that the inhomogeneously applied pigment looks like applied decorative cosmetics. Thus, the effect of pencil technique or make-up, made by means of shadows, is created. If you look more carefully, you can see the smallest points that are like soft feathering.

This technique is used when the client wants to get wide, prominent eyebrows on the face, as well as creating the effect of hand applying makeup.

Who are suitable technology

Powder eyebrow tattooing is done when you need to forget about tinting eyebrows. This makeup is suitable for office and festive events. The result looks inconspicuous, but draws attention to the eyes. If you have a beautiful look on which you want to focus, powder technique is a good option.

Shadow permanent suits girls over 30 who want to look presentable at any event. Only in the complete absence of your eyebrows such a tattoo does not fit, because it needs a foundation.

Choose microblading if you are looking for versatility. In normal situations, you will look natural, and to create a festive makeup you only need to put shadows on top of the permanent or to shade a pencil. It will be easier to do this than usual, since the symmetrical form will be ready.

The manual permanent is usually made by young girls who only want to emphasize the natural beauty. This tattoo is suitable if in everyday makeup you focus on the lips - eyebrows and eyes will not attract too much attention to themselves.


The following method came to Europe from the East. Initially, Chinese women decorated themselves like this. Irina Levchuk and Natalya Krasnoperova are eyebrow designers who interpreted this novelty for use in Russian beauty salons.

The microblading procedure involves in its end a light application of a coloring matter, which emphasizes individual hairs. Exceptions are those options when a woman in the salon independently chooses a volumetric shape of eyebrows. In this embodiment, the pigment is applied, creating the illusion of natural thick hairs.

The device that handles the eyebrow is like a pen. However, at the end is not a rod at all, but a collection of the smallest needles. Each such needle penetrates the skin at the smallest distance of no more than 2 mm., Then pigment is applied to each individual hair.

This is very painstaking and, one might say, jewelry work requiring a lot of patience and great professionalism from a specialist. Nowadays, craftsmen apply the most natural thinnest coating, using the microblading technique 6d.

De techniques - two approaches to beauty

What is the difference between eyebrow embroidery and shadow coating? Comparison is easiest to make using a table. Both techniques are permanent makeup.

Persistence permanent makeup depends on the depth of the introduction of the pigment. Microblading involves dissecting tissue to the dermis (second layer of skin), touching it. What is this manipulation, for sure, you already know.

I will repeat just in case how to do microblading and what it is. Eyebrow embroidery is a permanent make-up technique that involves applying micro incisions and introducing dye into them. Healed brows look natural and clear, there are no blurry spots and skin coloration outside the “drawing”.

What is the different spraying manipulation? Eyebrow dusting affects only the epidermis (the top layer of the skin). In fact, it is a shading of light paint in the upper layers of the skin. In this case, the complete filling of the edge of the landing does not occur. The master makes the so-called pixel injection of the dye (draws a lot of points that create volume).

This means that as soon as the cells of the epidermis are completely refreshed, the spraying will “come down”. If the master says that light shading or nano sputtering will last 2-5 years, this means that the dye will “clog” into the dermis.

Performance difference

Manual technique is different from powder tattooing method of applying pigment. The master must have a firm hand, then the micro-cuts will be smooth and neat. If the skin is well perceived dye, after healing, the strokes will not be distorted.

The machine has the driving force of the needle, which makes it possible to control the depth. In the manual technique the master has a hand and a needle.

The master applies the pigment not with a machine, but with a hand-held manipulator, ending with a thin blade from a bundle of sharp needles. The incisions go to a depth of 0.5-0.8 mm. The beautician manually adjusts the degree of pressure on the instrument, so the technique requires more skill.

For powder tattooing apparatus is used, similar to the machine for tattooing, only the depth of the puncture is less. It is easier to apply the pigment, because the movements are made automatically - you just need to direct the needle to the right place. The machine introduces a pigment of 0.8-1 mm under the skin.

Differences in preparation

In order for the procedure itself and recovery after it to pass without unpleasant surprises, it is necessary to prepare in advance for the process of applying the pigment. At this stage, there is no difference between a hand-made permanent and a powdery tattoo. Both procedures require compliance with the following rules:

  • you can not sunbathe 2 weeks,
  • antibiotics and blood thinners cannot be used for a week,
  • eyebrows should not be plucked during the week before the procedure,
  • during the week you can not use scrubs and peels,
  • 2-3 days before the procedure, it is necessary to stop drinking beverages containing alcohol or caffeine,
  • On the eve of the session you cannot eat fried, fatty, smoked food and drink plenty of fluids,
  • the day before the procedure, it is necessary to discontinue the use of decorative cosmetics.

The only possible difference is that you need to psychologically prepare for microblading. The wizard makes micronadezes and, although local anesthesia is applied, you still feel them. At this moment it is better to think about something abstract, not to concentrate on the actions of the beautician. Practice it before the session.

Skin care

Care of eyebrows after microblading is no different from the rehabilitation after a powdery tattoo. It is necessary to treat eyebrows with antiseptic and healing ointment. The resulting crust can not be ripped or scratched. It is forbidden to sunbathe, visit the bath, pool and beach, use decorative cosmetics and alcohol-based products. Do not mask the pigment with powder, shadows or foundation.

Differences can only be in the duration of recovery, but not always. The manual manipulator pierces the skin to a lesser depth, but at the same time during the powder spraying, the master applies the pigment to a point rather than long strokes. The rate of healing depends on the characteristics of the body and compliance with the rules of care.

Is correction needed?

If you think that your torment ended in the first session with a beautician, you will have to upset you. About a month after the first procedure, the correction is carried out. It is obligatory for all, even if no obvious errors are visible.

On the second procedure, the master eliminates the shortcomings that have arisen after the crust has fallen off, fixes the pigment shade. If you do not make a correction, the tattoo fades faster - sometimes in 5-6 months.

Subsequent procedures are carried out as the clarification of the permanent. Powder eyebrows need correction after about 1.5-2 years. Some girls pigment lasts 3-4 years without changes. If you are satisfied with the shape and color of the eyebrows, you do not need to repeat the procedure.

Microblading holds less. Usually the correction is needed after 1-1.5 years after the first session. Some make-up artists advise not to do a new manual tattoo on top of the old one, since cuts on the same places increase the risk of scarring.

Side effects

After a shadow permanent makeup, the skin turns red and swells, but it goes away within 2-3 days. If the master worked in non-sterile conditions, infection is possible, then pus will flow from the wounds. Poor pigment causes allergies or spreads beyond the intended form. After healing, the eyebrows may become asymmetrical or uneven in shade.

After microblading, the same side effects are possible. The formation of keloids is added to the general list. The risk of their occurrence is higher, since cuts are made on the skin and not punctures. If the master's hand falters, damage to the blood vessels may occur. Then hematomas form on the skin.


A good master will hold a preliminary consultation with you, which will determine if you have any contraindications to the procedure. Powder eyebrow tattooing can not be done in the following cases:

  • infectious diseases,
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases
  • diabetes,
  • AIDS,
  • hepatitis,
  • epilepsy,
  • mental disorders
  • birthmarks and other eyebrow education,
  • oncology,
  • pregnancy,
  • lactation period
  • period of menstruation,
  • dermatological diseases
  • age less than 18 years
  • hemophilia.
For manual tattooing, the list of contraindications is the same, only the tendency to form keloids is added to it. The relative limitation is oily skin. The procedure can be carried out, but the pigment will fade quickly, and corrections will be required more often.

Tips for choosing

Do not give in to tempting promotions and discounts - choose the wizard carefully. Weigh your decision, because with a tattoo you have to go more than one year. Choose a powder technique if:

  • you want to forget about tinting eyebrows for 3-5 years,
  • you are conservative about your appearance, do not like to often change the image,
  • you work in a large office where you always have to look perfect,
  • do you prefer a business dress
  • usually you use eye shadows or a soft eyebrow pencil.

Choose microblading if:

  • you are not afraid to experiment and try new
  • do you prefer nude makeup
  • you completely miss your eyebrows
  • In your city there is a professional master of manual equipment who will not make mistakes.

Oksana, 28 years old, Kaliningrad

“At first, I made microblading, but he got off after 10 months. I didn’t dare to spend that kind of money again, but then I saw an advertisement for powder coating. The pigment has been holding for 2 years without changes, it looks great. It’s a pity that I didn’t immediately know Microblading, by the way, is more painful than the classics. Although psychology may play a role, you feel how the master cuts the skin and thinks out what is not. "

Who is permanent makeup for?

Technician eyebrow tattoo today quite a lot. This and shotirovka - pigment feathering and alignment contour edges. It seems that you have tinted your eyebrows with shadows or a soft pencil. And the hair method - involving the removal of hairs and the application of pigment, imitating hair growth, and many other ways.

The method depends on the state of your “native eyebrows”, to decide whether you want microblading or stop the selection on a powder tattoo look at the photo before and after the procedure, ask the master of the photo after healing.

WHY it is impossible to do MICROBLEDING. Beautician dissuaded me from microblading. ARGUMENTS. The procedure PUDDLE eyebrows and my DISAPPOINTMENT, correction + a lot of photos

I am almost 35 years old. Hair color is light brown, eyebrows too. I went up to 33 years and it seemed to me that everything was OK with eyebrows, I was making a form. But did not tint eyebrows.

The moment of X was the wedding of a friend, or rather the photo from that very wedding. And then I noticed -I have no eyebrows.

My hands grow from one place and I myself drew myself like this. It seemed to me so bright.

When I went to work I painted with gel eyeliner, pencil and shadows. BUT IT WAS BENEFIT that rubbing, hats, heat of the eyebrows were rubbed. I decided to have a tattoo (I was so tired of endlessly dyeing my eyebrows).


I learned about the newest technology. it microblading andpowdery eyebrows. Microblading ignited, t. to. looks very natural. BUT. I talked to the master completely and she talked me out of it.

In microblading, micro incisions are made on the skin. There the nozzle itself has dozens of needles in a row and the master draws a hair, but makes a skin incision, introducing pigment. And there are a hundred of these cuts. Girls, when I saw this row of needles, I was directly frightened and trusted in the master. In her words, cutting through the skin of a series of needles injures the hair follicle. This is the first time + correction. The method is quite new and long-term effects (who microbleeding 5-10 years old). According to her clients, she notes - micropipes remain and hairs of their eyebrows fall out. And the pigment is completely out. And what will happen next if the scars are re-cut. Eyebrow can "float." Microblading is suitable for those who do not have hair, or they are by nature very rare. The effect lasts a year.

This is a relatively new procedure in cosmetology for changing the shape, color or thickness of the eyebrows. On the process says the name: "micro" - small, "blading" (from the word "blade" - "blade"). It consists in drawing notches with the help of an edge with their subsequent filling with a pigment of the chosen color.

The procedure is performed manually: the wizard draws to the client every hair in the eyebrow area, thereby completely forming their appearance. Such brows look very natural, but their shape, bend, thickness and color are entirely “in the power” of a cosmetologist.

In the "powder" technique less trauma.

Eyebrows in the end look slightly tinted well maintained and without clear boundaries. As if they were powdered (embellished). And plus the master works fine needle. Making micro punctures. It suited me.

Already after the first tattoo procedure, the eyebrows looked bright and beautiful (on the same day I pricked Botox in the eyebrow and on the forehead of the same master).


1. The master (in my case, the doctor) put anesthetic cream on his eyebrows and covered it with cling film. I waited 15 minutes for the anesthesia to work.

2. Chose the color of the new eyebrows (brown).

3. Read and sign consent to honey. intervention, there was indicated the color, indications and contraindications, information about the correction. My master advised to come in a month.

4. After I settled down on the couch and you can say the pain did not feel, there was an easy cremation. This technology is definitely not to be afraid. NOT SICK. The procedure lasted about 30 minutes.

PRICE: 4 thousand rubles powder eyebrows

CORRECTION 1,5 thousand rubles

I went to work the next day. Absolutely do not worry that swell and need to hide. NOT. Eyebrows were very bright, this is YES! But as if they were tinted (stronger than usual). I treated chlorhexidine for 3 days (I wiped it with a cotton pad 2 times a day).

For 5-6 days the skin in the place of a tattoo began to crack and to fall off pieces. Master warned that you can not touch. I removed the hanging crust from the left eyebrow, all the same I work with people, I can not allow to sit in the scraps.

A week later, the crusts came off and I'm right VERY HAPPENED.

Pigment if 35-40% is left, then it is good.

And I began to paint again, since the contour was already there. Another interesting fact is that my master drew a "new" form (just above mine), and began to do a tattoo. And after the procedure, said, you can not pull out, so as not to touch the pigment. I plucked out (I don’t remember for 2-3 days).


Everything was the same way, but without signing the papers.

After correction, when the crusts descended, the pigment of 65-75% remained and I am pleased. At 90 percent for sure. So of course recommend. I will definitely go back in a year.

What is eyebrow microbleeding?

In this way individual hairs are drawn, which when using the pigment of different colors can be made lighter or darker.

This is a long, expensive and painful procedure.

But it allows you to radically solve such serious problems as bald spots in this place and the presence of voids.

Depending on the chosen technique of such a procedure hairs can be drawn strictly in accordance with the natural growth of hair (European technology) or in a more or less arbitrary direction.

At the same time, the length and thickness of hairs may differ, which gives the client a generally more natural look (eastern technique).

At the same time, the use of microblading is not always justified: sometimes you can get by in less painful and less effective ways, for example, with a powdery tattoo.

What is the difference between technology?

In microblading and powder spraying many differences:

  1. Microblading result is less durable and is only a half years old.
  2. When applied with a powdery color change is possible. pigment, which is not the case with microblading.
  3. Microblading requires minimal correction., since the pigment is distributed deeply and its main volume is preserved.
    After a powdery tattoo with a bloodworm during the healing period, up to 50% of the pigment can be released.
    Therefore, the correction procedure is obligatory and it requires the introduction of a large amount of new paint.
  4. When microblading eyebrows are obtained more rigorous and clear form..
    Powder coating allows you to achieve a soft velvet look, the hairs at the same time look more voluminous.

After powder application eyebrows look only correctly and accurately brought, and such permanent makeup does not look so contrasting.

General features

Both methods have the following common features:

  • the result as a whole looks natural
  • microblading and powder coating require the same preparation and adherence to the same rules during the healing period,
  • the durability of the result is on average the same (one and a half to two years),
  • the tattoo does not fade too quickly, but gradually fades,
  • used the same types of paint.

What is better to choose in different cases?

Powder coating recommended for such eyebrow defects:

  • the hairs are too sensitive to ultraviolet and fade after a long time under the sun or after a visit to the solarium,
  • hairs are very sparse, and their color is lighter than the main shade of the hair by more than 2-3 tones,
  • eyebrow contour is not clear enough
  • in dense dense eyebrows there are obvious gaps.

Also this procedure suitable for owners of normal eyebrows without defects, if necessary, to make the color more saturated.

Microblading allows solve more serious problems, includingfill in large spaces which are of both natural and traumatic origin.

Below are some reviews. If you have something to say - leave your feedback in the comments below the article, it will be useful to our readers.

"I have dark and quite expressive, but not very thick eyebrows.I wanted to correct this situation with the help of microblading.

Specialist in the cabin she dissuaded me from such a decision, since according to her, eyebrows after microblading would be too dark and unnatural.

In my case, we decided to try a soft powdery tattoo.

As a result, eyebrows turned out the right amountalthough their color has not changed, it has become deeper and more saturated. ”

Marina K, 36 years old

"Oddly enough, but microbladingwhich is considered very persistent I got off in less than a year after the procedure.

I don't know if there was a problem with the paint or with the wrong actions of the master, but after that I chose another type of tattoo - powder coating.

He lasted for about two years, and then finally faded only six months later.

Apparently, this is due to some peculiarities of the skin, but in any case I found out that Powder paint is right for me.besides, it was completely painless. ”

Rimma Sobolev, Chelyabinsk.

Useful video

From this video you will find out how powdery eyebrows differ from tattooing and microblading:

Choose between powder tattoo and microblading should not be on the advice of girlfriends or on the result of other people.

Each procedure requires taking into account the proportions of the face, skin color, hair color, individual contraindications and skin type.

An experienced cosmetologist will always help you make the right choice.and making an independent decision can be based on a subjective assessment.

As a result, the result may be undesirable and unexpected, but in any case, the client always makes the final choice.

Similarities technician

Similar in both techniques the following:

  1. Both techniques create a natural effect.
  2. Personal characteristics are taken into account: growth, color, growth direction of each hair, its volume.
  3. Long-term effect of the procedures. Instant result.
  4. The shade of the treated hairs does not undergo dramatic changes in the process of wearing, but gradually becomes less saturated.
  5. A wide arsenal of pigments.
  6. Observe precautions in the form of testing for intolerance to drugs.
  7. Individual selection of the form.

Care for eyebrows that have undergone both of these procedures, also has no differences and is expressed in the following recommendations:

  • Keep away from moisture.
  • Do not expose to UV rays, refrain from visiting the tanning bed.
  • Do not expose the skin to applying decorative cosmetics and peeling in the period of 2-3 weeks.
  • Healing crust does not remove yourself.
  • Do not use wound healing agents that increase the likelihood of pigment removal.
  • Quick healing time in 2-4 weeks.

In addition, both options have the same contraindications, in which it is better not to use the procedures:

  1. Future and nursing mothers.
  2. Persons with weak blood clotting.
  3. Girls in the period of critical days.
  4. People suffering from colds and infectious diseases.
  5. Women with fever.
  6. With diabetes.
  7. Cancer patient.
  8. HIV-infected and have AIDS.
  9. With hepatitis.
  10. During hypertension.
  11. In cases where moles, scars and other skin imperfections exist at the site of impact.
  12. With epilepsy.

Technician Differences

During spraying less likely to injure the skin, more likely to avoid peeling and swelling, because, this technique involves the use of a thin in diameter, replaceable rod special tools.

Microblading has proven itself to be a technique in which painful sensations are not felt.

The advantage of microblading is the fact that this method does not require special training, unlike powder technology, which requires preparation for a period of a week to ten before applying the pigment. Before the procedure should follow a number of rules:

  1. Protect from sunlight.
  1. Do not process the eyebrows at home by yourself.
  2. Refrain from using care products.
  3. Do not use mycelial fluid.
  4. For a period of three days, experts recommend drinking a course of antiviral drugs.
  5. The day before the trip to the master browser, you need to refrain from a large amount of fluid consumed. Do not expose the body to nicotine, alcohol, caffeine, various energy drinks. Do not eat salty foods.

Healing of the skin occurs as follows: with microblading - a month, with the use of shadow technology, the period is 2 weeks.

The persistence of the result obtained by microblading ranges from a minimum of 1-2 years, to an average of 3 to 5 years.

The pigment applied in microblading does not change color. Powder eyebrows may turn green or blue with inappropriate care.

Powder technique is suitable only for fair-haired women and blondes, while microblading beautifies a girl with any hair color, and will especially look good on brunettes.

The disadvantage of eyebrows made by the powder method is that if the correction procedure is ignored, there is a high probability of an unpredictable version of the “behavior” of the eyebrows. Correction is needed to consolidate the result. When microblading correction occurs in time:

  • After 1-1.5 months.
  • 1.5 years later.
  • 3 years later.

What to choose?

It is important to begin to consider the features of the style of the image, which are obtained by using the above two techniques. Once a graceful eyebrow curve was at the peak of popularity, everyone was striving for this style. However, fashion trends are very changeable.

Currently, it has a bright, thick, well-defined eyebrows that stand out on the face. Therefore, it is necessary to dwell on the technique of applying a pigment image, which will give the option that best fits into the overall look.

Dry skin longer keeps permanent makeup on itself than, for example, oily. Some owners of oily skin, after powder technology, until the next procedure, there is only 5% of the pigment. However, girls with dry skin are more likely to suffer from irritation and redness.

It is important to consider the proportions of facial features, style of dress, the structure and color of hair and eyes, as well as other factors. But it is even more important to love yourself and be able to correctly highlight your merits. When choosing a method, you must consider the type of skin.


There are several varieties of microblading. The first technique is European. It differs in that the master creates eyebrows by drawing absolutely identical hairs. They are similar in length, thickness and brightness of color. Microscopic cuts are located at approximately the same distance. European technology is good if the natural base is quite thick. Otherwise, the result will be unnatural.

The second technique is eastern. It is several times more difficult than the previous one. Not every master is able to cope with this technique. With its help, natural hair growth is restored as accurately as possible. Cuts vary in length and thickness. Thus, it is possible to create the most natural and harmonious eyebrows. Not every beauty salon performs such a procedure, as it requires a lot of experience and professionalism. The result of the eastern technology exceeds all expectations. But the cost of such work may be several times higher.

Tattooing using this technique is carried out in several stages. The first one is the correction of the natural base with tweezers, thread or wax. This stage is usually preceded by long hair regrowth. This is necessary to create the desired shape.

Further the master creates the project of the future form. It can change many times. All actions are necessarily agreed with the client. This stage in most cases takes much longer than even the process of implantation of the pigment. The future shape and thickness of eyebrows depends on it.

Next, the wizard makes anesthesia area. It is simply necessary to relieve pain.

The most crucial stage is the creation of microscopic cuts. The master painstakingly draws each hair to create the desired shape.

Finally, a special cream is applied to the eyebrows. It is necessary to prevent complications in the healing and preservation of pigment in the thickness of the epidermis.

Advantages and disadvantages

Microblading has a number of positive qualities. This makes this procedure so popular among girls. Among the advantages are:

  • Fast recovery. The procedure is characterized by the complete absence of edema and redness. Eyebrows immediately look very natural and beautiful.
  • Preservation of a shade. This technique is different in that the pigment does not fade with time. Eyebrows do not turn green, blue, unlike other techniques of tattoo.
  • Naturalness Eyebrows look as natural as possible. No one will notice that they succumbed to the tattoo.
  • Lack of scars. Proper care and professionalism wizard will help get rid of this problem.
  • Temporary result. A few years after the procedure, the pigment becomes less bright. This gives girls the opportunity to change the shape and thickness of the eyebrows and to abandon the laser information tattoo.

Among the shortcomings can be identified only that in the beauty industry there are a large number of non-professional masters. Microblading is a very complex technique. It requires experience and a lot of knowledge. Improper tattooing in this technique can lead to alopecia, that is, the cessation of hair growth. Eyebrows will look unattractive, will lose their former shape and color.

Tips to help you choose the eyebrow tattoo technique - microblading or feathering:

Microblading care

Proper care will help prolong the duration of the socks tattoo and negate the risk of complications. In order for the result to please you as long as possible, you should observe the following rules:

  • Avoid aggressive peels and treatments. This can greatly harm the tattoo.
  • Do not use alcohol before the procedure. They can significantly reduce blood clotting in the process of creating cuts. This will cause serious complications.
  • Refuse before and after the procedure from a visit to the solarium for a while. After it, the skin becomes much thicker and rougher. This prevents penetration of pigment into the epidermis.
  • Do not remove the crust that formed after the procedure. They should disappear naturally for better healing of the skin.

  • Use special ointments to speed up the healing of cuts. Necessary preparations will be advised to you by the master.
  • Do not wet eyebrows for several days after implantation of the pigment. This will increase the duration of his socks.
  • Do not use the sauna or steam bath for several weeks.
  • Follow all recommendations of the master.
  • Make corrections in time. It allows you to make the eyebrows brighter, restore the clarity of the lines. Otherwise, the result will not be at all what you would like. It is necessary to perform the correction one month after the main microblading procedure.

Powder Coating

This tattoo technique allows you to create the most vivid and clear eyebrows, give them a three-dimensional effect. The result after this service is stored for a long time. Eyebrows look the most natural and attractive.

Powder coating is ideal for those girls who have:

  • Very light, imperceptible practical hairs. The brow color is lighter by more than 2 shades of hair color.
  • Eyebrows are quite thick, there are only a small number of spaces and voids.
  • Good shape, requiring only giving brightness and saturation.
  • Fuzzy contour requiring stroke.
  • Eyebrows strongly fade and lose brightness when exposed to ultraviolet rays.

As in the previous case, the tattoo in the technique of powder spraying is carried out in several stages. The first one is base correction. Master removes excess hair, changes the shape of the eyebrows, bringing it closer to the desired. At this stage, it is simply necessary to build on the natural base in order to avoid a non-natural effect.

The second stage is the creation of a sketch. It is created with special pencils. The sketch is carefully coordinated with the client. It can be adjusted several times, modified. These actions will occur until the desired result is achieved.

The third stage is a selection of colors. It is also agreed with the client. If the girl wants more natural and natural eyebrows, that shade which is as close as possible to a hair color is selected. If brighter and more saturated brows are required, a shade of slightly darker hair color is taken.

The fourth stage - anesthesia site. It is necessary in order to reduce the level of discomfort during the procedure.

The fifth and very important stage is the implantation of the pigment itself. This is a special machine. The pigment is implanted in small dots, which creates the effect of powdery eyebrows. It feels like eyebrows are filled with shadows. This allows you to achieve volume and brightness.

The last stage is skin treatment. It is simply necessary in order to consolidate the result from the service, reduce to no risk of inflammation, speed up the healing process. Heals tattoo with the help of this technique much faster than microblading. This is due to a smaller area of ​​skin lesions. Obviously, pinpoints heal faster than cuts.