Scary Beautiful Halloween Makeup: 15 Creepy Make-Up Ideas

At the end of October, the most mysterious and mystical holiday is celebrated - Halloween. (Halloween) . Finding a unique and unique image for the holiday in 2018 is a difficult task. In order to scare your friends and acquaintances you need to create the perfect scary makeup. FoxTime provides a detailed video tutorial on how to do an original Halloween 2018 makeover.

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Mouth shut

How often do you try to keep your mouth shut? Show everyone what will happen if you open it:

To create such an image you do not need to apply complex makeup. It is enough to use eyeliner, liner and a lot of black paint:

Dead princess

Pale face, eyes with crimson contours, false eyelashes and rich burgundy lips - this will be enough for one evening to turn into a dead princess who decided to attend the holiday, arranged by living people:

Revived doll

Many children are panicked by live dolls. What is not a great idea for Halloween? Use a pale foundation for the face, white powder, lush false eyelashes and persistent eyeshadow so that the makeup does not float in the very first hours after application:

Dirty figurine

An unusual image, but, nevertheless, original. To create it, you only need to carefully make up the face, giving it the appearance of pure porcelain, and then draw a handprint on the bottom of the face:

The Vampire Queen

Vampire theme is still relevant. True, you can always do without fangs and blood. Draw black stains with eyeliner or liner, focus on the eyes, and underline lips with burgundy lipstick and you will become a first-class vampire:

A bit of light toning, white powder, black lipstick and expressive makeup in dark colors and the image of the witch is ready:

Freaky witch

Arrange a real explosion on your head and paint your face in two different colors. It will turn out a cheerful image of a young witch who adores night binges and gulburys:

Well, what a Halloween without a zombie? Buy special paint at the store to create makeup and apply a pale green tone on your face. In the eyes, do not forget to put huge black lenses, and to heighten the effect, draw here and there black wrinkles. In this form, you just no one can be distinguished from this zombie:

Charming Vampire

Another version of the vampire style make-up. Everything you need to conjure over the design of the lips, and you can simply paint the eyes with bright shadows:

Whatever makeup option you choose, do not be shy in choosing colors and paints. Halloween happens once a year and provides a unique opportunity to reincarnate in anyone, without fear that others recognize your image as terrible or unsuccessful.

Choose a Halloween image

So, we bring to your attention 12 of the most famous and popular heroines, among whom you will definitely find the one who best reflects your essence or desire to turn for a moment into a bad or good character. Good or evil is up to you, and Halloween 2018 is an opportunity to show imagination and be in a slightly different body.

Image: Wenzee Addams

Wenzee Addams is a girl from the animated series "Addams Family". What is attractive about this heroine for celebrating Halloween Images on the eve of All Saints Day, as a rule, are selected based largely on mysticism. Wenzdi, according to the script, loves everything gloomy and associated with death, and also breeds spiders. Therefore, it is the perfect choice for Halloween.

In addition, the Wenzee Addams costume is easier to choose. This is perhaps the easiest and most successful option for reincarnation, since it does not require much effort and will save the budget perfectly.

You do not need to buy anything, especially if you have a simple dress in your wardrobe, preferably a dark color. Even if it is a sundress - it is also perfect for a suit. We still need to find a white blouse with a collar. However, in order to be absolutely accurate, we recommend finding a standard school uniform that fits perfectly into the image of Wenzdy Addams.

Beautiful Halloween Image it is easy to create, the main thing is to determine for yourself the most important points, namely, costume and makeup. We have already dealt with the clothes of Wenji, but what about the makeup application? In fact, even in this case, there is nothing complicated, even the most inexperienced ladies can make make-up. For this you need not so much. For details on how to do makeup in the image of Wenzee Addams, we offer a look at the video

As for hair, so, however, and here everything is simple to banality. Long-haired brunettes are undoubtedly lucky, as they can simply braid two pigtails with a smooth parting in the middle. The rest of the girls can buy, if you can, borrow or rent a wig.

Image: Wonder Woman from Comics

Wonder Woman - great Halloween image for girls. He is good because this character is associated not only with femininity, but also with the manifestation of kindness, friendliness and mercy. The real name of the character is Diana, and she has superhuman abilities. For example, he can crush stones or seek truth with the help of the lasso of Truth.

Costume Wonder Woman may consist of two primary colors - red and blue, corresponding to the flag of the United States. The top is red, the bottom is blue. To embody the image, you can buy a swimsuit or wear a skirt with a T-shirt or T-shirt, as long as the top fits the body. To complete the image, you will need some more attributes that Diana does not part with in the comics, namely, a lasso (any long rope will do), bracelets and a tiara, symbolizing the heroine's dedication.

Halloween makeup in this case, it should display the main features of the face, that is, it is necessary to put a neat contour on the face, not only on the oval, but also on the nose, cheekbones and lips. If you do not have a tiara, it is important not to forget to paint over the upper part of the forehead with a golden color, and in the middle to draw a red star. We offer in more detail with the makeup of Wonder Woman to get acquainted in the video below.

The simplest thing that can be is creating a hairstyle for Diana, the Amazon princess. In fact, all you need is long hair. In Wonder Woman, they are simply dissolved and nothing special is different. No accessories, braids, tails and the like.

Image: Witch

The Witch is a mystical character with practical magic skills. Able to conjure, enchant and fly on a broomstick. The costume for the Witch is not difficult to pick up, but it may require a good imagination. First, the clothes must be of a dark color, often choosing violet in combination with black. You can dress in a short dress, the bottom of which is casually cut into triangular shreds. It is advisable to put tulle or organza on the dress. This fabric will give even more credibility to the image.

However, there are a lot of options, the most important thing is to take into account the color gamut in each of them, that is, dark shades of clothing, and preferably fitted. Always put a cap on your head, and take a broom in your hands.

The image of a sorceress is almost ready, now let's get down to makeup. Halloween Witch Makeup provides a greenish face, yellow teeth, black lips, thick eyebrows and reddened eyes. How to put all this harmoniously, evenly and most appropriately to the image, we suggest watching a short video lesson.

With a hairstyle, by the way, do not have to bother. Long-haired are very lucky, because they can be simply combed or tousled. Do not be upset and those who have short haircuts, as in any case on the head should be a cap, and therefore even a little sticking out from under the headdress will create a real witches appearance.

As you see images for girls on Halloween they only seem to be difficult, but in fact, to select and implement them is a fun process that also develops the abilities for creativity and fantasy.

Image: Zombies

Scary halloween images only at first glance seem difficult in their implementation. In fact, the same Zombie - it's just your imagination and desire to turn into a mystical character, implying a revived corpse, lost control of itself and seeking to bite all the living.

To pick up a suit to this image is easy. Considering that any person who succumbs to the bite of a fantastic character can become a Zombie, then you can not choose a suit for him either. The main thing is to wear something that is not a pity, since the clothes will be fairly stained with red paint, symbolizing blood. Girls, of course, fit short dresses on which you can make holes in a chaotic manner and in different sizes.

Also a great option would be the top and skirt, while the top can be torn and the blade to dissolve the thread. Such little things indicate that during the Zombie attack, you had to fight back, but as a result you yourself turned into a revived corpse wanting to attack your countrymen.

Halloween Makeup, in particular, for the image of the Zombie, also not difficult, because it does not require special care and straight lines, as with the image, for example, Wonder Woman. Moreover, for the makeup you need not so much makeup. The main thing is to stock up with a highlighter and a red pencil. How to apply make-up, we offer to see the video lesson.

With a hairstyle for Zombies, everything is also clear. Absolutely any, short, long, with tails, braids - each will suit your image. For the credibility, you can ruffle your hair a little. Still, remember that we "fought and fought" before becoming a zombie.

Image: Mexican Skull

In the image of Mexican skulls the most important thing is makeup. Data Halloween characters invented by the people of Mexico, where death is worshiped. The most important image is Calavera, that is, the Goddess of Death. That it is considered a symbol of the Day of the Dead.

In order to try on the image of Calaver, you need to choose the dark colors of clothing of any style and cut. These can be dresses, skirts, and sundresses with blouses. It is advisable, of course, to choose a more classical version, since, do not forget, we want to achieve the image of the Goddess, therefore no bright and short bows, only strict, dark and preferably long dresses.

Picking up a bow, let's start creating makeup for Calavera. The basis of the Mexican skull includes a diverse palette of colors. First of all, highlighter and pencils of different colors are needed. Be warned that for applying the appropriate makeup you will need patience, endurance and accuracy.

Halloween Hairstylesas you have already paid attention, mostly simple. And in this case also nothing special is different. The only thing you need to take care of is to buy a wreath of flowers, preferably roses. Lovers of minimalism can be attached to the hair only a brooch.

Image: Vampire

The image of the Vampire can be completely different. He can be strict, hidden, serious. Or, on the contrary, to attract, seduce and be frank. Depending on the theme of the party and you have to choose. But believe me, a woman who wants to drink blood, while appearing in a red and black dress with a high collar, is guaranteed to attract attention at the celebration of Halloween.

To create the image of the Vampire you need clothes of red and black colors. But you need to combine them correctly. By the way, as an option, a red peignoir is perfect, and it doesn’t matter how long. Put a black cloak on top of it or pick up a black cloth from which you can make a cloak. At the same time, note that the red color should be visible.

The collar can be made with your own hands, using thick cardboard and black fabric, stitching it to your cloak. According to the legend, Vampires are covered with their cloak, if the sunlight falls on them, which they are very afraid of, as it can burn them.

Halloween Vampire Makeup will not be difficult. Again, buy a highlighter to brighten the face to white and black and red pencils. Do not forget to purchase fangs, which are sold in any toy store.

This image does not commit to the creation of a certain hairstyle, so just show imagination. Best of all, of course, is to make a high hairstyle, lifting the hair in a bun and letting go a couple of curls in a free order.

Generally, halloween images most often imply mystical heroes, and they, as we know, are not well-groomed and disorderly, because each character had to fight in its time.

Image: Dolls

A doll is not necessarily a Barbie. It can be scary and look scary, which we actually need to create this image. In many horror films, revived dolls inspire fear, despite outward innocence.

Costumes for dolls - that's where the real variety and the flight of fancy. Whatever your outfit, it will match the image, the main thing is to add glamor or, on the contrary, gloominess. An interesting option would be to wear a polka-dot dress with a belt around the waist. The organza cape skirts will also work, and even a ballerina tutu can help create an image of a scary doll. Therefore, open the cabinet and feel free to choose the bow for your image.

Many believe that the most difficult in creating an image is Halloween makeup Doll in this case does not require special skills and professional hands. Make-up will be appropriate any: good, angry, angry, "half-dead", painted with symbols and so on.

You can apply a basic tint to the face, for example with a darker powder or foundation, and paint a pea over the entire face with a highlighter. The highlight of this make-up can be tears, drawn in blue pencil or the same aquacraphy.

We offer to see one of the options for how to apply Halloween makeup Video It will not take a lot of time, but will step-by-step instruct each element of makeup or inspire you to create your own, unique puppet image.

We recommend to use large bows for the hair, as schoolgirls wear on the last bell. In extreme cases, tie two upper tails on the sides.

Image: Beast

This is where the flight of fancy is needed, it is in the creation of the Beast. Halloween Images in the form of animals always attract attention, but at the same time takes time and some skills. First, you should choose who you specifically want to be. You can appear at the party as a kind and affectionate cat, or you can grin your teeth in the form of a predator-lynx.

Having decided on the choice of animal, you can proceed to the costume options. If you decide that Halloween cat costume - this is an ideal option for you, it means that you should think over every detail.

The difficulty is not only how to turn into a cat for one night, but also how to make the appropriate halloween makeup.

Of course, we would advise to become a black cat, which, and so the people consider it mystical. Wear a black suit, it is advisable to buy one in a special store or rent one, since it is extremely difficult to make it yourself, given that it must be at least one piece.If the funds do not allow, you can try to wear a short dress with a standing petticoat. Fold a long wire with black fabric and glue a fluffy pompon on its end. Fortunately, the ears of cats are not expensive, so you can buy them and not waste time on manufacturing.

Draw a mustache on your face, and with an eyeliner make sly eyes and your cat image is ready.

We also offer to see how you can turn into a cute fawn with just one make-up and light-colored clothes. Not all heroes should be mystical or bad.

As for the hair, then for the image of the Beast, you must choose it according to your chosen animal. The ideal option is to pick up hair, leaving a couple of curls free.

Image: Ghost

What could be worse than meeting with a real ghost? Scientists are arguing about the existence of ghosts, but is it possible to doubt the presence of a poltergeist on the eve of All Saints Day? In no case, therefore, we offer to pick up Halloween costume and matching makeup based on a character as popular as Ghost.

The simplest option would be a sheet draped over his head with holes for the eyes and mouth. But, you see, it is boring and trite. You won't surprise anyone with such a costume, and it won't be particularly scary, as this look evokes associations with Carlson rather than with a frightening character.

Therefore, open your closet and choose clothes of light colors, which will not be a pity to be thrown away or peredelit later. Above your chosen outfit will need to work with scissors. Chaotically cut a dress or suit of shorts and raglan. Make holes of different sizes, dissolve the threads. Important! Choose clothes free cut.

For the image of ghosts need to work on makeup. Take time in advance to learn how to apply the appropriate make up halloween. Special skills will not be useful to you, but you will need to take care of acquiring the necessary tones for applying this makeup. How to apply it, we offer to learn thanks to the video lesson.

Image: Malifice

You do not know how you can surprise the guests of the upcoming party dedicated to the holiday Halloween Costumes for girls, make-up, attributes and hairstyles will help to create any image of your choice that, if properly created, will amaze your company. Of course, no one will succeed in transforming into Angelina Jolie, however, borrowing the image of her heroine Malifisenta is quite real and will not even be difficult.

If many costumes can be made with your own hands, since they mostly imply untidiness and the hand of even inept seamstresses, then in this case it is best to rent a dress. It is extremely difficult to find the right dress in black or purple with wide sleeves, with raised shoulders, and even twisted horns on the head in the wardrobe. It will take a lot of time to create it, and you will have to buy a lot of details. Therefore, it is cheaper and more profitable to rent a Malifisenti suit.

But with makeup is not so difficult. It would be great if you had green lenses in your arsenal of accessories. But, of course, you can do without them. Lighten the face, highlight the cheekbones, darken a few areas of the skin of the face, make-up with dark eye shadows, and lips with bright red lipstick. In more detail, we offer to look at the video.

Halloween Hairstyles must also match the selected image. Considering that the Maliphency hair is not visible due to the massive horn and the adjacent latex cap, you will have to make a high hairstyle to hide the hair to the maximum. Well, and the headdress itself is still better to buy in a special store.

Image: Harley Queen

If you do not fit all of the above Halloween images, photo Harley Quinn will inspire you to turn into just a daring and bad girl. The ideal heroine for a party, which will be all mystical characters, and you will appear in the guise of harmful, disobedient hooligan with a bat in his hands.

Girlfriend Joker should be dressed according to the blue and red color scheme. This is exactly what Harley Quinn appeared in the scripts of Bruce Timm and Paul Dini for confronting Batman.

Meanwhile, there are two options for outfits. The first is a classic one, invented back in the early 90s. This image is more like the Joker, with caps and pom-poms on his head, tight-fitting red-black suit, similar to a diving one, and a contour of glasses.

But much more interesting is the modern version, which provides for a more frank, but at the same time a very cute image. A great combination - angelic appearance and villainous character. Short shorts, a white T-shirt, suspenders and a red-blue cape are suitable for this look.

Note that for modern Harley Quinn, one outfit will not be enough. Halloween costume does not complete the image completely. Need a good and believable makeup.

The same applies to hairstyles, and in this case you will need not only time, but also something to buy. If you do not want to spend another couple of months with bright-colored hair, buy tonics or henna of blue (blue) and red (pink) colors. Make two tails, lighten them, starting from the middle of the length and paint them in the appropriate colors.

Image: Nurses

One of the easiest to create, but very popular images is the Nurse. Of course, here we are not talking about a good-natured girl who wants to help recover the patient. On the contrary, we are talking about someone who is ready with the help of medical instruments ... However, let's not talk about horrors, but think about how to create Halloween Nurse Costumeto bring fear to party guests.

Well, in this case, you will need a bathrobe. Given that we are talking about a suit for a girl, you can choose clothes more revealing. Open the top button, choose a shorter length and preferably a style that emphasizes your waist.

Fortunately, the medical profession is widespread, because in your phone book there will definitely be someone who has connected his life with the activities of Hippocrates. It follows that the issue with the suit is largely resolved. It would not hurt even a drop of blood on a white canvas, but this is at the request and permission of someone from whom you can borrow outfit.

Halloween Nurse Makeup provides not just the application of basic cosmetics. Do not forget that we are talking about a mystical celebration, and therefore the nurse must be bloodthirsty and terrifying. It seems to you that it is difficult to make this make-up? We will dispel your concerns. We offer you to watch a video lesson in which step by step how to create the desired image with a syringe on the head and torn lips.

Well, as for hair, so there is nothing to think about. A special medical cap will complete the perfect image of a nurse.

So, we presented you 12 ideas of images for Halloween 2018. And, as it turned out, difficulties can arise only for those who have no imagination, and this is a great rarity. By the way, do not forget that Halloween is a holiday, on which, in addition to the costume party, there should also be paraphernalia: candles, carved pumpkins, sweets and, of course, a good mood.

Happy Halloween!

Curl curls or straighten strands

For creating cute images (for example, Angela, Princess, Fairy), styling with curls, made on long hair, is perfect. We describe the process of creating this hairstyle in stages:

  • clean hair is treated with a means of protecting against negative heat exposure,
  • we comb and make two partings: horizontal and vertical, partings should divide the hair into four, approximately equal zones,
  • we fix the hair from the upper and one of the lower zones with clips so that they do not interfere in the process of work,
  • the remaining zone is divided into thin strands and curled with a curling iron, twisting away from the face,
  • each strand can be treated with fixing means to make the perm last longer,
  • similarly we curl the hair in the remaining lower and both upper parts,
  • We spray the hair with lacquer, you can use the tool with glitter.

For some images, on the contrary, you need to make the hair perfectly smooth. Such styling is suitable for Gothic characters - a black cat, Pannochka, a sorceress, etc. Such styling can easily be done by hand with an ironing device.

Make tails

A spectacular, but easy Halloween hairstyle can be made on the basis of a horse's tail. You can, for example, make a high tail on the top, securing it with several wide rubber bands. If you ruffle the free part of the tail, you get a hairstyle, such as "fountain", it is suitable for different "crazy" images. To make the image of a light "crazy thing" you can tie five or seven tails on top of it, arranging them in a chaotic manner.

A hairstyle with two high tails is perfect for a doll image. In the latter case, the hair collected in the tails can be curled into curls.

High hair

For the image of a vampire queen, high styling is suitable, which can be combined with curls.

For example, you can make hair, acting on the following algorithm:

  • combing hair, select a wide strand, stepping back a little from the hairline. If you plan to leave the bangs, the strand should be allocated immediately behind the bangs. Twist it into a bundle and temporarily fasten the clip
  • select a narrow strand on the back of the head, twist it into a bundle, and put it in a knot, securing it with pins. To give more hair, you can use special pads, which are fixed around the beam,
  • now we release the front strand, we make a pile on it, and we put it on top of the made beam, closing it,
  • we fasten invisible,
  • now we take strands from the temples and lead back, wrapping the bundle, we fasten each strand with invisible beings,
  • the lower free part of the hair can be simply combed or curled into curls using a curling

Careless styling

When creating images of zombies and other horrible characters you need to do scary hairstyles for Halloween. The main features of these hairstyles - negligence and carelessness. This styling is quite simple to do at home.

To make “easy chaos” on medium hair or on long hair, it will take a minimum of effort. Procedure:

  • after washing, let your hair dry naturally
  • comb and divide into equal parts
  • we apply mousse for styling along the entire length, combing the hair with fingers, it is important that there are no nodules in the hair,
  • each part of the hair is twisted into a tight braid, and we put it around its axis, making a “bun” and securing it with an elastic band,
  • we wait about half an hour, then we dissolve the bunches and beat our hair with our fingers, fixing the careless styling with varnish.

Even easier to do careless styling for short hair. You just need to dry the hair dryer strands, directing a stream of air in different directions.

Wooling and fluffy styling

For many images fit hairstyle with fleece. For the image of the witch is well-styled with the name "spider cocoon". In essence, this is a styling, in which the main volume is concentrated in the back of the head.

To create a voluminous “spider cocoon”, you will need special lining of hair, but you can also use a regular sponge, you only need to dye it in hair color so that it is not visible. Consider how to do a Halloween hairstyle with a lining:

  • First, we determine the height at which our “cocoon” will be located,
  • at the selected level, we divide the hair in a horizontal parting, the upper locks are temporarily fastened with a clip,
  • fasten the pad (sponge) with pins,
  • freeing the upper hair, separating the strands, pouring lacquer abundantly, combing and laying over the lining, securing it with invisible hair,
  • from the sides we leave two strands free, then we wrap our “cocoon” with them, covering the invisible beings.
  • we leave the bottom locks just uncovered or curl into curls, it can be gathered into a low knot, depending on the chosen image.

Very fluffy styling can be done by twirling hair on regular hairpins. The process of creating styling is long, but the result is worth it. Procedure:

  • we apply mousse for volume on clean dry hair,
  • we remove all the hair to the side, separating one small strand from the temple,
  • strand "pass" in the hairpin, leading it to the scalp,
  • We start to spin the strand on the hairpin, putting it in the form of "eight",
  • We spray the wound “construction” with varnish, then we press the iron for a few seconds, setting the average heating level on the device,
  • we continue to perform a perm, winding all new strands on the pins,
  • to create an “artistic mess” on your head, you can leave some of the strands straight, that is, just skip,
  • after completing the styling, wait 15 minutes, and then gently remove the hairpins from the hair, starting with the one that was worn first,
  • we drive hair with our hands and slightly pass a flat comb with rare teeth, fasten with varnish. It turned out very lush styling.

Making "Horns"

To create an image of devil or demon may require horns. They can be made from your own hair.

If the hair is long, then we make the horns by collecting all the hair or only the upper strands in two tails. We twist the hair into braids or weave them in braids and twist around the elastic band, which fixes the tail. Fix hair hairstyles.

Another thing to make funny horns of short hair, it is enough to put on the strands styling and put a pair of selected strands "on end."

Play color

Many characters have unusual hair color. For example, a mermaid should have green hair, and a dead bride has blue. To give the hair the desired color, you can use tonal shampoos that are easily washed off or special crayons for dyeing strands.

On smooth hair, you can create original drawings with the help of modern dyes. However, it is difficult to make an interesting pattern on the hair yourself; you will have to use the help of a makeup artist or at least a friend. To make the pictures neat, you can use stencils cut from film or cardboard.

We use accessories

Photos of different hairstyles can inspire you to create an original image. However, not all hairstyles can be done on your hair. Firstly, it may not be enough length, secondly, the installation can take a lot of time, and Halloween is not a day off. In addition, hairstyles with a pile, a large number of hairpins and with colored strands will need to be disassembled for a long time after the party, and if tomorrow morning you need to work or study, then it will be a pity to waste time disassembling the hairstyle.

Therefore, you can go on a very simple way and buy a wig that fits to the chosen image. By the way, in this case, it will not be necessary to “torture” hair with bouffant and hot styling methods.

Another solution to the problem - interesting hats. If there is a cap of the original form or a crown, then you will not have to mess around with your haircut for a long time. Hair can be simply dismissed or hidden under a hat.

Watch the video: Scary Halloween Makeup Tutorials Special Effects Makeup Ideas Compilation (December 2019).