Who is suitable for pearl hair color and how to achieve the desired shade

Pearl color is not by chance received such a name. In it there are subtleties of auroras and modulations of real pearls. Pearlescent shades can be not only in a light palette, but also in a dark one. Below is an example of dyeing hair in a dark blond color with a pearl-ash tinge.

It is also important to distinguish between pearl shades and the directly monochromatic color of pearls, since these are fundamentally different things. The first is generally suitable for everyone. It is only important to choose the right combination. Strands can simply cast pearl, shine. And the second is an extremely radical accent in appearance, not for everyone and not always. Of course, the most classic version is “Pearl Blonde” on blond hair, which is presented in the photo below. He was one of the first to appear at the manufacturers of dye products.

Not for all

Who are these unusual shades? A significant advantage is that they are suitable for almost everyone! Perhaps the only exceptions are the redheads by nature girls, as well as girls with a pronounced eastern appearance.

In the first case - because the color type of the fiery beauties is warm, so the intervention of cold pearls is not always appropriate. And in the second case - it all depends on the skin. Girls with white skin of a cold shade, even if of eastern appearance, are quite suitable for paint that gives pearl color to hair.

You also need to be careful with silver, platinum colors. Since they are cold, they will harmoniously fit into the image of a girl of cold color type.

Advantages and disadvantages

Pearlescent shade has its advantages and disadvantages. The undoubted advantages are that it:

  • fits almost everyone
  • has great variability,
  • allows you to both radically change the image and make new interesting notes,
  • very unusual (for example, pearl-silver color as in the photo of the hair below instantly attracts attention),
  • available in the lines of almost all manufacturers of paints,
  • copes well with yellowness, hiding the flaws of poor-quality discoloration with loss of gloss,
  • always popular
  • gives a stunning brilliance and shine
  • can be obtained at home
  • available in palettes from almost all manufacturers of paints.

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There are not many disadvantages, but they should be considered:

  • there is a risk of not getting a pearl color, or even ashen, as in the photo below, but just the effect of gray hair,
  • not suitable for girls of eastern appearance,
  • chestnut or ginger strands may give a purple or ginger tint.

Variety of style

The palette of pearl shades is very diverse, especially in the upcoming season. Any girl from brunette to blonde can try on a new image on herself. The universal compatibility of mother-of-pearl with any pigments allows you to create unlimited space for imagination and creativity.

More and more pearls inspire the creators of colors for new experiments with the palette. And, in addition to the pearl blonde, other colors appear for hair coloring. Separating individual strands with mother of pearl, you can create the effect of burning out from the sun, which is just fashionable in the coming year.

Many companies allocate the whole lines of nacreous shades. So, Londa Professional has a mother-of-pearl ruler in six tones:

  • 12/81 special pearl ash blond,
  • 2/8 blue-black,
  • 10/8 bright blonde pearl (hair color before and after dyeing is shown in the photo below),
  • 10/81 bright blonde pearl-ash,
  • 12/89 special blonde pearl sendre,
  • 0/88 intense blue mikston.

Such popular brands as L'Oreal, Matrix, Indola, Vella, Pallet also have pearl shades in their palette. Also note the light blond hair color.

Various variants of caramel, platinum, silvery shades can similarly have pearlescent shine.

Coloring at home

How can you get such an unusual pearl hair color without resorting to the services of professionals? Although modern instructions for paints for home use are very detailed and do not imply any special knowledge. Immediately it is worth making a reservation that it is better to conduct experiments with highlighting of individual strands exclusively in the cabin. Well, everything that concerns monochromatic coloring and within the framework of the instruction, can be done independently. For this you need:

  1. Choose a suitable color. It is advisable to consult with a specialist.
  2. Carefully study the instructions of hair dye, conduct a test dye in the pearl color of one strand.
  3. To test for allergic reactions.
  4. If there is no allergy, prepare a place for painting (taking into account the possibility that paint can get on things, furniture, tiles, etc.).
  5. Perform staining according to the instructions.
  6. Enjoy the result.

In the case of pearlescent blondes have to be easier. But how to achieve the pearl color of girls with dark hair? Do it in one procedure, without resorting to the help of a professional is unlikely. Most likely, the procedure will have to be repeated, but it is advisable to withstand the time between staining in order not to spoil the hair completely (since it will suffer greatly after the first coloring). Therefore, dark-haired girls first need to be discoloration and only then dyeing the desired shade.

In order for the strands to not lose their saturation, you can additionally use tinted shampoos and tonic every time after washing your hair.

In conclusion, it should be noted that modern fashion tends to "naturalness". Therefore, simply bleached strands are no longer so popular. What can not be said, for example, about the pearl shade for hair of light-brown color in the photo below before and after dyeing. Given the variety of palettes, you can choose for themselves a shade that is close to natural hair. This will not only facilitate the achievement of the desired result, but also allow you not to change the image dramatically, while adding pearl spice to it.

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Color features

Pearl or mother of pearl blonde is a shimmering silvery notes, distributed over a light background. Cold shine lowers the temperature of the base color, but, contrary to beliefs, can be used with rather dark bases.

Pearlescent flicker is considered a semitone, only complements the independent blond, allowing him to play in a new way. The relevance of the option with the right approach to staining is always maintained. The main thing is to know who is the mother of pearl hair to make the right choice.

The clear advantage of pearl shine: accent variety of hairstyles. Surrounding people will often pay attention, throwing views full of interest, admiration.

An important point! The disadvantage of shade is difficult to achieve a beautiful result, the need for regular maintenance of hair.

To suit

Stylists advise pearl shine to wear light-skinned, blue-eyed girls under 35-45 years. Youth combined with a cold color type is an ideal solution in favor of a pearl shine. The basis for the silver shimmer is desirable to choose light shades of blond, but an experienced master is able to "play" with caramel, chestnut hair.

The owners of cold color types are best combined with pearls. Winter, Summer with bright eyes, skin - ideal conditions. Spring and autumn girls can also experiment, but for them only light spraying of silver shine is permissible. It will cool the blond's temperature, give a beautiful shimmer. Holders of rich dark skin, a typical oriental appearance are recommended to bypass the mother of pearl.

The shape of the haircut, the length of the hair does not matter when creating an image with pearl notes. Ultra short pixie or maxi with straight strands - everything fits. It will be interesting to look layered haircut with complex staining. As a hairstyle, it is recommended to choose smooth, freely flowing strands or artificially curled large, tight curls.

Pearl shades are more suitable for women. Mother of pearl adds appearance mystery, languor, nobility. Men with shimmering pearl tints of hair look vulgar. Representatives of the stronger sex, it is desirable to choose shades without a clear shine with a maximum incline to ash.

Pearl Blonde

Classic option. The tone is great for light skin, blue eyes. Strands are covered with a uniform shimmering silver, emphasizing expressive appearance. Tanning girls are not recommended to experiment. Pearl image is rarely harmonious.

Beige or sand blonde

It goes well with mother of pearl. The proportion will pick up to any type of appearance. The neutral beige temperature is evenly cooled with a silvery sheen. It is desirable to produce not full staining, but to perform highlighting, coloring.

Recommendations of experts on the choice of beige hair color, what paint to use - all this you will find on our website.

Light blonde with pearl notes

The solution for the young and bright. Requires only light skin, eyes. Light blond perfectly emphasizes the shape of a haircut. Most often, the tone is chosen by owners of short hair length. The option is rarely obtained without artificial clarification.

We must choose with caution. Age, skin condition, color shift in the warm side (tan) can spoil the impression. Independently difficult to obtain, save the coveted tone. Who will suit ashy hair color, especially the choice, read on our website.

Light brown with a slight pearl shine

Universal solution. Suitable for owners of moderately warm color type. Silver shine significantly diversifies the boring appearance. Refresh the hair will turn out with the help of light highlighting.


An unusual combination for pearls. For the basis of select only cold tones gamma. Silvery play makes it look catchy, attracting attention. Successfully to impose a semitone capable only experienced master. Preferably complex staining.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the palette of popular shades of brown on our website.

Silver blond

An option for those who do not dare to ash or light blond. Shimmering pearl shine is successfully combined with the base. It is recommended to perform uniform staining. Highlighting looks less impressive.

A great solution for owners of light tan. The color fits well into the image, the pearly shimmer is light, barely perceptible. With an almond shade, medium-length haircuts look great.

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What shades of hair are combined with pearl balayazhem? Here you will find a surprise! Despite the fact that the pearl is related to the cold shade of the blond, it is in perfect harmony with the honey dark and light tones, as well as with the red. Strange, agree, but this is a fact. We owe this effect to special mother-of-pearl particles in paints that reflect light. Thus, the tone of the hair changes depending on the lighting and even on the styling.

Cold blond shades on dark hair

Pearl blond on light blond hair

Pearl Blonde on Red Hair

How to achieve a cool tone and maintain a pearl blond

Any professional colorist will say: to get a high-quality pearl blond, you will need fast work with 4 hands, up to 8 hours of patience, 10 m of foil, a couple of bowls of decolorizing compound and as many more tinting. So, please, do not start staining in a similar shade at home. The desired effect will not be. Is that your ultrashort haircut, with lightening and toning which any master will cope with closed eyes.

We have already written that all blondes should get purple shampoos. But it is worth recalling that such a shampoo itself will not give a pearl blond, if the pre-bleached hair is not toned with a special compound.

The composition is selected by the master according to the depth of color that you have from the nature and degree of clarification. In addition, it takes into account how you want to see the final result.

No yellowing: why blondes need purple shampoos and how to use them

Do not be afraid if the master immediately makes your hair a little colder or darker than you wanted. It is difficult to achieve a silver-white or pearl blond from the first dyeing, if the master never worked with your hair and does not know how they perceive certain dyes, what kind of paint you used before, etc. If the color turned out to be slightly colder and darker, this is not a reason for panic, as toning paints are usually washed out a little. And in a week you will get what you wanted. But the achieved color needs protection.

So, to maintain the pearl blonde, you will have to add purple shampoo or a balm / mask to your routine. Now there are still silver shampoos and shampoos with blue pigment, which are also suitable. Do not be afraid to apply them on balayazh, they will not affect the dark shade or natural hair. Just help get rid of or prevent yellowing.

Use the above tools is not more than 1 time per week. Keep shampoos on your hair is not worth it, otherwise you will be in a purple spot. As for the masks and balms, use them according to the instructions on the package. But the masters still advise to pre-test the exposure time on one strand from under the bottom of the whole head of hair. So you can see how much you have to withstand the mask / balm on your hair texture to achieve the desired effect.

Pearl Blonde: reviews

All the girls who have tried this shade at least once, try to continue to use such colors.

Users write that hair becomes more vital and healthy looking. Skin with such shades shines, and eye color becomes brighter.

They also write that it is necessary to maintain this color using a tonic once a week. It is advised to do in the summer, when the color fade in the sun.

All those who correctly picked up the shade and correctly used it, were satisfied with the result.

Pearl hair - what color is it

Most can not even imagine pearl hair color. What color is it? This shade refers to the tones of the blond.
The light tone in combination with the pearl shimmer gives the curls a magnetic appeal. Their brilliance attracts attention, which makes a woman more confident in her beauty.
This tone helps to deal with one of the problems of blond beauties - yellow strands.
This color is suitable, unfortunately, not for everyone. Who would this tone suit?

Who should dye their hair in pearl

You can paint the pearl hair with the owners:

  • Fair skin that will perfectly blend in with the tone you choose.
  • Blue or gray eyes, they will emphasize the beneficial strands of pearls
  • Light blush also combines well with pearl curls
Important. Dark skin, dark eyes and eyelashes, close to the eastern appearance, categorically do not combine with the pearl color of the strands. In order not to be mistaken with the choice of a light shade, it is recommended to turn to specialists in beauty and health of hair.A professional will give a realistic assessment of the state of hair and determine the degree of relevance of the desired tone to a certain type.

Pearl Tone

Pearl-colored hair shades are very diverse. And absolutely everyone has its own flavor. Someone will pay attention to the dark tone, and someone will choose a pink flow of curls. Each blonde will be able to choose the color in which she feels comfortable and beautiful.
For easier understanding, each of the tones is discussed below.

Pearl Blonde

This tone is not only for blondes. Owners of light brown curls can give themselves an interesting shade. The result will give warm strands liveliness and brilliance. Moreover, such curls will look natural and spectacular.

Pearl Blonde

Designed for bright, gentle, daring girls. Pink in your hair will look perfect in combination with an airy dress, torn jeans or a classic suit.
Pink saturation may vary in intensity. Some will choose a subtle tone, and some will want a clearly visible one. But in any case, such a blond looks impressive.

Dark Pearl Blonde

Tired of the bright colors of blondes? In the experiment on the appearance will help dark pearl blond. Curls will become a natural light brown shade. Shining pearls will ensure the natural appearance of the hair.
The cold tint will give the whole female image of seriousness. The stylish look will provide a pleasant reflection in the mirror to every woman.

Light pearl

If a woman wants to not particularly change her blond hair, but you want to add some zest, then a light pearl will do its job. Thanks to him, the blond will become fresh, radiant with pearly luster. The brightness of this color is in the natural shade. Ambient may not suspect that the curls tinted by some means.

How to get pearl hair color. Mass Market Paint Review

Beautiful and persistent staining can be obtained by going to the hairdresser. But how to get the pearl color of the curls at home? Not everyone has the opportunity to visit a beauty salon. And sometimes it happens that you need to clean up very quickly.
To facilitate the procedure, some further hair dyes will be proposed.

The manufacturer of this product provides a pair of pearl shades:

  • Ash numbered 9/18
  • Light blond at number 10/8
Additionally, a similar light shade is provided in the Estelle Celebrity line and is numbered 10-6.
Means are created for professional use. But it is possible to paint curls with Estelle brand quite easily at home.
Pay for this product will have from 300 to 400 rubles.

Pearl paint Palet, having the number A10, will allow to achieve the desired shade. Curls can be transformed into a bright and light brown tone with the effect of pearl shine.
Also, the manufacturer offers Pallet Mousse number 1100. This tool has a pearl blond tone.
Such cream-paint can be purchased at a price of about 120 rubles per piece.

The trademark Garnier offers several shades of pearls on the hair:

  • No. 7.12 has a dark blond pearl ash tone.
  • № 10.21 - pearl nacre
  • Color Naturals 112 - Pearl Blonde
  • Color Naturals 113 - precious pearl
The manufacturer claims that the durability and saturation of the cream-paint is provided up to 9 weeks.
The average price of packaging is 220 rubles.

Syoss Pearl Blonde can be achieved by using paint number 9-5. It will not only give the curls a beautiful and delicate color, but also ensure comfortable use of the product. It does not have a pungent smell, it is applied easily, without smudges.
Approximate price of the product will be 250 rubles.

The well-known company also has not bypassed the tint of pearl blond and offers paint at number 1020. The tool ensures the creation of spectacular color of curls. But an additional bonus is the fact that the paint contains nourishing oils that make the hair beautiful and silky.
To pay for the packaging of this product will have a little more than 300 rubles.

L'Oreal offers two kinds of interesting shades of pearls for curls:

  • Luocolor 9.12 - light ash and pearl
  • Feria 102 - light blonde pearl
Professional paint suitable for home use. But to pay for it will have at least 500 rubles.

Partial staining

Pearl dyeing is often performed using partial color change technologies. Popular:

  • highlighting,
  • coloring,
  • complex staining (balayazh, ombre, shatush).

Such procedures allow you to maintain the health of the hair, without causing significant harm to full lightening. Individual strands are subjected to bleaching, which are subsequently tinted or stained with resistant dye. They use 1 or several shades, create a complex image with a stretch of color, transitions, highlights, soft iridescent shimmer.

The cost of the procedure in the salon

To create an optimal image using pearl shades, it is recommended to contact the salon. The master colorist will assess the condition of the hair, will offer options for achieving the desired appearance. Owners of dark curls most of all need a visit to the salon. Only a competent colorist is able to suggest a result.

The cost of hairdresser depends on the volume, complexity of the work to be done. The average price of common coloring in 1 tone will be 1-3 thousand rubles. The cost of complicated exposure patterns starts from 4-5 thousand rubles.

Color care

The main external problem after the procedure is the need to preserve the color. Pearl and ash tones need regular use of tinted shampoos with purple pigments. Tools allow you to save, align color. We'll have to carefully monitor the regrowth of the roots.

Internal complexity is the need for enhanced care for hair after clarification. The structure after the procedure is broken, the hair becomes dry, brittle, loses an attractive appearance. Without additional nutrition, moisture can not do. Apply a variety of masks, perform professional restorative procedures. As silk curls will not, but their condition will improve significantly.

The use of mother-of-pearl hair shades is a fresh solution that is at the top of popularity. A serious approach to choosing a pearl shade, the implementation of staining guarantees a fascinating result.

Popular dyes for dyeing hair at home, their palettes and features of use:

Useful videos

How to get a blond without yellowness (natural, cold, pearl, ashy blond).

We get a pearl blond at home with hair dyes L'Oreal CASTING Creme Gloss 1021 and L'Oreal PREFERENCE 9.

Pearl Hair Dye

To date, perhaps, each brand of paint has a shade of pearl blond hair dye of this shade Designed for use on pre-bleached hair or natural blonde. You can choose the desired shade in the palette of the most high-quality and popular hair dyes, which are firmly entrenched in the top of hairdressers.

Here is a list of the most popular high-quality hair dyes that have pearl and pearlescent shades in their palette:

  • L’Oreal Paris contains in its palette 6 similar shades,
  • Londa Professional has as many as 7 pearl shades,
  • Revlon Professional has 4 pearl - blond shades,
  • Wella has 5 different tones of pearl shade paint,
  • MATRIX contains 2 incredibly beautiful and non-standard pearl shades.

Professional hairdressers believe that there is no particular difference between pearl or mother-of-pearl. Only a few colorists argue that the presence of a violet and blue mixton is slightly different.

Pearl or mother-of-pearl is not an independent shade, it is a half tone due to which owners of blond can make their hair brighter and more alive. Such a shade of hair will give the appearance of some mysteriousness and charm. In order to give blond hair a gorgeous shade perfectly dye hair pearl blond. However, you should not run to the nearest cosmetics store because the shade of “pearl blond” will suit not every girl. If you are still “set on fire” with the desire to have a pearl placer on your hair, then it is better to seek advice from a professional colorist or study your own color type yourself.

Who will suit hair dye pearl blond

Pearl or mother of pearl blond have the following characteristics:

  1. Since these are cold subtones, it will not give attractiveness to owners of warm color types. This provision does not strictly impose the use of pearl inks for girls with a warm skin tone, but they should be used with caution, because hair with this shade can create a painful look.
  2. It is also not recommended to use hair dyes with pearl shades for owners of spring or autumn color type due to the natural reddish undertone of the hair. Ryzhinka may not overlap even the presence of blue and purple pigment in pearlescent paints.

Pearl blond just created for blue-eyed beauties with fair skin. It is in perfect harmony with such appearance, besides it favorably emphasizes the color of the eyes, especially highlighting their iris, makes the lips more appetizing. On such persons, this hair color will give brightness to pronounced facial features. Only in rare cases, you can resort to such an experiment dark skinny women of fashion. Such an image will attract a huge amount of attention, but it will not look natural, but rather puppet. If you are quite extravagant and extraordinary, you can experiment. Warm pearl tones will suit girls with spring and autumn color type. Golden colors give your hair a royal glow. Such tones will accentuate natural beauty and blend well with lightly dusky eyebrows and eyelashes. Warm pearl shades can even be used by red-haired girls, on the contrary, it will add a special zest to the hair.

Pearl blond hair dye: the advantages and disadvantages of shade

Like any other specific pearl / pearl shade has its advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of this shade include:

  1. for almost everyone is versatile enough
  2. the presence of tremendous variation
  3. allows you to completely change the image, and make a new accent,
  4. quite extraordinary,
  5. available in the line of paints from both professional manufacturers and paints from the mass market,
  6. allows you to hide errors after discoloration: neutralizes yellowness, makes hair shine and beautiful shine,
  7. sufficiently long term
  8. having certain knowledge can be obtained at home.

The presence of deficiencies is minimal, but they should be considered before proceeding to the staining:

  1. there is a high risk of getting gray hair color,
  2. should abandon staining with such tones to owners of eastern appearance,
  3. red and brown hair can result in purple or rusty.

Some tips from professionals before staining:

  • Ensure the satisfactory condition of your hair. The structure must not be damaged, fragile or dry. Otherwise, the staining should be postponed for some time until you manage to restore the hair structure.
  • Brunettes and brown-haired women will have to resort to decapitating. This procedure will destroy the dark pigment without causing severe harm to the health of the hair. Redheads are also recommended, do not lighten, and resort to the same method. As for the previously dyed hair in one of the red pigments, in this case it is recommended only to create, and when it grows enough it can be cut off.
  • Conduct test staining of a small strand of hair, as well as test for an allergic reaction.
  • Apply the composition should be on dirty hair, starting from the tips, if they were not previously discolored, smoothly moving to the roots. Spread the paint evenly.
  • Keep the composition on the hair should be as much as written in the instructions that came with the paint.
  • After the required time has passed, the composition should be washed off under running water until the water becomes clear. After apply the caring balm, soak for a specified time and rinse.
  • Dry your hair in a convenient way for you.

Having decided to paint in pearl color, do not save on paint. Remember that a good hair dye can not cost a penny. After dyeing strengthened care for your hair: pamper them with various oils and masks.

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