How to quickly bring hair in order: life hacking for hair

Hair can be called a sick topic for almost every girl because it is how they show how well a girl watches herself. But if you are a modern lady, living in a frantic rhythm of the city, then you can forget about regular hair masks, complicated hairstyles and hair styles, because every minute of your time is on the account.

That's when lifehacks come to help, which are designed to make life easier! See below and you will learn how to make an imitation of bangs, visually increase the length of the hair, as well as create the perfect hairstyle in a few minutes.

Life hacking number 1. If you have no time to wash your hair

The situation when there is no time to wash my hair before an important event is familiar to every girl. And since dirty hair creates an extremely unsightly reputation for its “wearer”, masking is simply necessary. What can be done with dirty hair?

  • Remove excess fat with paper. If your hair is very greasy, try using paper towels. To do this, wrap them in turn, each strand, strongly pressing down so that the fat is absorbed into the paper. Then comb your hair and shake it slightly.
  • Wash your bangs. There is no time to wash your hair completely - wash at least your bangs, and brush the rest of your hair back and collect it in the tail or bundle.

  • Use dry shampoo spray. Such a miracle tool is sold in stores today. It is enough to spray the spray on the basal area and wait a few minutes, and then brush the strands from root to tip and ruffle the hair with your hands to get rid of shampoo.
  • Use powder or its substitutes.. If you do not have a dry shampoo at home, the available means can successfully take over: powder, talcum powder, baby powder, flour, starch, and even oatmeal finely ground in a blender. The principle of their action is similar to dry shampoo: apply to the area at the roots and ruffle. The disadvantage of these products is that after they are used, traces of white substance will be visible on dark hair. Therefore, brunette as an alternative to dry shampoo is better to use mustard powder, which also removes fat well.
  • Do the "sleek" hairstyle. When there is very little time for training, make a “sleek” ponytail. If the hair is dirty not only at the roots, but also over the entire length, then collect the strands in a bun or braid the tail in a pigtail.

Problem number 2. "Cuckoo's nest" in the morning

She washed her hair in the evening, and in the morning, being late for work, found in a mirror a disheveled fake? It does not matter, the situation is fixable.

  • Make a "cosmetic repair". Sprinkle the top strands with water from a spray bottle and place them with a hair dryer and brush brushes, twisting the ends inside. The same can be done with hair foam.
  • Use heated hair rollers. If you have about half an hour in your supply, put strands on thermal curlers. Treat your hair with foam, heat the curlers and turn each strand on them one by one. After 15-20 minutes, you can unwind curls and run to work.

Problem number 3. Laying did not live up to the evening

Unexpectedly, there was an important meeting after work, and there is practically no time to restore the styling? Do not worry. This case is not hopeless and far from unique. Keep the tips.

  • Root hair. Hair roots will give volume to hair, and it will not be so noticeable that curls are “not the first freshness”. And to hairstyle kept longer, use varnish or spray.
  • Freshen up . Dampen the hair at the roots with water and dry it with a hair dryer, while at the same time massaging the scalp with circular movements. So hairstyle quickly freshen up and become more voluminous.
  • Paint the roots with varnish. Put your head down and, strand by strand, treat the root zone with lacquer or spray. Wait a moment for the product to fix the hair. Then lift your head and gently comb the curls.

Problem number 4. Dandelion effect

The problem of electrifying hair is particularly acute in the winter. Many are familiar with the situation when, after you take off your hat, your hair begins to live its own life - they stand on end and shamelessly push. What to do in this case?

  • Use styling tools. If a lacquer or a hair spray is lying around in your purse, sprinkle some unruly hair and comb them. So the hair will quickly become smooth.
  • Use a wet napkin. Apply a wet napkin to your hair for a couple of minutes, not pressing it to your head. If you have a hairdryer at hand, as an alternative, you can slightly moisten your hair with water and smooth them.
  • Buy a wooden brush. If the problem of electrifying your hair arises regularly, replace the comb with metal or plastic teeth on a wooden brush.

As you can see, there are no hopeless situations. There is always a way to bring her hair in order. The main thing is not to panic and always have a comb on hand.

Tip # 1 - apply hairpins correctly

Even if a girl spends a lot of time creating a beautiful hair style, and fastens her curls with invisible hairpins and hairpins, ready styling can easily be damaged in strong winds. It is for this reason that the masters recommend, before using any studs and pins, to additionally spray them with varnish. In this case, the hairstyle will be perfectly preserved, as the invisible will grab with the hair.

Tip # 2 - the rules for stealing stealth

Many ladies do not know the easiest life hack for hair. Most often, girls use invisible hairpins, leaving a wavy line at the top, and for this reason hairpins remain noticeable in their hair, and they keep it bad. To cope with such a problem, it is enough to turn over the invisibility so that the smooth part is on top. So the hairpin will remain invisible, while it will perfectly keep styling.

Tip number 3 - use conditioner, and then shampoo

Out of habit, ladies always wash their hair with shampoo first, and only after that they apply a balm. This makes the curls smooth and soft, making them easier to comb. But what if you swap these funds? There are many advantages, for example, after applying the conditioner, the hair will not be overdried with shampoo.

In addition, this technique allows you to achieve the maximum volume on the curls, as the balm will not weigh down the hair. In this case, the main result will be achieved, because the tips will remain moist. 6

Tip number 4 - use dry shampoo for clean hair

Immediately it should be said that this product can be bought in the cosmetic department, but for permanent use it is not suitable, because it has a lot of chemical components that dry hair. For this reason, you should use a home product, the recipe can be found on the Internet. The natural composition does not damage the curls, but when used on a clean hairstyle, you can give a beautiful volume of hair.

I grew RUSSIAN spit! According to the village recipe! +60 cm for 3 months.

Very often, ladies have a real “halo” of small hairs. They appear on the parting, or when collecting hair in a beautiful hairstyle. Even an ordinary horse tail will not look neat if there are small hairs sticking up on the head. To eliminate this trouble, it is not necessary to trim the new hairs, just smooth them with a regular toothbrush. Previously applied to the curls lacquer or mousse, which will fix the finished styling.

Tip number 6 - use salt spray

Very often, when creating hairstyles, masters use special salt sprays. But to get a beautiful effect of disheveled hair after the beach, you can not buy expensive and harmful products, such a composition is easily done at home. For preparation, only one spoonful of sea salt is taken and dissolved in a glass of water.

There also add a few drops of essential oil (you can use any suitable). Next, the tool is poured into a bottle with a spray, and shake well. After that, you can use the finished solution to create a stylish styling. Such a life hack for video hair is definitely useful to many girls.

Tip number 7 - how to quickly make curls

If a girl has an event very soon and it is necessary to make beautiful curls, and there is simply no time for winding up, then a little trick will come to the rescue. It is necessary to tie curls in a high horse's tail, and then divide into several parts. Each strand is wound onto a curling iron, after which the hair is dismissed and enjoy the finished result. The process takes no more than ten minutes, if the hairstyle is thick, it will take less time for thin hair.

Tip number 8 - dry hair hands

If earlier the girl always dried her hair with a comb only, then it is best to try to do it with your hands and a hairdryer. To preserve the density and health of the curls, it is enough to dry them without using a comb. The fact is that small teeth damage wet hair.

Loss when combing wet hair increases significantly, which will not happen when drying hands. To properly dry your hair, you need to divide the hair into strands, and then lift each up and blow-dry. This creates additional volume at the roots.

Tip number 9 - adjust the parting

If it is very important to make the parting less noticeable, you can simply tint it with powder for hair or simple eye shadows without sparkles and nacre. It is very simple to do this, with the help of a brush, this powder is applied on the parting itself. This method not only makes parting less noticeable, but also curls become visually thicker.

Tip number 10 - if you do not have time to wash your hair

In every girl's life, there are situations when there is a catastrophic lack of time to wash your hair, and you need to look perfect right now. Then another life hacking on the photo will come to the rescue. To create the appearance of clean curls, it is enough to separate the front part of the hair, or just a bang, and then wash it with water and quickly dry it with a hairdryer.

On long hair strands are combed back, thereby closing the already stale hair. If only bangs wash, then it can be beautifully laid up, creating the appearance of clean hair.

If at home there is starch, essential oil and cocoa, then these products can be made homemade dry shampoo, which will cope with the problem in minutes. It is easy to use, just put on the roots, and then comb the composition with a comb.

The use of hair masks

The appearance of hair depends not only on the health of the body, but also on the thoroughness and systematic care of them. An important role in the system of cleaning, softening and nutrition play a variety of masks. They can be factory-made or home-made, as long as they are applied correctly and used regularly, not from time to time.

The main purpose of the hair mask is extra care and emergency help in serious cases:

  • increased fragility,
  • dullness and dryness
  • strong greasiness curls and scalp.

Masks are not independent means, and are used in an integrated way, together with shampoos, balms, conditioners and other preparations.

Restoration of hair structure using masks

In some cases, masks can be used as SOS-means, for example, you will have a noisy party in a pleasant society, and your hair looks awful - it is dry, brittle, with split ends and does not want to fit your hair. In this case, hair masks at home - the salvation of not only your hair, but the whole holiday. Even an intensely nourishing and moisturizing mask applied for 15 minutes can significantly improve the situation. Hair will become more elastic and smooth, will get shine and make it a beautiful hairstyle will be easy and simple. Naturally, such a mask does not relieve you completely from the problem; it is a temporary solution for emergency situations.

To maintain the effect of the mask using courses or at least 2 times a week. The frequency of application depends on the condition of the hair and the degree of intensity of the composition. Heavily damaged hair needs more frequent use of moisturizing and nourishing masks. Those who are in normal condition are “fed” with masks from time to time to maintain a good appearance. You should not overuse the procedures, otherwise harm can be done instead of benefit, for example, “overfeeding” dry hair with nutrients and, as a result, an increased fat content.

Properly selected and regularly used masks are able to quickly bring loose and damaged hair in order.

Types of hair masks

What kind of mask will help give your hair a radiant look?

All hair masks can be divided into intended for dry, oily and normal hair, just as shampoos and rinses are divided.

The effects of the mask are:

  • Nutritious - designed for dry, brittle, damaged hair, lacking luster and elasticity, as well as having split ends. These masks are very useful for colored curls, especially those who have undergone bleaching. The aggressive effect of dyes makes hair thin and fragile, deprives of strength. Masks enriched with oils, keratin, elastin, vitamins and other useful additives help to restore the damaged hair structure.
  • Moisturizers - restore the moisture balance inside the hair, turning overdried and brittle strands into glossy and pliable. The special composition helps not only to restore the natural moisture of the hair, but also makes them more dense and flexible. After a course of such masks, hair is much easier to put in the hair, and the appearance changes drastically.
  • Healing - aimed at getting rid of a specific problem, for example, hair loss or dandruff. These tools can not be used arbitrarily, otherwise you can get the effect opposite to the expected.
  • Combined - combining the properties of several types of masks. These products can simultaneously nourish and moisturize or strengthen the hair roots and fight dandruff.

What kind of mask should I use depending on the type of hair?

Masks are useful for hair of different lengths, but for long ones they can be just a salvation. Usually the ends of the hair suffer from dryness, while the roots may well be normal or even oily.

In this case, they apply different effects on the different areas of the hair - on the roots for refreshment and cleansing, and on dry and split ends, nourishing and moisturizing.

Ready-made cosmetics contain special silicones. You don’t need to be afraid of them, they allow you to “glue” the exfoliated ends of the hair and fill cracks and damages in the fabric. After using preparations with silicones, the hair looks alive and shiny, and the tips are much healthier and more attractive. So that the silicones do not make their hair too heavy, once a month you need to wash your head with a special shampoo for deep cleaning.

Regardless of whether they are made at home or bought in a store, masks bring tangible benefits if they are properly selected for the type or problem of hair.

How to make a mask for hair at home?

Methods of preparing masks for hair at home

It is possible to make masks for hair at home both from ready-made cosmetic preparations and from improvised components. The main condition is that they should be fresh and of high quality. Ready-made masks are selected according to the type of hair and depending on the problem with which they must cope.No need to abuse cosmetics for hair: after washing your head with suitable shampoo, you can use either a balm or a mask. Apply alternately a mask, balm or rinse, and then also the styling products are not worth it - the hairstyle will quickly look messy from an excess of cosmetic products.

Many manufacturers strongly recommend using products from the same cosmetic line. This is true if the entire line of cosmetics solves the problems you need. Most often used paired shampoo and balsam, and the mask and the rest of the care may be from other series.

It is easy enough to prepare hair masks from improvised if you have honey, vegetable oils, eggs, brandy, aloe and other available products and substances on hand.

Mask nourishing and moisturizing

Masks for moisturizing and nourishing hair

Honey, vegetable oil (olive, almond, sunflower or corn) and egg yolk. All components are thoroughly mixed and slightly heated in a water bath. In the finished mixture, you can add a little hair balm from a suitable line of cosmetics.

The resulting composition is carefully applied to all hair, previously washed and dried with a towel. Rubbed into the head, wrapped in a film or put on a shower cap and warmed with a towel. Leave to act for at least 30 minutes and then rinse thoroughly. To shine rinse with a weak solution of vinegar, better than apple. Hair quickly gain elasticity and a lively look.

Medical mask for hair loss

Hair masks against brittleness and loss

Yolk, vegetable oil, aloe juice. Means with such a simple composition can prevent seasonal hair loss - in the fall after exposure to the sun and in the spring from the winter cold.

To make the mask effective, there is a small secret: aloe leaves are used not freshly cut, but kept in a refrigerator for 2 weeks. During this time, the concentration of beneficial biologically active substances in the leaves increases, helping to strengthen the hair follicles. Aloe leaves are pre-washed and dried, and then placed in the lower section of the refrigerator. After 2 weeks, squeeze the juice out of them. A course of 10 treatments will significantly improve the condition of the strands and scalp.

A great way to enhance the effectiveness of masks is heat. You can simply wrap your head with a large towel or warm it with a hairdryer, but it is much easier to buy a special thermo cap. This simple device increases the impact of applications several times.

The thermo cap is put on a plastic cap under which the hair with a mask is hidden, and included in the net. Heating lasts from 10 to 20 minutes, then the device is turned off and left on the head until it cools completely. The hair is washed first with warm and then cool water.

Even if you prefer salons and enjoy the procedures performed in them, extra home care will only benefit your hair.

Good hair condition can and should be maintained not only from the outside, but also from the inside. Proper nutrition improves skin condition, adds healthy shine to hair and strengthens nails. For curls especially useful seafood containing iodine and selenium, as well as oily ocean fish. Polyunsaturated fatty acids return youthful skin and hair. Currently, many companies produce special vitamins and supplements for beauty and health of hair.

What kind of hair masks do you use at home? Share your secrets with us in the comments.

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