How to cut your hair at home

Well-groomed hair folded into a neat haircut is one of the main conditions for the beautiful appearance of a woman of any age. Straight or curly locks should always be washed and kept in shape.

At home, it is also possible to learn how to bring a full care, beautifully cut hair - fashionable and unusual. But before you cut your own hair, you should purchase the necessary tools and cosmetics, familiarize yourself with the recommendations of stylists and hairdressers.

Basic rules for cutting home

To get a good haircut result, you should follow the following recommendations from hairdressers and stylists:

  1. Choose a comfortable place: well lit, with a large mirror, so that the review for the haircut is maximum.
  2. Examine information regarding specific haircuts: the more will be studied, the better the result will be.
  3. Prepare sharp, preferably professional, steel scissors.
  4. When choosing the length of the haircut, be sure to bear in mind that wet hair is always longer than dry.
  5. It is not necessary to immediately cut off the planned length, since in case of an error it will not be possible to correct it. It is recommended to trim the ends in stages.
  6. Curly naughty hair is allowed to cut as dry to better see the shape of the haircut, and wet.
  7. The shape of a haircut for curly hair should be done in the form of a semicircle.

Workplace organization

Prepare the workplace as follows:

  1. In the selected location should spread out the tools. It is necessary to clearly know the location of each tool in order to facilitate a haircut and reduce the duration of this process.
  2. Scissors, comb and clips must be placed under the arm.
  3. The mirror must be placed so as to provide a good overview. If there are several mirrors, you need to put them so that you can see the head from all sides.
  4. For convenience, a chair should be prepared in front of the mirror, as a haircut, especially for the first time, can take a long time.
  5. Among the means to perform a haircut must necessarily be a spray, because if you start to cut the already wet hair, in the process they can dry out and there will be a need for them to re-wet them for a haircut.

Preparation of tools

At home, before cutting your hair, you need to prepare the tools for the job:

  • fine flat comb to separate the strands,
  • sharp scissors. The most convenient for beginners will be scissors with a blade length of 6-10 cm (the shorter the length of the blades, the easier it is to cut)
  • thinning scissors. This tool is not mandatory, but with certain skills of use, it can disguise unevenly trimmed ends and make the hairstyle easier and more voluminous,

Before you cut your hair at home, you need to prepare all the tools.

  • mirrors of good quality, which should not bend the image, so that you can see any shortcomings that require adjustments. The ideal option would be the presence of a mirror hanging on the wall (or a pier glass) plus 1-2 small mirrors nearby,
  • for hair of medium length and length below the shoulders, be sure to prepare clips or any barrettes that will help separate the strands for a uniform haircut,
  • the spray gun can be replaced with another device with water, which will help wet the hair during the process of cutting,
  • Before you begin, be sure to sterilize all the tools.

    How to cut your hair

    Self-leveling hair style is possible at home in different versions. If desired, and the availability of skills is done cutting their own hands at home. You can arrange a ladder, square, bob or trim the bangs. It can be useful to remove the ends that started to split. How to cut yourself? To do this, it is not necessary to attend hairdressing courses. Step-by-step instructions and master classes that are understandable even to a teenager help them learn how to cut their hair.

    When self-shaving, it is important to remember that:

    • Before you have a nice haircut at home itself, disinfection of instruments is required.
    • The head should be wet. After drying, the strands become slightly shorter.
    • It is necessary to distinguish the parietal, temporal, occipital zone. The hairstyle needs to be carried out in order, having selected the necessary site.
    • Brunettes is better to use a light background, and blondes - dark.
    • Border trimming (alignment of the bottom edge) and shading (design of the transition from long to short strands) give the finished look to the haircut.

    Before you cut your hair at home, you need to prepare the tools. The first device in the hairdressing business is scissors. The tool must be steel, comfortable and very sharp. The ideal option is professional scissors. Such a device is expensive, although you can find a tool at an affordable price. For beautiful processing of edges it is desirable to have thinning shears. Cook apart from this:

    • comb with frequent teeth
    • spray gun
    • clamps
    • two mirrors.

    How to cut your hair after a professional haircut

    Trimming finished professional haircut is easy. It is only necessary to correctly cut the length itself along the formed contour. How to trim the ends of the hair at home? Your actions:

    1. Wash and dry your head.
    2. Comb the strands carefully before cutting the ends of your hair.
    3. Divide your head into zones. Fix the parts on the back of the head.
    4. Pinch one strand between your fingers.
    5. Stretch your hair, stop at the length you want to remove. Remember the number of inches cut.
    6. Cut off the tips.
    7. Go to the other strands.

    How to cut your hair for bangs

    Self-leveling bangs eliminates the extra trip to the hairdresser. How to cut hair at home? Your actions:

    1. Moisten and brush your bang straight.
    2. Use your left hand to select a 3-4 cm wide strand. Pinch it between your fingers.
    3. Stretch your hair, cut it with your right hand.
    4. Pinch the next strand together with the trimmed, trim.
    5. Issue the whole bang.
    6. Comb, cut long hair.
    7. Profile strands.
    8. Lay the bangs.

    Cascade haircut at home

    Graduated hairstyle looks good at any length, emphasizes facial features. How to make a haircut at home? Work begins at the front of the head:

    1. Comb before you cut your hair at home itself.
    2. Select the control strand at the crown.
    3. Part in the middle, extend it to the ears, highlighting the front area.
    4. Select a plot at a distance of 1.3 cm from the control strand.
    5. Lift the strands up.
    6. Squeeze them with your fingers at 2.5 cm from the tips, cut.
    7. Profile strands.
    8. Do the same for the face.

    Then follows the cutting of the lower zone:

    1. Position yourself sideways to the mirror. Select the left strand.
    2. Measure out 2.5 cm, lift it up, cut. Do this with all the side and bottom strands.
    3. Haircut on the face, check the length of the strands of the cheekbones. They need to be the shortest and the same length.
    4. Wash your hair, do the styling.

    Another option to create a cascading hairstyle at home is no less interesting. Your actions:

    1. Comb carefully before you quickly cut your hair at home itself.
    2. Collect the tail in the center of the forehead.
    3. Measure out the desired length.
    4. Hold the tail with your left hand, take the scissors with your right hand.
    5. Shear strands.
    6. Profile the tips to make the hair look natural.
    7. Dissolve the tail. The result is a beautiful haircut.

    Advantages and disadvantages of self-haircut at home

    There are a number of advantages to having a haircut at home:

    Pros of self haircuts at home

    At the same time, do not forget about the shortcomings, but they are few:

    Cons self haircuts home

    What tools you need for self-haircuts

    To create your own unique image you need to have a few tools.

    Before you start a haircut, make sure that you have:

    • Sharp scissors. Good hair clippers cost a lot, but to get a haircut at home on your own, it’s not necessary to buy a professional tool,
    • Fine comb. This comb has tightly adjacent teeth located in one row. Such a comb will carefully comb the strands of hair, preventing naughty hairs from slipping and spoiling the haircut,
    • Mirror, better two. Like scissors, the most obvious and most necessary detail. Mirrors will point to any, even minor, flaws that can be immediately corrected,
    • Spray bottle. You can use any other device that can spray water and wet hair,
    • Clamps. They are needed in order to separate the strands and remove excess, so as not to interfere with the process,
    • Table and chair. It is necessary to equip the place as comfortably as possible so that there is a good overview of the hair.

    You can get by with a cheaper analogue of scissors, as long as they are always well ground.

    Hair preparation and haircut selection

    The very first thing to do before cutting is to wash your hair well. Clean wet hair will best reflect the process and the final result of the haircut.

    Before embarking on a haircut, you need to choose the option that will fit the type of girl's face. For example, to face, having an oval shape, any hairstyle will do.

    An elongated face with a high forehead looks good with a bang.

    Good to know! Professional stylists recommend wearing a bang for an elongated face and braiding a braid, this significantly shortens the forehead visually.

    Square face fit light curls and thin bangs, it will make the lines of the face smooth. Straight and smooth bangs on the contrary make the face rougher.

    Such an option as cutting hair to itself on the shoulders suits almost all types of faces. The exception is a pear-shaped type, with which you should carefully select these haircuts.

    For a voluminous and fluffy hairstyle, girls with a round face should do a multi-layered hairstyle from above. To extend the face and reduce the chin line will help thinned strands just below the cheekbones.

    Girls who have a face has the shape of a heart, experts recommend choosing hairstyles that are not too thick on the forehead and curvaceous below the chin.

    How to smoothly cut your hair on your shoulders at home. Step-by-step instruction

    The easiest way to cut your hair for a newbie is to trim the tips.

    For beginners, below is a detailed description of how to do it exactly:

    1. First you should wash your hair and blot it or moisten it well with a spray bottle. After that, the hair will be smooth and straight.
    2. Then you need to comb your hair.
    3. It is also worth remembering that wet hair is a little longer than dry hair, so when you haircut, you should never forget to make a reserve so that the hair will not become too short after drying, especially before cutting the hair to itself on the shoulders. Without leaving the length to dry, you can get a haircut is not the one that was originally conceived.
    4. For starters, you can calculate the length that you need to cut. In the future it will be easier to focus on the eye.
    5. After - split the hair at the crown in the middle in the middle.
    6. In front it is necessary to allocate a control strand that will serve as a guideline, along which the remaining strands will be cut. This strand should be taken between the index and middle fingers, it is good to fix and cut off the desired length, while making sure that the cut is even.
    7. Then trim the remaining strands in the same way, guided by the first control.
    8. Once all the hair is trimmed, they must be combed and checked to see if there are any irregularities, so-called “tails”, if they exist, to cut them.

    Be careful! Curly hair should always be cut below the length that is planned, and thick or hard hair should be cut with small strands so that the end result will be even and neat.

    To understand how to cut the hair on your shoulders with curly hair, you need practice.

    But so that the hair does not turn into a kind of square, you need to retreat several centimeters below a given length.

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    How to trim your hair

    At home, you first need to decide on the concept of a haircut (as a result, your hair should be cut): you only need to trim the tips, trim the bangs or remove the length of the hair.

    Before you begin, be sure to sterilize all the tools.

    Split ends of hair should be cut to heal hair. It is imperative that once a month it is necessary to undergo the procedure of trimming them in the cabin or independently at home.

    Make it at home have the opportunity as follows:

    1. Wet hair (lightly dried with a towel after washing or moistened with a spray bottle) should be carefully combed.
    2. Select strands from the parietal part of the head, pin the rest of the hair with hairpins or clips.
    3. Using a thin comb, select 1 strand from the selected, and remove the rest of the curls on the face.
    4. Cut a bit higher than the split ends, holding the strand between the index and middle fingers. If the hair is trimmed about once a month, it is enough to cut it off by 1-2 cm.
    5. Then you should move along the entire length of the hair from right to left or vice versa. The length of all other strands will be equal to the length of the first cut strand. Therefore, be sure to grab some of the already trimmed hair along with the next long strand.

    After the haircut is finished, you need to dry it, look at the result and, if errors are visible, trim the already dry strands.

    If the shape of the hair is all right and you only need to remove the length of the bang, then you should:

    1. Wash off all means from hair if they were applied earlier.
    2. Be sure to dry your hair. If you cut wet hair, you can cut off the excess, as the hair is always lifted after drying.
    3. Separate the bangs, remove the remaining hair with a rubber band or clips (hairpins).
    4. Shorten the length of the bangs, starting with the right or left side. In order to meet the expectations, it is necessary to separate strand by strand and cut them, holding the scissors at a 45 degree angle.
    5. For curly hair, when cutting a bang, you should always leave about 2 cm extra, which will then curl into curls.

    Cutting techniques

    At home, in order to understand how to cut hair properly and beautifully, you should learn the basic techniques (methods) that masters have when they are doing haircuts.

    Techniques are as follows:

    1. Filirovka - this is thinning hair. Strands become different lengths through the use of special scissors, while they seem more voluminous.
    2. Tushevka - implementation of a smooth transition from long to short hair. It is allowed to perform both a machine and scissors. It is applied on short hair.
    3. Edging - the technique in which the hair lines become clearer and more even, has strict boundaries.
    4. Downsizing - technique close to the shading, in which the hair is shortened from the center to the temples.
    5. Haircut "on the fingers" - technique, when one by one strands stand out and are cut above the fingers. The simplest method of cutting.
    6. Graduation - a haircut in which the hair must be cut at a certain angle. There may be several options. The most common - "ladder".
    7. Smoky transition - method based on the "shading" technique. It is done very carefully, creating a smooth line from the neck to the ends of the hair.
    8. "Playground" ("platform") - a technique in which a certain area - a “brush” - forms on the hair section in the region of the crown.
    9. Grinding - the final stage of cutting, when unwanted hairs are cut.
    10. Hot haircut - haircut with hot tools, which is effective due to the fact that under the influence of high temperature (80-150 degrees) the tips of the hair are sealed and become stronger, the splitting ends appear much less. But there is a drawback in this method - the cutting procedure with hot scissors takes a very long time (the duration depends on the length of the hair and is 1-4 hours).
    11. Curly haircut - one of the original options for a haircut, extravagant and unusual, in which a certain figure or pattern is shaved on the head. As the hair grows, the pattern needs to be updated.

    After a professional haircut

    If initially the hairstyle was done by a professional, then it is possible to correct the shape after hair regrowth independently.

    It is enough to follow these guidelines:

    1. Wash off previously applied hair. If the hair is already clean, you should moisten it with a spray.
    2. Carefully comb your hair.
    3. Divide all hair into 3 zones: parietal, occipital and temporal. Haircut should start with the hair on the crown, then - at the temples, and finish the occipital area.
    4. From the first zone select one strand, hold between two fingers and cut the desired length. When trimming, be sure to pull the strand.
    5. Next, process the following strands. It is necessary to remember the number of cut centimeters of the first strand and further cut off the same. The second option - when trimming the next strand you need to grab a part of the previous one and equal it.
    6. For the finished image, you should use thinning scissors and trim them curls along the entire length.

    Bangs need to be cut more often than the main part of the hair.

    Therefore, if you want to save time and money, you can easily trim it at home:

    1. Wash the bangs and dry a little or clean the bangs with a spray gun.
    2. From any brim edge choose a wide strand (approximately 3 cm). Pull it, pre-clamped between the fingers.
    3. Cut off regrown tips.
    4. Select the next strand. Pull it together with the part already cut off and trim it further.
    5. Process the whole bangs.
    6. In conclusion, you should make straightening strands. But keep in mind that this technique is not suitable for all types of hair. For example, it is not recommended to use for thick straight bangs.

    This haircut is relevant for a long time, suitable for women with any type of face and hair and performed in the technique of calibration.

    The instruction is as follows:

    1. Carefully comb wet hair.
    2. Divide hair into zones, fasten with clips.
    3. In the parietal part of the head, select one strand, which will be equal to the entire haircut. This part needs to be pulled strictly up and cut off the extra length.
    4. To process hair on a nape. Strands should be separated by horizontal partitions. It should be noted that each layer between the partings should be the same in width (several centimeters). Pulling up to the first (control) strand, you need to cut the desired length so that the upper part of the cut is shorter than the bottom. Need to move in the direction of the bottom up.
    5. Then the parietal and temporal zones should be treated similarly to the occipital. Each top layer should be slightly shorter than the bottom.
      At the end of this haircut technique, experts recommend doing a thinning, which gives an additional amount of hair.

    How to easily and properly cut your hair under a car at home, describes the following instructions:

    1. Prepare 4 rubber bands.
    2. Clean and wet hair comb, pay special attention to the ends of the hair.
    3. Split the hair parting (straight or side). To make the parting even, you should use the second mirror or ask someone to help.
    4. Tie 2 tails down. If you place the tails in the middle, you will get a straight haircut, if closer to the back of the head (behind the ears) - the front end is elongated; if closer to the face, the back is extended. For the longer version, you also need to slightly stretch the front strands so that they sag.
    5. On one tail you need to tie a second gum below the first - at a level that will be equal to the length of the haircut. If you have doubts about the selected length, it is worth tying the hair below. Do the same on the other tail.
    6. Check the symmetry of the tails and tied gum.
    7. Cut the hair under the lower elastic band. For convenience, you need to cut off the individual strands, retreating from the gum approximately 1 cm.
    8. Then you need to trim the cut hair. Remove the gum.
    9. Then you should trim the hair. It is more convenient to do this, starting from the face and moving in the direction of the occiput. The hair must be disassembled into small strands, grabbing a part of the strands that had already been trimmed and equaling it.
    10. To trim the lower strands, you need to separate the upper part of the hair and fix it with an elastic band or a clip (barrette).
    11. Once again carefully comb the lower part of the hair. You can check the symmetry of the haircut by connecting the extreme lower side strands at the crown.
    12. Moving from the face to the back, it is necessary to divide the hair into small strands and trim.
    13. Dissolve the fixed hair, comb and check the quality of the haircut. If necessary, cut off uncircumcised strands.
    14. Put your hair in your hair and then check the result again.
    15. To hide small defects in the haircut, you should use thinning scissors. Also, the effect of thinning can be achieved with the help of ordinary even scissors. You need to put them almost parallel to the hair and make small cuts along the length of the hair.

    Haircut "Bob" in another way, experts call a graded car. It is performed in several layers. This is how it differs from the classic car.

    Make yourself a hair "Bob" is not difficult:

    1. Well washed and dried hair should be divided into two parts by direct parting from the middle of the forehead to the neck.
    2. Secure hair clips (hairpins).
    3. It is necessary to start the haircut from the lowest strand in the back of the head, cutting off 1 cm from it.
    4. It is necessary to cut off strand by strand, moving up and not strongly pulling strands. Curls split only horizontally. Their width should be about 1 cm. In this way, a haircut is obtained in a graduation technique.
    5. Having processed one side of the head, it is worth proceeding to the other. To level the two sides.
    6. The lower strands of the temples should be equalized with the lowest strands on the back of the head.

    To cut hair in a cascade at home can be as a separate strand, and from the usual tail.


    1. Carefully comb wet hair.
    2. Tighten the top of the taut tail.
    3. Hair from the tail combed forward on the face and cut off at eye level or below.
    4. Profile with special scissors.

    If the tail is made from the side, the cascade will be asymmetrical. And if you do not cut with scissors, and cut the length of the hair with a razor, the cut will be voluminous.

    Instructions haircut of the tail, located behind the base of the head:

    1. Moisturized hair divided in the center of the parting using a comb with fine teeth.
    2. To collect a smooth and tight tail from the bottom of the hair as low as possible on the back of the head strictly in the middle.
    3. Using the second gum, collect another tail over the future line of cutting the hair from the top of them.
    4. Gently pull the tail up.
    5. Cut the hair below the second gum. Cut in small pieces.
    6. Remove the gum and check the line flatness. If necessary, reassemble the tail and trim the hair.
    7. At the end of the haircut is recommended filing.

    The next way is to cut out 4 tails, so you need to prepare 4 elastic bands. This method is suitable for those who wish to increase the volume of their hair.

    Do the following:

    1. Wet and combed hair divided into parting. In the presence of bangs, it must be separated.
    2. Then from the top of the head you need to make 2 more parting down (in each direction) to the ear.
    3. As a result, the hair will be divided into 4 parts, which need to be fixed in tight tails. Each tail should be located in the middle of its zone.
    4. Each tail must be combed and holding them alternately between the fingers to cut to the desired length. In the process of cutting tails need to keep strictly perpendicular to the floor, send straight up.
    5. After removing the gum haircut will be multi-layered and voluminous.

    Head down

    There is another simple way to do your own haircut - upside down.

    To cut hair in a cascade at home can be as a separate strand, and from the usual tail.

    It is suitable for medium length and more and is carried out as follows:

    1. Hair should be wet. Keep your head down as much as possible.
    2. Brush hair.
    3. Begin to cut the strands from either side and move to the opposite. After processing each strand you need to hold a comb over it, to be sure in the absence of irregularities.

    As a result, you should get a haircut with minimal graduation.

    Professional Tips

    Before you start creating a haircut at home, the masters of their craft recommend reading some tips that will help simplify the task.


    1. Before buying scissors, you should take them in hand. Scissors should be comfortable in the hand and not pinch your fingers.
    2. If self-cutting is done for the first time, do not try to do a short length. In case of failure, the opportunity to correct the situation will no longer be.
    3. When trimming in the salon, it is necessary to pay attention to the work of the master. When self-grooming should apply his techniques.
    4. It must be borne in mind that thick, curly or hard hair is much more difficult to cut by yourself, so you need to think carefully before starting the process of cutting. If you decide to cut, then as the strands dry, they must be moistened with a solution of water and conditioner.
    5. If the purpose of the haircut is to remove weak and split ends, you need to remember that you need to cut the hair at least 5 mm above the damaged part.
    6. If you have not had the experience of self-cutting, you should use a long clip specially designed for this to trim the hair. He allows to receive almost ideally equal cut.
    7. If you need to get a softer cut of the hair, the scissors blades should be almost parallel to the hair, and not perpendicular. With this method of cutting the ends will be more fluffy.
    8. Start the practice of independent haircuts need to simple options when the hair is the same length. For convenience, the length to be cut is measured with a ruler. To master complex hairstyles should be in process of obtaining skills and gaining confidence in their abilities.
    9. At the first hairdresser's work, one should not cut too thick a strand at a time, as the cut will be uneven.
    10. The result obtained should always be checked after the hair has dried. Dry hair is allowed by natural means or using a hair dryer. If defects are found, they should be carefully removed already on dry hair.

    It is easy to make a haircut on your own or to cut your hair at home, if you follow the technology and step-by-step instructions on how to decorate a haircut, as recommended by stylists and hairdressers.

    The main thing - do not be afraid to experiment, while respecting safety.

    How to cut the tips of the hair yourself:

    How to cut hair at home:

    Trimming long hair ends

    Trim the ends of the hair is very important for their health, especially for long ones. So the hair will not split.

    Because of what hair can split:

    • lack of vitamins A and B when eating,
    • lack of drinking water in the body,
    • smoking, alcohol,
    • coffee or caffeine-containing products due to the caffeine's ability to remove nutrients from the body,
    • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract,
    • infections,
    • bad heredity
    • use of substandard care products.

    Before you cut your hair on your shoulders, practice on the split ends.

    There are several techniques for trimming tips, and which one to choose depends on how long the hair is and how much it is cut:

    • Line cut. The most common type. Usually cut 1-5 cm,
    • Cutting flagella. Allows you to trim the hair without reducing the length. The hair is divided into several parts, each twisted into a tight flagellum, and the hairs that will stick out of it must be cut off. These hairs will have a light shade. Often this option can not be used to have the hair of the same length,
    • With the help of gum. Hair is collected in a low tail and intercepted by a rubber band. Every 4-5 cm tie another elastic band. A disheveled tip forms at the very end. It needs to be cut off. Then dissolve the hair and just equalize the length,
    • Trimming semicircle. Suitable for any type of hair. Hair is divided horizontally into 2 parts. The top one is stabbed, the bottom one is divided into the occipital and lower ones. The occipital strand is pulled out with the head at 90 degrees and trimmed. With her equals the rest of the hair. This is a semicircle. After drying the hair, it will only be necessary to trim out the loose hairs,
    • By angle It is done on the same principle as a semicircle, but the hair is divided into more parts. In this case, the transition angle will be greater than that of the semicircle. This type of haircut lengthens the face and looks best on straight hair.

    Elimination of chipped hair ends

    It is impossible to eliminate an existing section without a haircut, but it can be prevented.

    The split ends are called trichoptilosis, and it is of three types:

    • total hair bundle
    • when the bundle is repeated several times on one thread,
    • hole in the middle of a hair.

    These problems concern not only long hair, but also hair along the shoulders, and, of course, they must be cut, and you can even do it to yourself.

    To prevent splitting, you should always use scissors for cutting. The stationery is not designed for cutting, they only hurt the hair, turning the tips into a fringe, which only contributes to the section.

    Regular cutting of the tips can help eliminate the problem of the section. It is enough to cut 0.5-2.5 cm only once every 6-9 weeks.

    The basic rule is to completely cut the section, even a little more, so that it does not appear again.

    Means that promise to heal the hair from the section do not eliminate the problem, but only glue the bundles, but such tools can help if you use them before the problem appears.

    How to cut hair with a ladder

    The instruction is as follows:

    1. In order to trim the hair itself with a ladder, you need to hang your head down and carefully comb it.
    2. On the forehead make a tail, gathering all the hair and tie a rubber band.
    3. Tie one more elastic hair down, tie a third at the end, where you need to trim the ends.
    4. The tail must be taken by the lower gum, tightened and cut along the upper edge of the elastic. The head must be kept straight so that the cut is even. If it did not work out right away, then the tail can be trimmed until it is smooth.
    5. Then you can remove the second gum, and all the hair divided into three parts. Each of them also tie in the center with a rubber band.
    6. The ends of the strands need to be well profiled.
    7. After that, once again go through the hair thinning scissors, only slightly higher than before normal.
    8. Now the strands can be connected and correct the shortcomings.
    9. Now you can shoot and the first gum.
    10. Combing, trim the "tails". Hairstyle is ready.

    Important to remember! Gum should be used only tight, so that hair does not go out, and kept exactly, this applies to both long and hair on the shoulders, so that it is convenient to cut the hair itself.

    This haircut will look best if you choose such an option as cutting hair to itself on the shoulders. It will look more advantageous and most noticeable on the hair to the shoulders.

    How to cut your hair on the shoulders

    In order to cut hair on your shoulders as best you can, you should wash and comb your hair well.

    And you need to get a haircut like this:

    1. Starting from the crown, take a strand about 1 cm thick, count from about 5 to 8 cm and cut off the rest. This is a control strand.
    2. Now take turns podkhesyvat to her the rest from the top and cut the intended length.
    3. Next, the side strands are also trimmed along the length of the crown.
    4. After the temporal zone and parietal in the same way is compared with the already prepared strands.

    The result will be a beautiful voluminous hairstyle.

    How to cut short hair itself

    With a short haircut instruction has some differences:

    1. Moisten hair, divided into zones, stab the strands with clips so as not to interfere.
    2. This type of haircut should start with the temples. To do this, take the bottom strand and cut off the desired length.
    3. Then the strand is taller together with the control one is rejected at an angle of 45 degrees and clipped.
    4. Similarly, cut off the entire temporal zone.
    5. Further in the same way the hair is cut from the sides, focusing on the strand already cut off earlier.
    6. Cut the entire back to the middle of the head.
    7. The occipital region remains slightly longer than the remaining zones.
    8. Further on the back of the head, the lower strands of hair are taken, combed and trimmed to the desired length.
    9. Now you can walk all over your head and see that the strands smoothly merge into each other, that there are no “tails” left.
    10. Last should be the parietal region. Along the side parting, a strand is taken along with the trimmed one and cut off perpendicularly to the head.
    11. After all areas of the head are trimmed, the hairstyle is dried and the last defects are corrected.

    "Cascade": do haircut yourself

    Follow the instructions:

    1. To trim the Cascade yourself, the tail is going to the forehead.
    2. It should be about to imagine the length of the hair, then cut off the excess in the tail. We check several more times if the excess is not knocked out of the cut strand.
    3. After everything is perfectly smooth, just remains to remove the gum and comb hair - and the "Cascade" is ready.

    Very beautiful and feminine such hairstyle as "Cascade", looks on the hair on the shoulders. Self-trimmed hair looks very beautiful.

    How to cut your hair under the square

    To make yourself a quads, you need to follow the instructions:

    1. Pure wet hair divided into 7 zones: 2 temporal, front center, the top of the head 2, 2 parts of the head.
    2. At the front, select the control strand and cut the desired length parallel to the floor. It is not worth strongly to delay, otherwise the end result will be completely not as it was planned.
    3. After shearing the front zone along the control strand, the back of the head is cut. To be sure of the same length of strands, you can use a ruler.
    4. The back of the head is good to comb and cut the hair around the perimeter of the occipital zone from the back to the front.
    5. In the same way further on the back of the head.
    6. The central front zone is trimmed with the latest, above the forehead. All the same manipulations are done as before.
    7. At the very end dry and style the hair, fix it with varnish.

    How to make “Bob”

    It is necessary to act as follows:

    1. First you need to also divide all the hair into 7 parts by zones. You need to leave only a thin part of the hairline.
    2. At the temples, cut the strands to the desired length, compare them so that they are the same.
    3. Then cut the lower free strands on the back of your head to the desired length.
    4. Then gradually move from the neck to the front, aligning the strands. In each of the zones, from the lower strands to the upper ones, cut all the hair, focusing on the first control strands.
    5. It remains to dry and put hair, if necessary, remove the "tails". To hairstyle was neat, behind the hair clipper to remove hair from the neck.

    Short hair cut itself

    This instruction will tell you how to cut your hair short:

    1. First of all, you need to make the tail very tight with an elastic band as close to the head as possible, carefully combing all the hair, making a parting that the future haircut will have.
    2. Then slightly loosen the gum, pushing it a couple of centimeters from the base of the tail. Now, holding the gum in place with your hand, cut off the tail with scissors.
    3. After the entire tail is cut, remove the gum. The result will be similar to the square "on the leg." This leg needs to be cut.
    4. To do this, comb your hair and cut off the rest on the top layer. The hair on the back of the head also cleaned with a razor.
    5. It remains only to lay hair.

    How beautiful to cut the bangs

    Bangs - the main part of the hair, which loses its shape first, and it should be more often trimmed.

    And so as not to run so often to the hairdresser, you can safely do it yourself.

    Experts give several examples of various types of bangs that can be made by hand.

    Long straight bangs

    How to do:

    1. Bang straight line begins with the fact that removed all the excess hair, so as not to interfere.
    2. Bangs is divided into three parts.
    3. The middle and right parts are combed and pulled down between the index and middle fingers to the desired length. Cut, strictly holding the scissors at an angle of 90 degrees.
    4. Then repeat the same with the remaining hair.
    5. Connect the parts and check that the cut is even.

    Airy fringe

    For this type of bangs, thinning shears will be required.

    You need to get a haircut like this:

    1. Separated strands of hair for the future bangs, and the rest stabbed.
    2. Good wetted bangs.
    3. The excess is cut off, but 1 cm longer than necessary, since in a dry state the bang rises by about 1 cm.
    4. After - you should profile the resulting bang, holding the scissors parallel to the face. It remains only to lay the bangs.

    Long oblique fringe

    If it is cut off for the first time, then experts recommend not to wet the hair, so that the result can be seen immediately.

    How to cut a bang of this type:

    1. Excess hair is stabbed, and the bang is cut off at the required angle.
    2. If torn tips are required, then scissors at an angle of 45 degrees make cuts about 1 cm from the ends of the bangs.
    3. The result is a rather “heavy” bang, and it needs to be thinned out. To do this, small strands are pulled perpendicular to the eyes.
    4. If you pinch the tip of the strand with your fingers, you will see a small tail. These tails must be trimmed with each strand.
    5. After - bangs milled. The degree of filing depends on the structure of the hair. The thicker and tougher the hair, the more filing will be needed.
    6. To create torn ends with scissors, holding them vertically, make diagonal cuts.

    How to use a hair clipper and how it can be useful

    To learn how to use a hair clipper not worse than a professional, you need to follow just a few tips:

    1. Need to cut clean dry hair. If you cut even wet hair, the blades will dull quickly.
    2. Divide the head into 4 zones: 2 temporal, parietal and occipital.
    3. Take the longest nozzle and start cutting from the back of the head. Be sure to cut in the direction of the bottom up, against the growth of hair.
    4. Without changing nozzles, remove hair from the temporal and parietal zones.
    5. Change the nozzle to a smaller, 8-10 mm, to make smooth transitions on the already trimmed parietal and temporal areas. In order to make the transition smooth, you need to gradually withdraw your hand from the head.
    6. Minimal nozzle or blade at all without nozzle process the temples and neck. It is necessary to comb the hair from different sides, but carefully, to shave off all the hairs and not get hurt.

    Hair clippers are affordable and have a wide variety of models.

    A large number of modes allows you to trim the mustache, beard and sideburns for men, and also help to make a variety of haircuts for both men and women.

    The machine can not only make a male haircut "from scratch", but also help in creating a female hairstyle.

    Useful tips hairdressers

    There are only 2 types of hairdressing tools: basic and auxiliary. The main ones include scissors (not only ordinary, but also thinning) and hairbrushes. All other tools are auxiliary.

    Every hairdresser has his own personal secrets.

    But there are basic tips that all professionals give when choosing tools:

    • Straight scissors. RTheir main characteristic is sharp sharpening. For beginners in the hairdressing business, a serious question arises: what is the difference between scissors with a long cloth from a short one? The long ones are designed for haircuts, while the short ones are suitable for shading. In addition to good sharpening, scissors must necessarily lie well in the hand. Only they will be easy and convenient to cut,
    • Thinning scissors. There are with the upper or lower toothed blade. Scissors with lower teeth are good for smooth transitions of short haircuts. With upper prongs used for long hairstyles,
    • Direct comb. It is very important to choose the right hairbrush. If you choose something with medium gaps from the comb with sparse or frequent teeth, the comb will be suitable for all types of haircuts. The length of the comb also influences what it is intended for. A long comb is made for long hair, and a short one is perfect for short hair,
    • Brushes. There are round and square. Round brushes come in different diameters and are used for styling hair. The volume of hair can give only square brushes
    • Bowls for mixing paint. The first thing you should pay attention to is that the bowl should not be metal. Well, if it will have a scale of division. Since the paint will certainly stain the capacity, it is better to choose a bowl of dark shades,
    • Clamps. In the process of shearing hair clips can be used from any material, but for coloring metal should be avoided, as the iron quickly reacts with paint components,
    • Paint brushes. Also exist in a huge species range. But the best brushes are specimens with elastic and flexible bristles. Brush with a tail on the end will perfectly help in splitting hair into strands. It is convenient to apply the paint with a narrow brush, and medical masks and other things wide.

    Being a stylist to yourself and changing haircuts is not worse than in the salon, you can also at home, with your own hands. It is worth only a few times to practice, learn the rules and nuances of hair cutting and the result will surely please you many times!

    From this video you will learn how to cut your hair on your shoulders or under a different length:

    In this video you will see how you can cut your hair at home:

    General recommendations

    Many people wonder how to cut their hair. Everything is quite simple, the main thing is to follow the instructions, otherwise the process will turn into something terrible.First you need to get the necessary equipment, such as high-quality scissors for cutting, machine, comb. It will cost like a few trips to the hair salon.

    How to cut your hair at home to the man himself?

    If a man decided to have a haircut, then you need to practice a little and not to do complex haircuts. At the very beginning it is necessary to do everything carefully and carefully. So, how to cut your hair at home? Before the haircut, it is necessary to moisten the hair under the shower, or with a spray bottle. Next, you need to decide on the style of hair. It is recommended to choose a place where you can put 3 mirrors. It is necessary to do everything as accurately as possible.

    First you need to put your hair in order so that nothing sticks out. It is important to cut hair against their growth line. It is necessary to carry out the machine on the hairstyle, so that cut rows will be formed, which will gradually become shorter. This option is just perfect for beginners. In the process, you can not change the angle of the machine, otherwise you can get an uneven haircut. It is also necessary to shear sticking hairs. After the main part of the hair is cut, you need to move on to trim the haircut. The nozzle from the machine can be removed. Himself a hairdresser should trim the line of the head and remove excess hair around the perimeter and over the ears.

    How to make a haircut box?

    For a man, a short haircut is not only convenient, but also beautiful. To cut yourself in this style is easy, every man can handle. How to cut your hair at home in boxing style? For this you will need:

    1. Scissors for thinning.
    2. Razor.
    3. Hairbrush.
    4. The machine.

    With scissors you need to mark the transition from short to long hair. With the help of the machine, it is necessary to cut short everything that is before the transition. Having finished with this, you need to go to the back of the head. To smooth the transition, it is recommended to shape the hairstyle with special scissors, and then with the help of ordinary hairs that stick out.

    How to cut a girl?

    The whole difficulty lies in the result that the owner of the fair sex wants to achieve. From the very beginning it is necessary to wash the hair and wipe it with a towel, but not to dry it with a hairdryer. Next you need to put a comfortable chair opposite the mirror, for greater convenience of the procedure. First, the girl must decide exactly what she wants to achieve. The hairstyle can be carried out as scissors, and the machine.

    Machine haircut

    How to cut your hair at home with a girl? Everything is very simple. Often machines are used for short haircuts. They are equipped with a variety of nozzles. Before the procedure it is very important to install several mirrors in order to be able to look at the head from the side and back comfortably. First, you need to trim the main part of the hair, usually it is from the back of the head to the forehead. Accordingly, you need to choose the desired nozzle.

    After that, you need to use the nozzle a little less, in order to pass from the neck to the nape. Exactly the same action needs to be done on the sides and with the temples. Then the same is done, that is, the nozzle is taken even less and is used in the same areas. However, you need to finish the machine not to the end, but to have a small transition.

    After you need to get rid of short hairs on the neck, for this fit the smallest nozzle. In some cases, you can use a razor, if the machine can not cope.

    Scissor cut

    How to cut your hair at home with scissors under the square? For the first haircut does not need a lot of shearing, you need to practice. First, it is recommended to divide all the hair into small strands: side, back, bangs, temples. Need to start with bangs. In the process, it is necessary to comb out the straps, holding them in the direction of the floor. It is necessary to cut off the front part, then the side and back. After the haircut is finished, the hair should be washed and laid to make sure that everything has been cut cleanly.

    How to cut your hair at home in the cascade? Making this hairstyle, you need to trim quite a bit. Before the process you need to wash your hair, but not to dry, but simply wipe with a towel. Then the hair is divided into 2 parts. Then these two parts need to be divided again into 2: the front and rear strands. Then you should select a bang and divide it into two parts. From these parts you need to cut off the hair on the tips diagonally. After that, the strands are taken from the side and brought to bangs and combed out. By cutting the bangs, the side strands are cut. The same is done with the other strands, guided by the previous one.

    How to shear off the tips?

    For a successful haircut, you need to make the tail as low as possible. Then at a distance of 4 cm to tie another rubber band. You need to wear them until the rubber bands reach the place where you need to cut the tips. Tying everything, the tips are cut off under the last rubber band. When the hair is loose, they will be far from a smooth and neat hair. To achieve the desired effect, you need to divide them into several parts, depending on the thickness. With an average density can be divided into four parts. The upper horizontal line is retracted, because first you need to start from the bottom. You need to comb your hair and hold tight with your hand. On each side must be cut so that they are the same length. After you can dissolve everything and shear, focusing on the control strand. If all the rules are followed, we can say that the independent haircut was successful, the person will succeed smoothly and accurately.

    How can you cut the bangs yourself?

    Almost every girl can cut her bangs. This may require good scissors. For the very first time, you need to cut dry hair, preferably before washing and washing it. Before the procedure, it is important to think about what results the girl needs to achieve. Shortly before the haircut, you need to carefully comb the bangs. It is best to start the process from the middle and move to the edges. Scissors will need to be held at an angle of 45 degrees to make everything smooth. To achieve the best effect, it is necessary to clamp the strands between two fingers. After the bang is trimmed, you need to carefully comb and trim again.

    There are girls who love to mop bangs. To do this, you need special scissors. Find them is not difficult, they are in any store for hairdressers. Filler needs to be done after cutting hair. You can also make layering using simple scissors. To do this, keep them parallel to the clamped strands and remove about a centimeter of length. You can also use nail scissors as a tool, you can use them to make a fine line. However, for such a tool will need to gain some experience.

    By following such simple instructions on how to cut hair, a person can save a lot of time and money. In addition, hairdressers do not always do what people ask for. And with experience you can make yourself good haircuts. Enough only once to invest in equipment.

    Haircut hair ends

    Doing a haircut at home is not recommended. However, if you have already decided to do it, or if the circumstances are right, you should take this goal very seriously. The first thing to pay attention to is the quality of the scissors that you use. They must be steel and very sharp. Why is it important? Dull scissors can damage the hair, its structure, as a result, they will begin to split. Sharp scissors, on the contrary, clearly cut the hair without damaging the ends of the hair.

    So, when you have prepared sharp scissors, it is important to carefully comb your hair, combing all the nodules. Now collect the hair with your hands, comb the comb, tilt your head down and pull the hair strands so that you can see the tips of the hair. Hold the hair strand tightly with your hands. Now take the scissors and cut the ends of the hair so that the strand is under tension. Cut the hair should be a single movement, in front of your fingers. Thus, we get a very simple haircut hair ends. Next, the hair should be washed and apply balm. Haircut is ready, as you can see, to create it is very simple.

    Haircut cascade do it yourself

    Many girls prefer to create a haircut cascade with their own hands. It's pretty simple if you have good scissors on hand. If you have a complicated haircut with a ladder with multi-level strands of hair that you created with a specialist, remember that, most likely, this kind of result will not be possible at home. However, you can try to create a haircut cascade, which is a basic hairstyle and looks pretty good, especially on long hair.

    So, to create this hairstyle you need a comb, sharp scissors and a scrunchy. By the way, you can use as a spray for the hair, and ordinary water to give your hair a docile texture. Now that you are ready, comb your hair with a comb, using water or a spray to give your hair a special texture and assemble it with your hands in front of you. To do this, tilt your head in front of you. Fix the ends of the hair with a thin elastic band. When everything is ready, you can start cutting hair. So, determine the length of the hair, fix the gum in the desired place to cut. At the same time, remember that the blade of the scissors should be held at a right angle. Now cut a strand of hair with one cut. To make the hair look more natural, it is important to make a thinning of the hair.

    How to profile hair at home?

    Filling hair is an important tool for achieving perfect hair shape. In particular, hairdressers often apply hair thinning to thin the tips of the hair, shape them, or make them asymmetrical. For filleting hair, both ordinary scissors and thinning scissors are used. Some craftsmen make thinning with a razor or hot scissors. But, if we talk about creating filing at home, ordinary steel scissors will be a good option.
    Are there any rules for hair filing?

    Yes there is. Before profiling the hair, they should be cut. In addition, before filing, be sure to apply a spray on the hair to see the length of the tips of the hair. Next, use a flat hair clip that allows you to see the tips of the hair.

    If this is not the case, then fix the hair with a hair tie and apply water or spray on the tips to make the hair obedient. Following this, flatten the hair with your hands so that they become as thin as possible. Next, shape the hair with scissors. This should be done at a right angle, while keeping the comb parallel to the scissors. You can cut the hair and oblique cut, in this case, you get an oblique haircut. So, the filing process is pretty simple; you thin your hair at a right angle. The main thing is not to overdo it. Are there any contraindications for hair filing?

    Hair milling is not recommended for women with fine hair texture. Thin hair in the process of filing become even thinner and lose their volume. Curly hair and all can split and collapse. Before carrying out hair filing, it is necessary to consult a specialist, as not every hair texture can cope with such a haircut.

    Multi-level haircut at home

    If you already know how to create simple haircuts at home, try experimenting with multi-level haircuts. Such haircuts are quite difficult to do at home, but really. To create a multi-level haircut at home, you need sharp steel scissors, a spray to give an obedient hair texture, and Creaclip (a special clip for hair that allows you to create haircuts).

    Recently, cosmetic campaigns make every effort to make haircut at home as comfortable as possible. The latest development - Creaclip - allows you to firmly fix the hair and cut it at an angle. In particular, this development is very convenient for cutting short hair, it can be used by both men and women, it is quite convenient. So, how to create a multi-level haircut at home?

    1. Spray the hair and comb it thoroughly.
    2. Collect the hair with your hands and tilt your head down. Secure the hair with a Creaclip clip.
    3. Now, using scissors, cut as much hair as planned. Move the clip a little higher and shape the hair at an angle.
    4. Remove the clip, comb the hair.
    5. Separate the front of the hair, carefully comb it and fix with the Creaclip clip.
    6. Now profile the hair ends again.

    Our haircut is ready, it remains to wash your hair and carefully put it.
    As you can see, to create a haircut at home is quite simple, especially when it comes to simple hair cutting. Much more difficult to perform a multi-level haircut. In the next article, we will talk about how to cut your own bangs, stay with us!

    How to cut your hair

    So, you will need a hairdressing set with a set of scissors, a comb with thick teeth and hairpins. Professional scissors are very expensive, but you can pick up a budget set. The main thing is to keep the scissors sharp, therefore, never use hairdressing scissors for other purposes. First of all you need good scissors. And in order to beautifully handle the edges of the hair - thinning. But if they are not there, nothing terrible, you can try to make a haircut without them.

    Turn your back to the mirror, crouch on a low stool or ottoman. Put another chair in front of you, and place a second mirror on it. Now view your nape through these two mirrors. The review should be good, otherwise you risk cutting yourself “blindly”, which can deplore the appearance of the hairstyle.

    After making sure that everything is clearly visible, pick up the first strand for a haircut. At first, this may seem like a rather difficult job, since you need to perform all the actions with two mirrors.

    At home, the most convenient way to do simple haircuts. The easiest way is to cut the same length around the entire circumference of the head. Determine the total length of hair and the length that you plan to cut. Those strands that are in front - cut, looking in a large mirror. It is much more difficult to work with the hair that is behind you, and then the installed second mirror, which shows the occipital region, comes in handy. Cut the excess very carefully so that the haircut does not turn out too short, and in case of an unsuccessful attempt, everything could be fixed at the hairdresser.

    The easiest way to trim the already professional haircut. If the hair has grown back - you can cut their length along the already formed contour. So you can maintain a long time shape and style of hair. But even in this case, from time to time it is recommended to visit a professional hairdresser. The fact is that for most people, the hair on one side of the head grows slightly thicker than on the other. Independent haircut can lead to the fact that the hairstyle will seem not uniform. A good master will be able to fix this problem.

    Threaded DIY Haircut

    It takes a lot of time to cut the hair in a cascade. First, decide on the length of the so-called “cap”, the length from which the cascade will begin. In the left hand, take a strand of hair, and in the right scissors. Scissors should be directed from top to bottom so that they can "slide" smoothly along the entire length of the strand. Lightly pressing down on the scissors' handle, start driving them along the clamped strand. Thus, only a part of the hair is cut diagonally.You need to get a haircut very carefully so as not to cut the whole strand. As soon as the scissors have reached the end of the hair, separate the second strand and start cutting it in the same way. Repeat this with all hair.

    But there is a more interesting way. You need to comb your hair well, comb it forward and gather it in the tail in the center of your forehead. Now decide on the length of the hair that you want to leave. To do this, you can even use the usual ruler. Measure what length of hair you need and attach the ruler to the knotted tail. If this is your first independent haircut, measure the length several times so as not to be mistaken.

    In the right hand, take the scissors, and the left clamp the tip of the tail between your fingers. Begin to cut. In no case do not cut the hair with a strict horizontal line. Be sure to profile the tip so that the haircut looks more natural. Now you can dissolve the hair. If you did everything right - you will have a beautiful haircut, which, if desired, you can still trim or profile a little.

    The rules that should be followed when self-haircut at home

    Before you cut your own hair, do not hurt to get acquainted with some tips:

    • It is necessary to purchase special hairdressing scissors, and they are not cheap. You can pick up something at an economical price. These scissors subsequently cannot be used for other purposes, except a hairstyle, so that they are always sharp.
    • Dark hair should be cut on a light background, and light hair - on the contrary.
    • You need at least one large mirror to clearly observe the process of cutting.
    • Hair should be washed before cutting, but not dried. At the same time, they should not be very wet, so that water droplets do not flow from them. They should be wet, but not very.
    • For the first time it is better to choose some kind of not very complicated haircut.
    • No need to cut off long strands immediately.

    How to cut your hair at home

    It all depends on what tasks the woman sets herself. Therefore, not in all cases there is a guarantee that everything will turn out. It is necessary to be careful and strictly follow the instructions in order not to overdo it, not to cut off the excess and then not to contact the hairdresser so that he would put his hair in order, if possible.

    Hair should be washed, but not dried, just wipe them with a towel. Before the mirror you need to put a comfortable chair without a back. It is better to lay some old newspapers or plastic oilcloth on the floor so that you can quickly and conveniently remove your hair. Then, you can proceed directly to the haircut itself. It is necessary to think in advance and decide what kind of haircut it will be, and not to experiment.

    Can I make a haircut on my own by a typewriter?

    Yes it is possible. As a rule, cars are used for short swifts. They are equipped with a large number of nozzles. A few tips on how to cut your hair at home:

    1. First, the main part is cut where the hair will have the maximum length. This is usually the area from the neck to the forehead. To do this, use the appropriate nozzle.
    2. If you do not plan to leave the bangs, the hair from the forehead can also be cut using a typewriter.
    3. Then, you need to take a smaller nozzle and hold it from the neck a little higher, towards the back of the head, but not right there. The same is done on the sides, in the temples.
    4. Then the nozzle is changed to even less, to once again hold on all the same areas, but not to the end, but to the bottom, in order to make the hair along the perimeter short from the bottom, in the area of ​​the temples.
    5. If you plan to shave the whiskey, you must use the nozzle "under zero". With this nozzle, the neck area is also processed. In some cases, a razor can be used additionally to remove hair residue on the neck, but for this it is better to ask someone else to help.

    Also, before cutting the machine itself, it does not hurt to prepare two mirrors arranged so that one of them displays a rear view so that you can control the process.

    How to cut your hair with scissors under the caret and cascade

    Yes, to be careful and attentive, you can make such haircuts itself.

    Instructions on how to cut your hair in cascade:

    1. Hair washed, but not dried, divided into two parts.
    2. Then each of these parts is divided into two more: the front and rear, to make it easier to cut.
    3. Bangs are separated, they are divided into two parts and the tips are cut diagonally from the middle down. It is the fringe that will become the control strand, to which the rest will be fitted.
    4. Then a little hair is taken from the side strands. They are brought to the bangs, carefully combed with it. And scissors, focusing on the corner on which the bangs are cut off, cut the ends from these strands, continuing this line.

    The rest of the strands do the same, but each time the control becomes the previous one.

    How to cut your hair under the car:

    Hair should be divided into separate strands: bangs, temporal, lateral, back, etc. Begin with bangs or front strands, if it is not. Hair during cutting should be combed every time, firmly hold your hands parallel to the floor. First, the front strand is cut off, then along the temporal, lateral and posterior ones. After cutting the hair should be dried and laid to check whether everything is smooth, and whether there are long strands.

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    How to cut the ends (align the hair)?

    To do this, you must make the tail as low as possible. Then, it is necessary at a distance of 3-4 cm to tie up the hair with another rubber band and so along the entire length to the place where it is planned to cut them. Then the tips themselves are cut off under the last rubber band.

    But this is only half the battle, because the hair will still not be even if it is dismissed. It is necessary to divide the hair into two parts, and two or three, depending on how thick they are. Thin and medium density hair can be divided into 4 parts. The upper horizontal line of hair needs to be collected and put back. The bottom horizontal line is aligned first. Hair must be combed, firmly hold with your hands and cut on the same length on each side. Then you need to dissolve all the hair and the upper horizontal line, comb them along with the bottom, and cut off the excess, focusing on the control strands. If done correctly, the tips will be trimmed perfectly smoothly.

    How to cut your hair under the cascade in more detail in the video:

    Watch the video: HOW TO CUT YOUR OWN HAIR STRAIGHT (December 2019).