Peculiarities of hair color hazelnut: photo, who is suitable shade, popular natural and modern dyes

Hair coloring is one of the easiest ways to transform effectively in the shortest possible time. Of course, it is difficult for many to decide on cardinal changes But to refresh the image, make it brighter and more expressive - as a rule, it does not cause problems. Hair dye hazel is just created for this purpose. It emphasizes the natural beauty and brings freshness to the overall appearance.

The color of the hazelnut in the hair dye is present from different manufacturers. And often - at once in several tones. This variation allows you to choose the shade that best suits your appearance. When choosing, it is necessary to take into account the color type and your natural color of hair.

To suit

Walnut hair dye is considered universal. It will look good on almost every woman, because this shade belongs to the category of natural. However, to some he goes more than to others. Since this color plays with golden notes, it perfectly complements the image, which today is called the autumn color type.

Representatives of other types of appearance, too, can successfully paint the hair in a hazelnut. Light skin and grayish or blue eyes are wonderfully combined with this natural shade. It is suitable and light brown-haired women. However, it must be borne in mind that the skin tone will visually appear more pale. This is an important point.

Therefore, do not rush to the decision and carefully weigh the pros and cons before applying the paint on the curls. If you are still in a hurry and did not take into account this nuance, you can correct the error in the image with bright accents in the make-up.

Nut palette

Hair dye nut has 5 shades. True, not every manufacturer, they are represented by a complete set. Most brands offer one or two nut tones. Some include three or more in the palette.

  • Light coloured. Perfectly harmonizes with tanned skin and eyes of hazel color.
  • Gold. It has an amazing shine. Well masks the spider veins on the face. Eyebrows with this shade, it is desirable to clearly draw a dark pencil.
  • Red. Slightly casts bronze. Perfectly emphasizes light skin.
  • Redhead Despite the flaming pigmentation, it is a rather calm, not defiant shade. It fits wonderfully to the eyes the color of amber or honey.
  • Dark. It can be described as golden chestnut with greyish notes.

Dark and cool nutty shades are an excellent option for the summer color type. The skin of its representatives has a porcelain tone. Their eyes are usually greenish, blue or light brown with gray. The natural tone of the hair is brown with an ash tint. If you find yourself in the description of this appearance, the whole range of dark and cold walnut paints will suit you completely.

Choosing cold tones for dyeing your hair, take care of the volumetric styling of your hair. Then the color will look harmonious. Note that straight hair inevitably emphasizes facial features. Consider them imperfect? Then curl the curls.

A palette of warm (they are light) shades of nut-colored is recommended for the spring color type. The skin of women in this category is usually light. However, it has light warm notes. Their eyes are usually light green, blue or gray. The natural tone of the hair - golden blond or delicate light chestnut. Also often found among the "spring" blond and light blond options. This appearance requires a light nut-colored hair. The dark palette is not suitable here.

Dyeing with a warm nutty tone of long hair using the ombra technique will be perfectly combined with a deeper eye color (dark green, blue).

This shade is what is needed for the color type “autumn”. The skin of its representatives may have a different tone: from pale pink with a light blush to warm olive. And eyes, as a rule, are green-blue, pure green or brown with golden notes. The latter are combined with golden nuts best.

In the "autumn" women, the natural color of the curls can be very different. However, it will certainly be a little redness. And the more of it, the better the golden shade of nut paint lies on strands. As a result, the hair gets a natural appearance.

If you previously painted a shade of "mahogany", among all the nut tones, it is recommended to choose gold as the closest one.

Winter color type is divided into two varieties. The first includes dark skin, and the second - the owner of white skin without the slightest hint of blush. Eye color does not matter. They can be light blue, blue, grape green and brown to any degree of saturation.

If a “winter” woman, among other things, has her chestnut or black hair, she needs to choose a dark nut or nutmeg color. It will preserve the natural darkness of natural tone and add warm emollient notes to it. True, in order for the new color to lay down evenly and correctly, you will have to lighten the curls before dyeing.

Manufacturer selection

Today, almost all manufacturers of paints (“Kapus”, “L'Oreal”, “Vellaton”, “Schwarzkopf”, “Garnier”, “Ciez”, “Estel” and others) have the same color in their palette as hazelnut. Despite the fact that there are not so many nut tones in nature, their rulers are pleasantly surprising.

Brands, within the framework of conducting the struggle for the consumer, periodically make some adjustments to the classic color. Thus, new shades are born that can hardly be distinguished with the naked eye.

In almost all palettes, hazelnut refers to the 7th tonal level. If your primary curl color is not in harmony with it, then the darker ones should pay attention to levels 4 through 6, and light ones - on the 8th.

The names of shades can be: “Hazelnut”, “Dark nut”, “Nut”, “Golden nut”, “Light nut”.

Who is the hazelnut hair color?

This shade can be considered universal. He, like all shades of beige, soft, but at the same time rich and deep. Practically all women can pay attention to the color of hazelnut hair, since it is a natural and natural tone.

Some types of shade is suitable especially. Since there are golden notes in it, for women the color type “autumn” will be a harmonious addition to the image.

The owners of the autumn type:

  • leather of golden or bronze color
  • they have no blush and a clearly visible tan,
  • there may be freckles on the background of pale skin,
  • the original color of the strands has a reddish ebb, they can be sandy-brown, chestnut, golden,
  • eyelashes and eyebrows are bright,
  • eyes of different shades.

Effectively the color of hazelnut looks on green-eyed women with blond curls and shades of golden.

Learn all about the methods of applying olive oil to hair.

Ideas stylish haircuts for teen boys look at this address.

Owners of other types can also dye their hair in a hazelnut. The shade is in harmony with fair skin and blue or gray eyes. If the strands are dark and the eyes are bright, you can also try hazelnut. Keep in mind that the skin visually may look paler. Therefore, you need to carefully weigh everything before applying paint. A fair-skinned woman with such a hair color can eliminate the unpleasant effect by visiting a tanning bed and make bright accents in the make-up.

What is the popularity of this color?

Hair color "hazelnut" is inherently unique, and all because it fits almost every woman. Light tone is the perfect solution for the representatives of the weaker sex, who have slightly tanned skin. Brown eyes and bright eyebrows will be quite expressive due to this shade of hair.

Hair color “nut” got its own popularity due to its own unimaginable naturalness. Best of all this tone will look on a girl who has a bronze, golden or yellow skin tone. It also combines well with freckles and ivory-colored skin. In addition, will help to effectively decorate the girl with a light skin tone and in the presence of dark eyebrows hair color "hazelnut". Who is best suited for this chic and luxurious color, so it is dark-skinned girl with dark eyebrows.

Such a tone will be a successful addition to the image of a woman if she has pigment spots on her skin, because they do not have a red pigment. The golden hue of the external signs may resemble a classic light-brown tone, which received a special saturation and depth due to the golden notes.

What girls might prefer nut-colored hair?

This tone is universal. He also, like many other colors, is endowed with softness, but at the same time too saturated and deep. On the shade of "hazelnut" in the hair will pay attention to many girls, because it is a natural and natural color.

Some types of women will look especially good with such a hair color, because it has golden notes, and the image of a girl with a color type “autumn” makes this tone more complete. Girls of other types also have the right to dye curls with dark nut-colored hair. The color is combined with blue or gray eyes and fair skin. If the hair is dark and the eyes are lighter, then the "hazelnut" will also be a good complement to the style. It is important to consider that the skin always looks visually paler. In this regard, it is worth weighing everything carefully before putting the paint on your head. Light-skinned women with such a shade of hair will relieve themselves of the unpleasant effect of paleness without visiting a tanning salon.

The pros and cons of the color "hazelnut"

Due to the huge color palette, the hair color from the walnut series can be selected for women of different color types. Nutty hair color will be perfect when changing the image for the first time, because it looks quite natural and does not allow changing the image too dramatically. You can apply it as an intermediate stage of the transformation of a blonde into a brunette, and vice versa, but it is also likely that the perfectly selected nut color will be loved for many years, and the woman will not want to change it to any trendy shades.

It is hard to imagine what styling and haircuts would not fit the hair with a nutty tint, because it emphasizes the structure of each, even the most bizarre hairstyle. At the same time, not a single curl, weaving, wave, “ragged tip”, “cap” and “ladder” haircuts will remain unnoticed.

In particular, the winning options are the use of decorative elements for hair: hairpins, elastics, ribbons, because the “dark nut” shade harmonizes well with them. Hair color of this type will rejuvenate and soften the facial features of a woman, as well as emphasize true femininity. Best of all this tone is combined with outfits made in retro style, as well as makeup, which used warm pastel colors: beige, brown, green and pale pink.

Nutty shade is one of the most natural tones, which is capable of blocking gray hair. Women who have dark or black hair, before dyeing in any of the shades of nut-colored, should first lighten the curls, and representatives with light brown hair can do without such manipulation.

It is considered important that it is a paint with a nutty shade that is sensitive to excess painting time, because in this situation a woman risks not getting the desired result and tone. That is why it is necessary to withstand the dye on the hair and for a time specified in the instructions. It is best to trust hair coloring professionals.

What is guided by dyeing hair in the color of "hazelnut"?

To create a beautiful shade of "hazelnut" on the hair, you should choose a good dye, after consulting with the master. It is also important to consider some aspects, because the result will not disappoint anyone. If the hair had not previously been dyed, and the base shade was either light brown or the “light brown” tone, then it is recommended to apply the dye immediately without brightener. In a situation if the hair strands were stained or bleached, then this procedure is best done in a beauty salon. Independently dyeing your hair, instead of “hazelnut”, you can find a different tone with ugly divorces. It is recommended to pre-lighten the hair for a few tones if the original color was dark hair. The color “dark walnut” in the process of applying the dye can give a reddish tint, but not the color “hazelnut”.

Now the store shelves are bursting with the presented colors with the tone “hazelnut”. Few people know how to make the right choice, determined by the acquired shade for the hair. Most often, each tone of the nut resembles each other and can differ from each other only by a few shades. Also important will be the hair color that is present on the hair at the moment. To get the desired result, it is best to visit a professional who will evaluate the initial data and allow the woman to choose the true hair color “hazelnut”.

In the process of staining is to be especially careful and attentive. In the presence of natural dark-colored hair, it is best to lighten them before switching to the “hazelnut” tone. In a different situation, the paint may not come from. If we talk about the fair sex with light brown hair, then they can be painted immediately, without making additional actions.

The right paint choice

Ladies who have firmly decided to transform and dye themselves in tone "hazelnut", from the very beginning should understand how to choose the right shade. That is why you should follow these recommendations:

  1. Before dyeing the strands of hair, the tone of which ranged from light chestnut to light brown, should be repainted in the color of any other shade.
  2. Streaked curls are not recommended to be dyed on their own, because from the very beginning it is necessary to work on leveling the tone of the hair, and only after that give it the necessary coloring.
  3. Dark brown curls, most likely, will not become lighter, because the pigmentation of paint can not be taken.
  4. Thin and damaged hair is not recommended to use oxides of more than 2%, because it can adversely affect their structure. In this situation, it is best to give preference to the 1% solution.

Hair color shade "Hazelnut" from L'Oreal and Estelle

Before repainting the hair in a radically opposite color, it is worth considering whether it will look organic. Depending on the color of the girl, the appropriate shade will be slightly different.

  1. Tsvetotip spring is characterized by light skin tone, gray or blue eyes. The natural hair color of such girls ranges from golden blond to light chestnut. Therefore, choosing a paint, you should pay attention to the shade called "light nut". The warm tones of this dye will harmoniously complement the image of the girl-spring.

Spring Color Type Girl

  • The representative summer color type is distinguished by its gray-blue or gray-green eyes and curls of a cold ash color. If these girls want to change the tone of their hair, dark walnut hair color is best for them.
  • Autumn color type endowed girls with different skin tones: it can be pale pink tint or a warm olive tint. The color of the eyes of the representatives of this group varies from green to golden brown, and curls before coloring are distinguished by the presence of red notes. Harmony of the image of the girl-autumn can be achieved by using gold nut as the base paint.

    The girl of the “Autumn” color type Girls of the winter type can be completely different from each other.The skin of one of them is prone to constant tan, regardless of the season, the other - porcelain pallor. Brown, blue, green and blue eyes are not an exception for representatives of this type. The winter girl's braids have a chestnut or black hue, so if you want to change the appearance, you should take a closer look at the color of nutmeg.

    Girl color type "Winter"

    About company

    Garnier is a cosmetics brand that was created in the early years of the 20th century by French perfumer and haberdasher Alfred Garnier. The first cosmetic was lotion, which was intended for hair care. If we take into account the fact that at the beginning of the 20th century it was decided to use soap exclusively for washing hair, as there were simply no other detergents, you can only imagine what kind of furore the novelty made.

    In the 30s, the company passed into the hands of the doctor Gaston and soon a new concept appeared. The following cosmetic products are shampoos and lotions. A little more time passed, and the first hair dye saw the light.

    After the company’s acquisition by L’Oreal, the development of the brand began to take place at an intense pace. Lotions for a victory over dandruff, kinds of sun-protection oils and paints which could be used with ease in house conditions began to be made for hair.

    Today the company has gained deserved popularity among the fair sex all over the world.

    For this manufacturer, it is important to study the properties of natural gifts and apply them to create quality products. The manufacturer of cosmetics always seeks to give people the joy of using their products.

    Capus: correct color creation

    If the hair coloring occurs for the first time, you should not worry about choosing the right dye. Natural color, close to light brown and light brown, can be changed with the help of paint from the fifth to the sixth shades. Lightened or bleached hair to bring in the desired shade is quite difficult. The result may be a reddish tint or dirty streaks.

    Consult with a stylist

    My advice to you is not to act independently, turn to professionals, this guarantees a uniform saturated color throughout the entire length of the curls.

    Compatibility of the product with dark curls

    On dark curls, the color of the hair of a hazelnut may simply not be taken, so the procedure will be slightly longer. Initially, you should lighten the hair to the desired shade. Only after this the staining procedure will make sense.

    An important point when dyeing hair in the color "hazelnut" - the choice of a suitable dye. In this case, it is worth repelling from the state of the curls, since dark healthy curls require a higher content of active substances, while thin ones require less.

    Buy hair dye in specialized stores

    High quality Garnier guaranteed by many reviews.

    Hair dye nut, which you are going to use for self-dyeing, should be a well-known brand and purchased in a specialized store. This minimizes the possibility of damaging the curls and getting an unplanned shade.

    Dyeing process

    Palette product palette

    The color palette, organically emphasizing the hair of hazelnut color, includes the following shades:

    • red, orange, tomato,
    • green, olive, mint,
    • lilac, purple,
    • pastel colors, including cream, mustard,
    • almost all chocolate shades.

    For the color of hair "Hazelnut" is important to choose a good makeup

    As for make-up, the warm shades of hazelnut are ideally combined with beige and golden shades, matte lipstick of light brown tones and pink blush.

    Hair color nut - photo:

    A great example is the compelling Jessica Alba, who almost always prefers this color. At various times, this color was used by Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker and Anna Kendrick.

    Depending on the type of appearance, the color walnut allows you to endow the image with nobility, childish mischief, or refinement. The naturalness of the shade will help to harmoniously look to the fair sex of any age.

    Nut color paint palette

    In almost all palettes, this shade belongs to the 7th color level and is designated 7.3. The names also do not differ originality and almost all are called "Hazelnut". If your hair does not fit under level 7 (light blond), then in the proposed palette you can find shades for lighter hair (level 8) and for darker chestnut hair (level 6-4).

    • Professional walnut hair color:

    Kapous Professional 8.8 Hazelnut - suitable only for hair without gray hair

    Wella Koleston perfect 7/3 hazelnut - rich natural shade

    Selective Professional 7.05 Hazelnut - Carefully coloring, without harm to the scalp

    Revlon Professional Young Color Excel 5.41 Chestnut - Salon product, not containing ammonia

    Nouvelle Hair Color 6.7 Walnut - woody shade for dark blond hair

    Macadamia 7.3 Medium Golden Blonde - Macadamia Oil Based Paint Resistant

    • Paint nut for home use:

    L’Oreal Prodigy 6.32 Walnut - a shade for dark blond hair

    L’Oreal Prodigy 4.0 Dark Walnut - Shade for Dark Brown Hair

    L’Oreal Sublime Mousse 552 Luxurious frosty walnut - resistant mousse dye

    Wella Wellaton 7/3 Hazelnut Cream Color with Pro-Vitamin B5

    Wella Wellaton Permanent Mousse 7/3 Hazelnut - resistant mousse paint

    Schwarzkopf Nectra Color 568 Dark walnut - resistant dye with extra care based on oils

    Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse 668 Hazelnut is a very durable mousse that keeps on gray hair

    Garnier Color naturals 6 Hazelnut - resistant paint with oils in a caring balm

    Garnier color & shine 5.3 Dark walnut - ammonia-free product with argan oil

    Oriflame TruColour 6.7 Hazelnut - resistant dye, suitable for gray hair

    STUDIO 3D Holography 7.34 Hazelnut - Polish Resistant Budget Paint

    Estel Celebrity 7-7 Hazelnut - a durable product with a glossy effect

    • Shading means to maintain the color of the hair nut:

    Fara 508 Haze Balsam Hazelnut - for giving shine and more saturated shade on light brown hair

    TONIKA Balsam - 7.35 Golden Nut - for maintaining a golden brown color

    General guidelines for creating a shade

    In order to create a beautiful shade of hazelnut on your hair, you need to choose a suitable dye, after consulting with a specialist. It is also necessary to take into account some nuances so that the final result does not disappoint.

    If the hair was not previously painted, and the base shade varies from classic blond to light brown, you can apply the coloring composition immediately on them, without lightening. If the strands have already been dyed or have been stained, it is best to carry out the procedure in the cabin. When self-staining, you can get another shade with dirty stains instead of hazelnut.

    If the original hair color is dark, then they must first be lightened with several tones. When applying the dye directly on the dark strands without clarification, the maximum that can be achieved is a reddish tint, but not the color of a hazelnut.

    Features of the choice of oxidizing agent during staining:

    • dark strands require a higher content of oxygen in the paint, light - less,
    • for the fine structure of the hair can not take oxide more than 3%,
    • if the curls are very thin, you can take a 1.5% solution, but the shade of the hair will have to be updated more often,
    • if the hair is healthy and strong, take 9% oxidizer.

    Popular paint manufacturers

    Today, almost all paint manufacturers have in their palette the color of hazelnut. Natural nutty shades a bit. But the range of colors is striking in its abundance.

    Different brands, to stand out from the competition, make some changes to the classic color, getting subtle shades from each other. Almost all palettes carry hazelnut to level 7. If the base color of the strands does not fit this level, then for darker ones it is better to orient at level 6-4, and for light ones - at level 8. The names can be the following: “hazelnut”, “dark nut”, “nut”, golden nut ”,“ light nut ”.

    We present examples of hazelnut colors.

    Professional formulations:

    • Capus Professional 8.8 (only hair without gray hair can be colored),
    • ProfessionalYoungColorExcel 5.41 and 7.41 from Revlon (salon paint without ammonia),
    • Vella Coleston Ref. 7/3,
    • Nouvelle Hair Color 6.7,

    Learn all about healthy products against hair loss.

    Photo haircuts sesson for short hair look on this page.

    Under the link read about the use and composition of vitamin Vitasharm for healthy hair.

    Paint for home coloring:

    • Vellaton 7/3 from Vella (contains provitamin B5),
    • Shvartskopf Nectra Color 668,
    • Schwarzkopf Perfect 668 (resistant mousse that is suitable for dyeing gray hair),
    • Garnier color Neichralz 6.23 (comes with a balm with oils)
    • Garnier color & shine 5.3 dark walnut,
    • Oriflame TruColour 6.7 (covers gray hair well),
    • Estelle Celebrity 7-7 (resistant paint, creating a glossy effect).

    Tint means

    • Farah 508 - balsam, creating a shade of hazelnut on light brown strands,
    • Irida M Classic - tinted shampoo for fair-haired women.

    Henna Dyeing Tips

    Henna is used to create different shades of hair. To get a hazelnut, henna should not be diluted with water, but with coffee or tea. This minimizes the appearance of a red shade on the hair.

    Pour 4 teaspoons of black tea into a ceramic teapot and pour 200 ml of boiling water and simmer in a water bath, removing the lid and covering it with gauze. After 10-15 minutes, strain the tea and pour 1 spoon of ground coffee into the broth. Put the teapot in the water bath and hold for another 5 minutes, pour the broth over the henna. The consistency should be creamy. Allow the mass to cool slightly (up to 80 o C). Apply it on the strands and leave for 25 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water.

    Suitable makeup and clothing

    Hazelnut, as a warm color, goes well with beige and golden shades. If a woman has bright eyes, then the shadows will harmoniously look to match the outfit. The eye contour can be underlined with a black or dark brown pencil (eyeliner). Foundation and powder is better to take a soft bodily tone. Lipstick should be matte. The color may be pale red or pale brown. Blush suit pinkish tones.

    Under the color of hazelnut hair, you can pick up clothes of different styles. But the color palette must be within the warm range. You can combine contrasting colors.


    • warm red
    • Orange,
    • mustard,
    • dark chocolate,
    • olive,
    • khaki,
    • purple,
    • eggplant.

    How to choose the right hair color? The answer is in the following video:

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    Selection of successful brunettes

    Paint "Garnier" "Hazelnut" is a variant of shade that will help create a spectacular image and take care of protecting hair from damage.

    Recent trends in the fashion world dictate the requirement to be as natural as possible. This rule applies to hair. The natural natural shade of the product "Garnier" "Hazelnut" will help not only to paint over gray hair, but also to ensure the effect of a golden shade. Curls will shine from the rays of the sun, warm in the cold. Impress the color of the hair "Hazelnut" from "Garnier"!

    Stylist tips

    Choosing the “Garnier” paint “Hazelnut”, the lady should take into account how much this tone differs from its natural one. Plays the role of eye and skin color, the color type of the woman. It is important that the shade does not look rough. The choice of warm colors stylists recommend to representatives of the spring color type.

    In the "summer" ladies eyes have a gray-blue or gray-green shade in combination with ash curls. They can pick up dark shades of colors to emphasize the beauty of the eyes.

    For the autumn color type, with red hair and eyes of green or brown color, it is better to choose light-nut tones with a golden hue.

    "Winter" ladies can experiment with tones of nutmeg. If the girl herself can not decide to change the color of hair, it is better to visit a specialist. In the beauty salon, professionals will surely select the option that will be optimal and allow the fair sex to look 100% full!

    Types of shades

    Choosing nutty hair color, you can choose one of three options:

    • bright - it is best suited for fair-haired and light-eyed ladies,
    • gold is the ladies with naturally reddish hair,
    • dark - for light brown and brown hair, which by nature is ashy, such paint will effectively highlight gray, blue or brown eyes, emphasize light skin.

    The "nut" colors have a very high concentration of pigments. Therefore, the color of the hair after the "Hazelnut" from "Garnier" will become rich and rich.

    When choosing a tool, you can choose the option:

    • Color Naturals No. 6.
    • Color Sensation No. 6.
    • Color Shine No. 6.23 and No. 5.3

    Customer opinion

    Paint "Garnier" color "Hazelnut" - is a cosmetic product, which you can find, as a rule, positive feedback. Girls celebrate the ease of use of funds.

    It is enough to mix the cream-paint with the developer milk. Before the procedure, the hair should not be freshly washed, it is better to apply the composition to slightly oily strands.

    According to reviews of the "Garnier" "Hazelnut", this tool has no sharp chemical smell. This feature makes the staining procedure less harmful to health.

    Also, the girls say that this French manufacturer is pleased with the richness of the palette of shades. Regardless of what color the woman wants to repaint, you can always pick up the paint to achieve a great result.

    According to the girls, this product is affordable at high quality product. This is another plus to choose the paint "Garnier" to create a spectacular image.

    Let's sum up

    Brand "Garnier" has existed since the beginning of the last century. This is a cosmetics that is created using natural ingredients. At production advanced technologies are used that each girl could look unsurpassed.

    Among the rich palette of shades it will be interesting to pay attention to the tone of the paint "Garnier" "Hazelnut", reviews of which were studied in this article. Since the manufacturer offers several product options: Naturals, Sensation and Color Shine, you can stay on the paint that is best suited for tone.

    Choosing a shade, stylists recommend to take into account the peculiarities of the color type of a woman. If the lady herself does not dare to conclude, then you can always get the help of beauty salon specialists.

    Paints "Garnier" are easy to use, affordable and high-quality results. This is a great option to create a spectacular image and impress others. After all, our hair is very influenced by the whole look. Make it bright and rich with Garnier paint Hazelnut!

    Hazelnut Paint: 5 Application Tips

    Inherent desire for women to change their appearance in the desire to look more attractive leads to a variety of experiments on hair. And the simplest of them is coloring. A well-chosen hair tone can not only drastically change the appearance, but also add self-confidence.

    It is important to choose the right hair color.

    Most girls recently seek to bring the color of the curls as close as possible to natural tones. One of them is the golden nut hair color, shining in the sun and warming during the winter days.

    Hair color Hazelnut: photos and tips for stylists choosing a shade

    Natural rich hair color has always been popular.That is why it is not at all surprising that most women dye their hair not in bright colors, but in natural shades. This color is the color of the hair of the hazelnut, the photo of the beauties with such a shade you will see below

    Who are the hair shades of nut

    This color looks very impressive in girls belonging to the autumn color type. This color is suitable for:

    • you have golden skin,
    • you have ivory skin tone and have freckles,
    • if you are the owner of red or golden hair,
    • if you have reddish eyebrows or eyelashes,
    • if you have intense eye color. The most beautiful walnut looks on green-eyed girls.

    Do not despair, if you do not belong to the autumn color type, hazelnut can come and girls with dark hair or light and any skin. Moreover, you can see photos and pick up your walnut shade.

    How is the coloring of hair in the color of hazelnut

    To give your hair such a beautiful color, simply select the paint that suits you. If you ask yourself questions: “What is the color?” Or “What does it look like?” - it’s better to ask the stylist for help.

    Today, there are many manufacturers of hair dye that can offer this shade. But initially it is necessary to remember simple tips.

    • If you have a fairly light skin tone, then consider the fact that this hair tone is dark enough, and that it should look good on you, you should visit a tanning bed.
    • If you have dark hair, it is better to lighten them a couple of tones before coloring in walnut.
    • Fair-haired girls can be painted calmly without prior clarifications.

    We select the hair dye

    Nature has provided not one, but several shades of hazelnut. And paint manufacturers can offer many small nuances of this color. Each manufacturer makes its own shade of hazelnut, so choose very carefully.

    Today paints by Garnier and Estel are very popular. Both colors are professional, they fit perfectly on the hair and give a unique shade, plus a nice price. They offer different types of shades, these are their main names:

    • classic hazelnut
    • golden hazelnut
    • light hazelnut with a golden sheen,
    • dark hazelnut with deep dark color.

    What do buyers say about these colors?

    Lera: “Yesterday I used to paint Garnier’s mom with paint. I don’t hide it, I really doubted the result, because I don’t know this paint at all, we were advised by a familiar hairdresser. I bought a hazelnut shade.
    Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised, good paint, but I never used it. Gray hair completely painted over, hair after it is soft, have a good shine, and the color completely coincides with what is shown on the picture on the package. Perhaps I myself will start to dye my hair with this paint. "

    Inessa: “I have been using Estel professional paint for almost three years. Of course, it is a bit more expensive, but it is quite affordable and makes hair very good. It does not wash off for a long time, the skin is not irritated by it. The paint is gentle to hair, but, as you know, any dye is useful difficult to name. "

    Victoria: "Garnier dyed her hair. She was completely satisfied with the resulting color, the paint went very smoothly. A week after dyeing, her hair is just as soft and does not break."

    Lisa: "I tried a lot of different hair colors. But I liked Estelle only. A very important observation: the dark tone is almost not washed out, the hair does not fade and does not turn red."

    Hair color Garnier Color & Shine shade 6.23 Hazelnut. What is the point to choose a shade, if you can not predict what will happen? (A lot of photos)

    Once again, I was convinced that Garnier is not one, but another. So many shades, differing literally in tone, with some small nuances. And it turns out then something not corresponding to the chosen one.

    I walked for a month and a half with red hair, I grew roots and I decided that I would repaint in a color similar to my own chestnut, only maybe a little more golden. In red, I also painted with ammonia-free paint from Garnier, which pleased me with color, but upset my hair condition. With the same all the way around.

    I chose to update my appearance shade 6.23 - "Hazelnut". It seemed to me not too dark and golden enough. I had to go shopping for it, because I needed two packs - my hair was rather long.

    Here is what my hair was at the time of painting:

    (with flash)

    (regrown roots)

    In the photo hair, of course, dirty. Although the paint and without ammonia, but it does not hurt to err. Dirty hair paint spoil and dry out a little more difficult.

    Here is what was in the paint boxes:

    All the necessary components are in place, the bottles are numbered, it is difficult to make a mess.

    Please note that this paint belongs to group 2 - non-ammonia resistant toning. The dye promises to be on hair up to 68 weeks, up to 28 uses of shampoo.

    The instructions also say that the paint needs after applying the entire length Keep 20 minutes. But. Compare how much time it will take to paint on short hair, and how much time on mine, which is lower than the shoulder blades. Obviously i following the instructions, the paint is likely to perederzhu.

    Okay, let's do some mixing.

    Pour the developer milk into a non-metallic bowl:

    Squeeze the paint out of the tubes:

    For a couple of minutes, the paint turned a little dark:

    Here for me the trouble began. If this paint was more than enough, Color & Shine was not enough. Looks like this dye for my hair needs 3 packs! I had to quickly and a thin layer of paint smear on the undyed dry places. Of course, this was reflected in the result. Now it is already clear that the hair is somehow stained, and I don’t even want to imagine what will happen next.

    but the look of the hair in the paint had a calming effect on me. Usually the colors are so unimaginable at this stage, and here it is quite promising brown. Maybe everything will be fine?

    As soon as I washed off the paint (obviously, having slightly overheated in places, but undernourished somewhere, on the contrary), I suspected something was wrong. The hair was almost black. Like ebony. dark dark brown:

    Okay, you need to calm down and wait. Wet the same. Although they scared me pretty, so I even washed my hair with shampoo, and then applied a special balm:

    Here are the contents of the bags on the palm:

    This is not enough for me. In the oil paint, the balsam was excellent and it was more at times.

    And here is my result after drying:

    This is with a flash. Without it, decently failed to remove. It is visible that it is painted unevenly.

    In fact, the hair is darker, shine slightly. Dim dark wood.

    I'm still lucky. If only because I still liked the new shade, it looks good. Only this is not at all what I expected. If I wanted this color, I would buy something dark chestnut.

    Perhaps he will wash off and will look better, but. I doubt I'll buy this paint again. I am not an experimenter to make up my face, without knowing what I will get in the end.

    In addition, I will not say that the paint smells so good. Her hair, it seems, did not dry out, but her scalp pinches, how else.

    Having tried it once, I definitely cannot advise it.

    Perfect color match (Hazelnut)

    I bought Garnier Color Naturals Creme paint when a couple dozen gray hairs appeared in a prominent place ((there is a dime paint, around 150 rubles for one package. The package contains instructions for use, disposable gloves, a tube of paint, a developer and a mask for hair after dyeing.

    My natural hair is dark blond, I chose Garnier Color Naturals Creme for them in a shade 6.0 “Hazelnut”. I took two packs on the length of hair just below the shoulder blades, used them completely, and this is exactly what I need at my length.


    1. The paint is easy to apply, easily distributed through the hair, does not flow, does not remain on the skin.

    2. Kept the dye on the hair for 25 minutes, gray hair completely painted over.

    3. The color turned out exactly as it was before dyeing. I am very pleased! No one even notices that I painted.

    4. The color of my hair after applying Garnier Color Naturals Creme almost exactly matches the image on the package. So in the photo when buying, you can navigate.

    5. After dyeing, the quality of the hair has not changed. They do not fall out, do not break, have a beautiful shine. Maybe the tips were dry for the first couple of days, but the mask before shampooing helped solve this small problem.


    - A very strong smell of ammonia when painting. With the door closed in the bathroom it was simply impossible to be, eyes were watering from this smell.

    - the mask that comes with the paint seemed fatty to me. It is hard to wash off the hair, there is a feeling that something still exists on the head. The second time she is unlikely to use.

    - when the sun or a bright lamp shines on the head strictly from top to bottom, a reddish color hated by me appears at the top of the head. But, after reading the reviews, I realized that not all of this happens. And even if it happens, you can neutralize the redhead by adding a little paint of a different shade.

    But all this, in general, is not scary. Over time, hair grows, the paint is slightly washed off. Ryzhina after 1-2 weeks disappears by itself.

    Findings: On the whole, I am pleased with the Garnier Color Naturals Creme paint. The main thing is that the color turned out to be as natural as possible; for me it was important, I did not want to change my natural shade.

    The elixir of life for hair! Hair after painting became HEALTHY than before it! Hue №6 Hazelnut (+ hair photo)

    Good day to all who looked.

    I have been dying my hair for many years now, who I haven’t been: blondie, chestnut, brunette, crimson ... But I see this effect from the paint for the first time!

    So, before painting: more than once bleached hair, which I used to paint with Tonics every week. Dry, brittle, hard as a fishing line - only balsams saved. One day I was bored with all this, or rather laziness, to hydrolyze the roots every month, so I decided to paint it in my own color, which I, of course, am not thrilled with, but what nature has given, decided to slowly trim off the dead ends, restore the general condition of the hair and stop strong fallout.

    Long chose the color and brand in the store, stopped at Garnier Calor Nechrals. In it, I was satisfied with the price, the description, and the color. As stated in the title, I №6 Hazelnut.


    The unique formula of Garnier Color Naturals, enriched with 3 nutritive oils: olive, avocado and carite, intensively nourishes, smoothes the surface of the hair and creates a protective barrier around it against damage.

    Her creamy formula penetrates deep into the hair structure and fills it with rich color. The color is fixed and protected from leaching for a long time. 100% gray paint

    Protected, your hair is incredibly silky and shiny, and the color remains saturated until the next coloring!

    Price: 110 rubles

    Inside the standard set: bottle with developer milk, tube with cream paint, after-care cream, instructions, gloves

    Color Table:

    Hair TO: heavily regrown roots and my crimson hair on the rest of the length

    Paint applied to wet hair, the rest is all according to the instructions.

    I was ready for anything: to a washcloth on my head, to stains, to the fact that the hair will begin to fall off with a new force ... But certainly not to the fact that my hair will become HEALTHY.

    After painting: Hair after painting became as good as new! Takiiie glaaadkie. My soft. Yes, they in my life were not so!

    And this is despite the fact that I have not applied a balm yet. After the balm, it was generally like silk that became steel and smelled very tasty, in my opinion fruit. This effect to this day: they may not be silk, as on the first day, but now after washing I can do without a balm and my hair does not resemble a fishing line to the touch!

    The color turned out the way it was promised, it was painted all without stains, but I didn’t like it terribly that the hair was cast in the light ginger. It’s rather my slip - I miscalculated with color. He reminds me of my own, but I decided that I could not walk with him. Repainted then again Garnier (also try to write a review).

    Total: despite the fact that I later painted over the color, I have no regrets about the experience. Hair became only healthier, which I certainly did not expect from ammonia paint!

    White-white sand, but only on previously bleached hair, or tone 10.1 in all its glory (+ photo)

    Eeeh, my experimentation soul) It would seem that here I found the shade of the blonde from whom I was delighted, but no. In general, I tell! It is time to paint my spine once again. Not so long ago, I switched to a two-stage coloring: bleaching of the roots with Estel ESSEX Super Blond Plus powder and toning. But something went wrong this time, whether it was not my day, or I couldn’t keep the powder on my hair, but the roots were lightened worse than usual and were slightly different. Toning 10 level they obviously will not take. It was then that the thought originated in my little head (light, please note) to use the familiar paint. Garnier Color naturals tone 10.1 White sand is NOT from a lightening series, which means it can only be 2-3 tones lighter, for my roots enough

    The standard package of paint: cream paint, showing milk, balm, gloves, instruction. The smell of ammonia is present, but Garnier I calmly painted in a closed bathroom, not gasping. How did I do this time? Diluted paint, quickly applied to the roots, held for 15 minutes. Then she added shampoo to the remaining paint, whipped up this mass and applied it like mousse to the hair that had been pre-moistened from the pulvellator. Foamed it all up and left toned for 5 minutes. Made it so as to reduce the aggressive effect of dye on bleached hair length. I washed this whole thing off with shampoo, dried it with a towel and put on a richly nourishing mask with a hack ampulka, under a cap for 40 minutes. Magic hair. The color paid off. Attaching photo:

    bathroom electric light

    bathroom electric light

    daylight from the window

    I apologize for the quality of the photo, the camera was not at hand, I had to contrive with the phone.

    I recommend the paint, but this shade will come light brown and light blond, or pre-bleached hair.

    Hair dye Garnier Color naturals creme is one of the few colors without burning and the terrible smell of ammonia. Hue number 6 - Hazelnut, similar to my natural hair color. + PHOTO before and after dyeing.


    My hair is light brown, wavy by nature.

    My first hair dyeing experience was 15-16 years old, with henna, I wanted to strengthen it, I overexposed it on my hair, and got a new bright color, I liked it. So a long time and dyed hair with henna.

    After 20 years, she wanted to become a brunette, repainted, and at the same time made a short haircut. Appearance has changed, began to look older than his age, but male fans have increased. It was a short-haired brunette and met her future husband.

    Brunette I was 4 years old, then I decided to become blonde. Not one washing procedure, painting in the cabin. And I am blonde. To be honest, I was not comfortable with blonde. Therefore, I decided to stop experimenting with the appearance and return to my native color, light brown.

    One time, having returned my natural color, I didn’t dye my hair. But after pregnancy, she discovered the first gray hair on her head. Stress at work did not pass without a trace, plus a constant experience about childbirth, etc. When I was on HB, I used tinted balms to hide my gray hair. Then she began to buy hair dye. I often try not to make up, it turns out 1 time in 1.5 months, as I try to grow long hair.

    Of all the colors, hair dye is the most attractive. Garnier Color naturals creme.

    A shade that is close to my natural color is Hazelnut.

    Deep nutrition, rich color. The special formula of Garnier Color Nechrals, enriched with olive, avocado and carite oils, penetrates into the very heart of the hair and intensively nourishes it.Due to the deep nourishment the hair is better saturated with color and keeps it for a long time.

    Price - 160 rubles.

    U P A K O K K A:


    With double action formula:

    R E C O L L T A T S staining:

    C O D E R M N O M O E packs:

    • instruction
    • a pair of gloves
    • bottle of developer milk
    • cream tube
    • hair cream after dyeing

    Gloves are very dense, high-quality:

    Paint before mixing:

    5 minutes after mixing:

    Than i like paint Garnier color naturals creme:

    • Does not cause burning of the scalp,
    • Doesn't smell like ammonia
    • It has a creamy texture, does not spread,
    • Does not leave marks on the skin after staining.
    • Paints gray hair
    • Does not dry hair.

    The paint is really very well distributed through the hair, it is not liquid, so it does not spread, and is easily removed from the skin if you accidentally get dirty. It smells good.

    Resultafter paint application:

    Following the instructions, the dye should be kept on the hair for 25-35 minutes, I choose the middle ground and always keep exactly 30 minutes, no more, no less.

    The paint is very well washed off, at the same time, there are no traces of it on the scalp.

    But I noticed that after washing it off, I lost a decent amount of hair.

    Long time, I have not seen this!

    After taking vitamins Triovit, hair almost does not fall out.

    Resultcoloring on wet hair:

    Rich color100% gray paint

    Gray hair and regrown roots are dyed. Hair acquired shine.

    Hair after drying.

    not chemistry, your hair.

    R E C O L L T A Tbefore and after, for comparison:

    before and after

    Comparison with the hair color on the package:

    Certainly different, but this shade is closer to my natural.

    I am satisfied with the result of dyeing, my hair has become saturated with color and shine. They are not over dried.

    P O H EMP U 4 B A L L A?

    Resistance more than 8 weeks.

    Oh, no, a maximum of 4 weeks. But I wash my hair every day, I think many, too. 8 weeks paint by no means last, therefore, I lower the ball.

    CONCLUSION :Hair dye Garnier Color naturals creme, good in many ways, has a pleasant aroma, does not dry hair, gives a rich color. But on the hair does not hold as long as the manufacturer promises. But for a purchase, I recommend!

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    Resistant ammonia-free cream paint is now my favorite!

    Ottelochny balm Estelle

    LINEN OIL - helps restore hair after coloring!

    Durable Palette Perfect care cream paint Luxurious care without ammonia

    Paint without ammonia Garnier Color & Shine - turned out to be better Palette

    6.34 Caramel (photo)

    Grown my roots. The paint, which she used, did not find, the stocks ran out. Went to look for shelves closer shade. According to the recall of her sister, she took it from the Garnier palette. 2 boxes of color close to my color were only Caramel. Took them. Painted sister (experienced in painting). When mixing the oxidizer with paint, it turned out a carrot core. Jokingly said: "This is the color of the car I want." Sister asked: "And the hair?" The answer hung in the air.

    - positive color of the composition

    - pretty tolerable smell

    - time of coloring - half an hour

    - pleasant consistency and smell fixing balm

    - match the color stated on the box

    - hair structure is not affected

    - color is washed out quickly

    - lighter roots remained lighter

    - hair began to fall out in greater quantities than before (but within the normal range)

    As a budget option for changing the image - quite optimally. And I will look for my paint.

    Watch the video: Balayage For Brunettes. Balayage Highlights on Dark Hair. Ombre Hairstyle (December 2019).