The new is the improved the old: American style in highlighting

The main advantage of American highlighting is considered by many to be that this technique is used on dark hair. Until recently, black-haired girls, until recently, had a small selection of colors to change their image. Traditional highlighting of light strands is not suitable for everyone; home-bleached hair sometimes looks unnatural. There were only four exits:

Take risks and achieve beautiful light curls with the help of traditional hydroperit. At the same time, the locks often became similar to straw of a yellowish shade and were damaged by the aggressive action of oxidizing agents. The girls again grew their natural curls, and stopped the experiments,
The second means is traditional highlighting. It has been known for a long time, but far from everyone is
A trip to a stylist who does everything correctly and beautifully, but not everyone can afford it,
Or repainted in colors that are closest to the natural hair color.

The choice is small, and the ladies changed their image with the help of these tools. However, the revolutionary American highlights made it possible for dark-haired beauties to see themselves from a completely different side.

American highlighting in the classics is the coloring of hair strands in shades of predominantly red. In creating the image of the master uses from two to five colors. A successful combination is achieved between the following colors:

In addition, they often use red color of different shades.

Today, masters are increasingly using other color options for American highlighting:

Fuchsia color, etc.

Options for this hair dye set. You can make several strands of a different color, finely shade the entire hair with several shades, create large clear or blurred strands. It all depends on the professionalism of the master and the imagination of the client. As a rule, this technique is used to impart novelty and brightness to the hairstyles of brunettes.

Care for American highlights

After the rinsing procedure, be sure to treat the hair with conditioner, hair balm, or apply a nourishing mask. Due to this, the strands will shine, and get a lively and fresh look. Such highlighting is desirable to apply with the calculation of several tones in the light or dark side of the main one. Dark strands will shine with new force, and light ones will add sophistication to the image.

American highlights

Bright red-red American highlights look great on chestnut and chocolate hair. Vertical strands create contrast and saturate the hair with color, as in the photo.

Muffled american highlighting involves the use of all the same red and red shades, but only in a more modest version. Such coloring is not worse than its bright relative decorate hair.

Color American highlighting suggests using bright neon colors. Here the hairstyle will play in blue, purple, pink and crimson tones. This option is good for bold and extravagant women.

Highlighting at home - the procedure is not too time consuming. Every girl who ever.

Fashionable highlighting 2018 suggests a lot of options, the most popular of which are.

Radical highlighting implies the correct coloring of hair grown for a certain period of time.

Shatush on dark hair - a kind of highlighting, which involves making a smooth transition.

Melange highlighting is a type of California highlighting that it also intends to create.

Highlighting on the square means a lot of options, depending on the hair color and the preferences of the owner.

The uniqueness of American highlighting

You could see this type of coloring in a photo and in real life a thousand times, but you probably did not think that it was just one of the types of highlighting. In contrast to the standard, his technique involves the use of 2 to 4 shades, similar in pitch, which are applied to the hair not in small, but in large strands. American highlighting is suitable only for owners of dark or blond hair.

Depending on the type of American highlighting, the hairdresser uses certain similar shades, which are distributed to the hair according to a predetermined pattern. It allows you to dye your hair so that they look as natural and natural as possible.

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Standard American

Originally created for owners of light brown and dark hair, it uses 3-4 shades, aimed at creating natural highlights and imparting the effect of healthy shimmering hair.

First, the lower strands are stained on the back of the head, then on the temple. We turn to the temporal upper strands, completing the coloring on the back of the head. For convenience, it is recommended to wrap the strands in foil of different shades, since a second application of paint is required.

Hollywood actress Jessica Beal, model of the cult company Victoria’s Secret Lily Aldridge, top model Chrissy Teigen - three completely different girls are united by the same kind of highlighting. The owners of dark hair have chosen slightly different shades, and therefore they all look completely beautiful in their own way.


Unlike the first one, it is suitable only for fair-haired girls. In his arsenal all kinds of honey, golden, beige shades. Ideal for those who have always dreamed of a perfect strand in the sun as in the photo from the glossy pages.

The most difficult type of American highlighting. Hairdressers usually use a specialized beeswax based paste, the strands are colored by it and do not require foil or any wrapping in principle. Thanks to contact with unpainted hair, the softest transition is created.

In the photo from the red carpet you can often see the stars with this type of coloring. The combination of the most harmless action on the scalp and the speed of the process made it popular even in Hollywood.

Top models Gisele Bündchen, Miranda Kerr and Carly Kloss regularly dye their hair with California highlights. And who else but they do not know the main trends and fashionable modern technology.

This type, on the contrary, is exclusively for dark hair. It is created with the help of red, red, brick, bronze flowers. First of all, it is aimed at those who want to dilute dark hair with a red shade, but do not wish to use brighteners for this.

"Mad" colors

The only type of American highlighting that can be applied to blond hair. It is popular among bright, bold and extravagant girls who want to add a riot of colors to their usual look. Applies all possible colors of the palette, including those that are not at all close in shade. True, the effect of such staining is short-lived. Since a specialized, unstable gel is used, it is washed off in 2-3 weeks. Perfect holiday look. In the photo below - the most unusual and beautiful types of "crazy" staining in dark colors.

Transform without harm to your hair!

If this is the first time you hear about American highlighting, it is only because it is often referred to as one of the types of coloring. After all, it also includes the use of resistant paints and toning.

Now you will not surprise anyone with monochrome coloring. While highlighting refreshes the natural dark color, increases its depth and adds additional texture. By entrusting the work to a professional, you can safely play with your color. Having come to the salon, the stylist will select the color that suits you, show professional photo results and the palettes used by him.

Want to change your image, but are afraid to take risks and drastically change the image? Choose any of the following types of American highlights or just bring your favorite photo to the hairdresser. The new color will make you look completely new, but at the same time cause the least possible harm to your hair.

Types of American highlighting

This trendy technology appeared in 2010 and immediately gained popularity among fashionistas around the world.

To perform this technique, use from two to four shades. However, fashion trends do not prohibit the use of 5 or more tones. American highlighting can be attributed to coloring, because, in addition to lightening individual strands, it uses toning and dyeing in different colors.

To create a hairstyle, use multi-colored foil, where each shade of it corresponds to the color of the strand.

American highlighting is of four types:

  • American Colors,
  • California highlighting,
  • red highlighting
  • Crazy Colors.

A common characteristic of all these types is that beautiful transitions of colors are created on the hair, which make the hair brighter and hair style more voluminous.

American colors and red highlights make brownies and brunettes. The selected range of shades is bordered by naturalness, while making your hair richer and more visually thicker.

California technique created for blondes. It creates a beautiful effect of sun-bleached hair. In this case, the hair at the roots should remain darker, and closer to the ends - lighter.

Crazy Colors is an expressive toning method that negates all natural limits. For this coloring using eccentric red tones.

Highlighting of hair in the American style should be carried out only in good salons by hairdressers-professionals.

Description of American Highlighting Technology

For work use 2-4 close on a palette of a shade. Accordingly, prepare 2-4 colors of foil, which will be wrapped strands.

  1. The selected main shade is applied to the entire length of the hair in the occipital zone and wrapped in the appropriate color of the foil.
  2. Further, in the temporal zone of the head, the lowermost strand is separated by a horizontal parting. She too is painted in the basic shade and wrapped in foil. The top edge of the wrapped foil should be parallel to the hairline in the temporal area.
  3. Then on the temple separate the next strand and paint it with a different shade. Wrap this strand in the appropriate color foil.
  4. The third and fourth strands are painted in other colors. The following strands are taken in the direction of the crown and dyed in the same way as the previous ones, alternating shades in strict sequence.
  5. When one part of the head, starting from the temple and up to the crown, is colored, they start highlighting the other side, starting from the temple, as in the previous version.
  6. Now you need to make a parting on the parietal area of ​​the head. First paint one side, and then - the second. To do this, select the first strand that is closer to the face, and paint it in the main tone. Subsequent strands are painted in other shades, alternating their sequence. And so, moving from the face to the top of the head, the hair of the first parietal part is streaked, and then the other.
  7. After a certain time, which is indicated on the manufacturer's packaging, the paint should be washed off. First, remove the foil of the darkest color and remove the coloring composition from the hair, and then do the same with other strands.
  8. After rinsing thoroughly, a stabilizing compound should be applied to the hair, followed by a nourishing balm.
  9. Having dried your hair with a hair dryer, you will have to do the styling - and the new image is ready!

Other highlighting techniques in American style

California technology aims to lighten hair. At the same time, colored strands are not wrapped in foil - the paint acts in the open air.

The bundles of strands, about 1.5 cm thick, are staggered apart. In this case, the paint should be mixed with a thickener so that it does not flow. The coloring composition is applied to the outer side of the strands.

The colored beam is laid on the natural hair, so that the paint slightly acts on them. Thus, you get the effect of natural burnt hair with smooth transitions.

Red highlighting is the original version of the American technology. Color highlights correspond to the red-brown gamut. Initially, the selected strands should be lightened, but with different exposure, and then they are colored in the same color. Thus red locks of different shades are obtained.

Crazy Colors, or "crazy colors", is a highlighting technique that is suitable for expressive individuals who cannot stand gray days. This coloring is performed with coloring gels of 1-2 shades.

First, the hair is lightened, and then treated with easily washable tinting gels. The color remains saturated for 2-3 weeks. The technique is good because the color is quickly washed off, and after a short period of time, you can again experiment with the color scheme of the hairstyle.

To change a hairstyle is to change a life! American highlights are a great way to change your image and cheer yourself up.

Technique of performing American highlighting

Strands are painted in two, and sometimes in three, four shades in series. In order not to confuse colors it is best to use multi-colored foil. So, highlighting takes place according to the following method:

  • Initially we color the back of the head with the main color, cover with foil,
  • all hairs are divided by parting horizontally and assembled into bunches approximately 1 cm thick, arranged in the form of chess cells,
  • we take the lower strand of the temporal zone, apply the main color, wrap in foil, and having its edges parallel to the hairline in the temporal part,
  • then with auxiliary shades we paint the strands on the temple and rise higher, remember, in order not to get confused with the colors, you should select the desired color of the foil,
  • after that, when we put all the shades on 1 time, we begin to consistently repeat the colors, moving towards the top of the head,
  • when we reached the top of the head should move to the temples of the other side, and re-repeat everything in the same way,
  • then we dye the hair on the first half of the zone darker, start with the main shade and move from the face to the top, then repeat with the second side.

After we have withstood the time that was recommended by paint manufacturers according to the instructions, we remove the foil, while it is very important to start doing this with the warmest shade. Thoroughly wash off the paint from the hair, you can several times.Further, when rinsing hair, it would be good to make a light massage of the scalp. During the last rinse, a little citric acid or vinegar can be added to the water. Completing the procedure, you should use a nourishing mask, or at least a moisturizing balm. Important: you should pay attention to the masks, shampoos and conditioners, which are specifically designed for colored hair, and apply them in the future. This will give the hair more healthy and well-groomed appearance, and the dye on the hair will last longer.

California highlighting (considered a kind of American branch) is the most unique effect of burnt hair, it is achieved by the latest dyeing technology. This technique does not use foil, the hair is divided into strands-bunches. The paint should be mixed with a thickener, so as not to happen, the so-called "runoff" of paint. It is necessary to select colors that are close in color, so that in general the highlighting looks natural, high-quality and expensive.

Mini highlighting - the most fashionable way to dye hair for the summer of 2018

California highlighting. Most likely you have heard about this type of staining more than once. California highlighting creates the effect of faded strands and looks incredibly natural and stylish, while the roots remain dark, and closer to the ends of the hair strands brighten. Most often, staining is done in 3-4 tones.

American Colors. This highlights looks great on both dark and blond hair. It includes several shades (from 2 to 5), close to the natural hair color, which harmoniously blend together. In fact, this type of staining can be called coloring.

Types and techniques of American highlighting

What is highlighting, surely every woman knows. The principle of American highlighting from the general concept is practically no different. The main feature of it is the use of several shades for coloring individual strands of hair.

To date, experts have identified several major subtypes of American highlighting:

  1. Itself American melirovanie, in person. Initially, the American meant red highlighting, which was suitable only for brunettes. For coloring using this method, different shades of red and orange were selected. Today, you can make American highlights on dark hair, but you can on light. The use of red shades has ceased to be a prerequisite.
  2. Another variety - California highlighting. Unlike red, the Californian dyeing technique was originally intended only for blond hair. The essence of Californian highlighting - to create the effect of neatly burned hair. Of course, on blondes, this effect looks a bit more attractive, but properly chosen shades of paint and on the head of hair brunettes are able to create a real masterpiece.
  3. The most eccentric highlighting subspecies is Crazy Colors. For such a technique, the most incredible colors are selected: red, blue, green, pink.

Technology American hair highlighting

Although highlighting itself is a fairly simple procedure, American technology requires a special approach. First you need to choose shades of paint that would be in harmony with the main hair color and do not catch the eye. When dyeing, you need to use foils of different colors, so that later when washing, to avoid mixing colors of different shades.

Alas, it is very difficult to meticulate yourself using American technology. Therefore, whatever type of highlighting is chosen, American, Californian or crazy, the main thing is to find a good master who could neatly cope with staining and make the final result not look vulgar and ridiculous.

What is this technique

To create American highlights use from 2 to 5 shades. The strands are dyed with wide stripes in a specific order. Mostly it was done using shades of red palette and shades close to the dark curls.

But stylists have expanded the palette of shades for highlighting, so that it can be matched to any hair color. What are the advantages of this technology?

  1. It looks good on ladies of any age.
  2. This highlighting can be done on the hair of any structure and length - both on straight and curly.
  3. Adds hairstyle visually volume.
  4. American highlighting is considered gentle because it does not affect the hair roots.
  5. Frequent color correction is not required.

Thanks to these advantages, American women like many American women who want their hair to look beautiful while their hair remains well-groomed.

Varieties of this technique

All types of American highlighting are performed on the same technique - differences only in the shades that the master chooses.

  1. The classic version - this coloring was invented for owners of dark hair. The wizard selects 3-4 shades that are closest to the natural color of the curls so that the hairstyle becomes visually more voluminous. Paint is applied only on the upper part of the hair, leaving the bottom of their natural shade. One of the varieties of classic highlighting in this technique is the staining of strands in lighter colors, mainly from chestnut palette. This makes the strands more lively and gives them a glossy shine.
  2. Californian - this option is suitable for girls with blond hair. Use shades of golden, wheat, honey, caramel and sand. This creates the effect of burnt strands on the hair. California highlighting is considered one of the most difficult to implement. The master uses a special paste, which is based on beeswax. The strands that have been painted are not wrapped in foil, but left open. And the shade itself is stretched along the entire length of the hair. It turns out a very soft transition from the dark shade of the roots to the very light tips of the strands.
  3. Red highlighting is suitable only for owners of dark hair. Because for its creation apply bronze, red, red, brown shades. This option is suitable for those who want to add brightness to dark curls without using lightening compositions.
  4. Highlighting, made with the use of bright colors, is considered to be universal, because it fits hair of any color. Choose the brightest colors - green, blue, purple. They can be both one palette and contrast. Highlighting is performed with a special gel, which is washed off after about 2-3 weeks, and you are again the owner of your natural color.

You need to choose the type of coloring on the basis of your natural hair color, because it makes the strands more vivid, the color is multifaceted, and the volume appears visually at the hairstyle.

The subtleties of coloring light and blond strands

The palette is selected depending on the shade of the curls. If you are the owner of very light flaxen hair, then ashy, platinum and other shades close to the natural color of the strands will suit you. And if your shade is light blonde, then choose a darker blonde, ashen and all shades of red. And girls with light ash strands will suit a golden, pronounced honey and milk blond.

American highlighting for light brown hair is best done in bright rich colors. You will suit shades of light brown, chestnut and honey. Your hairstyle will sparkle with new colors, and the color will become richer and deeper.

Features of dark and red hair dyeing

Red-haired girls are bright and without any highlighting, but correctly selected colors will set off your curls. Owners of a light red color will suit ashy blond and blond. And if you have auburn, then pay attention to the palette with a nut and chestnut color.

For American highlighting on dark hair is to choose shades that are close to the natural hair color. Light blonde, milk blonde and honey will also look good. And if you have black hair, it will make your hair more bright chestnut color with a reddish tinge.

Contraindications to the procedure

Despite the indisputable advantages, there are contraindications for this highlighting:

  • if the hair is dyed with henna or basma,
  • if you have recently lightened or made a monochromatic hair dye or perm,
  • if your hair is weak and damaged,
  • do not make it to women during pregnancy and lactation.

Properly executed American highlights will make your hairstyle more spectacular, and the hair color will be multifaceted and rich.

A word to the top stylist: the most relevant types of highlighting for the summer

Crazy Colors. If you like bright colors, then highlighting Crazy Colors will do for you. It can be performed in pink, blue, purple or any other spectacular color, using several different shades.

American highlighting is performed using a multi-colored foil in which strands of different shades are wrapped. This allows you to observe symmetry, to form a beautiful pattern on the hair and not to be confused in colors. Coloring usually starts from the back of the head, then the side strands are worked out, and at the end - the temporal locks.

If the American highlights you like, rather go to your stylist who will help you find the right shades and achieve the desired effect. And to choose the perfect day for a visit to a beauty salon, take advantage of our lunar calendar for haircuts and dyes - it definitely will not let you down!

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